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Onstage (Udagawa Ako) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Ako: Tada~! Outfits are complete~~!! And they're so, so cool! Like true knights of darkness, true bringers of dark destruction...!!
Ako: Hey, Sayo-sa—
Sayo: These are the outfits that Shirokane-san made, then.
Ako: (I always knew she was like this, but... she really doesn't show a hint of emotion!)
Sayo: She's added sub-themes to reflect each of our individual personalities, adjusting the design accordingly. I'd say she has some artistic talent.
Ako: (I-is she complimenting Rin-rin...? It's hard to tell with that permanent poker face of hers...)
Ako: (I wonder when the others are going to arrive... I feel like with just the two of us here, she's gonna read my—)
Sayo: Is something the matter? You're usually a lot more excitable than this. Did my thoughts just now upset you?
Ako: Wh-what?! N-no, not at all.
Sayo: What is it, then? It's important for the band that we all understand each other, you know. If you have something to say, it's better to say it.
Ako: I-I just... I was worried I said something weird, and...
Sayo: ...?
Ako: And, y'know... made you angry, or something...
Sayo: ... I'm actually very pleased right now. I had thought that was obvious.
Ako: I-I mean, I thought you might be, but... But... you're really hard to read, sometimes! ... Ack!
Sayo: ... What do you mean?
Ako: I-I don't mean anything, I just... I thought, if you really were happy, you'd probably smile...
Sayo: Well, I am happy. And I'm looking forward to performing in these outfits. I really am grateful for Shirokane-san's work.
Sayo: Whether I look happy or not is up to everyone else to decide. Do I have to force a smile just so they can understand me?
Ako: N-no, that's not what I...!
Sayo: ...
Ako: ...
Ako: (Uuu... I'm really not good at talking to Sayo-san...)
Ako: I-I just thought, everyone wearing the same outfits like this... It's sort of like we're all, you know... real bandmates...
Ako: (I know Yukina-san and Sayo-san are always saying Roselia has no room for friendship and feelings... but still...)
Sayo: ... Udagawa-san. I get the feeling you're not really one for study.
Ako: Wh-what?! What does that have to do with...?
Sayo: You followed in the footsteps of your sister to become a drummer and join a band... but do you really know the meaning of the word?
Sayo: I mean, you are the second best drummer in the world, aren't you?
Ako: Ack...! I... I don't know the meaning, no...
Sayo: See what I mean? The word "band" comes from the very idea of banding together. Being a group.
Ako: Banding together... and being a group... You mean...?
Sayo: I don't like the word "bandmate." You can become "bandmates" accidentally, or against your will, or for any reason.
Sayo: And there's no point to any of this if we just hang out and enjoy playing music together. You understand that, don't you?
Ako: I-I do...
Sayo: We are aiming higher than that. We are always bettering one another, always warning one another, always working together as a team.
Sayo: That also means recognizing each other's talents... believing in each other, as people who have placed our hope and trust in each other.
Sayo: Would you call someone with that important of a job just a "bandmate"?
Ako: Sa... yo-san...
Sayo: Whatever happens, Minato-san and I recognize you as Roselia's drummer.
Sayo: ... Whether or not you are second best in the world is yet to be seen.
Sayo: So it upsets me when you suggest that there is no sort of bond between us Roselia members.
Ako: ......!! Understood!! I'm gonna do my absolute most bestest drumming ever! Just you watch!!
Sayo: ... Sigh. Don't forget your studies, too.
Ako: Oh, yeah, that too!!

Onstage (Udagawa Ako) Card Story - Special Episode

Filled With Darkness!


Ako: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san, hello! This is the first time we've bumped into each other before a gig, huh?
Ako: I was getting kinda thirsty, so I came out to grab something to drink~. Heh heh, the dark onyx elixir that quenches my thirst... Umm, I mean, cola!
Ako: Cause I always get so pumped during rehearsals, you know?
Ako: Our rehearsal was awesome today?
Ako: Really?! Thanks! I'm so happy!
Ako: I think I'm gonna be able to play super well today!
Ako: Hm? Ohh~, this?
Ako: This is the stage outfit I'm wearing today~.
Ako: Ehehe, you think it suits me? Thanks!
Ako: I really like this outfit~!
Ako: The ribbon bow on my waist is really cool, don't you think?
Ako: Whenever I put this outfit on, it's like...
Ako: My dark power grows...
Ako: And... I, uh...!
Ako: A-anyway, it just goes kaboom! And then my dark power...
Ako: ... Hm? That's amazing?
Ako: Ehehe, right? Right~?
Ako: Okay, I'm totally ready to say something cool like this during our gig today~. Heh heh heh~!
Ako: ... Ah, it's almost time for me to go in! I gotta run!
Ako: BanG Dreamer-san, make sure you don't miss the moment when I release my dark power!
Ako: Okay, see you later~!