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Number 5, Second Base Card Story - Episode

Making Music with Softball?



Hagumi: Hey, hey, Kano-chan-senpai! How was my bass-playing just now?
Kanon: You seemed really relaxed. It looked like you were having a lot of fun! Matching your pace with my drums was very easy.
Hagumi: Yes! Then I'll keep it up!
Misaki: ... It's been a while since the last time we actually did band stuff.
Kanon: Fufu, all we've done lately is play softball.
Kokoro: What do you mean? It hasn't been a while since we've done band stuff at all! Our goal is to bring smiles to the whole world!
Kokoro: Even if it's not through music, bringing smiles to people's faces through softball still counts as part of Hello, Happy World!'s band activities!
Kaoru: Exactly. Our band is softball, and softball... is our band.
Misaki: I feel like I get what you're trying to say, but at the same time, I don't get it at all...
Kanon: Well, if we're talking about music-related activities, it does feel like it's been a while.
Hagumi: That's true! I almost brought my bat instead of my bass today! Thank goodness I noticed~.
Hagumi: If I didn't, I'd have to play music with my bat instead.
Kokoro: What's wrong with that? It still makes sound, doesn't it? You should be able to perform with a bat just fine!
Kanon: Perform with a bat...? How would you do that...?
Misaki: Oh, I can already see where this is going... Kanon-san, I've got a bad feeling about this.
Kokoro: I've got it! Why don't we ask Mister Ball for help with the band, too?
Hagumi: Great idea! If Mister Ball helps, then I wanna add the sound it makes when you catch it with the glove! You know, that "whap" sound!
Kaoru: Then allow me to suggest the sound of a bunt. I do not know why, but that dull, clunking sound pierces me to my core.
Kokoro: Mmm! Everyone's got such great ideas! Let's keep going! Keep telling me everything you want to try!
Misaki: ... Haha... Oh, boy. Here we go.
Kokoro: We shouldn't stop at softball things either! Let's use the stuff around the softball field, too! Like the crowd's cheering!
Hagumi: Whoa, you always come up with such great ideas, Kokoron! Then I wanna say, "Bring it on!" I always say that when I'm on defense!
Kaoru: Then I propose the umpire's voice as well. That energy and authority would be a wonderful addition.
Kokoro: Okay! Then let's just try everything!
Kanon: Ahaha... I wonder what kind of song this will become...
Kokoro: Kanon, do you have any ideas?
Kanon: Huh?! me?! Uh, umm... Ah, what about how that feeling of excitement you get during a game?
Kokoro & Hagumi: That's it!
You've done it!
Misaki: Ah~, now Kanon-san's even joined their side... I guess I've got no choice, then.
Misaki: Alright, everyone. Just like always, I'll do the organizing, so just gimme all the ideas you've got.
Kaoru: Then may I begin, Misaki?
Misaki: Sure, Kaoru-san. Hit me.
Kaoru: Shoop... Hah... Hmph... Perfect.
Kaoru: It is... but that.
Misaki: Uh, no, I have no idea what that was... I thought this during the game too, but if you're gonna use hand signals like that, shouldn't we at least talk them over first beforehand?
Hagumi: Incredible... That was amazing, Kaoru-kun! I never thought of that!
Misaki: Huh?
Kokoro: That's our Kaoru for you. Only you could've come up with something like that!
Kaoru: I'm just thrilled to have your approval. Then, how about this?
Kaoru: Hmph... Shoop... Hah... Yes.
Hagumi & Kokoro: I like that!
That's great!
Misaki: Haha... Whether it's softball or music, we never really change, huh?
Kanon: Yeah. Hello, Happy World! is all about this energy.
Misaki: Well, it's sort of like our team colors, huh? Thinking about how we have to translate this chaos into a song makes my head hurt, though.
Kanon: Ahaha... But I guess that's also part of who we are, right?
Misaki: You said it... Well, Kanon-san, as always, let's get to work.
Misaki: Now then... What're we gonna come up with this time?

Number 5, Second Base Card Story - Special Episode

Hello, Happy World! x Sports = ?



Misaki: Oh. Hi, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Out shopping?
Marina: That's right, just stocking up on some supplies. Did you have band practice today, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: No, today was tennis practice. I've got band practice tomorrow.
Marina: Oh right, I remember seeing your reservation. Well, good work today! Tennis sounds tough, especially since you have to move around a lot~.
Misaki: That is true, but... I'm so sore today that I wasn't really able to do that much.
Marina: You're sore? Why?
Misaki: I played softball with the rest of Hello, Happy World! last weekend. There was a team that was low on members, so we jumped in as substitutes.
Marina: Oh! I heard about that downtown~. It sounded like you all did your best out there!
Misaki: Yeah, giving it my all was actually a lot of fun. However, that does mean that I'm super sore now.
Marina: Ahaha... But that's just proof of your hard work!
Misaki: Well, I guess that's true. I was a complete beginner, but I still managed to score a hit, after all.
Marina: You did? That's definitely something you should be proud of!
Misaki: Thank you very much. It was honestly a struggle for me, so hearing you say that actually means a lot.
Misaki: At first, I was really worried about how things were going to turn out. Outside of Hagumi, none of us had ever played softball before.
Misaki: Plus, Kokoro was going on about how she wanted to make friends with the ball... Well, I guess that's not surprising for her.
Misaki: But I was completely useless. The bat felt so different from the tennis racket I'm used to that I couldn't hit anything.
Marina: I see. That's true, the two aren't really that similar, so I bet the muscles you need to use are different too. Of course you'd get sore.
Misaki: Yeah... At first, they were even thinking about inviting Michelle. Thank goodness I had enough sense to talk them out of that.
Misaki: Trying a sport I've never done as Michelle sounds way too intense.
Marina: Ahaha, yeah, it does. You might have suffocated in there.
Misaki: It's already rough when I wear it for concerts. For a softball game...? It probably would've been impossible.
Misaki: Still, I also feel like I saw a new side of everyone because it wasn't a concert.
Misaki: It was a little bit surprising to see Hagumi as the captain. She really did a good job leading the team.
Marina: I see. With Hagumi-chan as your leader, I bet it must have been a lot of fun playing on her team.
Misaki: Ahaha, well, you're not wrong. We all gathered at Kokoro's place and practiced... And by the end, everyone managed to improve, not just me...
Misaki: We still lost, but strangely enough, I don't feel bad about it one bit.
Marina: Fufu. Misaki-chan, you really must have enjoyed yourself. You've got a great big smile on your face.
Misaki: Well, if I had to say one way or the other, then... Yeah. It was a lot of fun.
Misaki: Oh, but don't tell Kokoro and the others I said that, okay? They'd definitely try to rope me into doing it again! Anyway, I'll see you around.