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Number One Fan Card Story - Episode

The Secret of "Bang" Part 1


After Practice
Ako: That was a great practice, huh, Sis?! I had so much fun~!
Tomoe: Yeah, the best. By the way, Ako, you doing okay?
Ako: Huh? What do you mean?
Tomoe: It's just that Roselia seems to be really focused on technique and stuff. They're pretty strict about that, right? You doing okay with that?
Ako: Yeah, I'm fine! There are times when it's tougher than others, but thanks to Roselia, I've gotten really good at the drums.
Tomoe: I see. Good to hear! Now that you mention it, your performance today did seem extra cool, Ako!
Ako: Really?! Thanks, Sis~! Oh, but you're still number one!!
Himari: Fufu, Ako-chan, you really love Tomoe, don't you?
Ako: Yeah! A whole bunch!
Lisa: You were practically glued to her all practice too.
Lisa: It was like I didn't exist, Ako. I felt so lonely~.
Ako: Ehehe, sorry about that, Lisa-nee~!
Lisa: By the way, what exactly do you like about Tomoe, Ako?
Tomoe: Huh?! W-wait, I'm right here, you know... That's a little embarrassing, don't you think?
Lisa: C'mon~, it's fine~! It just shows how much she loves you.
Ako: Sis is just the coolest, in all sorts of ways!
Himari: For example?
Ako: She's the best drummer in the world?
Lisa: And?
Tomoe: H-hey, Lisa-san... Come on, knock it off.
Ako: She's super kind! If I'm worried or having trouble with something, she's always there to help me.
Ako: She listens to me up until the very end, and then she gives me advice.
Ako: Plus, if my homework is too hard, she's the one who helps me... Ah, and she'll eat all the foods I don't like!
Lisa: Oh, my~. Tomoe, don't you think that last one is spoiling her?
Tomoe: W-well, I mean... When Ako's in trouble, don't you just want to help her out?
Himari: So is there anything else, Ako-chan?
Ako: Sis taught me how to play the drums and she plays games with me. All those things make my sister super-duper cool! I love her!
Himari: Sounds like Ako-chan thinks your very existence is cool, Tomoe.
Lisa: That's pretty impressive~. It's not something you hear every day, you know~.
Tomoe: Y-you think so...?
Himari: It makes sense. Ako-chan used to come to a lot of Afterglow's practices and concerts.
Ako: Yeah. I'm kind of sad I haven't had the chance to go recently. I've been so busy with band practice~.
Ako: So getting to see Sis play again after so long was a real treat! I had so much fun!
Ako: I bet your actual performance will be even cooler! Oh~, I can't wait~!!
Lisa: (A-Ako's really setting the bar high for Tomoe... Is she gonna be okay?)
Tomoe: Haha, of course it will! I'm gonna give you a performance that'll knock everyone's socks off, including Minato-san!
Ako: Really?! So it'll be like, "Bang"?! Or maybe more "Kaboom"?!
Tomoe: Obviously, it's gonna be both! You better prepare yourself, Ako!
Lisa: (Tomoe... That's some big talk...)
Ako: Yay~! That's my sister!

Number One Fan Card Story - Special Episode

The Secret of "Bang" Part 2


Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room
Tomoe: Let's see... 'Bang' and 'kaboom', huh...?
Tomoe: Maybe if I start this part of the verse off like this, it'll add some bang to it...? No, wait, maybe I should rearrange the interlude a little bit...
Ako: ... Sis?
Tomoe: Ako, you're still up?
Ako: Yeah, I was playing games with Rin-rin!
Tomoe: I see. Don't stay up too late now.
Ako: Okay~! What are you doing, Sis?
Tomoe: Me? I'm, uh...
Tomoe: Ah! I've been performing in my head to prepare! I promised you a show that would knock everyone's socks off, didn't I?
Ako: Wow, really?! So that's why you're still up... That's my super cool big sister for you!
Ako: Oh yeah! If there's anything I can do, just let me know! Should I give you a shoulder massage?!
Tomoe: Haha, thanks.
Tomoe: ... Ah, actually, there is something I wanted to ask you.
Ako: What is it?! I'll tell you anything you need!
Tomoe: Between this...
Tomoe: ... And this, which one do you think is cooler?
Ako: Hmm~...
Ako: They're both cool! It's your performance after all!
Tomoe: ... Ahaha, is that so?! Alright, thanks, Ako!
Ako: Was I any help?
Tomoe: Oh yeah, of course! Now my next performance is sure to be perfect!
Ako: Ehehe, yay~!
Tomoe: Oh yeah, do you need help with anything, Ako? Like with drums or school?
Ako: Uhm~, I'm good! Band practice is a little tough, but it's fun! And I think I'm all set with homework too!
Tomoe: Gotcha. Good to hear. If anything comes up though, come and talk to me, okay?
Ako: Mhm, of course! ... Ehehe.
Tomoe: Hm? Something wrong?
Ako: Nope! I was just thinking how cool you are!
The Next Day
Ako: Ehehe, and then Sis asked me to choose which one had more bang to it. But it turned out that they would both make for a cool show!
Lisa: Wow~, now that's really something to look forward, huh?
Ako: Yeah! Ehehe, I can't wait~!
Himari: Ahh~... Now I get it. So that's what was going on...
Lisa: Hm? What's up, Himari?
Himari: Last night, Tomoe sent this message to everyone in Afterglow...
Lisa: Let me see...
Tomoe: "SOS! What kind of sound makes you think "bang"?! I really need your help here, guys! Please respond!"
Lisa: ... Fufu, ahaha!
Lisa: Hmm~, it must be tough being a big sister.
Himari: Ahaha, no kidding!
Lisa: Let's not tell Ako about this, okay?
Himari: Fufu, good idea!
Ako: Hey, hey! What are you two talking about?!
Lisa: Fufu, that's a secret~ ♪
Ako: Aww~, no fair~! Tell me~!!