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Onstage (Uehara Himari) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Himari: ... Hmm, that's probably good, right? Rehearsals before a show really do get you into a groove~!
Tsugumi: Yeah...
Himari: Tsugu? Are you okay? You look like you're thinking pretty hard. Let's take a break soon. Everyone already went to buy something to drink.
Tsugumi: I can't stop thinking about the last mistake I made... I'm gonna practice a little more, so you can go on ahead.
Himari: If you're gonna practice, I'll join! Two is always better than one.
Tsugumi: Are you sure? Thank you! Uhm, it's this phrase...
Himari: Ahh, yeah. This part is a bit tough. Alright, why don't we start from two phrases before? Ready?!

Tsugumi: ... I did it. I don't know how, but I did it, Himari-chan!
Himari: You got it, Tsugu! Congrats!!
Tsugumi: Hehehe. The timing was easy to follow because you were playing along with me. Thanks!
Himari: Heh heh heh, you're welcome! Alrighty, let's take that break now...
Himari: ...
Tsugumi: Himari-chan? Are you alright? Is there something in the seating area?
Himari: I was thinking, live House is pretty big, isn't it? I've never noticed because there are always such large crowds. It must feel great to sing here~.
Tsugumi: Okay, why don't you try it out now, then? We're the only ones here.
Himari: Me? Singing?! No no no no no, that's so embarrassing! Besides, I'm the bass player. I'm not supposed to be singing. That'd be so weird!
Tsugumi: No it's not. Look, as a thanks for helping me practice, I'll join in on your performance. Come on!
Himari: A-are you sure it's not weird? Okay, I guess for a bit...
Himari: (... So this is where the singer stands. Leading the band and right in front of the crowd. I wonder how Ran feels when she stands here.)
Tsugumi: ... Himari-chan, is something wrong?
Himari: Ahaha... I'm kinda nervous. Even though this isn't the real thing... I am wearing my stage outfit, though. Maybe it's a bit too much...
Himari: But it's also the outfit we all chose together... When I think about that, I feel like I can gather the strength I need... Yeah! I'm ready!
Tsugumi: Himari-chan, you can do it!
Himari: Thanks! Alright, here I go...
Himari: Hello~! We're Afterglow! Looks like everyone's having fun~!
Himari: Yeah! That last song was so awesome!!
Tsugumi: ... Huh? You're being the MC?! And the audience, too?!
Himari: The MC is important. The songs are too, but someone has to get the crowd excited! And their reaction makes performing all worth it!
Tsugumi: I-I guess now that you mention it, yeah...! Go, Himari-chan!
Himari: Okay, back into character... This next song is the last, so let's give it our all! C'mon everyone! We'll keep rockin' to the very last beat!
Himari: Alright, before we start the last song, you know what we gotta do! Ready...?! Hey, hey, hoh~!
Ran: ... Himari?
Himari: Everyone listen up. For the last song, we ha... Ahh!! R-Ran?! How long have you been standing there?!
Ran: I just got here... What are you doing?
Himari: Uhh, well, uhm, I was...! It's not like I was joking around or anything. There's a really good reason for this! Right, Tsugu?!
Tsugumi: Y-yeah!
Ran: Uhh... Okay, sorry.
Himari: W-wait! Ran! Where are you going?!
Ran: Don't worry about me. Keep doing what you're doing.
Himari: R-Ran?! Don't give me that look and just walk away! Please don't leave! I can explain~!!

Onstage (Uehara Himari) Card Story - Special Episode

Rock & Roll Soul


Himari: Oh, thanks for your help today!
Himari: *sigh* I was so nervous that I was gonna make a mistake during our show today~!
Himari: The bass might seem kinda plain compared to the guitar, but playing the rhythm is an important job in the band. There's so much pressure~.
Himari: Well, we're a band, so I guess we all have the same pressure.
Himari: You think I'm suited to a support position in the band? Really?! Ehehe, that makes me so happy.
Himari: I'm always thinking of what I can do to help everyone get along and smile, but it usually doesn't work out how I want it to...
Himari: But when I'm playing the bass for the band, it just happens so easily! I can totally feel that I'm supporting everyone~! Fufu.
Himari: That's why it makes me feel really happy when you say it suits me!
Himari: What about the other members?
Himari: Hmm, well... I think I talked about this the other day, but we're all really good friends! I love everyone so much!
Himari: I feel like I can get through anything when we're together.
Himari: Oh, we thought up our stage outfits together too~!
Himari: We actually talked about having matching outfits, but Moca said we should just wear whatever we want, and Ran wasn't really into the idea...
Himari: I think she's embarrassed just by the idea of matching things, fufu.
Himari: ... And that's how I ended up wearing this! I tried to make it show the rock side of me!
Himari: Ehehe, what do you think? Does it look good on me? Yay, thank you~!
Himari: ... Uh-oh! Everyone is waiting outside for me! I'd better run!
Himari: I'll tell you more next time! They're my favorite people in the world, so I can talk about them as much as you like~!
Himari: Ehehe. Okay, see you next time!