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Part-Time Debut? Card Story - Episode

Dividing Up the Work Myself



Ako: Excuse me~! I'd like four horse mackerel, please~!
Seafood Shop Owner: Alright~. That'll be four hundred yen!
Tomoe & Ako: What?!
Tomoe: Wait, was it always that cheap?
Shop Owner: Huh? Ah, you're right, my mistake. I almost gave you the Little Helper Discount, Ako-chan.
Ako: The what?
Tomoe: What are you talking about?
Shop Owner: Oh, we didn't have that when you two were small, did we?
Shop Owner: It's a policy we have for the downtown area. All the shops provide a discount or extra present for any elementary school students out running errands.
Tomoe: Oh~, that's a pretty cool policy.
Ako: Must be nice~. I wish we had that when we were little.
Tomoe: We would have gotten a lot more stuff then. Man, kids today are so lucky.
Ako: In any case, I'm already in my third year of middle school! I've been out of elementary school for a long time now~!
Shop Owner: Ahaha! I know, I know~. But to all of us old ladies downtown, you'll always be a cute little girl, Ako-chan.
Tomoe: Ahaha. Did you hear that, Ako?
Ako: I'm glad you think of me that way, but I'm still mad~!
Tomoe: So what's our real total, ma'am?
Ako: Yeah! I'm a third year, so I don't need the Little Helper Discount!
Shop Owner: Don't worry about that. Four hundred yen will do. I'm the one who made the mistake in the first place.
Ako: But...
Shop Owner: It's fine. You're regular customers anyway.
Tomoe: Well, if you insist...
Ako: Thank you so much, ma'am!
Ako: Then I guess we'll call this the "Super Strong Sisters from the World of Magic... Uh... Show up in our World... Discount!"
Shop Owner: World of... Magic?
Tomoe: Ahaha! Sounds like a good reason to celebrate to me.
Ako: Ehehe~, pretty good, right?
Tomoe: Alright, then here's the money!
Shop Owner: Thank you! Come again now!
Ako: Of course! We'll be back for sure~!
Tomoe: Yeah! ... Oh, actually, Ako...
Ako: ...? What's up, Sis?
Tomoe: Should we do our errands together from now on? Then we might get that sister discount again.
Ako: Oh yeah! You're so smart, Sis!
Shop Owner: Ahaha, sorry... That discount is limited to one-time only!
Ako: Ahaha, it was worth a shot~!

Part-Time Debut? Card Story - Special Episode

Tanuki Restaurant's New Item



Ako: Uhm, "Next time, we should find a place where the powers of darkness have been sealed away..." And send!
Ako: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Ako: I'm just messaging all the girls who live downtown. We made a group chat~!
Ako: Right now we're talking about going somewhere!
Ako: You see~, we all got together for lunch the other day and hung out downtown!
Ako: We were originally going to go somewhere else, but we decided to stay there...
Ako: Which was fun too, but we made a promise that we would definitely go somewhere else next time!
Ako: Hmm~, places like the mall or an amusement park come to mind, but it's so hard to pick.
Ako: Me...? I want to go where the darkest magic... Uhm... explodes out of everywhere!
Ako: Ah, a message from Saaya-chan! Uhm...
Ako: What?! The tanuki restaurant has a new item?! Ah~, I wanna try it!
Ako: Oh, the tanuki restaurant is a super-duper tasty okonomiyaki restaurant downtown~!
Ako: We've all loved that place since we were little. That's actually where we went for lunch the other day~.
Ako: Saaya-chan just sent us all a picture of the board they have outside, and it says they have a new menu item! We have to check it out!
Ako: ... Yup, looks like everyone agrees! Yippee~!
Ako: ... Sounds like we'll be hanging out downtown again? Yup, but that's not a bad thing!
Ako: I'm sure going somewhere with everyone would be really exciting, and I definitely wanna do it in the future.
Ako: But the downtown area is really fun too! You can talk to all sorts of people there, and they're all really nice!
Ako: If you went there, I know you'd feel the same way!
Ako: I can't believe we're going to the tanuki restaurant again...!
Ako: I love hanging out with everyone, so I can't wait!