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No Way Except Forward Card Story - Episode

A Guitarist's Left Hand


Marina: Thanks for today, girls! You were such a big help!
Tae: No problem. It's an event I've always wanted to take part in. If anything, I want to be able to help out even more.
Marina: I'm sorry I made you stay until the end too, Rimi-chan.
Rimi: Th-that's okay. It's only right. CiRCLE has always been there for us!
Marina: I'm happy to hear you say that.
Marina: You know, though, after hearing it again today, I have to say, that new song you girls wrote for the event is really coming along well.
Tae: It's because everyone is so excited. Kasumi was even singing in her sleep at one of our last rehearsals when we decided to take a break.
Marina: M-make sure to let her know not to push herself too hard...
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, you're saying that now, but you always end up covered in sweat during our practices.
Tae: I'm just so thrilled about being in this event. To think I'd be able to play my guitar on that stage... I guess... It just doesn't feel like real life.
Marina: I know how you feel. Even I wish I could have the chance to rock on that stage.
Rimi: That reminds me. You did tell us a little bit about that before, right? About how you used to play the guitar?
Marina: Well, yeah... You could say that.
Tae: I actually knew you played guitar before you told us that, Marina-san.
Rimi: Really, O-Tae-chan?
Marina: ... So you did, huh? I kinda had a feeling that you realized.
Rimi: Why's that?
Marina: Because she was always looking at my left hand.
Rimi: ... Your left hand...? Ah! I get it.
Tae: Marina-san has the fingertips of a guitar player. The skin on them is thick and tough.
Rimi: I see... I understand from playing the bass... Yeah, now that you mention it, that makes perfect sense.
Tae: And I bet... you're probably really good at guitar, Marina-san.
Marina: No no no... I'm definitely not. Not to mention, I don't really get the chance to play as often as I used to, so my fingertips have become a bit softer.
Marina: That's why they hurt so much whenever I play now.
Tae: Yeah, it was pretty painful when I first started too.
Rimi: Ah, me too! And the strings would always leave marks in my skin...
Marina: Then, at some point, you would feel pain in your wrist too, right? And it makes you wonder why you would ever play until it hurt.
Rimi: I know that feeling. Bass players have that same experience...
Marina: Fufu... Wow, really takes you back, huh?
Tae: Yeah.
Marina: Say, Tae-chan? Can I ask you a question?
Tae: Yep, fire away, I'm all ears.
Marina: Why do you like the guitar? What's the reason you like to play?
Rimi: Ah, I want to know too!
Tae: Why do I like the guitar? I don't think I've ever really thought about it...
Tae: When I started playing, I realized I was getting pretty good, little by little... So I came to like playing. It was fun.
Marina: Yeah. When you first start, as long as you put in the effort, you can get good at it. I remember feeling happy at times, like when I was finally able to play a chord after trying for so long.
Tae: Wasn't it especially satisfying when you could finally get your finger placement right for an F chord?
Marina: So satisfying! You really have to get used to that one before you can do it since your index finger has to cover the entire fret!
Rimi: I had a lot of friends who couldn't play the F chord and gave up on the guitar...
Marina: Sounds about right. That chord is like the first wall for new players after all.
Tae: Another one was when I finally got the hang of arpeggios. That made me pretty happy too.
Marina: Oh, me too!
Rimi: ... Fufu.
Marina: Wh-what's up, Rimi-chan? Did I say something funny?
Rimi: N-no... It just seems like you're having such a good time. It made me think that you must really love the guitar...
Marina: Wh-when you put it that way, it feels kind of embarrassing...
Tae: Marina-san, there's no reason for you to feel embarrassed. I mean, I love the guitar too. I think it's just that likable of an instrument.
Marina: Tae-chan...
Tae: The reason I like the guitar now... is probably...
Tae: When I play it, I feel like the sound of it and I begin to... overlap...?
Tae: I become the sound... The sound becomes me... That's the kind of feeling I get... I think.
Marina: You become the sound... The sound becomes you...
Marina: How do I say this...? That's a very unique, Tae-chan-like way of putting things. But I feel like I get what you're saying... Mhm... Totally get it...
Marina: I think today might be a good day... for me to give my guitar a go after such a long hiatus!
Tae: That's great! If it's okay with you, let's play together next time.
Rimi: I-I want to join too!
Marina: S-sure! I could use a good partner! Alright, I'll have to get my groove back by then.
Tae: Fufu. I look forward to it.

No Way Except Forward Card Story - Special Episode

Our Magazine Debut


Shopping Mall
Tae: Uhhh... Ah, here it is... This is what I want...
Marina: Ah, Tae-chan. Good afternoon~!
Tae: Oh, Marina-san. BanG Dreamer-san. Hello, how are you?
Marina: Are you checking out some books?
Tae: Actually, did you know there's a piece about the event from the other day in this magazine?
Marina: What? Really?! I had no idea!
Tae: During the event, I ran into someone who happens to be a writer for this magazine, and we talked about it a bit.
Tae: ... Look, it's this page.
Marina: Ah! You're right! I'm gonna have to buy this, aren't I?
Tae: I bought one yesterday, but I was thinking I'd buy another one just to save it.
Marina: Have you read the article already? I wonder what they wrote about.
Tae: It wasn't very long, but they have photos of the event as well.
Tae: They also wrote a little bit about CiRCLE and Poppin'Party.
Marina: R-really?! That's definitely worth holding on to!
Marina: If I buy some to save, then I'd have to get about four or five of them.
Tae: Having our band name in the magazine is kind of a strange feeling though...
Tae: Having our band name in the magazine is kind of a strange feeling though...
Marina: Still, having that in a magazine is amazing, no matter how little they wrote! It's proof that someone thought Poppin'Party's performance was memorable, don't you think?
Tae: Mhm. Thank you for saying that. I'm happy to hear it.
Tae: Also... There's a picture with the five of us in it.
Marina: A picture too?! That's so awesome! Wait, where is it? I wanna see~. Hey, you wanna see too, don't you?
Tae: Uhm, it's this one.
Marina: ... Huh? This is just a picture of the entire venue, crowd and all...
Tae: Look, here! Toward the edge on this side. You can see us right there, no?
Tae: Fufu... And Kasumi's got her eyes closed...
Marina: Wh-where...? Hm? I can't tell at all... What about you? Can you tell?
Tae: Huh? Right here. You can see all five of us...
Tae: What a joy to see. It's just so rare that you actually get to be in a magazine photo...
Marina: ... Y-yeah. You got that right...