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None of My Concern Card Story - Episode

Untiring Efforts


Resideintial Area

Tsukushi: It's been a while since I've slept over at a friend's house~. That was actually a lot of fun, huh?
Rui: Regardless of whether it was fun or not, it was productive. We managed to complete the song.
Tsukushi: Yeah. Thank goodness everything worked out in the end. I really was surprised to see Mashiro-chan done with the lyrics when we woke up, though.
Tsukushi: Maybe the movie was a nice change of pace after all.
Rui: It likely was. If nothing else, it was more effective than simply continuing to struggle with writer's block.
Rui: Oftentimes, rather than struggling and wasting time, it is better to divert your attention to other things for a while.
Rui: I have experienced the same thing when it comes to songwriting...
Tsukushi: Really?!
Rui: Yes. When I had just begun to write, there were times where I could spend an entire week on a single phrase.
Tsukushi: R-really? That's kind of a surprise...
Rui: ... Did I say something strange?
Tsukushi: N-no! Not at all! it's just that you always make everything seem so easy. I never would have thought you'd do something like that.
Tsukushi: I can't even imagine the sight of you moaning and groaning about writer's block...
Tsukushi: You're good at sports, get good grades, and on top of that, you're an incredible violinist, too.
Rui: ... The theories and skills needed for composing music are not something you can pick up in the span of a day.
Rui: That is what studying is for, correct? Consider mathematics...
Rui: Even if you know the equations, there are still occasions where you might not know which to use.
Tsukushi: Oh, true...
Rui: Composing music is the same way. Just because you know the rules does not mean you know which one to use to create the phrase you want.
Rui: I went through a period where I struggled with that as well.
Tsukushi: Everyone's got it tough, huh...?
Tsukushi: Especially Mashiro-chan. She's only just started writing. It makes sense that she'd still take a lot of time.
Rui: Indeed. And even if you struggle, that does not ensure the final product will be good.
Rui: It is better to quickly identify what you cannot do and set it aside so you can prioritize other things. That is a more efficient use of your time.
Tsukushi: That's what you meant earlier when I talked about the change of pace, right?
Tsukushi: Wait. Now that I think about it, I feel like you said something similar when Touko-chan was practicing to get a guitar solo...
Tsukushi: Rui-san. Was that your way of being nice to her?
Rui: ... You sound like Kirigaya-san.
Tsukushi: I-I do, don't I? That can't be right. Ahaha...
Rui: Though we have managed to complete the song this time, I was not planning on waiting past the deadline.
Rui: Rather than expending wasted effort on a new song, it would have been better to practice and improve the quality of our current repertoire.
Rui: We must realize when something is a lost cause. That is what I am trying to say.
Tsukushi: Ugh... Strict as always.
Tsukushi: But maybe Morfonica needs someone like you, Rui-san.
Rui: ... What do you mean?
Tsukushi: Without someone who tells it to us straight like you, I don't think we'd have even made it to a concert...
Tsukushi: And it was thanks to the deadline you set that we were so motivated to finish the song in time.
Tsukushi: So... Yeah. Thanks!
Rui: I did not do anything worth thanking me for. Well then, my house is this way. I shall be taking my leave.
Tsukushi: Ah, okay. Good work yesterday and today. Let's do our best at CiRCLE, okay?
Rui: Of course. I will do what I always do.

None of My Concern Card Story - Special Episode

Keep Chasing Your Ideals



Marina: Hey there. Are you on break now, too? ... Oh? Over there, is that...?
Rui: Tsukishima-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello. Ah, is school over already~...? Where are you off to, Rui-chan?
Rui: I am on my way to the music store.
Marina: Ah, I see. Oh yeah, that concert the other day was really great!
Rui: Thank you.
Marina: I could tell everyone in Morfonica was really fired up.
Rui: Indeed. Standing onstage at CiRCLE was our original goal, after all.
Rui: Playing here seemed particularly important to Kurata-san and Futaba-san, as well.
Marina: Huh, is that so? Now that I think about it, they seemed pretty nervous when they introduced themselves to me.
Rui: Futaba-san was quite anxious just before the show. When she walked, she led with both her right foot and hand. She also mentioned she drank too much water and felt sick.
Marina: Ahaha, I can totally see it.
Marina: But I'm glad that CiRCLE means that much to you. How was your first time playing here, Rui-chan?
Rui: I think it was the most well-balanced performance we have put on to date.
Rui: But I have no particular attachment to CiRCLE as an establishment. Regardless of where we perform, our job does not change.
Marina: So you put your all into it, no matter where you are. I guess you must not get that nervous when you're about to play, huh?
Rui: No, I do not. I do not think that heightened motivation due to emotional attachment is a bad thing, but...
Rui: Becoming too attached to preconceptions and losing sight of your original goals is something you must be mindful of as well.
Marina: Is there not a live house or festival that makes you feel like, "I have to play here!"
Rui: At the moment? No. Playing to meet my own personal standards is more important to me than the venue.
Rui: And rather than wasting extra time on haphazard practices for a concert I have particular feelings towards, practicing to meet a predetermined standard of quality is more time-efficient.
Marina: Hmm~... You're pretty cool and composed, huh?
Rui: Do you think so?
Marina: Sure, the logic behind what you're saying is simple, but actually doing what you're describing is way harder.
Marina: I can't imagine there are a lot of people who approach music with as much fire as you do, Rui-chan.
Rui: I... do not think fire is the appropriate term.
Marina: Really? In any case, I can tell you're really serious about both music and your band.
Rui: ... Excuse me. I have plans I must attend to, so I will be leaving.
Marina: Okay! Take care! Come play at CiRCLE again soon.