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Onstage (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Misaki: Sigh...
Kokoro: So it has to go like this! I'll be like, "Hey!" And I'll do a backflip! And then I'll spin the mic stand!
Kaoru: Fufu, a stark image of the war hero, Macbeth...
Misaki: ...Today's rehearsal is going nowhere! Same as always!
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan... It's okay. As soon as everyone is ready to play, I'm sure we'll create something great...
Misaki: But what about before that? This is such a waste of time. I have stuff to do, you know.
Misaki: I make the effort to come here, so I don't think it's too much to ask to follow a schedule of some sort.
Kokoro: Wahoo~!!
Kanon: ... I... know. But... it doesn't look like we can do that...
Misaki: You would think with these costumes, we'd be more like a proper band at this point...
Kanon: Oh. Like a school band? That would be cute. Yeah, like a marching band...
Misaki: ...
Kanon: Misaki-chan?
Misaki: ... When I look at these costumes, it kinda reminds me of the Bremen Town Musicians...
Kanon: I liked them, too. I read the picture book a bunch of times... Wait, do you have bad memories of that story?
Misaki: I don't know, but... I kind of feel like I could if thing keep on like this.
Kanon: Huh? What do you mean...?
Misaki: Think about it. The Bremen Town Musicians never accomplished their goal, right?
Misaki: Animals from different backgrounds came together for one purpose, and so they set out on a journey to be the Bremen Town Musicians.
Kanon: Mhm... Okay? Ah! I see.
Misaki: Yeah. They wanted to reach Bremen, but they never actually did. And the story ends, just like that.
Misaki: Partway through, each of them found a place to stay and lived happily ever after...
Misaki: So when I look at Kokoro... I sort of get the same feeling. Like, "What happened to 'making the world smile?'"
Kanon: ...
Misaki: They always seem like they're having so much fun. But while they're doing that, time continues to pass...
Kanon: And then... there's no more time to make the world smile...?
Misaki: Right... You don't think so, Kanon-san? Maybe I'm just being too pessimistic.
Misaki: But still... Now we're in high school, but one day we'll graduate, and then...
Kanon: I... sometimes have the same feeling, I think. Being a sophomore... and all.
Kanon: But, at the end of the story, aren't the animals happy? Didn't they have fun? I wonder about that.
Kanon: And I think they were happy, and they did have fun...
Misaki: Kanon-san...
Kanon: And I think Kokoro-chan, Kaoru-san and Hagumi-chan are just like those characters.
Kanon: Having such a good time that they don't realize rehearsal has already finished.
Kanon: The Bremen Town Musicians were also enjoying themselves so much that before they noticed, the story reached its last page.
Misaki: The last page... That's not really... Haha, well yeah. Maybe. Kanon-san, you sure do think of some interesting stuff.
Kanon: Fue~. Y-You think it's too far of a reach?
Misaki: It's fine. I wouldn't say Hello, Happy World! follows a normal of thinking anyhow.
Misaki: ... It may not be written in the book, but maybe after the last page, they did make it to Bremen. And maybe they made the world smile.
Kanon: Misaki-chan... Yeah! I know they did!

Onstage (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Special Episode

Michelle & I


Misaki: Hey~. Ah, we're about to go on stage.
Misaki: Everyone went on ahead of me. I've gotta put this thing on, after all.
Misaki: Why don't I go on stage without the suit...? Nope~, you're joking, right~?
Misaki: I'm completely fine with this.
Misaki: Our band is full of people that are a lot more colorful than me, right?
Misaki: That's why this works just fine for me.
Misaki: When I first joined the band, this is what I was wearing anyway.
Misaki: Why is that, you ask...? It's the suit that's the DJ, I guess.
Misaki: Well, in the beginning, I kinda wondered what I was even doing... Actually, I guess I still do.
Misaki: But strangely enough, after wearing the suit for a bit, I've started to grow attached. The ol' bear is kinda cute, you know?
Misaki: You think Michelle is cute too, right, BanG Dreamer-san? Oh, Michelle is the name I gave this bear suit.
Misaki: Then I guess things are fine how they are then. Yeah, I think they're just fine.
Misaki: I'm going to keep doing things the way I do them now.
Misaki: Okay I should probably head out there then...
Misaki: Hm? What's up?
Misaki: Oh, my hat was slipping off. Ahh, haha, thanks for fixing it.
Misaki: It's hard to tell when I'm inside the suit.
Misaki: That's true, things like that can be kind of troublesome, but it's okay. The suit's the DJ, after all.
Misaki: And besides, sooner or later Michelle and I will become one anyway, so that kinda thing won't be a problem.
Misaki: Ahaha, I'm just kidding about that last part.
Misaki: Well, it's just about time for me to go~. I'll give it my best today, in moderation of course.