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Our Moment of Luxury Card Story - Episode

Advice from the Others


Talent Agency

Eve: Hmhmhmm ♪ Fufu.
Aya: You're in an awfully good mood, Eve-chan. Did something happen?
Eve: Yes! I'm going on a trip soon! I'm just so excited.
Maya: A trip, huh? Sounds like fun! We've been so busy, so I'm sure it'll be nice to sit back and relax.
Hina: So where are you going, huh? Finland?
Eve: I'm not going that far away... Kaoru-san invited me to a family member's villa though, so in some ways, it will be like I'm spending summer in Finland!
Chisato: Huh...? So you're going with Kaoru?
Eve: Yes! Rimi-san, Saaya-san, and Tomoe-san are also coming!
Hina: What a weird group. Sounds like fun!
Aya: I sure would love to stay in a villa... If I was free, I'd ask if I could join you...
Maya: Yeah, idols like us are always so busy during summer vacation.
Aya: Well, that does mean we're in demand, so we should still be grateful.
Hina: Hey, so where is this villa anyway?
Eve: Evidently, it is near a lake surrounded by nature! Kaoru-san's stories really reminded me of the summers I spent in Finland.
Aya: That's like somewhere straight out of movie or TV show! That sounds amazing! I'd love to spend some time there.
Maya: Still, being out in nature has its share of dangers. You should prepare some bug spray and sunscreen just in case.
Maya: If you don't like spray, I've heard they also sell items you can wear on your body that keep bugs away.
Maya: That way you don't have to worry about that smell, and your skin stays clean too!
Aya: And, you know... I bet you could take some really great selfies too!
Aya: If you're in a really scenic location, you have to make sure it gets included in your selfies!
Aya: If you just put yourself off to the side, and focus on the scenery like this... doesn't that make the space around you feel bigger? A little variety like this can really up your selfie game.
Eve: That's so amazing! I had no idea there were so many different techniques for selfies! You really are an expert, Aya-san!
Hina: There's gonna be a lake close by, right? You should skip rocks too!
Hina: Just flick them over the water and they'll do a little skippity-skip. It's super fun!
Hina: Make sure you find a flat rock though! If you make it fly like a UFO, they can skippity-skip pretty far too!
Eve: I see! That does sound like fun! We'll have to try it out when we get there.
Aya: Make sure you have everything you need packed the night before, and go to sleep early! It'd be a shame if you weren't feeling good during your vacation.
Maya: You could also look up things to do and make plans ahead of time. That's fun in its own way.
Hina: I bet the night sky will be full of stars too. Wanna borrow my telescope?
Eve: Fufu...
Aya: Ah, sorry... This is your trip, Eve-chan. We're just getting carried away.
Eve: You don't have to apologize. I'm very happy! You were all very helpful when we went to the beach before.
Eve: So I'm very grateful to receive advice from you all for this trip as well... Thank you for your support!
Maya: We could say the same about you. There have been plenty of times where you've helped us.
Hina: For sure. Hey, what about you, Chisato-chan? Any advice~?
Chisato: Me? Well... Perhaps I could give you some advice when it comes to spending time with Kaoru.
Eve: Thank you very much! I would love to take this chance to get to know Kaoru-san!
Chisato: That's a bit different than what I had in mind...
Eve: That's okay! I'll take any advice you can give me!
Chisato: Alright... Then I'll start with the way Kaoru speaks. Sometimes her words seem like something out of a play...
Chisato: If you really don't understand what she's saying, just smile and nod... Any other reaction will just prolong the conversation.
Maya: Whoa... I suppose since you've known her for so long, that would be the type of advice you'd give...
Chisato: What else is there...? Kaoru loves helping others, so if you need something, I wouldn't hesitate to ask her.
Chisato: Even if it's something out of her immediate control, she'll still try to do something... She's always more than happy to help.
Eve: She sounds so reliable! I'll be sure to ask her for assistance when I need it!
Chisato: If she does seem hesitant or unsure, I would quietly take a step back and leave her be.
Chisato: A lot can happen if you let yourself get swept up in her actions...
Maya: Fufu, it sounds like you and Kaoru-san are very close.
Chisato: We've just known each other for a very long time, that's all... Anyway, I believe that's all the advice I have.
Chisato: Other than that, I would just make sure to actually relax on your vacation. It would be a shame if you came back more tired than you were before.
Eve: Thank you very much! I'll be sure to have lots of fun so I can tell you all about it when I get back!
Aya: I can't wait to see your photos!
Maya: If you find a really cool place, be sure to tell me about it!
Hina: And don't forget the souvenirs~.
Eve: Of course! I'll be sure to make lots of summer memories to tell you about when I get back!

Our Moment of Luxury Card Story - Special Episode

Unforgettable Scenery



Eve: BanG Dreamer-san! Hello! Are you on your way home from work?
Eve: Me too! I had two jobs today!
Eve: I have a lot of time during summer vacation, so I can do a lot more work. It keeps me busy every day.
Eve: Once I get home, I'm going to take a bath and eat dinner... After that, I need to go over the script for another job tomorrow!
Eve: ... Yes, it is a hectic schedule, but it's all very rewarding, so I don't mind at all!
Eve: I also had some time off last week, which gave me a chance to recharge. Now I'm ready for anything!
Eve: That's right. I went with Kaoru-san to stay at her family's villa!
Eve: It was close to a lake and surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. It really reminded me of Finland.
Eve: And while we were there, I got to do all sorts of things, like horseback riding, barbecuing, and relaxing in a sauna!
Eve: It really was a fun-filled adventure. And now I have lots of wonderful memories of my time there!
Eve: Kaoru-san was very good at horseback riding. I couldn't help but stare.
Eve: Tomoe-san's horse seemed a little wild, but she became good friends with her, and they both looked like they were having fun.
Eve: I had fun horseback riding too, but I was really sore the next day...
Eve: Saaya-san and Rimi-san were pretty sore too, so we laughed about it later!
Eve: I'll always remember how we all laughed at the pain we shared.
Eve: Although, if we're talking about memorable moments... There is one thing that really left an impression on me.
Eve: It was when... I got to look out on the lake with everyone.
Eve: It was so quiet that we could only hear the water moving back and forth...
Eve: It almost felt like time had stopped.
Eve: I'm usually very busy, so I don't get moments like that very often. It made me realize just how important they are.
Eve: And I have my hectic schedule to thank for that! Without my work, I wouldn't treasure those quiet times nearly as much!
Eve: In a way... It's like a sauna! I slowly heat up as I go about my work, and then I get to cool down on my days off...
Eve: And the combination of the two feels really good!
Eve: I better work really hard if I want my next day off to be as rewarding as my last one!
Eve: Ah, I almost forgot! I bought souvenirs for you and Marina-san!
Eve: I'll be sure to bring them to CiRCLE the next time I'm there, so I hope you'll look forward to it!
Eve: I hope you're able to do your best at work as well! That way your day off can be even better!
Eve: I'll see you at the studio! Good luck with work!