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Pajama Party Card Story - Episode

Our Basement


Tae: Such nice weather...
Tae: A blue sky. A nice cool breeze...
Tae: If I space out for a second, I might doze off.
Tae: ... Alright, it's decided. A good mood means a good time to go to the studio and rehearse.
Tae: Let's see, where's the studio phone number...?
Kasumi: So~, what I'm saying is, since it's a holiday-
Arisa: What does that have to do with you coming to my house?!
Kasumi: Aww! C'mon! We're friends, aren't we?
Kasumi: ... Which means I should be able to come over! Right?
Arisa: Wrong! If you think I'll just let you waltz in whenever you want, think again!
Kasumi: But why~?! Your house has the best tea!
Arisa: What do you think this is?! A café?!
Tae: Oh, it's Kasumi and Arisa.
Kasumi: Ah! O-Tae! Heyyo~!!
Tae: Heyyo~.
Arisa: What are you doing here?
Tae: Taking a walk.
Tae: You guys seem to be getting along, as usual.
Kasumi: Yeah! We're like BFFs!
Arisa: Hah! In your dreams!
Kasumi: O-Tae, how come you're all the way out here?
Tae: It's a day off, so I've just been taking it easy. It's such a nice day.
Arisa: Yeah, I guess so.
Tae: And what are you two being all lovey-dovey about?
Arisa: Th-there's nothing "lovey-dovey" going on!
Arisa: What the heck were you even looking at...? ... So stupid.
Tae: Think about it. You guys were talking about whether or not to go to your house.
Tae: ... Isn't that kinda like flirting?
Arisa: Not at all!
Kasumi: Hey, O-Tae, you should come too!
Kasumi: If you want to take it easy, Arisa's house is the best place to do it!
Tae: Arisa's grandmother does make really good tea...
Arisa: Hello~! You guys mind not making decisions on your own?! This is my house you're talking about!
Kasumi: Come on~. Let's go, O-Tae~.
Tae: Hmm~... Arisa, is it okay?
Arisa: Seems like you've already made up your mind... Makes it hard to say no. Sigh...
Kasumi: Yay~! Woo hoo~!
Kasumi: It's been so long since I've been to Arisa's.
Tae: When was the last time?
Kasumi: Uhh, probably when we were practicing for Yuri-senpai's birthday show.
Tae: Speaking of, that sleepover was pretty fun~.
Arisa: Huh... Really...?
Kasumi: I had a good time, too! It was awesome!
Tae: You have a great setup in the basement. After sunset, it's dark and quiet... You really can foc-
Tae: ... Setup... Sunset... Heh...!
Arisa: ... Hey, I think something's wrong with her. She might be broken.
Kasumi: Huh? O-Tae! Are you okay?! Why is this happening?!
Tae: Sunset setup... Set... Hehe... That's so weird...!
Kasumi: Sunset setup...?? What?? A-Arisa~, is O-Tae gonna be okay?!
Arisa: Ugh! I don’t know, and I don't care! I'm tired of this! You two need to get it together!
Tae: Tired. Tie... Tae. O-Tae...
Arisa: ... Ugh, hey! Stop it! Gimme a break!

Pajama Party Card Story - Special Episode

Sleepover Memories


Tae: Such great weather~...
Tae: Today we're supposed to have rehearsal at the live house.
Tae: We haven't been there in so long. Maybe everyone else is excited too...
Tae: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tae: BanG Dreamer-san. Hey. Isn't it a nice day today?
Tae: Speaking of which... What are you doing?
Tae: Are you sweeping the entrance?
Tae: ... No? You're doing some shopping?
Tae: Oh, you have work. That's too bad...
Tae: Am I here for rehearsal?
Tae: ... Yep. I'm on my way there now.
Tae: We had a pretty long break after the birthday concert, so this is our first time practicing in a while.
Tae: Oh, you didn't know? We played in a birthday show recently.
Tae: Whose birthday? Yuri-san's.
Tae: Yep, Rimi's older sister.
Tae: Ah, I see. Of course a staff member would know that.
Tae: Sorry, you and I speak to each other a lot, so sometimes I forget you actually work here.
Tae: It's no problem? Are you sure?
Tae: You said you understand? If you say so...
Tae: Oh, right. The birthday concert. Yeah.
Tae: So for Yuri-san's birthday, we had one week to create a new song, and we practiced non-stop, so we thought a break would be nice.
Tae: Yep, we wrote a song and was able to perform it within that time.
Tae: Until then, all of our songs had been slowly and carefully made over time, so that was a first for us.
Tae: ... Mhm, it's just like you said. I don't think that's something you experience too often.
Tae: But it was really fun. The day before the show, we all stayed in Arisa's basement so we could practice.
Tae: We spread out some futons and made it kinda like a sleepover.
Tae: Being in that basement is so relaxing, and the night is so cool, and it's so quiet...
Tae: If I was there by myself, I probably would have fallen asleep from being that calm, but with everyone there, I wasn't sleepy at all.
Tae: I feel like we're all a lot closer after being able to spend that time together and really enjoying ourselves.
Tae: I think that's the reason the birthday performance turned out well.
Tae: Thanks. I'm glad you agree.
Tae: Hm? Something wrong? Do I have to go?
Tae: ... Oh, right. I don't have time to be talking so much.
Tae: Can't miss rehearsal after such a long break.
Tae: And everyone is probably waiting, wondering where I am...
Tae: Alright, I'll get going. Later.