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Number 7, Right Field Card Story - Episode

Bonding with Mister Ball


Tsurumaki Residence - Batting Cages

Kokoro: Are you awake today, Mister Ball? If you're awake, please answer. Good morning!
Kokoro & Hagumi: ...
Hagumi: Doesn't look like it's awake, huh?
Kokoro: I'm sure it's just sleepy!
Hagumi: Huh... I'm always full of energy in the morning, so I can't really relate~.
Hagumi: Mornings are nice and cool, and the morning air is really refreshing! It's perfect for exercising.
Kokoro: I always get really excited in the morning when I run over to my curtains, open them, and bathe in the morning sun!
Kokoro: But it seems like Mister Ball's a little different, huh? Let's just let it go back to sleep.
Hagumi: Good idea. But we can't become friends with it while it's sleeping, can we? What should we do?
Kokoro: True! We need to come up with a different plan! That way we can become friends with Mister Ball and enjoy softball even more!
Hagumi: Hm... A different plan... What could that be? I've been playing softball for so long. I wonder if I'm friends with Mister Ball by now.
Kokoro: Of course you're friends! If not, you wouldn't be able to throw him as well as you can!
Hagumi: You're right! But you know, I've never once talked with Mister Ball before. Why does it still fly the way I want it to?
Kokoro: Hm... I bet it's because you've been together for so long!
Kokoro: It happens during our concerts, too, right? Don't you ever feel like you know exactly what the other members want to do?
Hagumi: I totally can! I think to myself, I bet Kokoron wants to jump here, or Kano-chan-senpai wants to slow down a little here!
Kokoro: That's it! It's the same thing! You can tell what each other wants without even talking! That's how good of friends you are!
Hagumi: I see~! Then all you need to do is hang out with Mister Ball all the time, too!
Hagumi: Just stick together at school, practice, while eating, and even when you go to bed! If you do that, I'm sure you'll be able to become friends!
Kokoro: Good idea, I'll start today!
Hagumi: Oh, and I like to take good care of Mister Ball too! I make sure to scrub it, so it's nice and clean.
Kokoro: Oh, that's wonderful! There isn't a ball in the world that would hate being nice and clean!
Hagumi: Right?! I'm sure that makes Mister Ball super happy!
Kokoro: Happy... I've got it! If I want to make friends with Mister Ball, I just need to make it happy!
Kokoro: If I can do that, I'm sure that Mister Ball will want to talk!
Hagumi: I see, you might be right! If it feels happy, then I'm sure it'll want to become friends with you!
Hagumi: ... Oh, I've got a great idea! What if we invite Mister Ball to one of our concerts?!
Kokoro: Another great idea, Hagumi! If Mister Ball sees us play, it'll definitely be happy!
Hagumi: Right, right?! What songs should we play for it~? I can't decide~!
Kokoro: Then why don't we just play all of them?! If we're doing a concert, we should do what everyone wants to do!
Hagumi: Yay~! This is going to be a great concert!
Hagumi: In that case, we need to ask what everyone else wants to do, too!
Kokoro: Of course! Then let's ask them all in order! Starting with... Misaki! Now where is she...? Ah! There she is!
Kokoro: I can't wait! I'm sure she'll have some great ideas!
Hagumi: Yup! Isn't there a saying for times like this? How does it go...? Oh, yeah! Two heads are better than buns!
Kokoro: Oh my, buns! ... Why buns?
Hagumi: Because they're tasty, of course! So with three heads working together, we'll be able to come up with even tastier ideas than the best buns around!
Kokoro: That makes sense! Then let's charge straight for Misaki, so we can do better than buns! Ready, set...
Kokoro & Hagumi: Misaki~! Mi-kun~!

Number 7, Right Field Card Story - Special Episode

Secret to a Nice Catch



Marina: Good work today. Looks like you've finished up most of your work for now. Want to take a break?
Marina: Hm? Who's that sitting back there? Is that... Kokoro-chan?
Kokoro: You know, Mister Ball, I never actually asked for your name. Would you please tell me?
Kokoro: If you don't want to, I'd love to know about anything that you like! Oh, how about music? Do you like music?
Marina: K-Kokoro-chan...? Why are you talking to a softball?
Kokoro: Oh! If it isn't Marina and BanG Dreamer! Hi there!
Kokoro: I'm trying to become friends with Mister Ball here!
Marina: Become... friends...? What do you mean?
Kokoro: We're going to become friends and play softball together with smiles on our faces! Have either of you played softball before? It's so much fun!
Marina: Ah, could this be related to how Hello, Happy World! played in that softball game the other day? I heard about it downtown! You all worked really hard, right?
Kokoro: That's right! It was such a wonder-tastic time! During that game, I felt like I heard Mister Ball's voice!
Kokoro: The other team hit Mister Ball, and it flew straight towards me! And somehow, I knew exactly where it was going to land!
Kokoro: So Mister Ball must have told me where it was planning on falling!
Marina: I... see... So you managed to catch the ball, right?
Kokoro: Right! But ever since then, I haven't been able to hear Mister Ball talk anymore. So that's why I'm trying to have a conversation with it now.
Kokoro: It already talked to me once, so I'm sure it'll do it again, right?
Marina: Hmm... I'm afraid I can't really be sure...
Marina: But good for you. I'm sure Mister Ball is very happy.
Kokoro: Oh, Marina, you think so too?! I really want Mister Ball to be as happy as it can be!
Kokoro: That's it! Why don't you two try becoming friends with Mister Ball, too?!
Marina: Huh? Us, too?!
Kokoro: Sure! The more, the merrier, right?
Kokoro: Instead of laughing by yourself, it's definitely more fun when you're laughing with friends! Isn't that right, Mister Ball?