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Onstage (Ichigaya Arisa) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Arisa: Are we really gonna make our own costumes?
Tae: Yeah. As a group. We'll make the outfits for our next performance.
Arisa: You can't be serious... We're not professionals.
Tae: That's alright. If we put in the effort, it'll work out somehow.
Arisa: Effort doesn't make clothes!
Tae: Where there's a will, there's a way.
Arisa: You're just saying whatever comes to your mind, aren't you? Well, whatever...
Arisa: So, we have to think of the design for the outfits, right?
Tae: Yeah, like the kind of theme we want.
Arisa: Do we have to make drawings of them?
Tae: That would make it easier to imagine the costume designs.
Arisa: Ohh... I'm not really good at that kind of thing.
Tae: Leave it to me. I'm an expert.
Arisa: Really?

Tae: Done. Here it is. Our costume design.
Arisa: Wow! ...Wait, what?! This doesn't help one bit! What is this?!
Tae: That one... is you.
Arisa: Me?! That doesn't look like me at all! Not to mention, I can't even tell what the outfit is supposed to be!
Tae: Yeah... I couldn't draw the costumes that well...
Arisa: Isn't that the part we need most?
Arisa: Forget it. Probably won't do us any good talking about it here. Why don't we think about it on our way home?

Tae: What should we do about the outfits?
Arisa: Yeah, it's kinda hard to imagine how they look with that picture.
Tae: We've already decided that we'll be matching.
Arisa: Matching, huh? Hmm... Well, at least we have that, right?
Tae: There has to be a good outfit we can use.
Arisa: Yeah, but even so, we don't have experience with creating designs...
Arisa: Rimi kinda seems like she'd be good at that sort of thing...
Arisa: Ah! Why don't we use her sister's band as a reference?
Tae: Glitter*Green's costumes are really cool.
Arisa: We can have something kind of like that, but add our own touch.
Tae: Yeah...! That's good! We can make it more Poppin'Party like!
Arisa: Right? We'll all share our thoughts and decide on the theme!
Arisa: From there, everything should be fine.
Tae: Yeah. Good idea. And then maybe we can think about colors.
Arisa: Ah! Yeah. We should all pick a color we like. It'll give us a bit of personality.
Tae: Which color do you like, Arisa?
Arisa: Hmm... I'm not really sure off the top of my head...
Arisa: Uhm... I guess you could say I like purple.
Tae: Then we'll make you purple. I think a skirt will definitely be cute.
Arisa: Y-You think so? What about you, O-Tae? Which color do you like?
Tae: Me? Uh... I know! I like the color of the sky!
Arisa: The sky... You mean blue?
Tae: Sky blue! And the color of the ocean! Hawaii blue!
Arisa: I got it! You like blue, right?!
Arisa: So, you'll be blue. And that's that!
Tae: Hehehe, I'm excited for our costumes. I can't wait to perform in them.
Arisa: They're not even made yet, though. But I get it...
Arisa: ... It can be exciting to think about.
Tae: Yeah. Let's make the best outifts we can.

Onstage (Ichigaya Arisa) Card Story - Special Episode

Formidable Phase


Arisa: Phew... This phrase is a tough one... No matter how many times I try it, my fingers just can't keep up...
Arisa: ... Ngh! BanG Dreamer-san, where the hell did you come from?!
Arisa: A-Ahem. I mean, is there anything I can help you with?
Arisa: You came to check up on me because I looked stressed...?
Arisa: Oh, I see.
Arisa: Oh, it's nothing... I wouldn't say I'm stressed.
Arisa: I was just having trouble playing a certain phrase...
Arisa: ...
Arisa: Huh? You want to help me 'cause I'm working so hard? I-It's nothing, really...
Arisa: Seeing me practice hard like this is why you're a fan...? Y-You're too kind...
Arisa: Ugh... I said cut it out!! It's embarrassing, for crying out loud!!
Arisa: *huff* *puff* You just don't stop, do you? If you're gonna praise something, praise my keyboard!
Arisa: I couldn't stop grinning my cheeks off when it arrived... Ah! Oops...!
Arisa: ...*sigh* Oh well. No point in trying to keep it up at this point.
Arisa: ... Huh? You prefer it when I speak this way?
Arisa: W-Whatever! Anyway, enough with the flattery, okay?
Arisa: It's getting easier to put effort into our songs now... I mean...
Arisa: You're always supporting us, BanG Dreamer-san, and... I've got the rest of the band, so... uh, nothing!
Arisa: Shut up! Just forget it, okay?!
Arisa: Fine. I'll prove it, so you better be around to see it! We'll play a big concert one day, just you wait and see!