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When the curtains rise, there is only one thing that needs to be done.
Number 1, Center Field
Number 1, Center Field T


Title #1: Center Field
Member Kaoru (icon) Seta Kaoru
Episodes Episode
Fleeting Position
Special Episode
Growing Fond of Softball
Band Hello happy world English logo
Rarity Star trainedStar trainedStar trainedStar trained
Attribute Cool Cool
Skill Name Concise Wisdom (簡潔こそ叡智)
Skill (Lvl 5) Score increased by 95% (lowered to 80% after GREAT or lower) for 7 secs. If the Band is all Cool Types, Score increased by 115% instead.
Availability Gacha538
Server Availability Jp Tw Kr En Cn 
Card ID № 00925


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