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Oshiruko Party♪ Card Story - Episode

How to Enjoy Jogging


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Himari: Hmmm, I wonder which would be best~. This one is cool, but I've also taken a liking to that one...
Tomoe: My bad, Himari. Been here long?
Moca: Sorry for the wait, Hii-chan~. Were you lonely all by yourself~?
Himari: Ah, there you are! You guys were taking forever~. What were you doing for the past hour~?
Himari: I knew that Ran and Tsugu couldn't come because of other plans, but I was surprised when you texted that you'd both be running late~.
Tomoe: The thing is, my club supervisor asked to see me out of nowhere. And I couldn't just refuse, you know?
Moca: I had a sudden bun craving, so I went to Yamabuki Bakery to get my fill~.
Moca: Look, fresh out of the oven. Want a bite, Hii-chan~?
Himari: I can understand Tomoe's excuse, but yours is ridiculous, Moca~!
Moca: Come now, it's really good~. Here, have this melon bun~.
Himari: Jeez, you can't just bribe me with something like that~... Ah, it's still really warm! You're right, it does look tasty~!
Moca: Fufu~. Hii-chan, you're way too easy to read~.
Tomoe: Hahaha... By the way, Himari, what were you looking at earlier? Seemed pretty intense.
Himari: I was checking out a sporting-goods magazine. See, I've been thinking of getting some running shoes!
Moca: Running shoes? What, again~?
Himari: Because I've decided to take up jogging again, of course~.
Moca & Tomoe: J-jogging..?!
Himari: Huh?! Wh-what's the matter? Why are you so surprised?
Tomoe: I mean... you know?
Moca: Right~? Hii-chan, you and jogging are... fufu, not cut out for each other.
Moca: You went on before about how you'll "start jogging", but you only lasted about three days~.
Himari: Hrm, Ran said the exact same thing... Come on, I went on for longer than that~.
Himari: Anyway, I really mean it this time! O-Tae taught me some tips on how to make it more fun!
Tomoe: O-Tae did...? Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that before. The whole thing about making a jogging course, right?
Himari: Exactly! By keeping an eye out for exciting things on your run, it can make exercising more fun!
Moca: Exciting things~?
Himari: For example, the flowers growing by the river, or that cute doggy who looked at us from the window!
Himari: You know, trying to find what we usually don't notice in our everyday lives.
Tomoe: Yeah, I think I get it now~. Casually coming across new things like that could help you feel like you've learned something new.
Himari: Right, that's exactly what I mean!
Moca: Coming across new things, huh~? Oh, speaking of which, our usual ramen spot changed the picture of their sign~.
Himari: For real?! Wow, now this I've got to see! I'll go by there on my next run♪
Moca: And we can't forget my discovery down by the riverbed! A piece of driftwood that looked exactly like a slice of bread~.
Moca: Now that right there is my idea of exciting~. Hii-chan, go forth and seek out the driftwood bread~.
Himari: Hmmm, I don't know if I can find it, but I'll give it a try.
Tomoe: I'll let you know if I come across anything worth seeing. Good luck with keeping up the jogging routine, Himari.
Himari: Don't worry, I've got this! But first, I need to pick out a good pair of shoes~.
Moca: I see~.
Himari: I asked O-Tae about it, and she said that my feet will hurt if I don't find some that fit me perfectly.
Tomoe: Makes sense, seeing as how a bad pair can really mess up your feet for dancing too.
Tomoe: Ah, but if that's the case, then wouldn't it be best to skip the magazine and try on some shoes in person? You won't know just from looking at them.
Himari: You're right! We should all stop by the shopping mall then!
Tomoe: Sweet, sounds good to me~. I had a few things I wanted to check out anyway.
Moca: I've been meaning to look for some new bread-styled stationery, myself~.
Himari: Let's go, then! Fufu, I can't wait to see what kind of shoes they have~♪
Tomoe: We should see if O-Tae can come along too. It'd be nice to have someone who knows a thing or two on board.
Himari: Ah, great idea! I'll go ahead and send her a message!
Himari: Let's see... "Hey~! I'm thinking about buying some running shoes. Are you free~?" Looks good~! And sent♪
Himari: Whoa, she already replied! Ah... She said she'll come! So what, should we try to meet up at the mall about thirty minutes from now?
Moca: Sure, why not~? Okay, let's go~.
Himari: Alright, time to take the first step towards my new jogging lifestyle~!

Oshiruko Party♪ Card Story - Special Episode

Let's Find Fun!


Residential Area

Himari: Hm, hmmm~♪ I think I'll try them on as soon as I get home♪ Then, I can head out and get some jogging in~.
Himari: Ah! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hello, Himari-chan. You're in a really good mood today. What's up?
Himari: Hehehe, so you noticed~?
Himari: Look~! Ta-da~! I bought some new running shoes~!
Marina: Ohhh, that's a nice color~! It really suits you!
Himari: Glad to hear it~♪ I've been itching to get home and try them on~.
Marina: Fufu, I know that feeling~. Once you buy something, you want to hurry and use it straight away!
Marina: Ah, that reminds me, Himari-chan. I heard that you've picked up jogging recently.
Marina: Is that what those shoes are for...?
Himari: Yes! Exactly! O-Tae taught me a fun new way to enjoy jogging the other day, so I decided to give it another try.
Himari: O-Tae really is something else. No matter the activity, she always finds a way to make it really exciting!
Marina: I always did get the feeling that she knew how to make anything into a good time.
Himari: That's her, alright! Thanks to O-Tae, I now have the chance to find all the fun stuff that I've never noticed until now!
Marina: Um... What do you mean?
Himari: For example, there is a rare version of one of the snacks I always buy where the character on the package is winking!
Marina: Oh, so they make special packaging for some of them. I had no idea~. What else have you found?
Himari: Let's see~. Some birds in the school courtyard have been building a nest in one of the trees there. I stare at them for so long that I lose track of the time.
Marina: Um, you really should pay attention when you're in class, okay~?
Himari: I-I know that~. Hahaha...
Himari: A-anyway, those are a few examples of all the fun things I've been finding around town lately!
Himari: I feel like I've caught a little look into how O-Tae sees the world. It really is a lot of fun~!
Marina: That does sound exciting. Maybe I should start paying more attention to my surroundings as well~.
Himari: I definitely recommend it!
Himari: Ah, are you guys alright for time? You are still on the clock and all...
Marina: Oh no~! The owner had asked us to restock some supplies!
Marina: Sorry, Himari-chan. We'd better get going, alright?
Himari: No, I'm sorry for keeping you so long... Good luck with your work today!
Marina: Thanks! See you later! Come along, BanG Dreamer-san!
Himari: Goodbye~! See you again at CiRCLE~!