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Nostalgic Christmas Card Story - Episode

Typical Me?



Himari: Ran, Moca, check it out!
Ran: Are these photographs?
Himari: Yup! I found a bunch of old photos, so I took pictures of them with my phone!
Himari: Since there were a ton of group shots, I thought we could look over all these photos together!
Ran: You're right. There are some with just you, but most of these photos are of the five of us.
Ran: Ah, is this the costume you were telling us about the other day?
Moca: Oh, it's Princess Hii-chan~.
Ran: You look really happy here.
Himari: Ehehe~, of course I do. All girls want to be princesses when they're little.
Ran: I didn't...
Moca: Me either~.
Himari: Huh?! But everyone loves princesses~! ... Although, this is you guys we're talking about...
Ran: Was this taken during one of our art festivals? It looks like it's from elementary school.
Moca: You're dressed as a rabbit, Hii-chan~.
Himari: I wanted to be the princess in the play, but I lost at rock, paper, scissors. I still remember how much I cried. Don't I make a cute rabbit though?
Ran: ... I think this is from Halloween in middle school. We're getting into more recent pictures now.
Himari: Hey~! Don't just ignore my question~!
Moca: Yup, you're so cute, Hii-chan~.
Himari: Argh~! Now you're just teasing me!
Ran: ...
Moca: Is something wrong, Ran~? Does one of these pictures catch your eye~?
Ran: No, not really... This just brings back so many memories.
Himari: Right?! Middle school wasn't that long ago, but it feels so far away.
Ran: And I'm surprised by how little has changed.
Moca: Yeah... Not much change in that department~.
Himari: Hm? What are you talking about?
Moca: You, Hii-chan. You're the same as ever~. All these pictures are so you~.
Himari: Huh? What do you mean by that?
Ran: I think I know what she means. In all these photos, you're dressed up and doing some kind of pose.
Moca: Oh, here's another picture from when we were the Phantom Thieves of Afterglow. There's that posing again. It just screams "Hii-chan~."
Himari: What's wrong with posing?! It looks cool, and that's what matters!
Ran: You always did like playing pretend.
Himari: Now that you mention it, I did, didn't I?
Moca: ... Maybe she's the type of person who tries to be like people they idolize.
Himari: Huh...?
Ran: ... I see what you're getting at. Like she has this secret desire to be something more... Is that it?
Himari: What?! G-guys, you're kidding me, right?!
Moca: Hii-chan, is there something about yourself you want to change...?
Ran: If something's up, feel free to call or message me, okay?
Himari: Hey~! Don't say stuff like that! It's embarrassing~!
Others: Ahahaha!

Nostalgic Christmas Card Story - Special Episode

Limited Time Menu


Hazawa Coffee

Himari: Mmm~! This cake is amazing...! Ah~, now I really want to order a shortcake too~...
Himari: But eating two servings of cake in one day can't be good for me...
Himari: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hi there!
Himari: Yup, I'm by myself today. Tsugu's got some work to do for student council, so she's not in the café today. That sucks that she has to do all that on her day off~.
Himari: What are you doing here, BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: Just taking a small break from work? You're such a hard worker, so you definitely deserve it!
Himari: ... Ah, are you talking about this cake? Fufu~, this is... from Hazawa Coffee's Christmas menu! Only available for a limited time!
Himari: Every year, Hazawa Coffee puts out a special seasonal menu that they offer alongside their usual selection. And everything's always so good~!
Himari: Would you like something, BanG Dreamer-san? You can only get these rare treats for a limited time!
Himari: I sure know my stuff? Fufu ♪ Of course I do, I'm Hazawa Coffee's biggest customer!
Himari: I think the first time I came here was with my parents... Since then, this café has been my go-to spot!
Himari: When I finally became a high school student, I started coming here by myself to talk to Tsugu over a nice cup of tea ♪
Himari: Thanks to that, I've had everything on their regular menu, and every year, I make it a point to taste all the seasonal items as well!
Himari: And out of all of those, the most delicious thing I've ever ate was...
Himari: ... Yup! The cupcake I had here three years ago! It was at our Christmas party too!
Himari: It was decorated with white chocolate to make it look like there was snow on top. It was super cute, and the flavor was amazing too. I wish I could eat it again~...
Himari: Now that I think about it, this café holds so many memories for me.
Himari: Every year, I look forward to what they'll put on their special menu, and it's always so good!
Himari: Ah, but I highly recommend everything on the regular menu too!
Himari: Especially the shortcake! It's the best! I've loved it ever since I was a little girl~!
Himari: ... I really am their biggest customer? Yup, I told you so!
Himari: Fufu, and I'll be sure to defend that title forever and ever~!