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Party Prep Card Story - Episode

What Present Should I Get?


Ichigaya Residence
Kasumi: Guys! Don't you think the songs we're planning to play for the Christmas show are starting to sound pretty good?!
Arisa: True, we're starting play them consistently now, but Kasumi, you keep getting ahead of yourself.
Kasumi: Do I? I feel like that's the right tempo, though... What do you think, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: ... Hmm.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Rimi-rin? You think I'm getting ahead too?
Rimi: Uh, no! Sorry, I was thinking about something else...
Kasumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Rimi: I think our performance is coming along really well, but I feel like the song I wrote kind of lacks a Christmas feeling...
Kasumi: ... A Christmas feeling?
Rimi: It's hard to put it into words...
Kasumi: Hmm... A Christmas feeling, huh...
Kasumi: ... In that case, I guess we don't have much choice but to have Arisa dress up as Santa Claus then.
Arisa: Whaaat?!
Kasumi: If you don't wanna be Santa, then a reindeer could work!
Arisa: Hell no, not happening! We already went through this!
Rimi: ... Oh, by the way, Kasumi-chan! You said that your family has a Christmas party at home every year, right?
Rimi: What's does your family do? I was thinking that maybe hearing about people's Christmases might help me with my song.
Kasumi: ... Huh? It's really standard, you know? We eat cake, my sister and I give each other presents...
Kasumi: ... Ahh! Oh no~~! I totally forgot!
Rimi: Wh-What's wrong?
Kasumi: You just reminded me that I hadn't even thought about what present to get for my sister!
Kasumi: What am I gonna do?! What do you guys think I should get her?!
Arisa: You do realize this is totally not the time for that, right?! Rimi is serious about her song!
Rimi: Oh no, it's okay! I really know how you feel, Kasumi-chan! I had so much trouble deciding what to get for my sister too.
Kasumi: Thanks, Rimi-rin! ... Help me think of something, Arisa~.
Arisa: Like I'd know what to get.
Rimi: Asuka-chan is in third year of middle school, right? Maybe an accessory or something could work?
Kasumi: Yeah, maybe, but like... don't you think I should get something more Christmassy...?
Rimi: Yeah... It's Christmas, after all.
Kasumi: Do you have any ideas, Arisa?
Arisa: Hey, use your own brain for a change!
Kasumi: Arisa~, help me~!
Arisa: ... Urgh, you're so useless. Fine. How about this...? Hold on a sec.

Kasumi: Huh? Arisa! Are you gonna go get something for me?!

Arisa: It's around here somewhere... Ah, found it! Check this out!
Rimi: Arisa-chan, what's this?
Arisa: It's a snow dome. It just screams Christmas, right? Watch this.
Kasumi: Wow! It looks like it's snowing after you shake it about! Arisa! This is great! I'm so gonna go with this!
Arisa: Hey, hold your horses. There's a key on the back, and when you wind it...
Kasumi: Ooh! It's a music box! ... It plays a Christmas song too!
Rimi: Wow~, it sounds so pretty~. Music boxes have such a nice Christmas feel to them... Huh? A Christmas... feel?
Rimi: ... Oh! That's it! Kasumi-chan, Arisa-chan, that's it!
Kasumi: Wh-What do you mean, Rimi-rin?!
Rimi: What do you guys think about adding a sound like this music box to our song for the Christmas show? I think it'll really give it a Christmas kind of feel!
Kasumi: ... Nice! That's a really good idea, Rimi-rin! You think so too, right Arisa?!
Arisa: I guess it would be awesome if we could pull it off... Hm? Now that I think about it...

Rimi: What is it, Arisa-chan? Is there something else down here in the basement...?
Arisa: ... Found it! It doesn't exactly make the same sound as a music box, but it's an option.
Rimi: Is that... a hand bell?! You have everything down here in the basement! ... It's really amazing.
Arisa: If we use this during our song, we might be able to pull off a music box kinda sound.
Rimi: Yeah! I think that's a really good idea! I think we should try it!
Kasumi: Me too!
Rimi: Okay, I'll rewrite this keyboard part for the hand bell and have it ready by tomorrow!
Arisa: Wh-What?! So now it's my job?!

Party Prep Card Story - Special Episode

The Best Place for Me


Record Shop
Rimi: ... Oh, h-hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
Rimi: Wh-What am I doing?
Rimi: I was thinking about buying a Christmas omnibus album...
Rimi: ... That's right. The Christmas show we just did was my first time trying to write a Christmas song, but...
Rimi: It kind of... reminded me about how interesting music can be...
Rimi: ... Yeah! I'm really happy with how my song turned out!
Rimi: I even tried adding a part for an instrument that we've never used before...
Rimi: I really had so many new discoveries...
Rimi: My sister praised me for it too... I'm really glad that I tried to take on a new challenge.
Rimi: I've always liked Christmas since I was a little kid, but after playing our show this year, I like it even more!
Rimi: My sister didn't just come on her own either, she brought everyone from Glitter*Green!
Rimi: I was so happy that they could all make it to the party!
Rimi: I honestly never imagined they would all be there so I was really surprised!
Rimi: ... Oh! It was definitely Saya-chan who was the most surprised on Christmas day, mind you.
Rimi: ... Do you really want to know about it that badly?
Rimi: All of the girls from Saya-chan's old band, CHiSPA, came to our Christmas show and even the party too!
Rimi: ... And it was Arisa-chan who invited them.
Rimi: It's amazing that Arisa-chan did something like that~...
Rimi: ... Yeah! Saya-chan was super happy!
Rimi: It seems they're staying in touch more now since the party.
Rimi: I think she said she was going to hang out with the girls from CHiSPA today too.
Rimi: Don't you think it's really nice how she can just meet up with her old friends like that?
Rimi: ... I haven't had a lot of chances to see my old friends...
Rimi: Seeing Saya-chan have fun with her friends like that made me want to invite my friends to visit me.
Rimi: I want them to meet everyone in Poppin'Party too.
Rimi: It's almost like part of me wants to brag that I've made such nice friends here...
Rimi: Poppin' Party is the best thing in my life now...
Rimi: ... Ehehe, I'm sorry. I haven't stopped talking, have I...?
Rimi: But we could only make these special memories together because of Marina-san and the owner, who let us use CiRCLE.
Rimi: ... And everyone else to helped us.
Rimi: Thank you so much for what you did.
Rimi: It was really out of the blue, but thanks to everyone at CiRCLE we were able to play our Christmas show in the best place ever.
Rimi: ... Huh? Marina-san said she wanted to come to the Christmas party?
Rimi: Ohh~. It would've been even more fun if Marina-san had been there!
Rimi: ... Yeah! And you too of course, BanG Dreamer-san.
Rimi: ... Umm, so...!
Rimi: You should come to the party next year with Marina-san as a surprise!
Rimi: I'm sure everyone will love it!
Rimi: ... I want to try organizing a surprise next year just like Arisa-chan did!
Rimi: ... Oh! Yay! It's a promise then! A big promise.
Rimi: Okay, pinky promise.
Rimi: ... There.
Rimi: Pinky promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, poke a needle in my eye ♪
Rimi: ... Ahaha. I can't wait for Christmas next year!
Rimi: Okay, see you again at the studio...!