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Our Poster Card Story - Episode

Everyone's Stage Part 1


Aya: Almost... got it...
Aya: Ngh... I want to hang them up higher, but I can't reach...
Kaoru: What are you up to?
Aya: Ah, Kaoru-san, I was just putting up these posters.
Kaoru: Posters?
Aya: Look, the ones for our theater event. I was hoping I could put them up high so they would stand out, but... I'm not tall enough...
Kaoru: I see. In that case, why don't I assist you? Hand me that.
Aya: Huh? Whoa!
Kaoru: Will this do?
Aya: Ah, yeah! Thank you, Kaoru-san!
Kaoru: It's no trouble at all.
Aya: And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just drop this into your lap...
Kaoru: It's only natural, really. This is for an event I will be appearing in. after all. Any remaining posters to hang up?
Aya: Oh, yeah. Not too many though.
Kaoru: Understood. Then let us divide and conquer. I suppose I can be responsible for this side.
Aya: Thank you so much! Okay, then I'll hang them up over here!
Aya: Kaoru-san, thank you for your help. Really. It made such a big difference having you here.
Kaoru: Please, no. It was a trivial matter.
Hagumi: Hm? Kaoru-kun, Aya-senpai. What're you guys doing?
Maya: Hello again, theater buddies.
Aya: Hagumi-chan, Maya-chan. Kaoru-san was actually helping me hang up the theater event posters.
Maya: What?! S-sorry, I had no idea.
Aya: Ah, don't worry about it. I wanted to help, so I took it upon myself to do so.
Hagumi: You could've told us if you were gonna do that!
Maya: That's right. We want to help create some excitement for this event too, you know.
Hagumi: Are there any more posters left? We can give you a hand.
Aya: Sorry~. We just finished with the last of them...
Maya: You did...? Is there anything we can still help with...?
Kaoru: Your kindness is quite fleeting... However, I don't think it will be possible.
Hagumi: Hrmmm~, ah! Okay, what about clean-up?
Aya: Clean-up?
Hagumi: Uh huh! Cleaning up CiRCLE!
Kaoru: Oh, I see.
Maya: So you're saying we should clean the stage we're going to use for the event?
Aya: Ah, that could be a good idea! Let's ask Marina-san!

CiRCLE Lobby
Marina: Huh? Clean-up?
Maya: Yep! We were thinking about how we wanted to make the live house all nice and tidy.
Marina: Ahaha, I appreciate the thought, but it's okay. We'll take care of it.
Hagumi: Please! I want to help clean too!
Marina: Wh-what? Well... if you really want to, it does lighten my plate a bit... Why, though?
Aya: We just figured it would be nice to pretty up the space we're being allowed to use.
Kaoru: Indeed. We mustn't forget to express our gratitude before we take the stage.
Marina: Oh, okay. I get it! Mhm, makes sense. In that case, I think I'll take you girls up on your offer.
Hagumi: Wahoo! Thanks, Marina-san!
Marina: Ahaha, I should be the one saying that. Alright, everyone. Make that stage all sparkly. here you go. These are the cleaning tools.
Aya: Thank you! We'll do our best!
Hagumi: Okay! It's shiny time, you guys! Hoh~!

Our Poster Card Story - Special Episode

Everyone's Stage Part 2


CiRCLE Stage
Aya: Alright, so we're cleaning the stage, right?
Hagumi: I always help with that at our store! you can count on me!
Kaoru: So? How shall we begin, then?
Maya: Usually, you don't really notice because it's dark, but looking at it now, it's pretty dirty...?
Aya: Yeah... There's a lot of dust, like in the corners and around the lights...
Hagumi: Wow! Look at this! I think someone spilled something here!
Kaoru: Seems the wax is starting to wear off in several places.
Maya: It is. And the floor feels somewhat uneven...
Hagumi: This might be even harder than we thought...
Aya: Yeah... But since we already said we would, let's do the best we can!
Maya: Agreed. Alright, let's get to it!
Kaoru: Sure. I shall remove the dust from the higher areas.
Aya: I'm gonna start up the vacuum cleaner.
Hagumi: I'll do the mopping! Wipe wipe wipe.
Maya: Okay, then I'll pick up trash and try to get rid of any tough grime and gunk with a scraper or something!
Aya: Alrighty. Let's get cleaning!
Others: Yeah~!
Hagumi: ...?! Ahh!!
Aya: Wh-what's wrong?!
Hagumi: Here! Look!
Maya: What is it?
Kaoru: Do I spy... mold, with my little eye?
Hagumi: Yeah! There's even mold growing in this place!
Maya: This is gonna be tough if we worry about that along with everything else...
Kaoru: But unfortunately, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore it.
Maya: What are we supposed to do though...?
Aya: Guys, it's gonna be okay!
Hagumi: Aya-senpai?
Aya: This was one of the things that came with the cleaning tools Marina-san gave us!
Kaoru: What is it...?
Maya: Hmm~, let's see... "Exterminates all mold and prevents new mold from growing. A secret weapon to get to the heart of the problem: Mold Hunter 5000!"
Hagumi: Whoa! It's Mold Hunter! I've seen that on TV before!
Aya: Spray it on. Let it soak...
Aya: Wait 10 seconds, then wipe...!
Maya: Wow! Sparkly clean!
Hagumi: You're right~! Amazing!
Kaoru: Mold you can wipe away in 10 seconds... Simply fleeting.
Aya: Wait, did I do something wrong...?
Maya: N-no no no, not at all. That was awesome, Aya-san!
Hagumi: Yeah! It's so cool that we can make it nice and clean like that!
Aya: Th-thanks goodness. Okay, you guys, let's keep things going just like this and clean this whole place!
Others: Yeah~!

Marina: Girls~? How are thing goin- Hm?
Marina: What happened?!
Aya: Ah, Marina-san. Good evening.
Marina: Great work! This place looks stunning, Aya-chan!
Aya: Ehehe, we tried really hard!
Marina: This is blowing my mind~. It must've been a really tough job, right?

Aya: We were the ones who decided to do it

though, so it was fine.
Hagumi: Yep! And I had a lot of fun mopping!
Maya: Partway through, you started doing it like you were competing in a race.
Hagumi: That's because mopping is a battle with myself!
Kaoru: Splendid. A struggle with oneself. A moment of beautification... The foundation of sports and cleaning may very well be the same.
Aya: Y-you think so...?
Marina: Ahaha. Seriously, amazing job, everyone. Thank you!
Maya: It's nothing. In fact, we appreciate being able to do this as well.
Aya: Yeah. I'm glad we could take this stage and make it so nice and pretty.
Aya: Guys, let's do everything we can make this theater event a good one!
Others: Yeah~!