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One Supporting Two Card Story - Episode

Fleeting Illumination?


Haneoka Girl's Academy
Gym Stage
Maya: Let's see, so after this line, Chisato will come over here... And the rhythm for applying the lighting is... One, two, three...
Chisato: Maya-chan, what are you doing?
Maya: Then, at a 45-degree angle...
Chisato: Maya-chan!
Maya: Ahh!! ... Ah, Chisato-san! How long have you been there?
Chisato: Maybe about 30 seconds? What are you up to?
Maya: I'm doing a simulation of the lighting based on my script.
Chisato: It's all black... Did you write all of this?
Maya: Yep, those are my notes. I was writing more and more with every rehearsal, until eventually, it became like this...
Maya: There are times when I don't even know what I've written here. Ahaha.
Chisato: It sure would be hard to read older notes with all the scribbles. What kind of things do you write?
Maya: Ah, wanna take a look? You might not be able to read it though...
Chisato: 3 secs after line, angle is 45°, "Apply after Juliet takes 2 steps"... These are all very specific.
Maya: Ahaha... That's because I want to be 100 percent sure I won't make a mistake. And that's how I ended up having these many notes...
Chisato: The fact that you even watch how many steps we take is impressive.
Maya: If the lighting is off, even just a little bit, the impression the audience gets is very different. This is all so that the performers' acting can be shown in the best light possible!
Chisato: I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I'll do my best not to miss my stage positioning as well.
Maya: You've always been the type of person to get your positioning right. You're never off the mark.
Chisato: Really? That's good.
Maya: ... Kaoru-san is... an extraordinary actress, so... she takes a lot of liberties...
Chisato: To put a positive spin on it, she doesn't let herself get trapped by established rules. I think that kind of spirit is important for an expressive performance.
Chisato: ... As long as you're not throwing off the people around you.
Maya: Ahaha... You do have a lot of scenes with her, Chisato-chan.
Chisato: Right. Sigh... No matter how many times she's told about the correct staging, it doesn't make the slightest difference... Oh, that reminds me. Maya-chan, have you seen Kaoru's script before?
Maya: No, I haven't.
Chisato: No matter which page or line you look at, she's written the word "fleeting". I don't get it at all.
Maya: What?! Everywhere?!
Chisato: Mhm. It's been written more lightly in some places and more firmly in others, so I'm sure there are nuances to each one.
Maya: Various types of fleeting, huh...? That sounds like Kaoru-san.
Maya: What kind of notes do you write on your script, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I don't really write anything that interesting, but for the scenes where I interact with Kaoru, I've written "fleetingly". Since that describes her.
Maya: Ahhaha! That's amazing! She even has you writing it!
Chisato: That's despite my insistence that I don't really get the nuance, though...
Maya: Fufu. Chisato-san, good luck. Make sure the actual show is fleeting too, okay?
Chisato: Fufu. That was my intention. Let's both do what we can ♪

One Supporting Two Card Story - Special Episode

The Creator & the Inhabitants


Maya: Let’s see... Work gloves, towels, pens... What else…?
Maya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Nice to see you! Are you out shopping?
Maya: Yes. I’m doing some shopping for the theater club. We have a Culture Festival performance coming up.
Maya: ... Me? No, no, no, I’m part of the tech crew, in charge of the lights. No acting for me.
Maya: Why did I decide to take on that responsibility...? Hmm... Well...
Maya: I’m not so good at standing out myself, so instead, I can help someone who already shines stand out even more. I’m better at that sort of thing.
Maya: So the reason I joined the club--and this is true for concert and theater performances--is that I loved the idea of a world that can only exist in that space!
Maya: Isn’t it interesting? It’s all just papier-mâché, but you feel like you’re in a whole different world… And if you destroy the papier-mâché, that world disappears.
Maya: As Kaoru-san would say, it’s kind of fleeting.
Maya: I wanted to make those fleeting, mysterious worlds, so I joined the theater club.
Maya: The performers are the inhabitants of the world, and I am the creator. That’s how I think of it.
Maya: It’s my nature to fit well into roles that are behind the scenes, so it was really tough being on stage for the first time with Pastel ✽ Palettes.
Maya: As a member of the band, I am an inhabitant.
Maya: You think… it’s amazing to be able to see from the perspective of both inhabitant and creator...?
Maya: I do have experience with both roles... Hmm, I see what you’re saying. Yeah, that could be a strong asset!
Maya: BanG Dreamer-san, thank you.
Maya: I’m going to put even more effort into it then!
Maya: Not just as the creator, but as the inhabitant...
Maya: Alright, I’ll give it my best shot!