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Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Opening
A Shocking Break-up

Aya learns the idol group she's been looking up to for so long is breaking up...



Aya: I'm Aya, the fluffy pink member of Pastel✽Palettes! Super fluffy ♪
Aya: So, what did you think of my new pose?
Maya: U-umm, it was... definitely new.
Hina: Totally, I don't think there's another idol out there who'd do that kinda pose~.
Aya: ... You guys aren't saying that as a compliment. Even I can tell when you're being mean, you know?
Chisato: But if you think about it in a different way, it means you can be a new type of idol that no one has ever seen before.
Aya: A new type of idol...!
Chisato: It still doesn't change the fact it's not a compliment, mind you...
Aya: Gah!
Eve: A new type of idol... You used to say that you wanted to be an idol who gives people dreams, right Aya-san?
Aya: Yeah, that's right. I guess I still feel the same way now.
Eve: What kind of idol was the person who inspired you to do this, Aya-san?
Aya: Oh, I hadn't really talked about that, huh? The idol that I wanted to be just like is Ayumi-san, from the group "Marmalade."
Aya: Ayumi-san is kind of the funny one in the group, but she's also really dedicated and hardworking.
Aya: In her interviews, she often talks about how hard work can make your dreams come true... What she said always gave me so much courage.
Aya: That's why I wanted to become an idol. I wanted to give courage to others like Ayumi-san did to me. She's kind of like my starting point, you know?
Maya: Marmalade... I don't exactly know a lot about idol groups, but even I've heard that name before.
Chisato: Marmalade is quite famous as far as idol groups go. You've probably seen them on TV before.
Aya: They're really amazing! I've wanted to be like Ayumi-san for the longest time~.
Aya: I hope someday I'll actually be the same kind of idol she is...
Eve: She must be so amazing for you to look up to her so much~.
Hina: Marmalade, Marmalade... hrm~...
Chisato: Is something the matter, Hina-chan?
Hina: That's it! Wasn't Marmalade on that TV show about animals on Sundays?
Aya: Yeah, I think they were! They used to check out unique animals and play with them. I used to love that show~...
Hina: I think my sister used to watch it. Hey, speaking of Marmalade...
Hina: Aren't they going to break-up?
Aya: What?!
Eve: Is that true, Hina-san?
Hina: Yeah, I heard some people talking about it on the train this morning.
Hina: I thought the name sounded kinda familiar when Aya-chan mentioned it before. It was because I just heard it on the train today.
Aya: I was in a rush this morning, so I didn't have time to check the news. I had no idea...
Maya: ...! Aya-san, have a look at this website!
Others: "Super-Popular Idol Group Marmalade Breaking-Up!" "The talent agency Marmalade belongs to announced the group would be breaking up after its concert in one month's time."
Chisato: One month's time... That's rather sudden.
Aya: I don't believe it... I was really looking forward to that concert...
Eve: Aya-san, don't let it get you down.
Maya: A lot of the bands I liked have broken up. I know how sad it can be...
Aya: Yeah... I guess I'm not going to be able to see Ayumi-san anymore...
Others: ...
Aya: S-sorry! I'm making things awkward...!
Aya: The instructor is going to be here soon, right? We should start getting ready!
Hina: Aya-chan...
Chisato: ... I wonder if she's okay...

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Chapter 1
An Empty Space

The heart-broken Aya can't seem to focus on rehearsal.
How will the other members of Pastel✽Palettes react...?


Rehearsal Studio

Others: Maruyama-san, you're off tempo again!
Aya: I-I'm sorry! Can we do this part one more time?
Others: ... I think you're a little tired. Let's take a 30-minute break and try it again.
Aya: I'm okay! I can keep going!
Others: Maruyama-san. Taking breaks is part of being a professional. We'll go over it again once you're rested.
Aya: ... Okay.

Hina: Aya-chan's kind of a mess today, huh?
Eve: The break-up must really be bothering her...
Maya: Are you okay, Aya-san?
Aya: S-sorry about that... I know I'm supposed to be concentrating on rehearsals, but...!
Maya: I'm sure I'd be left in a state of shock too if I was in your position. I think it's natural.
Eve: Hang in there, Aya-san. When my favorite period drama came to an end, I felt really sad too.
Eve: I can understand how you feel...
Maya: I-I kind of think those are two different things...
Aya: Fufu, thanks, Eve-chan. I know I shouldn't let my feelings get in the way of our rehearsasl. I'll be careful!
Aya: I'm gonna go get some fresh air.

Talent Agency - Hallway

Aya: Phew...
Aya: It's our first time to rehearse together recently, and I'm causing trouble for everyone...
Aya: *sigh*... I can't believe they're really breaking up...
Maya: Aya-san.
Aya: Eek! Maya-chan!
Maya: Wh-whoa! I'm sorry I startled you! I was worried, so... I decided to come look for you.
Aya: A-ahaha... I'm sorry. This whole break-up thing has been such a shock.
Maya: Aya-san, are you really just shocked at the news of the break-up?
Aya: Huh?
Maya: I just felt that wasn't the only thing bothering you. I can't really explain it... I just feel like there's something else.
Aya: I'm really shocked by the news, but... more than that... I feel like there's an empty space in my heart now.
Aya: That empty space is where Ayumi-san used to be, but... I don't know how I'm supposed to fill it.
Aya: I don't know where to start... I guess that's why I feel so our of it right now.
Maya: Aya-san...
Maya: Why don't we all hang out after rehearsal today?
Maya: We might not be able to fill the empty space in your heart, but we want to be there for you.
Aya: Maya-chan... Thank you. I'm sorry I'm being like this...
Maya: Whoa!! Y-you're crying...!! Ahh...! Wh-what do I do now...?! Don't cry, Aya-san~!
Aya: S-sorry~! I couldn't help it, you were so kind and I just...
Maya: Ahh~! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry~!!
Hina: ... Haha. I was kinda worried, so I thought I'd come check on them, but it looks like everything's okay. I hope Aya-chan feels a little better now.
Eve: So do I. Let's do our best to cheer Aya-san up.
Hina: Why didn't you say anything to her, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Aya-chan would just become defensive if I said anything. I don't want to make her worry about anything unnecessarily right now...
Hina: Hmm. You think that's what would happen?
Chisato: In any case, let's focus on doing what we can to raise Aya-chan's spirits.
Hina: ... Yeah, you're right.

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Chapter 2
Our Inspirations

After rehearsal, the girls talk about musical inspirations over tea.


Hazawa Coffee

Aya: Wow, this tea is really nice!
Hina: Apparently, this is one of Chisato-chan's go to places. She says everything is great here.
Eve: The cookies are delicious too! You have to try them!
Hina: Oh, do you come here a lot too, Eve-chan?
Eve: Actually, I work here part-time! Thank you for your patronage!
Chisato: Fufu, I'm not sure that's the right phrase to use for a cafe like this.
Maya: The tea I chose is really nice too, Aya-san. Would you like a sip?
Aya: Sure, you can try mine too.
Aya: ... Ooh, you're right! This one's really nice ♪
Eve: Try my cookie too, Aya-san!
Aya: Wow, this is so good!
Hina: Okay, umm... hmm, what should I do?
Aya: What are you umming for, Hina-chan?
Hina: I was just thinking how it's hard to cheer people up.
Maya: Hey, Hina-san!
Aya: Ahaha... Thanks, everyone.
Maya: News about the person that inspired you to do something is always a big deal, isn't it?
Hina: Speaking of that kinda thing, what made you want to play the drums, Maya-chan?
Maya: I'm the same as Aya-san. I started playing the drums because there was a certain person I wanted to be like.
Aya: You did...?
Maya: Yeah. I always loved music and listened to lots of different artists, but I was uh... really socially withdrawn, you could say... I never went to concerts or anything.
Maya: But one day... I heard this drummer play, and it just blew me away! I wanted to be able to play the drums like her.
Maya: After that, I started practicing in the studio, going to concerts to learn more... and my life started to change.
Chisato: And then you met us.
Maya: Now that I think back on it all, I really am glad I started the drums~.
Maya: I'm going to keep working hard to become just as good at the drums as her!
Aya: To become just as good...
Eve: Aya-san?
Aya: I always thought I wanted to be like Ayumi-san. I looked up to her, and she was my goal in life...
Aya: But now I don't know what to do... The Ayumi-san I wanted to be like is going to quit being an idol.
Chisato: You feel like you've lost your goal.
Hina: But didn't you say you were going to be "an idol who gives people dreams"? Isn't that a goal?
Chisato: She lost the person who gave her a goal, the person who was her starting point. I guess she feels like she no longer has something to guide her...
Hina: Something to guide her, huh..? Hmm.
Eve: You're strong, Aya-san. I'm sure you will find a way to fill that space in your heart.
Eve: A new goal... I think we can find it together!
Maya: That's right. You gave me courage too, Aya-san! What am I going to do if you start feeling down?
Aya: Thank you, both of you...
Eve: Aya-san, why don't you try practicing Zen? They say it's a great way to find yourself!
Aya: What?! Th-that's what I have to start from...?!
Maya: O-oh, I hear Sutra is good for that too~.
Aya: Are you serious~?!
Chisato: ...
Chisato: (... Starting points.)
Chisato: (I wonder what it was that made me want to be an actress...)

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Chapter 3
Why We Play

Hina talks with her sister, Sayo, about why she started playing the guitar.
What will Sayo's response be...?


Hikawa Residence - Sayo's Room

Hina: And then Maya-chan told us about why she started the drums too!
Hina: After that, we had cake together and...
Sayo: Everyone's so close as always, I see.
Hina: We're slowly becoming good friends these days. Doesn't your band do stuff like that?
Sayo: ... Sometimes, I guess.
Hina: Oh, really? You guys should do things together more often.
Sayo: It's not as simple as that. And besides, it's not like we have a bad relationship.
Hina: Oh well. Anyway, it kinda got me thinking, you know? About what it was that made me want to do this.
Sayo: What do you mean?
Hina: The thing that made me want to play the guitar. It was you!
Sayo: ...
Hina: You were the reason I started the guitar and joined Pastel✽Palettes...
Hina: I can do anything I try, so I thought I'd get sick of the band and quit, but...
Hina: Ever since joining Pastel✽Palettes, there's been so many things I can't do! And it's so interesting because of all the things that keep happening!
Sayo: You shouldn't talk about problems and things so gleefully.
Hina: I've learned there's lot of things that I can do that others can't. I've also realized that a band doesn't work without other people.
Hina: Being a part of Pastel✽Palettes has made me more aware of other people. And now I love people!
Hina: I think I've changed! And when I trace back to where it all began, I realized that you're the person I have to thank.
Sayo: Hina...
Sayo: You started the guitar, and it barely took you any time to reach my level... That was nothing but pain and stress for me.
Hina: Sis...
Sayo: But because of you, I was able to devote more of myself to playing the guitar. And on top of that, it pushed me to join Roselia.
Sayo: ... That makes you the thing that motivated me. So in this sense, I am thankful.
Sayo: ... Thank you, Hina.
Hina: ...! Me too! Thanks!
Hina: The way you play the guitar is so much more sparkly and fun now.
Hina: Before you used to play everything so sharply, and it kinda sounded like it was suffocating...
Sayo: ... That changed because of my experiences with Roselia.
Hina: I like you more the way you are now. That's why I wanna say thank you to Roselia as well!
Sayo: Fufu. You're weird.
Hina: Ehehe. I've always been weird! ... Hey, I was just thinking.
Sayo: ... About what?
Hina: We're closer than we used to be, right?
Sayo: I'm not sure about that.
Hina: Whatever. I can tell we are! We were boppin' just now.
Sayo: Hina. You are what drives me now, so if you suddenly go and quit the guitar, I will never forgive you. Understand?
Hina: Same goes for you. You better not give it up without my permission!
Sayo: As if I would.
Hina: Ahaha. That's my big sis ♪

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Chapter 4
Representation of Ideals

Eve explains why she admires samurai.
What will be Aya's takeaway from hearing her story...?


Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Good morning~!
Hina: Oh, there she is. Morning, Aya-chan~.
Aya: Huh? What's everyone reading?
Chisato: The magazine we did that interview and photoshoot for the other day just came out.
Maya: I saw it at the convenience store, and just couldn't leave without buying it!
Hina: The person at the register didn't realize it was you on the cover of the magazine, huh~?
Maya: Ugh... that kind of hurts...
Chisato: Maya-chan usually has her glasses on, so it probably makes it hard to tell who she really is.
Maya: You're so kind, Chisato-san...!
Aya: Oh, really~? What's the photo like? I wanna see too!
Hina: Eve-chan looks so different in this photo. There's something cool about her.
Chisato: You're right. Her expression is quite poised.
Eve: Ehehe, thank you. I imagined I was a warrior about to go into battle when we took this photo.
Hina: Ahaha... you were in bushido mode that day too, huh?
Eve: Bushido is what keeps me going!
Maya: You really love bushido, don't you Eve-chan?
Eve: That's right. I want to be like a samurai who mastered bushido ♪
Hina: But you haven't even seen a real samurai before. I mean, neither have I, but still... Why do you admire the samurai?
Eve: Hrm... I feel drawn to the mentality of bushido. Sticking the one's intent, caring for one's companions, that kind of thing.
Eve: I read in a magazine once that it was the samurai who mastered the mentality of bushido.
Eve: I have never seen a samurai before, but... for me, there's nothing strange about admiring the people who mastered bushido.
Chisato: For Eve-chan, a samurai is the concept of the combination of the things she thinks are ideal.
Aya: a samurai is a concept...? Urgh, I don't get that at all...
Chisato: She admires the people who have mastered her ideals. In Eve-chan's case, that happens to be the samurai.
Chisato: Whether or not a samurai exist now is not really a problem for Eve-chan. A samurai the representation for her ideals.
Hina: So that's why it's totally normal for her to admire them. I see, I see.
Aya: Whaaaat?! What do you see~? This is making my head hurt.
Maya: Ahaha. I guess it is kind of complicated. How about this...? What is it that you admire about Ayumi-san?
Aya: Umm... she's hardworking, never gives up... and she always smiles no matter what.
Maya: In other words, ayumi-san is a representation of your ideals, Aya-san.
Aya: She represents my ideals... Oh, I think I kind of understand know.
Eve: The people that Aya-san and I admire, the samurai and Ayumi-san... They are the same.
Aya: ... So many things were going through my head after I found out that Marmalade was going to break up... I wasn't sure what I was supposed to feel on the day of their final concert either.
Aya: But I've made up my mind. I want to go to their last concert and see for myself what Ayumi-san means to me, one last time.
Aya: I think if I do that, I'll be able to keep sight of my goals, even if Marmalade breaks up....!
Hina: Ooh, Aya-chan is moving forward!
Chisato: I have a feeling the final concert is going to be a life-changing day for you, Aya-chan.
Aya: I think so too. Thank you, everyone...
Eve: If someone has a problem, we help each other. We get through it together... That's what friends do!

Walking Home

Hina: Aya-chan seems to be a bit more positive now. I'm so glad~.
Maya: I think the things Eve-san talked about are what did it.
Eve: I really hope it helped Aya-san, even if it's just in the slightest.
Chisato: I hope so too. One member's problem is everyone's problem, after all.
Hina: ... It's amazing how much Aya-chan loves this Ayumi-san person though~. I think it's gonna get out of hand when she sees her on stage.
Maya: Ahh~, I can understand how Aya-san feels~. I met and talked to that drummer I told you about the other day...
Maya: I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! She wasn't just a great drummer, she was a really good person too...
Chisato: ...
Chisato: Can I have a minute, everyone?
Eve: What's the matter?
Chisato: There's something I want to do for Aya-chan, but I'll need everyone's help to do it.

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Chapter 5
Never Give Up!

It's the day of Marmalade's last concert.
What does this show have in store for Aya...?


Concert Hall - Outside

Aya: ...
Aya: (Marmalade's last concert... It's finally happening...)
Aya: (The things Ayumi-san gave me... I have to be sure of what they are.)


Others: Hey everyone~! Thanks for coming to see Marmalade today~!!
Others: Make sure to enjoy the show up until the very end~!!
Aya: (This song... It's the first song marmalade that I ever heard...)
Aya: (I saw Ayumi-san singing it on TV. She didn't sing very well, to say the least... but even then...)
Others: Sing along, everyone~!! Ready~!
Aya: (I couldn't take my eyes off her or the way she looked so happy when she sang. She also performed with such a big smile on her face...)
Aya: ...!
Aya: (I can't cry yet! I promised myself I would watch Ayumi-san until the very end!)
Others: Is everyone having a good time~?
Others: Thanks, guys~!! ... The next song will be the last one we ever do.
Others: ... But before we begin, I'd like to talk for a little while.
Others: Today is Marmalade's last performance, but that doesn't mean that we will suddenly disappear, or that I will disappear either!
Others: ... What is Marmalade to each and every one of you? What do I mean to you?
Aya: (What does Ayumi-san mean to me...?)
Others: You probably think of someone who can't really sing...
Others: That does strange poses...
Others: ... And always cries the moment she gets emotional...
Aya: (... But...)
Aya: But also someone who never get discouraged, and never gives up! Someone who always smiles!
Others: I can only hope that's how everyone sees me. Marmalade and I will always, always be part of you!
Others: Whenever times get tough, I hope you'll remember that kind of useless idol that always did her best, and smile a little, Ehe ♪
Aya: ...!
Others: Ayumi~!!!
Others: We'll never forget you~!!!
Others: ... Wahhh, thank you, everyone~!! This is it! Please enjoy our last song~!!

Aya: ... It's over.
Aya: Marmalade have broken up, but...
Aya: "Someone who never get discouraged, and never gives up! Someone who always smiles!..."
Aya: Those are the things about Ayumi-san that I admired. That's the kind of idol! I wanted to be...
Aya: I was able to see that again firsthand.
Aya: Hm...? A phone call from Maya-chan.
Maya: "Hey, Aya-san! I'm here at the concert too! I wanted to check out what equipment Marmalade used!"
Maya: "I've gotta say, the stuff they use at a big concert like this is just so interesting~!"
Maya: "Anyway, why don't we meet up and head home together? I'll send you a map of where to meet me!"
Aya: Huh?! W-wait a second Maya-chan!... She already hung up... She's so pushy today...
Aya: Oh well, I guess I'll meet up with her... Umm, her map says...
Aya: ... Wait, this is...

Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures Event Story - Ending
What I Will Become

After the show, Aya goes to find Maya and
ends up meeting with a certain someone...


Concert Hall - Outside

Aya: I'm pretty sure this is the staff-only entrance...


Eve: Ah! Aya-san is here!
Aya: Huh, Eve-chan?! And everyone else too...?!
Maya: You made it, Aya-san!
Hina: Hey, that concert was amazing! I had so much fun!
Chisato: Fufu, it seems Hina-chan likes Marmalade almost as much as Aya-chan now.
Aya: Wh-what is everyone doing here...?
Chisato: There's someone we want you to meet. Come inside.
Aya: What do you mean, inside? This is the dressing room, right?!
Hina: Who cares about that! C'mon, let's go~♪

Dressing Room

Others: It's nice to meet you♪
Aya: No way... Whaaat?! I-it-it's... Ayumi-san...!!
Others: That's right, I'm Ayumi. The center of Marmalade, the citrus peach♪
Aya: Oh my god... Wh-why is she...?!
Chisato: I talked to our agency about whether we could do something to cheer you up.
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan... wahhh, thank you... U-um... okay, I don't know what to do...
Hina: Why don't you shake her hand?
Aya: Huh? O-oh, right! Umm, could I shake your hand...?
Others: Ahaha, of course♪ Thanks for coming to the show today, Aya-chan.
Aya: Huh?! Y-you know my name...
Others: Of course, I do. You're Aya-chan, the fluffy pink member of Pastel✽Palettes♪
Aya: Um... you gave me courage, which is why I decided to become an idol! You always used to say...
Others: "Anyone can make their dreams come true. You just have to work hard. Don't think that you're not good enough, don't give up on your dreams." ... Was that the one?
Others: I believe in those words too, which is why I made it this far. I'm so happy to see that these words have helped someone.
Others: You know, this all makes sense now... I thought there was something about you that reminded me of myself.
Aya: Huh...?!
Others: I first heard of you when I saw the news about your debut performance. When I looked at you, I felt we were kind of similar...
Others: The way you're not the perfect type, but you always smile and give it your best... and how you cry so quickly. I felt like I already knew you.
Aya: Ayumi-san, I...!
Others: ... Aya-chan. Marmalade and I are always going to be a part of you.
Others: But as of today, Marmalade is over. You're the one who is going to continue to be an idol, so I want you to become a greater idol than I was.
Aya: You want me to become greater than you...?
Others: Don't worry. I know you can do it, Aya-chan. Do you know why...?
Others: Because you never get discouraged, and you never give up...
Aya: And I always smile! I promise I'll become an even greater idol than you!!
Eve: Aya-san...!
Others: I'm really looking forward to that! Oh, I should teach you one of my special poses~.

Maya: That was great, wasn't it Aya-san? You got to meet Ayumi-san, and find a new goal!
Aya: It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you so much. I really mean it!
Hina: That pose Ayumi-san taught you... There's totally something that's really "you" about it.
Chisato: Fufu, that's true. I'd expect no less from the idol Aya-chan wanted to be like.
Aya: Isn't it a cute pose? ... Hey, I was just thinking...
Chisato: Hm?
Aya: Do you remember why you wanted to be an actress when you were a child, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: ... Hmm, it's so long ago that I can't really recall. It wasn't by choice though, as my parents pushed me towards it.
Aya: Oh...
Chisato: ... That's why I guess I am a little envious of people like you, Aya-chan, who have a starting point or something precious to them like that.
Aya: In that case, let's make Pastel✽Palettes your starting point!
Chisato: ...! Pastel✽Palettes...?
Aya: Yeah. Let's make Pastel✽Palettes into something that you can be proud of and say that it's your starting point!
Chisato: ... I suppose that could work. Thank you, Aya-chan.
Aya: I'll work even harder to make it happen! I have the pose Ayumi-san taught me to work with too.
Chisato: About that pose... Actually, no, never mind.
Aya: What? It's no good...?!
Chisato: ...
Aya: Hey~!! Say something, Chisato-chan~!!

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