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Onstage (Kitazawa Hagumi) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Hagumi: Hrgh... I can't open it!
Kokoro: What's wrong, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Kokoron! This zipper is being all weird.
Kokoro: The inside part got caught. Hold on... There you go!
Hagumi: Yay! Thanks! I was starting to wonder what might happen if I couldn't wear my costume.
Kokoro: Whether you have your costume or not, you're still Hagumi. You'll always be a member of Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Y-Yeah, that's true. But when everyone wears the same uniform...
Hagumi: Like in sports, I'm used to matching, and it helps me feel relaxed because I think, "I'm not alone. I have my team."
Kokoro: I see. Well I don't think there's anyone in the world who's really alone. But I'm glad you feel better. That's most important.
Hagumi: Yeah. Not to mention, I've taken a liking to this outfit. It's like, when we wear it, we are Hello, Happy World!...
Kokoro: I know exactly what you mean! Like it's become part of us!
Kokoro: Everyday on the road to more smiles, right?!
Hagumi: Yeah. Oh! You know, I realized something the other day.
Hagumi: We chose these costumes because we look like a marching band, and we're on the road to making the world smile and whatever...
Hagumi: But really, we do a lot of things to try and make the world smile. Even outside of playing music.
Kokoro: Yeah. If we were just a band that performed and couldn't make people smile, then we wouldn't be Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Exactly! So I thought, Hello, Happy World! is pretty much a marching band.
Kokoro: What do you mean?
Hagumi: A marching band is not only a group that walks while playing instruments.
Hagumi: There are also ones that march together with other groups, like dancers.
Kokoro: Yeah! A dance team! I actually saw a dance team walking together with the color guard before!
Hagumi: Yeah, yeah. So we do things other than playing music with our band because we are Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: And I was thinking, I really like our group because of the fact that in order to make everyone smile, we go the extra mile.
Kokoro: That's great! Well, I was just thinking that I really like it when you smile!
Hagumi: Heh... Hehe. Thanks.
Kokoro: Whether it's just a band or a marching band... Actually, with pretty much anything, I don't think there's one right way to do anything.
Kokoro: That's why we should just continue to march and make the world smile in our own way.
Hagumi: Mhm, yeah!
Kokoro: Ah! Oh, yeah! That reminds me, Hagumi! I was thinking, during today's show, something was missing.
Kokoro: Let's do that thing during one of our songs!
Hagumi: What is "that thing?" Kokoron! What are you gonna do?!
Kokoro: You know. Like how they do at the outdoor stadiums!
Kokoro: When the rock musicians are like, "Y'all ready?! Here we go!"
Hagumi: Ahh! I've seen that before too! On TV! It's all like, boom! And then, fire pillar...!
Misaki: There's no way you fools would be allowed to do something like that.
Hagumi: Wh-Why? Everyone would be so hyped up, and the stadium would be filled with smiles!
Misaki: Before anyone has the chance to smile the live house would be a sea of flames. You need a lot of space to do something like that.
Kokoro: No problem! Let's just make the place bigger! We can do it now!
Misaki: Kokoro, you know you can't say things like that!
Others: Kokoro-sama, you called?
Misaki: No! No one called! Go! Go away!!
Hagumi: But I thought it was such a good idea...
Misaki: You guys can do stuff besides playing instruments, right? I'm sure you can think of something if you tried.
Hagumi: Hmm. Ah! You're right! Kokoron!
Kokoro: Yes? Did you think of something good?
Misaki: Look, there you go. Sigh... Those two.

Onstage (Kitazawa Hagumi) Card Story - Special Episode

Shoulder Frillies


Hagumi: Phew, that was fun~!! Another happy show~!
Hagumi: Hey, thanks for helping out today~! Ehehe, did you watch us play?
Hagumi: Ooh~! You enjoyed it?! Yay~!!
Hagumi: I'm gonna go get changed, so tell me what you thought of our show when I get back~!
Hagumi: Oh... that's right!
Hagumi: There was something that was bothering me, and I wanted to ask someone about it.
Hagumi: My outfit has some tassels on the shoulders, right? How many do you think there are?
Hagumi: I wanted to count them, but I can't do it on my own.
Hagumi: Let's see, there's one, two, three, four... ugh... it's just too hard to do while I'm wearing it!
Hagumi: ... Could you count them for me?
Hagumi: What~? You can't~? Okay... that's too bad.
Hagumi: You're really busy today, huh? I don't wanna get in your way, so I'll go ask someone else!
Hagumi: Hm? Oh, you're right! I can just count them myself after I get changed!
Hagumi: Thanks for the idea! You're a genius!
Hagumi: Okay, I'm gonna get changed, and get counting!
Hagumi: I'll tell you how many there are when I'm done! Ehehe, I won't take long!
Hagumi: C'mon, there's no need to be like that~! You wanna know too, right?!
Hagumi: It's written all over your face! I'll tell you how many I count! I promise~!
Hagumi: Do you have work after this? Okay, I'll make sure not to get in the way when I come tell you!
Hagumi: Have fun at work~! See you later~!