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Nishimoto Rimi (西本 りみ) was born on October 25, 1994 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She voices Ushigome Rimi and is also Poppin'Party's bassist. She is affiliated with HiBiKi.


When Rimi was in elementary school, after seeing the anime "Mirmo de Pon!", she knew instantly that she wanted to become a voice actor in the future.[1] Prior to becoming a member of the BanG Dream! franchise, Rimi knew how to play piano, guitar, and bass, though bass was the one she had least experience in. She has played the piano ever since she was 3 years old, and also learned the electone in middle school. When she was 14, she bought her first electric guitar and became a member of a band.[2] Besides the three mentioned, Rimi knows how to play the euphonium and erhu as well.

On April 27, 2013, Rimi auditioned for Futari wa Milky Holmes during the Milky Holmes Sisters Members Scout Audition and lost to Ayasa, however she left a strong impression on Kidani Takaaki, the president of Bushiroad, because she sang while playing the guitar during her audition. When BanG Dream! was still in planning stage in 2014, Rimi was one of the first people Kidani wanted to cast into the project.[3] She also debuted as a voice actress in in 2016 with role of Unne Aonosaki in Watashitachi, Luck Logic-bu!

Rimi, alongside with Aimi and Ayasa, was one of three original members of Poppin'Party.

She is also known for voicing:

  • Haru Mikado in Future Card Shin Buddyfight
  • Amor in Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~
  • Fumi Futagawa in Assault Lily: Bouquet
  • Chiharu Wakamiya in Rebirth for you
  • Lulune in Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei

She graduated from university in March 2017.

Personality & Hobbies[]

According to Rimi herself, when she was young she was very shy and withdrawn and liked doing things such as drawing, reading stories, playing with dolls and playing games on her own.

Just like her character, Rimi loves chocolate, however she is not good with scary things.[4] Her favorite foods are chocolate, crème fraîche, meat, maple syrup and especially chocolate kit kats.[5] Her skills include lyric writing, composing songs, video editing, singing, saving, using computers and imitating Elmo's voice, while her hobbies are napping, eating chocolate, playing instruments, watching anime, movies and dramas, and cosplaying.[6] She is also a fan of Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Harry Potter and Gakuen Alice.

Rimi has her own YouTube channel called RiMichan, where she often uploaded vlogs or videos of her playing video games.

Health Issues[]

On November 6, 2023, her agency announced that she has been diagnosed with Graves' disease, resulting in her cancelling some of her future appearances that require her to perform physical activities.[7] Rimi then also made her own post, revealing she had actually received treatment for the disease 10 years ago but is now experiencing the symptoms again.[8]


  • She shares both her first name and nickname (Rimi-rin) with her character.
  • She can play Bandori with one hand on the Expert difficulty.[9]
  • In her first year of university she obtained 2nd degree secretarial skill certifications for both Microsoft Office Word and Excel.[10]
  • Even though she is left-handed, she plays guitar and bass right-handed.