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Our First Jam Session Card Story - Episode

To the Next Stage



Lisa: Hey~, everyone. Guess what? I just submitted our application for the contest to qualify for Future World Fes!
Rinko: Th-thank you very much, Imai-san...
Lisa: No need to thank me! I was the one who said I would do it. By the way, Sayo, thanks for doing the final check.
Sayo: Just so you know, I gave it a second look not because I don't trust you... I just hear of people getting disqualified because they didn't fill out the forms correctly.
Ako: Ohhh. I'm getting all hyped up now! Feels like we're getting ready to go into a huge boss battle!
Yukina: That's it for chitchat. We need to practice harder than ever starting now with the actual performance in mind.
Lisa: Yeah. Alrighty! Let's get to practicing~! We gotta prepare for the big event!
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Hm? Yukina, what's wrong?
Yukina: ... Nothing. Let's start.

Ako: Wow! Don't you think we really hit the mark this time? It's like... a demon from purgatory, imprisoned in the depths of hell... and then... Bam!
Yukina: ... Right. Lisa, what are your thoughts on it?
Lisa: Well... Sorry, Ako, can you increase the intensity a bit for the part right before the chorus?
Ako: Oh, up the intensity? You got it, Lisa-nee. I'll give it a shot!
Lisa: And, Sayo, can I have you come in with the guitar a little earlier and build up the volume gradually?
Sayo: Wh-why, of course. I don't mind.
Lisa: As for Rinko... Huh? What's wrong, everyone? Why do you all look so shocked...?
Sayo: Excuse me. It's just surprising... You don't usually give out instructions to us like this.
Ako: Ah, now that you mention it, that's true! What a refreshing vibe from you, Lisa-nee!
Lisa: Huh? Really...? I thought I've always given my two cents here and there...
Rinko: I think that... rather than giving us your opinion... you usually mediate between the band members...
Sayo: I have to agree with Shirokane-san. I had the impression you would rather hide your own thoughts than potentially cause conflict.
Yukina: ... You've changed, Lisa. In a good way, of course.
Lisa: You think so too, Yukina?!
Yukina: And perhaps this song is what caused that.
Lisa: Huh? Hmmm... I didn't notice but I guess you could be right.
Lisa: I don't know, it's like I feel responsible and need to get more involved since I wrote the lyrics.
Lisa: We started off with my lyrics and added a melody to it... Then we added everyone's sound... and finally Yukina's voice...
Lisa: Doesn't it feel like the world is expanding before our eyes? I'm enjoying myself so much.
Lisa: I guess... Ahaha. Sorry... Am I making this all about me?
Sayo: You have nothing to apologize for. Didn't you hear what Minato-san said? You've changed, Imai-san. In a good way.
Sayo: Besides, you were the one who wrote the lyrics. You have the clearest idea of how the song should go.
Yukina: Yes. We're relying on you, Lisa. Having said that, if anyone else has any input, please feel free to chime in.
Yukina: With that, let's start again from the top.

Ako: Phew~! Lisa-nee, how did it go this time? I think I did what you asked.
Lisa: Mhm, it was perfect! I knew you could do it, Ako!
Ako: Really?! Yay~! Fufufu. With these hands of mine, I just know I can clear any mission with a bang! Right, Rin-rin?
Rinko: Yeah... Great job... Ako-chan. Uhm... Imai-san...? How did I do...?
Lisa: You were great, too~! Let's keep at it like this all the way to the festival!
Others: Yeah~! Yes.
Sayo: ... Looks like Imai-san has taken yet another step forward... As has Roselia.
Sayo: Imai-san used to do nothing but mediate when it came to opinions, but now she's more forthcoming with sharing her views about the music.
Sayo: Thanks to that, I feel that we can aspire to heights beyond what we have done so far.
Yukina: Yes. Lisa was always talking about how she doesn't have enough technical skill compared to the rest of us.
Yukina: Those words had been holding her back, making her hesitant about expressing her thoughts.
Yukina: But I believe that finishing the song to her lyrics is bringing her the confidence she needs.
Yukina: I'm sure she will dive deeper into our music, Roselia's music, than ever before.
Sayo: If we keep at it like this, we will surely...
Yukina: ... Fufu. Yes. I agree.
Lisa: Hey, now! What's going on? What are you two talking about by yourselves~?
Sayo: Oh, nothing. Just about the future of Roselia.
Yukina: Yes. We were talking about how, thanks to you, Lisa, we're able to forge ahead as a band.
Lisa: Huh? Really?! Ahaha☆ I'm so happy to hear you say that~!
Yukina: Don't let it get to your head, Lisa. We still haven't reached our goal. We have a lot to do to finish the perfect song and deliver the best performance at the contest.
Yukina: Remember what the judges said last time... We're not looking to scrape through the preliminaries, we're striving to win to get into Future World Fes.
Yukina: We can't forget that.
Lisa: You're right. Things are just getting started. We need to practice way more- Whoa, look at the time!
Lisa: Since we're all still revving to go, I'll go extend our studio session!

Our First Jam Session Card Story - Special Episode

My Place in Roselia


CiRCLE - Lobby

Lisa: Hmhmhmm♪ Mmhmhmm~♪
Marina: Hi, Lisa-chan. My, you sure are in a good mood. What's going on? Something good, I assume.
Lisa: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello~.
Lisa: I'm not sure you can call it something good... but I just submitted Roselia's application for the contest to qualify for Future World Fes.
Marina: Right. Roselia's been aiming to make it into that event! That's why you seem so motivated right now.
Lisa: Yup. This year we're definitely going to win the contest and ride that momentum all the way to the festival!
Marina: Absolutely. You're always so full of energy and positivity. I feel that even more so today.
Lisa: Really? You may be right, though. Just until the other day, I was in a haze because something's been bugging me...
Marina: You were?
Lisa: Yeah... I was really struggling with something. I'd been wondering if I've actually been a real member of Roselia all this time.
Lisa: I came into the band as a blank slate, so my skills aren't as good as everyone else's. To make up for that, I tried my hardest to support them in any way I can...
Lisa: But then I started thinking, by doing that, all I'm doing is making excuses for my lack of skills.
Lisa: Roselia is only going to keep moving forward... I need to have a clear understanding of my own existence in the band so we can move together.
Marina: A clear understanding of your existence in the band... That's heavy stuff.
Lisa: Mhm... And that's why I pushed myself to try and write lyrics again.
Lisa: At first, it didn't go well and my lyrics turned out to be on the superficial side. I was on the verge of giving up...
Lisa: But then Sayo got angry at me and I came to my senses. I realized there were people who had faith in me and were patiently waiting for me...
Lisa: I asked Rinko to lend me some books for inspiration and asked Ako for some guidance and once again, I started thinking about how I can put my feelings into the lyrics...
Lisa: I started pondering about what view I wanted to see while being a part of Roselia.
Marina: Did you find what you were looking for?
Lisa: Yup! I found my starting point... The view of being in a band and having fun with Yukina and Yukina's father when we were younger.
Lisa: It was that moment that I fell in love with playing music alongside Yukina. And I was able to recall all of that...
Lisa: If I want to continue being in Roselia, I know there may be difficult and trying times ahead, but all I need to do is keep this precious starting point in my mind.
Lisa: Gee. I never expected that having a clear idea of what's precious to me came with such a huge boost of confidence.
Marina: Fufu. That just proves you've stepped up a level.
Marina: Keep up the good work! Don't forget we're cheering for you!
Lisa: Okay! Thanks, Marina-san!
Lisa: The other band members gave me some raving reviews on the lyrics I wrote! That might've given me some confidence, too.
Lisa: At this rate, I might even want to try composing a song... No, even that's not enough. I wanna do even more for Roselia, whatever I can.
Lisa: From now on, I'm not going to let my excuses hold me back. I'm determined to grow together with Roselia.
Marina: Fufu. Looks like you're ready to get down to business. I'm sure I can expect good results from the contest.
Lisa: Of course! And you can look forward to a new and improved me!