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Onstage (Mitake Ran) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Ran: ... Sorry for the wait.
Tomoe: Ah! You finally came o-...
Tomoe: ... Wow.
Ran: What?
Tomoe: Nothing, it's just it suits you even more than I imagined.
Tomoe: The color balance, the accessories... It matches who you are perfectly.
Ran: You think? To be honest, it's hard to relax.
Ran: My shoulders... are so exposed.
Tomoe: Hehehe, hahahaha!!
Ran: W-What's so funny?
Tomoe: Is that why it took so long for you to change? You were worried about that?
Ran: ... N-No! It didn't bother me that much!
Tomoe: ... Well, I guess it has more of an airy feeling than what you usually wear, but don't sweat it.
Ran: ...
Tomoe: I'm saying it's a good match because it is, okay? This outfit is just right for that Ran vibe.
Ran: ... What is "that Ran vibe?"
Tomoe: Calm on the outside, but a fire burning on the inside.
Tomoe: Normally, you're very cool, but once you step onto the stage, you get really intense.
Tomoe: Like you want to share all of your feelings with the audience through emotion and passion-filled music.
Tomoe: And that outfit is just right for showing that you have that "cool yet intense" personality.
Tomoe: That's why Himari and I chose it.
Ran: Cool yet intense...
Tomoe: And you may not have realized it, but...
Ran: Ahh! Alright, alright already! Please, stop. This is embarrassing...
Tomoe: Haha... Okay, okay. But more importantly, I'm happy if you like the outfit. What do you think?
Ran: It's, uhh... not bad... I guess.
Tomoe: ... Hmm. I'm glad you like it. Alright, why don't we get to practice? Everyone is waiting.
Tomoe: Even if we change what we're wearing, we're...
Ran: The same as always, right? Let's go.
Tomoe: ... Uh huh. Right behind you.

Onstage (Mitake Ran) Card Story - Special Episode

An Important Place


Ran: Oh, hey.
Ran: It's rare of me to start a conversation? Well... You're not a stranger, so it's different.
Ran: Things are going well, thanks. I feel we're even closer knit now.
Ran: So umm... Thanks again for listening the other day.
Ran: What am I talking about? *sigh* ... That thing about how we have been supporting each other!
Ran: This band is... a special place that the others made for me.
Ran: Moca always does her own thing, but she's always there for me...
Ran: Tomoe and I sometimes clash, but it's like she's always smarter. More mature, I guess. I just can't beat her.
Ran: Himari is always so hard-working, and even though Moca teases her all the time, she tries so hard to keep us all together...
Ran: Despite how she looks, Tsugu is the toughest in the group. Her positivity always comforts me. She sometimes gives too much though...
Ran: Everyone is just... irreplaceable to me.
Ran: I love them, and I'm proud of them.
Ran: ... If those feelings come out when I sing, then I couldn't be happier.
Ran: I hope the others can feel it when they hear me sing.
Ran: We've come this far, so I'll do everything and anything that I can. For the band, and for myself.
Ran: ... So keep watching us, and see how far we go.
Ran: You think I sound more positive than I used to?
Ran: ... I-I'm just being me.
Ran: ... Well, I guess my head does feel clearer than it used to. The only thing I think about now is moving further and further ahead. All five of us together.
Ran: So anyway, just keep watching over us.
Ran: I'll pour all my energy into this band, so that it will keep being the special place that it is. "Same as always", you know?