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On the Path to Dreams Card Story - Episode

To the Outside World


Hazawa Coffee

Chisato: Good afternoon, Tsugumi-chan.
Tsugumi: Ah, Chisato-san! Welcome!
Chisato: I'm meeting Kanon here today. Is she here already?
Tsugumi: I haven't seen her, no. Would you like a table?
Chisato: Yes, thank you.
Chisato: ... Oh, it's Ran-chan. So you're here too.
Ran: Ah, hey. Thanks for inviting us to your concert the other day.
Chisato: Well, Afterglow really helped us out by writing that song for us. Did you two enjoy yourselves?
Tsugumi: Yeah, it was lots of fun! It's like you were all glistening. Your costumes were really cute too! Isn't that right, Ran-chan?
Ran: Yeah. It wasn't what I expected, in a good way. Your fans are pretty intense.
Ran: Everyone was really enjoying themselves. So that's what it's like when you perform for your fans.
Chisato: I'm glad you had a good time.
Ran: Ah, except, I think you could have...
Chisato: Could have what?
Tsugumi: R-Ran-chan...?
Ran: Ah, no, it's nothing... Uhm, by the way, you played "Y.O.L.O!!!!!" at your concert, didn't you? That was nice to see.
Tsugumi: Yeah, that made me really happy!
Tsugumi: It's so cool to think that a song we wrote was performed in front of all those people.
Ran: And it was interesting to see how the song has changed since the last time we heard it. It's like the way it feels is different...
Chisato: Oh? How so...?
Ran: How do I put this...? I think your singing and performance have more emotion to them now.
Ran: Ah, wait, I'm not saying they weren't like that before...!
Chisato: Fufu, I know what you mean. Don't worry about it.
Chisato: If that's how our song came off to you, it's because... we've been through a lot.
Ran: Like what...?
Tsugumi: We've heard about what Pastel✽Palettes went through when you first got together. One can only imagine how tough things must have been if one of you is saying that...
Chisato: Well, I can't say it was easy, but it was a meaningful experience for all of us.
Chisato: It gave me the chance to step out from my own little world, after all.
Chisato: And that helped me realize just how small it really was.
Tsugumi: Small? Really...? Uhm, I'm sure your world's much bigger than ours could ever be.
Ran: Yeah, you're a celebrity.
Chisato: No, that's not the case at all.
Chisato: Regardless of what I do, if I make my own limits and refuse to push past them, I'm still just as stuck as anyone else would be.
Chisato: That's how it's always been for me. But after all that's happened to us, I get the feeling that might have changed a little.
Chisato: I'm sure that's why I can connect more with the lyrics of "Y.O.L.O!!!!!" now.
Chisato: The sunset may be wonderful, but without moving forward, we'd never see the beauty of the azure night sky.
Chisato: I finally understand the emotions behind that song.
Chisato: It's wonderful, and it hits close to home for those who have stepped towards that deep blue sky.
Tsugumi: Chisato-san...
Ran: Thanks for saying that. It makes me glad we wrote it.
Chisato: ... Change is hard, though.
Chisato: There were a lot of things about that last show that we need to fix as a band.
Tsugumi: Huh? I thought you guys did a great job...
Chisato: But I think we can do better. Both in our performance and in our presentation.
Chisato: We gave it everything we've got, but it wasn't enough to give our fans the perfect show.
Chisato: Isn't that what you were going to say before, Ran-chan?
Ran: Huh? Ah, yeah...
Ran: Something tells me... Pastel✽Palettes could give an even better show than what we saw that day...
Tsugumi: That's so cool though! Even after giving such an amazing concert, you still want to do more!
Chisato: Yes, the next time we invite you to our show, expect an even better performance.
Chisato: We'll get Ran-chan to say those words for sure...
Ran & Tsugumi: ... "Those words"...?
Ran: What words?
Chisato: Fufu, what words indeed. I'll keep that as my little secret.

On the Path to Dreams Card Story - Special Episode

To Make My Dreams Reality


Station Entrance

Chisato: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Chisato: Thank you for coming to our concert the other day.
Chisato: You even brought us a gift box too... Yes, everyone was thrilled.
Chisato: ... Is today my day off? No, it's not.
Chisato: I'm on my way to a promotion meeting for a movie I was in.
Chisato: ... Hm? Ah, yes, that movie. So you heard about my new film, I see.
Chisato: I'm a little worried about how my acting will come across, but I'm looking forward to the premiere.
Chisato: If you have a chance to see the film, please let me know what you think.
Chisato: ... You mean filming? Yes, we just finished not too long ago.
Chisato: Yes, this was right around the time we were preparing for Idol Festival♪... I'm just glad everything ended without incident.
Chisato: ... Being both an actress and an idol at the same time is difficult.
Chisato: Before, I'd always put my work as an actress first and cut out any other projects. A hectic schedule could affect my work, after all.
Chisato: ... Yes, that was before. You see, Pastel✽Palettes isn't something I can throw away so easily anymore.
Chisato: And since I refuse to quit either of them, my only choice is to do both.
Chisato: It's not the most realistic option, so for me, it seems impossible, much like a dream... However, I decided to finally have a dream.
Chisato: Fufu, I suppose that's not something you hear every day.
Chisato: This is the first time I've ever had a dream though. I never found it necessary.
Chisato: Instead of focusing on things that may or may not happen, I've always thought it was better to make realistic goals and focus on what I'm actually able to achieve.
Chisato: Before Pastel✽Palettes, I was fine with that, and I even considered my way of thinking as being perfect for the entertainment industry.
Chisato: Never challenging what seems impossible, only ever doing what you know you can... It's safe, but also dull.
Chisato: I'd like to change that if I can... And in order to do so, my first step is learning to balance acting and my work as an idol.
Chisato: Although, if we're being honest, I can't tell you it's been easy doing both.
Chisato: But in order to make my dream a reality, I want to keep challenging myself.
Chisato: ... What's my dream?
Chisato: My dream is to dream.
Chisato: Yes, saying my dream is to dream is rather strange, isn't it...?
Chisato: Perhaps I wasn't able to come up with something better because I've never had one before...
Chisato: But someday, I'd like to have a real dream and work towards it.
Chisato: ... Fufu. Thank you. I appreciate your support.
Chisato: Once I find my dream, I'll be sure to let you know. I hope you'll look forward to it.