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Onstage (Seta Kaoru) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Misaki: Uhh, yeah. So Kokoro and the others are running around taking care of things. In their place, I'm here to give you your costume.
Kaoru: This... is our...
Kaoru: Ah! ... So fleeting!!
Misaki: You like it. That's good.
Kaoru: What would have possessed Kokoro to embrace this design? It's reminiscent of a marching band.
Misaki: Who knows. Honestly, I prefer something a bit more simple...
Misaki: With a DJ, I would think our band would be better off going with something more fashionable, but no one payed me any-
Kaoru: Youth!! It's all coming back to me. Recollections of my elementary school days with the marching band.
Misaki: ... Mind. And neither is she. Sounds about right.
Kaoru: A summer's day, after school. There we were, gathered together. A group rehearsal...
Misaki: Which part of the band were you, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Me? I played the part of the dancer.
Misaki: Hm? Usually in a elementary school band, everyone plays an instrument, right? Kinda like recorders--
Kaoru: But as it turns out... That's right, it was all because of my radiant beauty...
Misaki: What does that even mean?
Kaoru: My brilliant existence couldn't stand for simply playing a recorder.
Kaoru: The collective gaze of the people, their hopes and dreams... I couldn't disappoint. I broke rank, stood at the center and spread my wings...
Kaoru: The thunderous roar of the crowd... Cheers and cries, perfectly in sync with my dance. The pulse of those little kittens.
Kaoru: In the end, if those teachers didn't force my hand and place my body back in line... It would have been a performance without equal.
Misaki: So, basically, you decided to go wild and ruined the band's show.
Kaoru: The great bard said it too: "[We] to the world [are] like a drop of water in the ocean seeks another drop..."
Kaoru: At any rate, this marching band costume... It signifies the constant march towards a smiling world. Ideal for Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: You only hear what you wanna hear, don't you?
Kaoru: The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together...
Kaoru: Therefore, I, too, walk amongst the threads. Together as Hello, Happy World! Fastening peace and harmony around the world.
Misaki: Yeah, so I was saying, I don't see why we have to be this flashy.
Kaoru: Really? You're unsatisfied with such a marvelous outfit?
Misaki: If you were actually listening, that's like the first thing I said.
Kaoru: So may the outward shows be least themselves. The world is still deceived with ornament.
Misaki: So... In other words, don't get caught up with just the look of the costume?
Kaoru: Those are also the words of the great bard himself...
Misaki: As an idea, marching forward trying to make the world smile is fine and all, but...
Misaki: I really don't get the whole make-believe, dress-up thing.
Kaoru: Aha, now it has come to light! Yes, I see. You yearn to be one with Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: ... Huh?
Kaoru: If only you had said so sooner. Let's make haste, to Kokoro's place.
Misaki: No, hold on. I'm already a member, so...
Kaoru: The members of Hello, Happy World! are Kokoro, yours truly, Hagumi, Kanon, and Michelle.
Kaoru: You'd make the fifth human member, my little kitten.
Misaki: No. Well, I mean... I don't know if that's just wrong, or... The person inside Michelle-- Ah!
Misaki: (That's right. I'm not the one wearing this costume. Technically, Michelle is the one wearing it.)
Misaki: Phew. In that case, I really don't care what we wear.

Onstage (Seta Kaoru) Card Story - Special Episode

True Method Acting


Kaoru: Why, hello there... Indeed, we have a performance today. We are up next, in fact.
Kaoru: No matter how much I experience them, it is impossible to get used to the nerves one feels before going on stage.
Kaoru: However... When I wear this costume, I can be reborn.
Kaoru: Upon doing so, I can cast aside the nerves that surrounded me like a veil.
Kaoru: By the way, when I don this uniform, do you know what I am reborn as?
Kaoru: You have no idea? ...Very well, I shall tell you just this once.
Kaoru: When I put this uniform on, I become reborn as Kaoru Seta of Hello, Happy World!
Kaoru: Shakespeare said it himself, did he not? "Oh, how this spring of love resembleth the uncertain glory of an April day."
Kaoru: ...
Kaoru: ... Hm? You don't understand?
Kaoru: Do not fear, it happens to the best of us.
Kaoru: In any case, it is the same when I take the stage during a play as well, but when I don my costume, I become the character that I am to play.
Kaoru: That's right... My costume is a light that guides me to my role.
Kaoru: To the other side of Kaoru Seta...
Kaoru: ... Ah, my phone is vibrating. Who could this be...?
Kaoru: Ahh, it's Kokoro. She says it's almost our turn, and that I need to return.
Kaoru: And there you have it. I must excuse myself.
Kaoru: If it is possible... I would like you to mark this day in your memory.
Kaoru: Mark it well, if you would. My rebirth as Kaoru Seta of Hello, Happy World!