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Origami Fun Card Story - Episode

Like Her Instrument


Eve's Residence
Kasumi: Ta-da~! Look, guys! I did it! I made a crane!
Rimi: Ooh, you did? Let me see, Kasumi-chan~
Tae: ... Huh? Is that what a crane is supposed to look like?
Kasumi: Huh? Y-Yeah, this is totally what they look like, O-Tae~! See? It has wings and they flap~! It's a crane, right?
Saaya: Hmm, it looks like it has three heads though...
Arisa: As if a crane has three heads. Did you even follow my instructions?
Kasumi: Aww, but cranes are so hard to make. I kept re-doing it and it ended up turning into this.
Arisa: ... I knew this was gonna happen. Pay attention this time!
Saaya: For the crane you just have to hold this part, fold it like this and... see?
Kasumi: Wow! That was amazing, Saaya! You folded it in a flash! That was almost like magic~!
Saaya: Ahaha, that's going a bit far. I practiced making them so I could show my sister how to do it, and now I'm just used to it.
Arisa: Like, even I can make a crane, you know?
Kasumi: Wow! You're really good at this too, Arisa! Why? Did you learn it or something?
Arisa: E-Enough already! I didn't really learn it, my grandma just showed how to do it once ages ago. Cranes are easy, anyone can do it if they learn how.
Kasumi: O-Oh...! Aww yeah, I'm gonna learn how to make them too then!
Kasumi: It's Eve-chan's special party! We have to welcome her friend with the best origami ever!
Saaya: Yeah, she's coming all the way here from Finland, after all.
Rimi: I hope she likes the origami we make.
Arisa: Y-Yeah, I uh, guess...
Kasumi: Okay, my next one is totally gonna be a proper crane...

Kasumi: Hrm, what? I'm lost... Arisa~, what do I do next~?
Arisa: How are you already stuck?! Could you not forget what to do the moment you proclaim how well you're gonna do it?!
Kasumi: One more time! Just show me one more time, Arisa~!
Arisa: Ugh, you're such a pain in the butt...
Kasumi: A~ri~sa~! Please~!
Arisa: Argh, fine! But just this once, you know? So pay attention this time!
Saaya: Fufu, you’re good at this kind of thing, Arisa.
Arisa: Gah! A-As if I am! Kasumi was begging me, what else was I supposed to...?
Saaya: Okay, okay, I get it.
Rimi: Saaya-chan, could you show me how you made your crane? I'm not confident I can do it right...
Saaya: Sure, let me show you. Oh, are you good over there, O-Tae?
Tae: Yeah, no problem. I'm about to make something cute.
Saaya: ... Uhh, O-Tae? I don't think that's a crane.
Rimi: That's so cute, O-Tae-chan~! It's kind of chubby. I want to make that too~.
Arisa: Hold on, Rimi. That's a different kind of bird.
Rimi: Huh? It's not a crane?
Tae: What are you talking about? It's a crane.
Arisa: No way, it looks nothing like one. If anything, it's a puffy sparrow, which is definitely not a crane.
Tae: But this is cuter, so it's fine, right?
Arisa: How is that supposed to be fine?!
Saaya: Ahaha, O-Tae always just does her own thing, huh?
Saaya: Well... We can use the puffy whatever-it-was as well, right? They look similar, and Eve's friend will probably be happy to see a variety of origami.
Arisa: Y-You sure about that~? I mean, I don't mind, but...
Kasumi: ... I did it! I guarantee it's a crane this time!
Arisa: Ooh, I was just thinking that you're kinda quiet... You're finished?
Kasumi: Yeah! It's perfect! Take a look~!
Tae: ... Oh, it's actually a bird.
Saaya: Yeah, it's a bit wonky, but it's still a crane.
Rimi: Yay~! You did it, Kasumi-chan!
Arisa: W-Well, it's only natural considering I showed her what to do.
Kasumi: Thanks guys~! ... Hey, you know what this kinda feels like?
Rimi: What...?
Kasumi: When we first started our instruments! In the beginning I couldn't play at all, but after practicing and practicing I slowly learned how to do it!
Tae: That's a really good feeling, isn't it? I was really happy when my fingers started to do what they were supposed to and I could play songs.
Rimi: I know what you mean. There's a moment when you suddenly get the hang of it, isn't there?
Kasumi: Which means that since we learned how to play our instruments, if we practice origami in the same way, we might get really good at it! We could be origami masters one day, guys...!
Tae: Sure, become origami masters together.
Arisa: What the hell are you guys trying to achieve?! Like, we're not even masters of our musical instruments yet!
Saaya: Ahaha, I guess we'll have to work on both our instruments and our origami.
Kasumi: Okay, I'm so gonna make lots of pretty cranes~!

Origami Fun Card Story - Special Episode

A Wonderful Relationship


School Path
Kasumi: Mmm-hm-hm-hmm~!
Kasumi: Huh? Oh, BanG Dreamer-san!
Kasumi: Hi, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you working today?
Kasumi: Oh~, you have the day off! In that case, let's walk together for a bit!
Kasumi: I'm by myself today.
Kasumi: Arisa and O-Tae dumped me...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin said she has her committee stuff and Saaya went straight home.
Kasumi: I was just thinking about how bored I was, so I'm glad I ran into you!
Kasumi: Oh! That reminds me, we had a party at Eve-chan's place the other day!
Kasumi: ... Huh? It was a home party, of course ♪
Kasumi: Eve-chan's place was really spacious and she had lots of cute furniture!
Kasumi: Her desk and her chairs, everything just felt so like, European~!
Kasumi: Eve-chan's friend came to the party too.
Kasumi: All the way from Finland!
Kasumi: That's right, Finland! I'm surprised she came from such a faraway place~!
Kasumi: Ginger cookies are famous there!
Kasumi: Also, apparently Santa is from Finland too!
Kasumi: Isn't that amazing?! I wonder if the sky is full of Santas at Christmas time...
Kasumi: Maybe they just fly around throwing the presents from the sky...
Kasumi: Or do they really go around and sneak down people's chimneys?
Kasumi: Oh... We were talking about Eve-chan's friend, weren't we?
Kasumi: She was totally fluent in Japanese!
Kasumi: She could use chopsticks really well too! I was so surprised!
Kasumi: But she said trains here were difficult!
Kasumi: I mean, even I get lost on them sometimes, so it must be even harder for someone from another country~.
Kasumi: Oh yeah, so we decided to give her a Japanese style welcoming since she came all this way to Japan.
Kasumi: Eve-chan wore a Shinsengumi costume.
Kasumi: It was so bushido!
Kasumi: She put lots and lots of effort into preparing stuff for the day.
Kasumi: She chose the food, the decorations, everything!
Kasumi: We made origami cranes too!
Kasumi: Eve-chan was so cute and sparkling when she was preparing these things for her friend.
Kasumi: ... In the beginning, Eve-chan had actually told a teeny-tiny lie to her friend.
Kasumi: It wasn't anything big!
Kasumi: But her friend realized and it was like she understood everything.
Kasumi: I think that friendship is so nice~.
Kasumi: It made me want to have the same kinda friendship with the rest of Poppin'Party and the other girls!
Kasumi: Chisato-senpai and Himari-chan came to the party too.
Kasumi: It was really refreshing and fun to talk to people outside of our band!
Kasumi: I wanna do something with everyone again!
Kasumi: And I wanna become better friends with everyone!
Kasumi: Oh, I wanna do lots of things with Poppin'Party as well though!
Kasumi: I'll work super hard so I can be sparkling and heart-pounding! Keep supporting us, BanG Dreamer-san!