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Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Opening
Until The Contest, We've Got...

Roselia is diligently practicing in preparation for the contest.
All the members are fired up and raring to go...


Lisa: Sayo, would you mind playing the part right before the chorus with me after we're done?
Sayo: Not at all. There's actually an area I wanted to review as well. Would starting from three measures before be alright?

Lisa: Sounds good☆

Here we go~...

Yukina: The new song has come together quite nicely...
Lisa: I know! I bet the crowd would lose it if we played it at the contest.
Rinko: I had... the same thought...
Lisa: Wow☆ We must be reading each other's minds! What do the rest of you think? I'm sure adding Promise to the set list would be a great way to spice it up.
Sayo: The song was originally created for us to practice. That's why included so many parts that llow us to test different play styles.
Sayo: Adding it to the set list might make the whole thing stand out, in which case I could not agree with your assessment.
Rinko: If we carefully consider... its inclusion... it may fit in rather neatly... with the rest of our songs...
Yukina: I am against it if it seems like we are trying to catch the audience's attention with a gimmick. Let us give some thought to how the song may be included and decide from there.
Lisa: Yeah! You're okay with that, right, Sayo?
Sayo: Yes, that presents no issue.
Yukina: Very well. We will start by thinking about the set list. Then we can try practicing what we've come up with.

Sayo: ... It does seem like we would be able to follow up with the new song smoothly at this point.
Ako: Yeah! I was just thinking the same thing!
Yukina: In that case, we will include it and go with what we have.
Lisa: Roger that! Ooo~! I'm getting so excited for this contest!
Sayo: Imai-san, there is one part I cannot get right that I would like to practice. Would you accompany me?
Lisa: Sure thing! But that means you have to help me with my practice too ♪
Rinko: It feels like... everyone has been so motivated... during rehearsals recently... It's quite nice.
Yukina: With the contest drawing near, yes, it does feel that way. I think it's great that such a mood can take over without anyone saying a word.
Ako: Rin-rin, Yukina-san! Look at this!
Yukina: "10 days, 5 hours, 40 mins, 3 secs until contest"... What is this?
Ako: It's a countdown app! It'll show how much time is left before the contest for us.
Yukina: So there are apps like this.
Rinko: Seeing it like this... really gives you the feeling... that the moment is almost here...
Ako: Doesn't it? I wanna do my very best at the contest! That's why I set this up. I can look at it and get all fired up!
Yukina: I approve of this mindset, Ako.
Ako: Ehehe~♪ Thank you!
Yukina: Of course, this contest is not our goal. Be sure you understand that.
Ako: I know~! First, we put on a super cool performance there, and then we play at Future World Fes!
Rinko: And that's why... we must work hard.
Ako: Yeah! I mean, we're even taking a break from NFO just so we can make rehearsals the best they can be!
Yukina: Is that right?
Ako: Yep! Oh, but taking a break doesn't mean we're not logging in at all...
Rinko: We're... playing a lot less than usual...
Ako: Rin-rin, when the contest is over, we should play those new quests they added together!
Rinko: Yes, we should...
Ako: Wow! That means this countdown is also how much time is left until we can play NFO again!
Yukina: ... Ako, are you sure you understand just how important this contest and the fes that comes after it are...?
Ako: I-I do~! I was just joking!
Lisa: Hey, Yukina, Ako~? What's wrong? Are you guys fighting~?
Yukina: No. I was just communicating the importance of this contest to Ako...
Rinko: Fufu...
Ako: Ohhh, I'm sorry~...

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Chapter 1
Waiting for an Update Patch

After completing most of the quests in NFO, Ako seems to have something on her mind...


Udagawa Residence
Ako: I wonder if Rin-rin is already online.
Ako: Oh! There she is! Hey hey~!
Rinko: "Ako-chan... Hi."
Ako: "Hello~! What are we gonna do today?"
Rinko: "We should probably... get through... the daily quests..."
Ako: "Okay~! Then let's get to it!"

Deep Within Rogolo Mine

Rinrin: There are a lot more enemies than I thought there'd be (-∧-;) This dungeon is also very dark. You never know when the boss will pop up. Be careful, Ako-chan.

Demon Princess Ako: I've gotcha covered! Places like these are no problem when I've got Dark Walker equipped! And I finished making some super strong equipment the other day ♪ C'mon, Rin-rin! This way!

Rinrin: W-wait for me, Ako-chan! ミ ヽ(。><)ノ

I think we're getting close to the boss (;・`ω・´)

Rinrin: Ako-chan, the boss is here! B-but... there aren't any other players around at the moment. That's not good... (´ `;)

Rinrin: Perhaps we can hold it off while we call for reinforcem-... Ako-chan?! (°〇°)

Demon Princess Ako: I wanna use the new skill I learned! Here I go! Lethal Scythe!!

Rinrin: Fall back, Ako-chan! Lethal Scythe won't work yet! That enemy has higher defence against special skills!

Demon Princess Ako: What-?! Are you serious?! N-now what...?! I move so slow after using that skill...

Demon Princess Ako: Ahhh!! ... I'm sorry, Rin-rin. It got me~ ><

Rinrin: Sorry, Ako-chan (TДT;) I should have warned you sooner.

Rinrin: I'll come revive you, hold on. First... Blind Curtain!

Rinrin: Okay, now...

Path Between the Rice Fields

Demon Princess Ako: Phew... We actually beat the quest... Thank you, Rin-rin! If it weren't for you, I would've been done for...

Rinrin: I'm glad I had enough time to revive you... Great work today! You've gotten so strong, Ako-chan (*´∨`*)

Demon Princess Ako: Ehehe~! Thanks! So we finished the daily quests, and we're done with all the quests we had left over.

Rinrin: Yes. There are only dark-plus difficulty stages to get through now...

Demon Princess Ako: You have to be a certain rank to play those, right?

Rinrin: You do. I think they're limited to those who are rank one hundred or higher.

Demon Princess Ako: Oh! Then we've got nothing to worry about!

Rinrin: Let's try those stages out when we're done with the contest ᕦ('ω')ᕤ

Demon Princess Ako: Yeah! Man, I can't wait~. Hey, but what do we do once we get through the dark-plus stages? Then what?

Rinrin: Well... I think we'd be done at that point. We could... collect materials while we wait for the next update?

Demon Princess Ako: Sounds like we're gonna be bored for a while... But as long as we're together, I guess it's okay!

Rinrin: I'm happy to hear you say that (*ノノ)

Rinrin: I think we've done enough for today. See you tomorrow.

Demon Princess Ako: Yeah, you're right! Nice job out there Rin-rin! Good night~!

Ako: ... Just wait for the update, huh?
Ako: (... It's kinda like Roselia. The contest and the fes are the only quests left...)
Ako: What will happen once we get through those?
Ako: We're the ones that do the updating, right? ... There's no way Roselia just ends, does it?
Ako: ..."9 days, 21 hours, 24 mins, 13 secs until contest."
Ako: Is there... a quest for me to do?

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Chapter 2
Seeing What Lies Ahead

While Rinko and Arisa are doing work for the student council,
Arisa dares to ask a bold question.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council
Rinko: W-with that... today's activities... are complete... Thank you, everyone...

Scenario Boss: Thank you!
Arisa: Rinko-senpai! I'll be here for a little while longer. I can take care of locking up.
Rinko: I also... have some cleaning up to do... We... can both stay here...
Arisa: Okay!
Rinko: ...Ichigaya-san, I've finished with my work...
Arisa: Oh! Please, feel free to head hom-
Rinko: No... I'd like to help if that's alright...
Arisa: Huh?! I-I couldn't let you do that!
Rinko: It's no trouble at all... Besides... I am partially responsible... for the amount of work on your plate... I apologize...
Arisa: You have absolutely nothing to apologize about, Rinko-senpai! I'm... sorry about this...
Rinko: Come... Let us split up the work...
Arisa: O-okay then! I really do feel bad... I know you're busy with Roselia stuff and all.
Rinko: We do have plenty of rehearsal for the contest, but... strangely enough... it does not feel like much of a burden...
Rinko: It's the opposite... With my mind on the contest... I've been able to focus more... on it and other things... I've been dealing with everything rather well...
Arisa: ... Uhm.
Rinko: Yes...? Is something wrong...?
Arisa: This is kinda hard to ask, but...
Arisa: Roselia has its sight set on a specific fes, right?
Rinko: Yes... the contest we're preparing for is supposed to help us reach that goal...
Arisa: ... Once you all take part in the fes... then what?
Rinko: I'm... not sure.
Arisa: Huh?! Oh... My bad, that was a weird thing to ask, wasn't it...?!
Rinko: It's okay. Please, don't apologize... I am unsure... what the future holds... but I am also not worried...
Arisa: You're not?
Rinko: We've talked a little bit about this before... I've come to feel... the urge to take another step forward... every time I take one...
Rinko: That is why... even when we reach the fes... I know there will be... another step to take... That... is what I believe...
Rinko: The other members... of Roselia... must be thinking the same thing...
Arisa: Wow...
Rinko: ...! S-sorry! I shouldn't be rambling... We have work to do...!
Arisa: No, what you said... That was so cool, Rinko-senpai! Just... wow. Amazing...
Rinko: Lately, I've been thinking... I'll see and understand... whatever lies in the future... when the time comes...
Rinko: Perhaps that's me being optimistic... but so far... I've come to understand lots of things... by just taking one step forward...
Rinko: So... even if I don't know what comes after the fes... I'm sure... it will be alright...
Arisa: Huh. When the time comes...
Rinko: I think it's wonderful... how you and the othe rmembers of Poppin'Party... just jump in no matter what you are all faced with...
Arisa: A-ahaha... Yeah, well, one of us is more of a jumper than a thinker...
Arisa: ... Ah!!
Rinko: Wh-what's the matter...?!
Arisa: ... The documents for our meeting in two days... haven't been made yet...
Rinko: I don't... have Roselia rehearsal today... I'll help you...
Arisa: Sigh~... I'm so sorry about this. I think I'd be better off seeing what lies in the future a bit sooner than when the time comes...
Rinko: Fufu... This does make for a tight schedule, doesn't it...?

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Chapter 3
What should Ako do?

Ako's worries grow regarding what will happen after the festival.
She consults her sister, Tomoe...


Yukina: ... Alright, let us play it one time through.
Lisa: Okay! Just so you know, I've perfected those parts I was messing up before! I'm ready to rock~!
Ako: ...
Ako: (My daily quest is to make the transition between song number two and three super cool! Also...)
Ako: (Make eye contact with Rin-rin!)
Ako: (Even if I don't know what the big goal is, I can finish daily quests like in NFO. I might just figure somethign out by doing that.)
Sayo: Udagawa-san, are you ready?
Ako: Sure am~!

Lisa: ...Yep! I think we came together pretty well there. Much better than last time. But... I think we might have done a little too well on that front. What do you guys think?
Sayo: I would have to agree.
Yukina: Indeed. I want us to focus a little bit more on livening things up.
Lisa: It may be a contest, but there's gonna be a crowd just like any other show. We want all of that passion they have to offer on our side!
Rinko: That's right... We want the people watching... to have a good time too...
Yukina: With the fes in mind, we certainly want to bring the audience into it more so we can increase excitement levels.
Lisa: Exactly!
Ako: (They're all already thinking about the fes.)
Sayo: We'll be dealing with a much larger scale at the fes, so make sure you're considering that when you perform.
Ako: (They're... having so much fun. They don't seem worried at all... What do I do?)
Rinko: Ako-chan...? What's wrong...?
Ako: Hm? Oh, nothing! I wanna play even harder and have the crowd raising the roof too!
Rinko: Ako-chan...
Udagawa Residence
Ako: I'm home~.
Tomoe: What's up, Ako! A lot of practicin' hard and comin' home late recently, huh?
Ako: Yeah! The contest is almost here, so we have to do everything we can.
Ako: Only... "4 days, 8 hours, 40 mins, 12 secs until contest"...
Tomoe: Is it me, or are you lookin' a lil bummed out?
Ako: ... Sis, do you have goal for your band?
Tomoe: A goal? That question came outta nowhere...
Ako: I'm... not sure what I'm supposed to do once the contest and the fes are over...
Ako: We've been working so hard to reach that goal, but once that has passed... then what do I do?
Tomoe: Ako...
Ako: Lisa-nee, Yukina-san, all of them... They... They're working so hard, and they're only looking forward. They must know what comes next.
Ako: I, on the other hand, have no idea... Is it okay for me to take part in the fes when I'm feeling like this?
Tomoe: With Afterglow... we don't really have our sights set on any clear or cool goals like that. If I had to say, I think we've just been aiming for the same as always.
Tomoe: Just like how Roselia is always aiming for the top, I guess. Actually, no. I shouldn't say those are the same.
Ako: So what do you do to try to reach that goal?
Tomoe: I make sure that while our "same as always" is evolving, I protect the things that should never change. That's what I decided.
Tomoe: I, uh, know this is kinda vague, so it might not make any sense, but the worst thing would be for your band to get off-track.
Tomoe: That's why I think it's really important that you think about what you can do... and find your role. You know, besides being good or bad at your instrument.
Ako: My role...
Tomoe: J-just make sure you're not gettin' all worked up, dude! I had to spend a lot of time worrying and thinking before I figured out my role too.
Tomoe: I know there's not much time left before the contest, but if you think hard about it, I'm sure you'll find your own answer.
Ako: So I shouldn't get worked up...
Ako: (When will I be able to see... the Roselia that everyone else is moving toward?)
Ako: Rin-rin... what do I do?

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Chapter 4
Those Who Walk in Darkness

With the contest fast approaching, Ako tells the band how she feels.


Yukina: That will be all for today's rehearsal. Make sure you all get plenty of rest for tomorrow.
Rinko: Okay...! Thank you...!
Sayo: Great rehearsal, everyone.
Lisa: Yeah, you too! Tomorrow's finally the day~... It feels so weird.
Yukina: By this time tomorrow, the results would have been announced. We should have already received our invitation to the fes.
Ako: Tomorrow...
Lisa: Yep, that's right. The us tomorrow will be an us that we've never seen before.
Sayo: The time has come for us to move forward. Everything we have done this year has led to this moment.
Ako: ("18 hours, 32 mins... until contest.")
Ako: ...
Rinko: Ako-chan?
Lisa: Hm? Is something wrong? Are you worried about tomorrow?
Ako: You're right, Lisa-nee. We'll be a different us than we are now... I wonder what we'll be like.
Rinko: Ah...
Ako: I've been thinking a lot about this. What's going to happen to us once the contest and the fes are over?
Ako: That's been our goal for so long. It makes me wonder what we'll aim for once it's all said and done...
Lisa: Ako...
Ako: What do you think will happen to Roselia once the fes is over?
Yukina: ... We don't know yet.
Ako: Huh...?!
Yukina: So far we've had a very clear goal that is easy to communicate. In a way, that means that all we've had to do is walk the path we've already decided on.
Yukina: But we're finally reaching a point where that path breaks. I hodl a lot of pride in the fact that the five of us have made it to a point where we can't see what comes next.
Ako: Yukina-san...
Yukina: The contest, the fes that follows... Yes, they are one particular goal, but that is certainly not the top.
Yukina: There is no question. Our journey will continue after we reach that point. Similar to those games you play.
Rinko: ... A new quest...
Ako: A new quest... B-but this isn't a game. The quests aren't just gonna appear on their own. We have to find them...
Lisa: ... We're all in the same boat. None of us know what comes next. I don't believe for a second that anyone knows what the future has in store.
Lisa: Still, I'm not worried about it either, weirdly enough. As long as we continue forward together... I know we'll find something. As long as you and Rinko are there, everything will be fine.
Ako: Why do you say that...?
Yukina: You and Rinko have been listening to the five of us play all this time. You two have been watching Roselia closely.
Yukina: If you two weren't there, we may have fallen apart after SMS ended.
Yukina: You showed us all the place we needed to return.
Yukina: I believe you two are the ones most able to see Roselia for what it is and not waver. And that is why...
Yukina: If we're walking that non-existent path... and we lose our way, I want you two to help us remember what Roselia is.
Yukina: I want you to be the ones that show us the way forward.

Ako & Rinko: ...!
Ako: Y-you got it...!
Ako: I will definitely not lose sight of Roselia! If any of you lose your way, I'll be there to rescue you!
Ako: I'm still a little scared of walking a path where we're all in the dark... b-but it's okay because I have Dark Walker!
Lisa: Dark... what?
Sayo: It's an NFO skill that allows you to walk through the dark.
Lisa: A-ahaha... Well, aren't you informed, Sayo?
Ako: I'll do my best! Alongside Rin-rin! Right?
Rinko: M-mhm!
Sayo: None of us know what lies ahead. However, making a promise with people you cherish like this makes you stronger... That's what I believe.
Lisa: Yeah, so do I! That's how I know that this promise will make you stronger, Ako.
Ako: Lisa-nee. You guys... Thank you!!
Yukina: Let us keep this attitude as we aim for the top spot tomorrow.
Ako: Yeah!!

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Chapter 5
The Future Ahead

It's the day of the contest. How does Roselia fair after a year has passed?


Day of Contest
Dressing Room
Ako: We're up after the people who go next, right?
Yukina: Yes, that is correct. That reminds me. has the countdown you've been using that app for reached zero yet?
Ako: I, uh... stopped the countdown yesterday, actually.
Yukina: Why is that?
Ako: Because Roselia will continue even after the contest and the fes are over! I'm gonna keep pushing it forward!
Ako: That's why I felt like having the countdown for the contest didn't really make sense.
Lisa: Ako~!! Man, when did you get so cool?
Ako: Ehehe, you mean it? Well, to someone who harbors the power of darkness... this is nothing!
Yukina: Time is about to be renewed for us. It'll be more of a count-up than a countdown. As it should be for something that will exist for so long.
Sayo: It's almost time. Let's go.
Rinko: O-okay...!
Contest Venue
Tomoe: Roselia is supposed to be next, right?
Himari: Yep! It's finally time~! All of the bands so far have been really good.
Ran: Tomoe, you're being way to antsy. You know Ako is the one who's playing right? We're just here to cheer them on.
Tomoe: Don't you think I know that?! Ako was kinda worried though, so, you know...
Ran: She was?
Tomoe: Yeah. Hopefully getting through this contest will help her solve her problem...

Announcer: Next up is entry number twelve: Roselia.
Himari: Here we go!
Tomoe: Ako!! You got this!!
Yukina: It's time. This is for our future...

All: Yeah! Okay!

Tomoe: (Ako... You looked so worried the other day, but now that you're on stage, it looks like you're ready to get down.)
Tomoe: (Good stuff. You keep showing me that no-nonsense type of cool that I wanna see!)
Himari: Whoa! I know those other bands were awesome, but Roselia is on another level of cool as always!!
Tomoe: Yup! Everyone in the crowd is gettin' so pumped, and we're right there with them. Right, Ran?
Ran: ...
Himari: Ran's so serious. Makes sense. She has a lot of respect for Yukina-san.
Tomoe: I know, right? Let's ask what she thought later.
After the Show
Lisa: Guys! Didn't we perform super well today?! The fans were really into it, that's for sure!
Sayo: Yes. I believe everything we're made of was on display.
Ako: I thought the same thing!! I know the contest is important too, but I just wanted to be performing at the fes already...
Rinko: Strangely enough... I did not feel nervous at all. Now... we just have to wait... for the results...!

Announcer: We will now announce the winners.
Lisa: Here we go...!!

Announcer: The winner of the judge's award is... entry number ten...

Announcer: And finally, the winner of the contest. This band will be allowed the participate in Future World Fes in March next year.
Yukina: ... This is it.
Sayo: They haven't called our name for anything yet.
Rinko: ...

Announcer: The winner is...

Announcer: Entry number twelve...
Ako: ...!!

Announcer: Roselia! Would the girls of Roselia please make their way to the stage!
Lisa: Y-yes! We did it..!!
Yukina: ...
Rinko: We... really did it... We won... We... can perform... at the fes...!
Sayo: Indeed... We were able to achieve our goal.
Ako: Yay! We did it!! Wooooo!!
Yukina: It feels like I'm dreaming. To think the road to the fes is finally open... after a year-long journey...
Lisa: These tears... They just won't stop~!
Ako: C'mon, you guys!! The crowd is calling us up!!

Noble Rose -Guide in the Darkness- Event Story - Ending
Our Promise

On the way home after the contest, Rinko has something she wants to say to Ako.


Contest Venue
Hina: Sis~!! Congrats~!!
Sayo: Hina! So you came to watch us play.
Hina: Of course I did! Oh, but just so you know, I was good about it and had them adjust my schedule first... Wait, never mind that!
Hina: This is great, Sis! Nicely done!
Sayo: Yes... Thank you.
Hina: The fes is next, right? I will most definitely be there! I promise!!
Sayo: You promise... Indeed. It's a promise.
Yukina: Sayo, we should get going. Lisa wants to have our after-show meeting.
Sayo: Understood. Ready when you are.

Clerk: Here's your order! The deluxe dessert chocolate parfait.
Ako: Whoa~! It's so big! Definitely deluxe!
Sayo: Can we really... eat this much after a meal?
Lisa: There's always room for dessert☆ 'Kay, time to dig in!
Rinko: Yes... Let's...
Yukina: ... Mmm. It's sweet.
Lisa: Good, huh? We gotta keep working hard so we have more moments of eating this celebratory parfait.
Ako: Yeah! Oh, and Rin-rin! Let's take on those dark-plus stages tomorrow!
Rinko: Yes...! We can finally try them out...
Sayo: Those are the extremely high-level quests that were added recently, correct?
Ako: Yep! If you're up for it, you should join us. What do you think?
Sayo: I haven't filled the requirements to take part yet...
Rinko: In that case... we can help you raise your level... so we can all go together...
Yukina: Excuse me. We're supposed to be reflecting on our performance. Would you mind putting an end to the game talk?
Sayo: M-my apologies...
Lisa: Ahaha! Well, today can be an exception, right? Even if we have some stuff we can improve on!
Ako: Yukina-san, hurry and eat the parfait! It's gonna melt!
Yukina: Ah...! Fine. We will talk about the performance afterward.
Ako: Okay~♪

Walking Home
Rinko: I might have... eaten too much... I'm stuffed...
Ako: But that parfait was yummy, wasn't it?! I hope we can have some more after the fes~.
Rinko: I'm sure we'll be able to...!
Ako: Yeah, me too!
Rinko: Say, Ako-chan...
Ako: Yes?
Rinko: About that stuff you were saying before the contest... I'm sorry... I did not realize... that you were worried...
Rinko: You were left with those thoughts... all by yourself...
Ako: I'm fine now! I mean, I'm gonna be leading Roselia forward!
Rinko: Ako-chan...! Remember, I'll be right alongside you...!
Ako: Rin-rin...?
Rinko: The members of Roselia may be weak individually... Our minds filled with concern... We get knocked down... But...
Rinko: We have a power... that allows us to face the same direction... value our pride... and move forward... that is stronger than any other band's...
Rinko: It takes all five of us to make Roselia...
Rinko: For me... for all of us... Roselia is an important place that grants us strength... So...
Rinko: We... will never... lose that place... I... won't let that happen...!
Ako: Rin-rin... You're so cool...!
Rinko: If you're... ever lost, Ako-chan... or if something is bothering you... I will do everything... that I can... to help you...
Rinko: I'm ready to cast... my revival spell... whenever...
Ako: Ahaha! Rin-rin, if you have to use a revival spell, that means I'm already down! You could at least heal me, you know?
Rinko: Ah... S-sorry...! That was... weird of me to say...
Ako: Not at all! I'm happy to hear that! What made you want to say that now though?
Rinko: It's what Imai-san... and Hikawa-san said... That promises make us stronger... Those words stayed with me...
Rinko: That's why... I've stayed with you... for so long... I... wanted to make... a promise with you, Ako-chan.
Ako: ...!! Rin-rin!! I love you~!!
Rinko: Kya...~ Ohhh... Now I'm feeling embarrassed...
Ako: Okay...! We're gonna do everything we can to be able to pull Roselia forward!!
Ako: Even after Future World Fes!
Rinko: Mhm...!

Yukina: Future World Fes...
Yukina: This is the road where I go further than my father...
Yukina: A road only we will know. The road of the blue rose...
Yukina: And I've already decided... how we will walk it!

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