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Onstage (Ushigome Rimi) Card Story - Episode

About My Costume


Rimi: Saya-chan, how does this look?
Rimi: It's a really cute outfit, but I don't know if it's my style...
Saaya: It looks good on you! You are so cute!
Saaya: Pink was definitely the right color. It matches you perfectly!
Rimi: R-really? Hehe... Thank you, Saya-chan.
Saaya: ...Huh? Hey, did you lose weight?
Rimi: I was on a diet for a little bit.
Rimi: I wanted to make sure I could fit into the outfit we worked so hard on.
Rimi: Even the chocolate cornets—
Saaya: You stopped eating chocolate cornets?!
Rimi: Ah, no no, nothing like that...
Rimi: I usually would eat one full chocolate cornet, but during my diet I shared half with my sister.
Saaya: Ohh, I see. Well, holding back too much can be bad for you too, right?
Rimi: She did make fun of me for it though...
Rimi: Eating something with this many calories during a diet, you must think chocolate cornet is life.
Saaya: Haha, chocolate cornet is life...
Saaya: Now that's a phrase that won't catch on, haha!
Rimi: Hehe, yeah. Probably not, haha.
Saaya: Maybe you should use it for your introduction at today's performance.
Rimi: No~, that's too embarrassing.
Saaya: Haha, I guess not.
Rimi: ... Uhm, you know, I'm really happy having this costume on.
Rimi: I've been watching my sister's band for a long time, and that made me want to be in a group wearing matching outfits.
Saaya: I see. I've also wanted that same thing.
Saaya: In my last band, CHisPA, I was never able to do a performance where we were all matching.
Saaya: So I'm really excited to be able to wear the matching outfits for the first with our band.
Rimi: Hehe. Looks like we were thinking the same thing.
Saaya: Hehe.
Rimi: ... Do you think this means we're one step closer to being like Glitter*Green?
Saaya: Little by little, but I would say so.
Saaya: Especially with all the practice we've been doing!
Rimi: Yeah... Yeah, mhm.
Rimi: Thank you, Saya-chan.
Rimi: I'll work hard and learn to play just like my sister!
Saaya: I'll be doing the same!
Saaya: And today, I'll be playing drums for CHisPA as well!
Saaya: Let's give it our best shot, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: I hope it's sparkling and heart-pounding performance!
Saaya: Haha, you sound like Kasumi!
Rimi: Maybe she's contagious!
Rimi: Haha, I guess sometimes her energy and positivity can spread... Ah! Oh, yeah!
Rimi: Saya-chan, can we take a picture together?
Rimi: I want to show my sister.
Saaya: Of course!
Rimi: Okay... There we go. I got it. Thank you.
Saaya: Remember to get one with all of us afterwards.
Saaya: ... It's almost time for our performance.
Saaya: Rimi-rin, let's go out there and enjoy ourselves.
Rimi: Yeah! Especially with all these matching outfits! It'll be a fun show!
Rimi: I'll do my best!

Onstage (Ushigome Rimi) Card Story - Special Episode

Watching Rehearsals


Rimi: Hmmm... Maybe if I play it like this?
Rimi: Ah, I did it...! Okay, I'll try it one more time from the top—
Rimi: Huh? Is someone clapping...?
Rimi: Eek! Were you watching me?! Sorry, I'll pack up immediately...
Rimi: You're wondering why I'm here by myself?
Rimi: I had trouble today with the phrase I was just practicing... I know why though...
Rimi: It's because I still need more practice. You think so too, right BanG Dreamer-san?
Rimi: ... Huh? Really? You think it'd sound good live?
Rimi: Ahh~, s-stop being so kind...!
Rimi: ... I feel so embarrassed... but, thank you.
Rimi: I'll practice more and more, and get better at the bass...
Rimi: I hope that someday I can play as cool as my sister does...
Rimi: That's kind of my goal.
Rimi: ... Umm, do you mind if I stay and practice a little longer? If I'm in the way just tell me and I'll move...!
Rimi: Oh! Um, I'm not sure I want you to watch...
Rimi: I... I still feel a bit nervous, so...
Rimi: ... Sorry I'm being so selfish.
Rimi: ... Thank you!
Rimi: I'll keep practicing really hard, so that we can play a big concert one day!
Rimi: You can watch me play then!