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Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Opening
Desired Sound

With the set list decided, all Roselia has to work on is their new song. Will they find something they can all understand?


Yukina: It's almost time. Let's end practice here.
Lisa: Okay! Good work, everyone☆
Ako: Yeah, good work! We finally managed to figure out our set list, so all that's left is to practice, right?
Sayo: Yes. After that, we just need to decide on the direction we want to take with our next song...
Lisa: It's turning out to be pretty tough, huh~? We need to figure out what kind of song we should be playing at the festival and in our future...
Yukina: It is. I was hoping to approach it from the lyrics, but things aren't going well.
Rinko: I don't think... anything good will come out of... rushing things... so let's think about it a little more...
Yukina: Indeed. The one thing I absolutely want to avoid is rushing ourselves to a mediocre conclusion. Plus, I'd like for all five of us to be in agreement on the lyrics.
Lisa: Yeah. Roselia is the five of us together, after all.
Ako: I hope our new song turns out to be super-duper-mega-cool~! I'll have to work on figuring out how to use my words better!
Rinko: Let's think about it... together...
Sayo: I'll take some more time to mull over things as well. Udagawa-san, if you're struggling to find ways to verbalize your thoughts, I'd be glad to help.
Lisa: Sayo, you're so reliable~.
Ako: Thanks, Rin-rin, Sayo-san! I'll let you know once I think of something!
Yukina: So we'll all do some brainstorming, then. Let's clean up and go home.
Lisa: Okay~! I'll go reserve our next session.

Walking Home
Lisa: The direction of our new song, huh...? It'd be nice if it became something like a guidepost for our future, too.
Lisa: But there's no way to know what'll happen to us after the festival...
Lisa: And we've already made songs about wanting to move forward despite not knowing what lies ahead...
Yukina: ...
Lisa: ... Yukina?
Yukina: ... Hm? Did you say something?
Lisa: C'mon, I've been talking to you this whole time~.
Yukina: Sorry. I was just thinking about our new song.
Lisa: And so was I.
Yukina: ... I was reflecting. Reflecting on myself and everything I've done up until now.
Yukina: I thought about my younger self, the one who loved music and who inspired your song... About how my attitude towards music was warped after learning about my father's frustrations.
Yukina: ... And about how I now perform as one of five members in Roselia.
Yukina: I've always thought that singing was all I had. That it was all I could do.
Lisa: Is that how you feel now?
Yukina: I don't have any of those backwards thoughts about singing anymore. But... I do still think that singing is all I'm capable of.
Yukina: I think I'm the most me when I'm singing.
Yukina: That's why I believe that my duty in Roselia is to sing with my head held high.
Yukina: But that's no different from how I've been up until now.
Yukina: I'd like to take a step forward if I can. I want to... sing a song filled with feelings that I've never had before.
Lisa: ...
Lisa: Lala〜♪ A song like none other〜♪
Yukina: ... Lisa?
Lisa: Ah... I was just thinking that maybe some nonsensical humming might help you come up with something...
Lisa: ... Are you mad?
Yukina: Not mad... but I'd like for you to take this a little more seriously.
Lisa: Sorry. I thought it might help you loosen up a bit...
Lisa: A-anyway! I'll do some more thinking about feelings we've never had too!
Lisa: We'll have to discuss it with the other later.
Yukina: Yes. Let's do that.
Yukina: (Feelings we've never had before... What on earth could those possibly be?)
Yukina: (It's quite difficult trying to give shape to something you can't even imagine.)
Yukina: (But we have no choice. We have to make the perfect song for our still yet unknown future...!)

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Chapter 1
My Choice

Yukina is having trouble with the new song. She spots Ran and decides to head up to the roof to speak to her.


A Few Days Later
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway
Yukina: (I haven't come up with anything... In fact, I've been overthinking things to the point where I can't even organize my thoughts anymore.)
Yukina: (... It might be good for me to find someone to talk to.)
Ran: Sorry, I'm going to head up to the roof before I go.
Ran: Go ahead without me.
Yukina: Is that... Mitake-san...? Perhaps I'll try speaking with her. Mitake-sa-...
Yukina: Oh? Where is she going? That should lead to the roof...
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof
Yukina: Mitake-san. What are you doing here?
Ran: ...?! Huh? Minato-san?! Why are you here?
Ran: There aren't any third-year classrooms up here.
Yukina: I know that much. I called out to you many times, but you never noticed, so I followed you.
Ran: You followed me, huh? Now that's scary. What do you want?
Yukina: I'd like to talk to you... about the lyrics we sing.
Ran: What about them...?

Ran: Hmm... So it's for a song for the festival, huh?
Yukina: If we're being honest, I'm worried about it.
Yukina: I've come this far thinking that singing was all I had... That it was all I could do in order to reach my goals.
Yukina: I knew that my attitude towards music was warped, yet I felt like I had no choice...
Yukina: My relationship with music is different now... But even so, singing still feels like it's my only choice.
Yukina: Have you ever faced something that you felt like you had no choice but to do?
Ran: Not really, I just don't do things I don't wanna do.
Yukina: ... That's certainly sounds like you, Mitake-san.
Ran: I've always run from things I hated, like with flower arranging.
Ran: However, for the sake of something important to me, I chose to face flower arrangement head-on.
Ran: Before, it was something I had to do. Now, it's something I want to do. I've even entered pieces in exhibitions.
Yukina: Is that so? It seems there's still much about you I don't know.
Ran: Well, I don't really talk about this stuff with anyone outside of Afterglow.
Ran: It was my choice to take up flower arrangement again. So I feel like I've got this sense of responsibility to do it now.
Ran: I don't think there's anything wrong with talking it out with others and hearing what they have to say, but in the end, I'm the one making the choices.
Yukina: I'm making the choice...
Ran: ... Anyway, my opinion's just that, an opinion. If it doesn't help, don't come crying to me.
Yukina: It did help. Thank you.
Ran: ... Um.
Yukina: Yes?
Ran: The festival's almost here, right?
Yukina: Yes. I would be very happy if you could all attend.
Ran: You better give the best performance of your lives there.
Ran: I'm not saying I'm expecting anything from you all, or that I'm looking forward to it... I just want you... and Roselia to have the best performance of your lives.
Yukina: Of course. That's what we've been working towards this whole time.
Ran: I hope you can come up with some great lyrics.
Yukina: Thank you.
Minato Residence - Yukina's Room
Yukina: My choices...
Yukina: I can't get Mitake-san's words out of my head.
Yukina: I am the one who chose to sing as part of Roselia...
Yukina: Tomorrow, I need to tell everyone about our conversation today. I have a feeling those lyrics are within my grasp.

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Chapter 2
The Answers We Arrive At

Yukina tells the others what Ran said. They then discuss their own decisions.


The Next Day
Yukina: In regards to the lyrics for our song, there's something I'd like for us all to think about together. Could I have some of your time?
Lisa: Of course! What is it?
Yukina: Well...

Lisa: Our own choices, huh~...? That's Ran for you, she's really got it together~.
Rinko: I'm sure she has a firm grasp... on what's important to her...
Yukina: Mitake-san's words have stuck with me ever since yesterday. "It was all my own choice."
Yukina: I wonder if singing... was a choice for me. Personally, it didn't seem like I had any other options.
Sayo: ... I also thought that guitar was all I had.
Sayo: And similarly, I thought I had to get better at it. However, thinking back, the one who made that decision was me.
Sayo: A decision I made so I could surpass Hina.
Ako: Sayo-san...
Sayo: I chose to forsake a good relationship with my sister in order to surpass her. I certainly suffered because of it, but I understand that it was my decision in the end.
Sayo: There was a lot I gained through this guitar. Even though it took a while, my relationship with Hina has greatly improved.
Sayo: Before, I played guitar because I needed to. Now, I play because I want to.
Sayo: Aren't you the same way, Minato-san?
Yukina: Am I...?
Lisa: For you, it's not that you have to sing anymore, right? It's that you want to sing, isn't it?
Yukina: What do I want to do now...?
Yukina: ... You're right. I want to proudly sing as a member of Roselia. I want to polish our sound and reach even higher heights...
Rinko: For me... The reason why I'm in Roselia... is because... I wanted to perform together with all of you...
Rinko: I'm... bad at talking to people, but... I wanted to change... That was... my choice...
Ako: I'm the same as Rin-rin! I wanted to perform with you, Yukina-san! I made my choice so I could become a cooler me!
Lisa: Me too. I chose to chase after you, Yukina. In other words, I wanted to face music together with you.
Yukina: Everyone...
Yukina: If the paths we chose individually are what brought us together...
Yukina: Then as Roselia, the path that awaits us beyond Future World Fes will also be one that we choose to travel.
Sayo: It seems we've figured out a direction for our new song.
Ako: Our future path is ours to choose...! That's so cool...!
Rinko: That would definitely be... different from all the songs... we've made up until now...
Yukina: Yes. Thank you, everyone. Choices... We've found a great theme.
A Few Days Later
Yukina: How were the lyrics I sent to you all yesterday? If there's a part that bothers anyone, please speak up.
Rinko: We make our own choices... These lyrics make me feel... ready for the future...
Sayo: Your lyrics are sharper than ever.
Yukina: Whatever happens to us in the future will be the result of our decisions... I think my word choices naturally became more aggressive when I thought about it that way.
Lisa: They're great lyrics! And whenever we play this song, it'll remind us of this festival, too!
Lisa: Oh, and you know what? With these lyrics... This song feels like a sequel to "LOUDER."
Rinko: It does...?
Lisa: Yeah. "LOUDER" was the song that defined Yukina up until now, right? It served as Roselia's foundation when we were just getting started.
Lisa: This song feels like it's going to be a new foundation for us moving forward.
Lisa: So in that sense, I think the songs are kinda similar.
Yukina: If "LOUDER" was the point that connected our past to our present, then this song connects our present to our future... I was certainly thinking something along those lines as I wrote this.
Sayo: In that case... I suppose the song that would fit between these two would have to be "Neo-Aspect," correct?
Ako: Then should we play these three songs back to back?
Ako: I wanna show the crowd the whole package... Who we were up until now, and who we will be from now on!
Rinko: Yes... And rhythmically... the three songs would flow together... very nicely...
Lisa: Yeah, yeah! Then let's rewrite the set list and get back to practicing!
Sayo: Agreed. Minato-san, thank you for these wonderful lyrics.
Yukina: These aren't just lyrics. They are our answer.
Sayo: Indeed. Now we must refine this song even more. That way, we can give the best performance imaginable.

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Chapter 3
To Move Forward

The day before the event, Yukina and Sayo spend the night reading the postcards they wrote to themselves and reflecting.


The Day Before Future World Fes
Minato Residence - Yukina's Room
Yukina: "Tomorrow's the day. Move forward and don't look back."
Yukina: ... This postcard...
Yukina: (It's the postcard I wrote to myself when I went to see the autumn leaves.)
Yukina: Move forward and don't look back...
Yukina: I just have to sing our new song without being caught up in my past.
Yukina: ...
Yukina: Finally... The day has come.
Hikawa Residence - Sayo's Room
Sayo: "Stay focused and calm. Move forward using everything you've learned up until now."
Sayo: ... I never thought a postcard I wrote to myself could put this much pressure on me.
Sayo: (I want to turn all of my past experiences into my strength so I can move forward.)
Sayo: (... That's how much I value everything I've gained up until now. There are many things I should have faced head-on, but that was also my choice...)
Sayo: ...
Hina: Knock, knock. Sis, I'm coming in.
Sayo: Well, this is unusual. You knocked first. What's wrong?
Hina: Well, tomorrow's the festival, right? I figured you'd be super focused, so that's why I knocked!
Sayo: I see. So knowing full well that I'm trying to focus, you still came into my room.
Hina: It's fine, right? You know, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! Give it your best, Sis!
Sayo: Of course I will.
Hina: What's with the postcard?
Sayo: Ah, th-this is...
Hina: This is your handwriting, right? Did you wrote a postcard to yourself?
Sayo: ... That's right. I wrote this when I went to see the autumn colors with Minato-san and Ushigome-san.
Hina: Now that's interesting! Why'd you write it to yourself?
Sayo: Perhaps you could say it was to help me focus. It was Minato-san's idea.
Hina: Hmm... Mm-hm. I see. Got it! I figured out something about you just now!
Hina: Sis, I think you are your biggest supporter.
Sayo: I simply expect more from myself.
Hina: Well, that just means you're the one cheering yourself on the most!
Hina: I bet your own words are what give you the most strength, right?
Sayo: ...
Hina: I know the promise we made wasn't a lie and really is important to you. But you're the one who wants to keep that promise, right?
Sayo: That's because... I'm the only one that can fulfill that promise to you.
Sayo: ... I suppose I have a strong desire to accomplish things myself after I've made a commitment. It's my responsibility, after all.
Hina: Yeah, that's all part of your strength, Sis~. And that's why you can do anything.
Sayo: Anything, huh...?
Sayo: (A strong sense of responsibility... That's a nice way to describe it, but in the end, it was nothing more than a desire to surpass you.)
Sayo: (I'm fully aware that I suffered much more than I needed to because of that choice... Can I really call that my strength...?)
Hina: I think talking to people that aren't like me is super fun, so I want to try all sorts of stuff, but Sis, you're the exact opposite!
Hina: That's why there are lots of things that only you can do. Still, I'm not the type to break an important promise either.
Sayo: ... This side of you has saved me more times than I can count.
Hina: Huh?! What side of me?
Sayo: (The side of you that can consider my sorrow to be my strength... The side that accepts all of the choices I've made up until now.)
Sayo: (... That is why I cannot afford to forget this strength. And then, someday...)
Hina: ... Well, I guess it doesn't matter. In any case, tomorrow's the big day! Knock them off their feet! I'll be there watching, okay?
Sayo: ... Okay. Thank you.
Sayo: Thank you for everything up until now, as well as everything going forward...

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Chapter 4
Roselia's Choice

Roselia promises to give the perfect performance to everyone who came to see them off.


The Day of Future World Fes
Station Entrance
Lisa: Morning, guys! Looks like everybody's here. Let's go!
Kasumi: Yukina-senpai! Everyone~!
Lisa: Huh? It's Kasumi! What's up?
Kasumi: Poppin'Party's all here to cheer you on! Ran-chan and the others are here, too!
Lisa: You're right! Thanks, guys~! We'll do our best, so just sit back and watch!
Yukina: Yes, thank you. I'm sure you'll be able to see many impactful performances aside from ours. We should all try to learn as much as we can from today.
Ran: I can't tell if you're serious or just stiff... I'm here because I want to see Roselia give the best performance out there. So you better do it.
Kasumi: Yeah, me too! Do your best, okay?!
Yukina: Of course. Today, we will show you the best performance ever.
Sayo: We will see you at the venue. We should get going.
Future World Fes - Event Hall
Ako: This is it ... This is the event hall...!
Rinko: It's... much larger than I imagined...
Lisa: This is where we're gonna be performing...
Ako: ...
Rinko: It feels like... if we don't perform... with confidence... We'll be swallowed up...
Lisa: Yeah... If we aren't serious, the atmosphere alone will crush us...
Sayo: ... Our performance today is going to be a new step forward for us.
Yukina: We will put on our best performance, and we will satisfy everyone here.
Yukina: ...
Yukina: (This was the stage my father once dreamed of standing upon... But that doesn't matter now. Today, this is the stage that we stand upon.)
Yukina: (I must move forward without being shackled by the past...)
Yukina: Could I make a suggestion?
Lisa: What is it?
Yukina: In a few hours, the concert will be over, and we will have taken a new step forward together.
Yukina: We must forge a new path for ourselves. That path will not be an easy one, though.
Yukina: So.... While "LOUDER" may be the song that shaped us into what we are now...
Yukina: I want today to be the last time we ever perform it.
Ako: Huh...?! B-but "LOUDER" is such an important song to you... No, to all of us, right?
Yukina: Exactly.
Rinko: Even though it's an important song... there's no need for us... to sing a song about our past... if we're moving into the future...
Rinko: Is that... what you're trying to say...?
Yukina: Of course, this is a very precious song to me. However, the song's importance to me and its relevance to our future path are two different things.
Yukina: I want this to be a choice that I... and Roselia, make together.
Sayo: I agree with your decision.
Lisa: Sayo...
Sayo: Minato-san is disregarding her personal feelings in order to create a solid future for us as Roselia.
Sayo: In that case, I must answer her determination in kind, as a fellow member of Roselia.
Yukina: Thank you. It is because these feelings are precious to me that I want to stop playing the song here. I'm sure it will live on forever as my starting point.
Lisa: So you're saying that playing the song isn't the only way for us to treasure it... I guess there comes a time when every song outlives its purpose.
Lisa: It's kinda sad, but I get it. I'm sure that from here on out, we'll be singing "Song I am." all the time, anyway.
Ako: I still don't really get why this choice is a good one... The strongest feeling I have right now is just sadness...
Ako: But I believe in Yukina-san... and in Roselia! So I'm sure that this choice is the right one!
Ako: If there comes a time where we need "LOUDER" again... or if I think we need to perform it again, I'll be the first one to say so!
Ako: After all, Rin-rin and I are in charge of reminding Roselia of all the important stuff we can't afford to forget!
Rinko: I... I also believe in Yukina-san... and in Roselia...!
Rinko: We should put an end... to the path we've taken to get here...
Rinko: And take a step forward...!
Yukina: Everyone... Thank you.
Yukina: I'm sorry for surprising you all so suddenly. But I'm sure that this choice will lead us to even higher heights.
Lisa: This will be our last time playing "LOUDER" and our first time playing "Song I am." We better put everything we've got into both of them.
Yukina: Of course. Let's leave our mark on everyone in the crowd.

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Chapter 5
To the Top...

The girls reminisce while waiting for their cue in the dressing room.


Future World Fes - Dressing Room
Sayo: It's almost time.
Yukina: Yes. We're finally here.
Lisa: ... Amazing. So this is how it feels to be moments away from stepping out on the stage of our dreams.
Sayo: What are you feeling right now?
Lisa: Probably the same thing you are, right? I can't really explain it. I don't feel nervous or anything. I just feel... nothing.
Sayo: True, I'm not even slightly nervous. I'm strangely calm.
Lisa: Now this takes me back~. I was as stiff as a board during our first concert. I was worried my heart was gonna give out at any second.
Ako: You definitely weren't your usual self back then.
Lisa: Ahaha, was it that obvious?
Yukina: The moment we stepped on the stage that day was the moment that Roselia began... We've been on many stages since then.
Sayo: ... Now that I think about it, Roselia began with just the two of us, didn't it?
Sayo: When we met, everyone was carrying their own individual burdens. We tried our hardest to overcome them through music.
Yukina: Even though we knew that wasn't the correct answer.
Lisa: ...
Sayo: I once believed Minato-san and I were similar. However, now it's as if we're walking the same path, but in opposite ways.
Ako: What do you mean...?
Sayo: Minato-san is cutting herself away from her past and using that power to propel herself forward. On the other hand, I'm moving forward while carrying everything from my past with me.
Sayo: That's why I invited Hina to the concert today.
Yukina: I invited my father as well. I felt strongly that he should be here to witness the exact moment when I take my first step forward.
Lisa: Yukina, Sayo, you're always so straightforward and genuine... I love hearing those qualities in your voices and music.
Yukina: That reminds me... Rinko, you once spoke to me about my singing voice after hearing "LOUDER" correct?
Rinko: I once told you... there was a yearning restlessness.... in your voice... because of your passion for music...
Yukina: I didn’t think my voice sounded that clear at the time... But looking back, that may have been the point where my desire to sing began to come through in my voice.
Rinko: I... like your voice, Yukina-san... and I like "LOUDER" for... showing it to me...
Yukina: I like "LOUDER" too. That's why I'm saying goodbye to it today.
Yukina: ... Ako.
Ako: Y-yes!
Yukina: I still clearly remember the day you suddenly called out to me.
Ako: That's just how much of an impression you left. You really were super-duper cool!
Yukina: Roselia would never have made it this far without your dedication. I don't think we'd be here feeling the way we do right now without you.
Yukina: You've grown so much since joining Roselia... That's what I initially thought, but... you've always been cool since the beginning, Ako.
Ako: Yukina-san...!
Yukina: Thank you for teaching me the meaning of dedication. I’ll be counting on the second coolest drummer in the world from now on.
Ako: ...! Y-yeah!!
Yukina: ... Lisa.
Yukina: I've received so many precious things from you. You've helped me remember that which I should never have forgotten.
Lisa: Nothing in this world makes me happier than seeing you where you are right now, Yukina. There's nothing you need to thank me for.
Yukina: ... It all started with my ego.
Yukina: Pride, the top... They're really such vague words. Even so, the fact that we were able to use them as stepping stones to reach where we are today... makes me really happy.
Lisa: They may have been vague at first, but after all our struggles... I think our image of those concepts has gotten a little clearer.
Lisa: If where we are right now is the result of all of our choices up until now, then I think that we've made all the right choices.
Lisa: Even if they led to us worrying, crying, and fighting... All of them were correct. That includes when Yukina and Sayo decided to start Roselia, too.
Lisa: That's why I think the fact that we all came together wasn't fate... It was bound to happen because of the decisions we made.
Sayo: I also can say with confidence that none of my choices up until now were mistakes.
Sayo: They all brought me here today.
Yukina: ... It's time.
Yukina: Let's go. Together, we take our first step... towards new heights.

Future World Fes - Stage
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Yukina, ready?
Yukina: ...
Ako: One, two, three!
Yukina: (This is what my father wanted to see. This is what we've been chasing after this whole time...)
Biggest Supporter T
Sayo: (There's no question. The one standing here on this dazzling stage, moving towards those new heights... is none other than me.)
Sayo: (And this sound belongs to none other than me! This is the sound that only I can create.)
Sayo: (Being a part of Roselia was my choice. To all the people who gave me something to be proud of, there's only one thing I must do.)
Sayo: (Keep playing this sound that only I can make. Strongly, proudly, and forever...!)
Inevitable Bond T
Lisa: (We actually made it here. I can hear the crowd cheering. I can feel the hot spotlights...)
Lisa: (They're all ours and no one else's! Ahaha... What an incredible feeling!!)
Lisa: (Seeing all this could make a girl greedy. Yukina, everyone, you all feel the same way, right?)
Lisa: (I want to play more and more! Give me more of this intensity! ... Isn't that what we're all thinking?!)
Joining Hands T
Ako: (Everyone's cheering for us! Wow!! Sis, are you watching me right now?!)
Ako: (I found this band while searching for what I thought was cool... I mean, Roselia is super-duper cool.)
Ako: (I'm so glad that I always believed in us! My feelings, my beliefs... I'll stick to them until the very end! That's what makes me cool!)
Ako: (I've finally found it... My own version of cool...! And now, I want to share it with all of you!)
Destination Reached T
Rinko: (With each touch of my keyboard, it feels like I move forward another step...)
Rinko: (This sound... It's the sound of my courage...)
Rinko: (There's nothing I love more than the moment... when my sound melts into the rest of our sounds... and becomes the music that we're all so proud off...)
Rinko: (Together with this music... I can keep moving forward... forever...! That's why... I want to keep playing... for the rest of time...)
Satisfying Return T
Yukina: (The shadows we cast on stage... They're deeper and more defined than ever before.)
Yukina: (The light is our future. As we sing, we face it, and our form is reflected on the stage we stand upon.)
Yukina: (... I can't believe it. Singing really was this simple.)
Yukina: (This simple yet pure feeling will surely give shape to the light... and to our future...!)
Yukina: (I love singing more than anyone!)

Noble Rose -A Song, an Extreme- Event Story - Ending
The Road of Blue Roses Goes On

The girls are overwhelmed by emotions, and Yukina comes to a single conclusion.


Future World Fes - Event Hall
Yukina: ... Incredible... What an incredible concert...
Sayo: ...
Yukina: Everyone... Thank you so much...!
Lisa: Aaah~!! I can't hold it in anymore! You guys are the best~!!
Sayo: Truly... Truly, this was our best show ever.
Ako: It was awesome! Oh man, I don't even know what to say! It was so... so awesome...!
Rinko: ... I feel it too... My heart won't stop beating...!
Yukina: My voice felt more pure and straightforward than it's ever felt before.
Yukina: The only emotion racing through my heart was... my love of singing.
Yukina: I finally realized just how simple and pure singing really is.
Rinko: We've faced so many challenges... and this is the result... of all of our efforts... If it weren't for them, we could never have gotten here today...!
Lisa: You know... I get the feeling I caught a glimpse of those heights we're aiming for.
Sayo: Yes. Perhaps chasing our desired sound with these simple yet pure feelings... can lead us to reaching the heights we strive for.
Yukina: It's been a long journey.
Lisa: And it's only going to get longer and longer.
Ako: I'm already looking forward to our next show! I want to play again!! I want to keep sprinting ahead!!
Rinko: Me too...! I feel like we can make... even better music...
Yukina: Just as Lisa said, I'm sure there's a long road ahead of us. In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that today, we've taken our first steps as real musicians.
Yukina: So, from here on out... I hope we can keep going, together as always.
Sayo: Of course... It seems everybody has come to say hello.
Ako: You're right! I'm gonna go talk to Sis!
Lisa: Sure, go have fun, everyone.
Yukina: ...
Lisa: It feels like it's been forever since I've seen you make that face, Yukina~. It's like a great big weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
Yukina: I've lived my whole life for this moment. Up until today, I've never let my guard down, even for a second.
Lisa: ... That's true. I'm so glad that I was able to stand onstage with you today.
Lisa: I'm so glad that I chose to keep chasing after you.
Yukina: Stop it, Lisa. You're talking as if everything ends today.
Lisa: Ahaha. I am, aren't I? Sorry.
Yukina's Dad: ... Yukina. Lisa-chan.
Yukina: Father.
Lisa: Ah...! Hello, it's been a long time. Yukina, I'll go chat with the others, okay?
Yukina: No, don't worry about it. It has been an awfully long time since we've all spoken together.
Yukina's Dad: Sorry for calling out to you all of a sudden.
Yukina's Dad: Your show today... was incredible.
Yukina: Thank you. That means a lot coming from the musician I respect most.
Yukina's Dad: I really misjudged you. You've evolved since the last time I saw you perform.
Yukina's Dad: You looked completely fearless on stage.. There was this strength of clarity to your voice as well.
Yukina: There's always been this thought in the back of my head. I wanted to stand on the stage that you never could.
Yukina: But the moment I felt the atmosphere of this venue, I knew that I would be swallowed up in it if I didn't face the music head-on.
Yukina: That's why I was able to stand onstage today with purer emotions than I've ever had before.
Yukina's Dad: I see. And the result was that performance.
Yukina: ... Father.
Yukina: I love music. I'm sure I love it more than anyone else in this world.
Lisa: Yukina...!
Yukina's Dad: ... Yeah. I'm glad to hear you say that. "LOUDER" also sounded stronger than ever today.
Yukina: Actually, there is something I need to tell you.
Yukina's Dad: What is it?
Yukina: "LOUDER" was the song that we received from you... and today was the last day that Roselia will ever play it.
Yukina: That song guided us up until today... But now, we'll move forward on our own.
Yukina's Dad: I see. So it's served its purpose.
Yukina's Dad: Thank you for breathing life into it once more.
Yukina: Thank you for guiding us up until now.
Yukina's Dad: Lisa-chan, thank you for staying by Yukina's side and facing music together with her.
Lisa: And thank you for teaching me how wonderful music is.
Yukina's Dad: ... Sorry for keeping you so long. I'll be heading back now. I'm expecting great things from you all.
Yukina: Of course. I will see you later.
Lisa: Yukina... You told him you loved music.
Yukina: From the bottom of my heart, I love music, and I love singing.
Lisa: Yeah...! Thanks, Yukina...!
Yukina: Alright, then let's go. Everybody's waiting for us. Let's walk towards our future on this path of blue roses.

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