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Onstage (Hikawa Sayo) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Sayo: ... Shirokane-san really did make them, then.
Lisa: Come on, Sayo~. Can't you act a little more excited? We're supposed to be celebrating our new band outfits~! You too, Yukina!
Yukina: I've already told Rinko how I feel about them. If you're going to act happy, do it in front of her.
Lisa: I mean, I guess you're right. But doesn't it just make you feel excited, the three of us wearing matching outfits like this?
Sayo: These outfits are an integral part of us expressing our music. There's no reason that it wouldn't be exciting.
Lisa: Okay♪ It's just the two of you still have the same, dry expressions as always. I was worried there was something wrong with the outfits.
Lisa: I mean, it is kinda my job to explain your ideals about our music to the others, right?
Sayo: Yes, that's right... It's just... I've never worn a band uniform before.
Sayo: (Minato-san... What exactly did you say to Shirokane-san...?)
Lisa: Either way, you both look really cute in these outfits~♪ They suit you perfectly!
Yukina: Thanks. Mine's been adjusted right around here, to make it more comfortable when I sing.
Lisa: That Rinko really knows how to sew, huh~? And look at this bit, here! It's the same on all our outfits.
Sayo: (Ah...)
Yukina: How's yours, Sayo?
Sayo: M-mine... is fine.
Yukina: It is? Then we'll go with these.
Sayo: (I... I was going to say it's nice the way we all match, but...)
Sayo: I just hope we don't get so excited over the outfits that we lose focus on our actual rehearsals today...
Yukina: We should make that clear. Especially to Ako. We have to keep her calm the moment she arrives...
Lisa: Hold on, hold on, both of you. We have these amazing new outfits here, and you're both talking like it's any other normal day.
Lisa: Can't we be a little more, you know... together in all of this~?
Sayo: (I was thinking the same thing... But Imai-san said it before me...)
Sayo: Any other normal day. You mean, we are currently just as we always are? That sounds like an important thing to be.
Lisa: Ahh~. Good point as always, Sayo! You're right, it definitely is important for us as Roselia that we are exactly who we always have been.
Lisa: But the thing is, I do get all excitable sometimes~. And so does Ako.
Yukina: Yes, but you're always like that. Which means for you, that is being exactly who you've always been.
Lisa: Oh yeah, you're right~! I'll make sure I jump and shout as much as I can, then.
Sayo: Umm, Imai-san...
Lisa: I'm just kidding, sorry Sayo~. Nice to see you're on the ball as always, though♪
Sayo: (Just as always...)
Yukina: More importantly, Lisa...
Lisa: You're gonna ask me about that bass part from the other day? Well, I've totally got it down♪
Sayo: (I still can't have just a familiar conversation with anyone the way these two can...)
Sayo: (But if this outfit is going to make me more me, then...)
Yukina: Sayo. Let's start playing with just the three of us.
Lisa: While our spirits are all up high♪
Sayo: (Maybe one day... I'll be able to show my true self, too...)
Sayo: Just try to keep yourself composed, Imai-san.
Sayo: You are right behind Udagawa-san in that regard.
Yukina: Put Lisa and Ako together and there's no stopping either of them.
Lisa: I know, I know~! Hmph~.

Onstage (Hikawa Sayo) Card Story - Special Episode

More Than Practice


Sayo: ... Okay.
Sayo: That was just how we practiced it.
Sayo: But, performing at practice level isn't enough... I have to be able to produce something even better when we're on stage.
Sayo: ... Is that somebody's footsteps?
Sayo: Oh? BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: You're wondering what I'm doing here? I was just doing a final run-through before we perform.
Sayo: No, you're not bothering me. I finished just before you arrived.
Sayo: ... I'm not particularly nervous.
Sayo: I guarantee our performance will be a success... We've practiced more than enough for me to know this.
Sayo: Being nervous before going on stage is simply a sign that one hasn't pushed themselves hard during practice...
Sayo: A mistake that I will never make.
Sayo: ... Uh, thank you.
Sayo: You're a little unique, aren't you, BanG Dreamer-san? No one would normally say the expression on my face matches my stage outfit...
Sayo: You're the first person to ever praise me like that.
Sayo: ... Ah, I'm running out of time. I should get going.
Sayo: How strange. I thought that we only had a brief chat, yet already so much time has passed.
Sayo: ... Well then, it's time.
Sayo: We will put on another perfect performance today. I hope you're looking forward to it.