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Onstage (Tsurumaki Kokoro) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Kokoro: Hmm~? Kanon, which do you like?
Kanon: Fuee~. T-there are so many choices for band outfits!
Kokoro: Tomorrow's show will be a test for us! With these great costumes, we'll definitely make everyone smile.
The Suits: Kokoro-sama. The clothes here match the size of your band members, so they can be worn immediately.
Kokoro: Really?! So convenient!
Kanon: Y-you mean all of the clothes here are custom-made...? Wow...
Kokoro: Kanon, are you okay? Something on the ceiling?
Kanon: N-no. I just can't get used to this size... You have such a global family... I mean, I guess some people know Hello, Happy World! too...
Kokoro: We're sending smiles around the world! If we don't become global, that's bad!
Kanon: Oh. This one has some sort of tiny shoes attached. Cute idol clothes, band-like T-shirts with tears and safety pins...
Kanon: A dress made for a princess, a mini-skirt that's just a bit sexy. Hmm... There's just too many to choo-
Kokoro: I like this one!
Kanon: T-that was quick.
Kokoro: With this red uniform and this hat, I think it's great.
Kanon: Looks like a school band... or a marching band costume, right?
Kokoro: That! That's what I was thinking. We can all march forward and make people around the world smile.
Kokoro: No outfit is better for Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: Hehe. That's true... With these, you can take the conductor's baton and lead the way. It would look just like a marching band.
Kanon: You're also the lead singer, so conductor seems fitting.
Kokoro: Am I the conductor?
Kanon: Huh? You don't think so?
Kokoro: I don't think you're wrong but you're also not right.
Kanon: Uhm...
Kokoro: So, actually. I've seen a lot of marching bands during my time in Europe and America.
Kokoro: I don't really get it, but when our jet lands and we walk out into town, a bunch of people wave flags and a marching band plays for us.
Kanon: Right... Wait. Your j-jet?
Kanon: (J-Just what kind of family is this?)
The Suits: If you're interested, you can take a look. It's a private company jet.
Kanon: Huh?! No, no! I'm okay.
Kokoro: Maybe we should use it for our entrance at the show.
The Suits: Please allow us to make preparations so you are able to disembark within the city.
Kanon: T-that might be a little too much for just a high school band...
Kokoro: Really? Well anyway, the marching bands at those ceremonies were humongous. Enough to fill an entire rugby field.
Kanon: W-wow.
Kokoro: Yeah. They were so big that every player could see a drum major from where they were standing.
Kanon: Drum major?
Kokoro: Apparently that's what they call the conductors.
Kokoro: Which means that there's more than just one.
Kokoro: And in order to make the people around the world smile, just one conductor won't cut it!
Kanon: ...! Ah!
Kokoro: In Hello, Happy World!, we're all conductors!
Kokoro: Then the people that we make smile become conductors and do the same... This way, smiles continue to spread around the globe.
Kokoro: Anyone can wave the baton whenever they like. So Kanon, if you want to make someone smile, then I'll pass it on to you.
Kanon: I see... If we do that... Whenever someone signals for the baton, we'll pass it on and reach more and more people.
Kanon: Increasing the conductors around the world...
Kokoro: What do you think? Doesn't that seem like so much fun~?
Kanon: Mhm. I think we should go with this costume, too.

Onstage (Tsurumaki Kokoro) Card Story - Special Episode

Enthusiastic Boom!


Kokoro: Mmm~!! That was fun~!
Kokoro: Ah, hello! Did you watch us perform today?
Kokoro: Thanks! It always makes me happy to hear what you thought of our performances!
Kokoro: You could feel all the energy I had, right? Every time I put this uniform on, I just get filled with energy!
Kokoro: Especially the hat! When I put it on, I get like a zap of energy!
Kokoro: I always put the uniform on first, and then put on my hat. When I do, it just fills me with power!
Kokoro: You like my uniform too? Yay~!
Kokoro: That's right! My uniform makes you feel happy just looking at it, isn't it?
Kokoro: But it makes me happier when I wear it!
Kokoro: Oh I know. Why don't we think of a special uniform just for you?
Kokoro: I'd be happy if you wore it whenever we perform here!
Kokoro: ... You don't think you can do that? Oh... that's too bad.
Kokoro: I see, you'd rather look at it than wear it! That's a little embarrassing!
Kokoro: But that just makes me love my favorite uniform even more!
Kokoro: Thank you for liking it!
Kokoro: I'll keep working hard so that you like it even more!
Kokoro: I'll wear this uniform, stand on the stage, and make everyone in the world smile!
Kokoro: If I do that, everyone will love my uniform!
Kokoro: Okay~! We're going to make everyone in the world smile...
Kokoro: So I'll keep doing my best in this uniform and at our performances!!