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Onstage (Aoba Moca) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Moca: Ahh~... What a nice sofa.
Ran: ... You have one just like it in your room, don't you?
Moca: Yeah, but for some reason this one just feels more fluffy~.
Ran: ... We're getting ready to perform. Shouldn't you be a little more focused?
Moca: Hmm~? It'll be okay.
Ran: ...
Ran: Well, I'm about to change, so...
Moca: No need to worry about me~.
Ran: ... You're... Actually, never mind.
Ran: ... If I don't change now, I'll be late for the show.

Moca: Oww, sexy~.
Ran: How is it sexy?
Moca: Look, your shoulders are showing!
Ran: Instead of talking nonsense, why don't you get ready?
Moca: I'm done. I even changed into my stage outfit.
Ran: Did you double-check the song order and stage direction?
Moca: It's fine~. I don't have to do that. I've got it all up here~.
Ran: ... But you can at least take another look.
Moca: Ran, you're so serious. Right before a performance is the ideal time to laze around like this.
Ran: Moca, you're always lazing around.
Moca: Heh heh heh~. Ran-kun... You know, it's best to always do what's natural~.
Ran: ... Oh, is that why yours is long sleeve? It kinda looks like regular clothes.
Moca: I know it looks normal, but what I like most is the hood~.
Ran: What do you mean?
Moca: Well~...
Ran: ...What does lying down have to do with your outfit?
Moca: It has everything to do with it. First, you have to lay down like this.
Moca: Then, when you put on the hood, it gets dark. Kinda like night time...
Moca: And then, you can go to sleep whenever you-...
Moca: Zzz... Zzz...
Ran: H-hey! No sleeping before the show! Moca, wake up!
Moca: Hmm...? Good morning~. Just five more minutes, please~.
Ran: Sigh... Hehe, you don't have a nervous bone in your body.
Moca: Ahh, you finally laughed!
Moca: You know, the whole day you had a scary look on your face. There's no way you can have a fun performance like that~.
Ran: Huh...? Is that why you're here? You wanted to make me laugh...?
Moca: It's nice to see you smile, Ran~.
Moca: Ahh~. Seeing you laugh makes me all calm, and relaxed... and drowsy...
Moca: My work here is done... Good night~.
Ran: H-hey! I said no sleeping!

Onstage (Aoba Moca) Card Story - Special Episode

The Usual Spot


Moca: Hey~, what's up? Fancy meeting you here~.
Moca: ... Huh? What am I up to?
Moca: Oh, I just went to the place. You know, the usual place~.
Moca: ... Yep, that's the one~. The bakery.
Moca: Yeah, we've got a show today, but I was getting hungry. Couldn't ignore my belly~.
Moca: You've got a good memory~. You remembered about the bakery.
Moca: Heh heh heh. Now you're really gonna have to watch your back when you're alone at night~.
Moca: ... Ooh, I'm impressed you knew that was a joke.
Moca: I said it was a joke last time? Hrm, did I really? My bad. I totally forgot~.
Moca: By the way, BanG Dreamer-san. What are you doing here today?
Moca: ... Preparing for the show? Oh, I see~. You were buying some things for today.
Moca: Whoa, that's a lot of stuff you're carrying there~.
Moca: You're working really hard, BanG Dreamer-san. Want one of the buns I bought? Here they are~.
Moca: ... Hm~? Why are you making that puzzled face? It's because I said I'd give you buns, but I didn't?
Moca: Wait a sec~, I asked if you wanted one. I never said I'd give it to you~.
Moca: ... I'm kidding. This is just a sophisticated Moca-chan joke.
Moca: This one's for Ran, so I can't give it to you, but you can have this one if you want. Here~.
Moca: Ran has been practicing really hard these days, so I thought I'd give her something to make the show well. Mmm, I'm so sweet~.
Moca: ... Oh, that's right. We have a show. If I don't get going, they'll start the rehearsal without me.
Moca: Well, I'm gonna head off now~. See you later at the live house~. Bye~.