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Onstage (Toyama Kasumi) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Kasumi: Tada~!
Kasumi: Version 2 of Random Star's carrying case, all done~ ♪
Arisa: Wow, looks good.
Saaya: Yeah, could be even better than the one you made last time.
Kasumi: I know! Isn't it cool?!
Arisa: It's not that cool, especially if you say so yourself!
Kasumi: What?! It's definitely cool!
Saaya: Hehe, well I think you can really tell how you feel about your guitar when you look at that case.
Kasumi: Saya! See, she gets it!
Kasumi: This guitar case is made of the love I feel for Random Star!
Arisa: You thought of that just now, didn't you?
Kasumi: I did not! And you know what? I thought of something while I was making this case.
Saaya: What's that?
Kasumi: I thought, just maybe, sewing is-
Arisa: You're not about to say "sewing is my strong suit♪" are you?
Kasumi: Arisa! When did you become a psychic?!
Arisa: Don't be stupid. I can read you like a book.
Saaya: Haha, classic Arisa.
Kasumi: I want to make so many more things~.
Arisa: You're not some sewing genius, y'know!
Kasumi: Oh! I just thought of something great!
Arisa: Keep it to yourself!
Kasumi: Aww, c'mon!
Arisa: No! I'm sure it's nonsense.
Saaya: I'm interested. What is this "something great?"
Kasumi: Hehehe~. You really want to know?
Saaya: Sure, let's hear it.
Kasumi: Okay! Then I'd like to make an important announcement!
Saaya: Important, huh?
Arisa: This is gonna be so dumb...
Kasumi: Okay! Arisa, this way please!
Arisa: Gah! Don't touch my head!
Saaya: Well? What is this announcement then?
Kasumi: Alright! I was thinking we should make our band costumes ourselves!
Saaya: What do you mean make them ourselves?
Arisa: See?! Nonsense!
Kasumi: Aww~. C'mon Arisa, let's make our costumes together~ ♪
Arisa: Aren't we fine the way we are?
Kasumi: The way we are now is cute too, but wouldn't we look cuter in matching costumes?
Saaya: Hm, it could be interesting to see Arisa wearing something cute.
Arisa: Not gonna happen! Besides, you make it sound simple, but making a case and making clothes are two completely different things.
Kasumi: Are you sure? Just bam, bam! And it's done, right?
Saaya: Bam, bam probably won't get the job done, but what if we remodeled clothes that are already made?
Kasumi: Yeah! I'd love to make our own costumes. We can make them all cute and everything.
Arisa: I doubt it will be as easy as you make it sound.
Kasumi: Don't worry! It'll be totally awesome!
Saaya: Yeah, we won't know until we try, right?
Kasumi: Exactly! I'm so excited! It's Poppin'Party costume time!
Arisa: So, who's going to design the costumes?
Kasumi: Hmm...
Kasumi: Let's all do it together ♪

Onstage (Toyama Kasumi) Card Story - Special Episode

Love At First Sight!


Kasumi: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Kasumi: You always watch us play when we're practicing at the studio, right?
Kasumi: Do you think I'm getting better at the guitar? I hope I am, even if it's just a little!
Kasumi: This guitar called a Random Star ♪ Don't you think it's cute how it's all red and star shaped?
Kasumi: Oh! Can I tell you about how I got my Random Star?
Kasumi: The first time I saw it was at Arisa's house. It was sparkling in the corner, and oh my God it was just so cute!
Kasumi: It was totally love at first sight!
Kasumi: When I tried it the first time, it wasn't plugged in to an amp, so–
Kasumi: It didn't sound the way it was supposed to, but even then...
Kasumi: When I played it, I heard this tiny little twang sound!
Kasumi: That sound was so exciting! I played it so many times!
Kasumi: But O-Tae said that people who own Random Stars are weirdos...
Kasumi: She says they all do weird things...
Kasumi: I wonder if she's right.
Kasumi: It's an amazing guitar that would make anyone's heart pound if you ask me.
Kasumi: Don't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Kasumi: Right? I knew you'd understand! Ehehe~ ♪ Thank you!
Kasumi: I'm gonna keep on sparkling with this guitar!
Kasumi: Promise you'll watch me!