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Our Sunset Card Story - Episode

Nights We Spend Together


Mitake Residence - Ran's Room
Tsugumi: Ahaha, is that true? That makes sense. This is Himari-chan we're talking about... Yawn...
Himari: Yawn~... Ehehe. Now you passed it to me, Tsugu.
Ran: We were so busy talking that we didn't realize it's already past midnight... Are you two gonna go to sleep?
Tomoe: No, no, c'mon! We haven't had the five of us together for a sleepover in so long! That'd be such a waste! Himari, Tsugu, stick with us for a little longer.
Tsugumi: Yeah, you're right about that. But... I also can't stop myself from dozing off...
Moca: Okay~, what if we play a game to wake you guys up~?
Tomoe: A game?! I'm down!
Ran: But what can we do? I know I don't have to say this, but this is not the time for us to be getting loud.
Tomoe: Hmm~, that's true. What about a card game? We've played a bunch of times together, and we'll be able to have a good time without annoying anyone else.
Ran: We... don't have cards here.
Moca: Thinking about it, yeah. Hii-chan or I have always had to bring our own~.
Himari: G-guess we didn't think that one through. Hmm, well... Yawn... Oh no, just thinking about it made me sleepy again.
Tsugumi: Uhh, uhm... I know! What about that word game we used to play? Having to come up with words that start with the last letter of the previous one is sure to wake us right up...!
Ran: Ugh, that game...?
Himari: Hmm~, I suppose you can play it without cards, but still...
Moca: Don't tell me you guys are scared to play~. Okay, fine~, if you're really that bad at it, I guess we have no choice but to think of another one~.
Ran: Excuse me? That has nothing to do with it.
Himari: Th-that's right! Let's go! We'll play!
Tomoe: Nice, that settles that! Man, it's been so long~. We'd play during assemblies in middle school, right?
Tsugumi: Mhm. Like when we were preparing for the sports festival, or really, whenever we had a bit of free time. The idea to play always came up.
Himari: The sports festival, huh~? ... Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure that was when Tomoe kept ending her words with "-ing." That was so hard. I couldn't come up with anything after a while.
Ran: ... That reminds me of when we played and she kept ending her words in "-ed"...
Moca: Same here~. All those "-er" words made for a really tough game~.
Tsugumi: I think there was a time when she kept going with "-ly" words too...
Himari: ... Tomoe~!
Tomoe: A-ahaha... C'mon, that's a really good strategy!
Ran: Oh, is it?

Others: Okay~. Got it~.

If that's the way you wanna play~.
Tomoe: Guys~. Why do you all have such a wide grin on your face? Those are not the eyes of someone with an honest smile!
Tomoe: You're not... thinking of getting me back, are you?
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan... You'll... have to forgive us.
Moca: No need to worry, Tomo-chin. We'll be nice and get your opinion first. So, what do you think about the letter "x"?
Tomoe: Dude, that's like the hardest one!
Ran: We do have a dictionary if you need one.
Tomoe: That's beside the point~!
Ran: I don't know, it sounds like you're enjoying this.
Moca: Is it because you're secretly confident with that letter~?
Tomoe: No, not at all... I was just reminded how nice it is to be able to clown around like this.

Others: Tomoe...

Tomoe: Hehe. Alright, let's get this show on the road!
Tomoe: Y'all just cornered a wild animal! I'm game! Choose whatever letter you want! I'll take you all on at once!

Our Sunset Card Story - Special Episode

Precious Scenery


Marina: Hm? Is that... Tomoe-chan over there?
Tomoe: Yo~, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! What's up?!
Marina: Hey. What are you doing with that camera? Getting a scenic photo for your album cover?
Tomoe: Nah, nothing like that. I wanted to take a picture after seeing the town dyed in the glow of the sunset. It just kinda felt special.
Marina: It's pretty, that's for sure. But it's the same scenery as always, you know.
Tomoe: Yeah.
Tomoe: ... The truth is, not too long ago, there was a bit of an uproar within Afterglow.
Tomoe: Ran was the only one showing growth, so she was getting farther and farther ahead. It's hard to describe, but it's like we weren't all on the same page. Like trying to do anything together was harder.
Tomoe: Ran was seeing stuff that the rest of us were blind to. We fought a little bit because of that.
Marina: What?! Is everything okay?
Tomoe: Ah, it's all good now. We did our thing and talked it all out while watching the evening sun!
Tomoe: I mean, yeah, we did hit a few rough patches on the way, but still...
Marina: Oh, okay... It's nice to hear that you girls solved things though.
Tomoe: Sorry, didn't mean to give you a scare. No need to worry. We've gotten back to our "same as always."
Tomoe: ... Ran changed so that we could keep being that way, and it made the rest of us feel uneasy. That's all.
Tomoe: There might just come a day when I have to do the same as she did.
Tomoe: And that goes for the other three, too. Not just me.
Marina: I see. I'm sure that's necessary and all, but... doesn't that make you a bit nervous?
Tomoe: Hmm~, yeah. I think I'd be lying if I said it didn't. But at this point, I'm okay with it.
Tomoe: I can change, or I can stay the same. Both of those things are important, so I'm fine with whatever comes.
Tomoe: Just like this view. It might change, or it might stay the same.
Tomoe: But whatever happens, it will still be a scene that I cherish. That's why I wanted to do something to capture the moment.
Marina: Ahhh~... Yeah. That's a wonderful way of thinking about it if you ask me!
Tomoe: It is? Thanks for saying that!
Marina: Oh, hey! Would you like to take a picture with the three of us?
Marina: I was hoping we could be a part of your precious scenery. It's totally up to you though.
Tomoe: Yeah! I'm cool with that!
Tomoe: Alright, let's take this thing. Get on over here. Just a little closer... Good.
Tomoe: Okay, here we go. Say "cheese"!