Pastel*Palettes, stylized as Pastel✽Palettes and with a shorthand of PasuPare (パスパレ), is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Maruyama Aya on vocals, Hikawa Hina on guitar, Shirasagi Chisato on bass, Yamato Maya on drums, and Wakamiya Eve on keytar. They debuted with the song Shuwarin☆Drea~min.


An idol band formed by a talent agency. The band is made up of Aya (Vo.), who has spent huge amounts of time training for her debut; celebrity and child actor Chisato (Ba.), and modeling sensation Eve (Key.). They were later joined by Hina (Gt.), who passed the band's auditions and then studio musician Maya (Dr.). The five of them are using this experience to bolster their very own definition of an "idol" and what is it to be one.


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Pastel*Palettes' costumes are inspired by Magical Girls and Lolita style dresses with their pastel theme colors (pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow), with white and accenting of another color (blue, purple, yellow, or green). Originally they wore a dress with a corset top that had ribbon lacing or bows at the middle and two ribbons on each side of the chest, with the exception of Aya's dress, which has one large ribbon at the middle. The skirt is shaped to reveal shorter white fabric, and two layers of ruffles. Sewn to the back is a bow in their theme color with frilly white or pale-colored tails. They also wear ribbons on their wrist and frilly cuffs beneath the shoulder, and a frilly choker. Their shoes have small heels and ankle straps wrapped around the foot and ankle, worn with white stockings that have a ribbon on the side of the cuff. Each girl wears two white ribbons in their hair.

During the first anniversary, the band switches to a somewhat more casual outfit composed of a pale pastel top in their theme color with lace details and gold accents worn beneath a white vest with the same gold detail and a ribbon sewn to the back with scalloped tails. On the lapel's right corner is a tiny bow in their secondary color that has a chain attached to the opposite side, and around her neck is a white ribbon striped with a darker shade of her color and held by a rainbow flower. Fabric sticks out of the vests bottom to form a cape-like layer covering the skirt, which is a white and gold pleat with ruffled pieces of fabric sewn over and under it in the girls theme' colors. A chain hangs over the skirt, adorned by five flowers in each girls color'. Each girl gains white short boots with pale frilly socks in her color to match her glove detail, along with flower earrings and a single ribbon adorned by the same flower, with the exception of Aya, who gains two.



  1. Pastel✽Palettes Special Live ~Manmaru Oyamani Irodori Special☆~
  2. Pastel✽Palettes Sound Only Live "Flowerful✽"


  • Hina and Chisato appeared in the3rd episode of BanG Dream! 1st Season as guests in SPACE.
  • Maya was the only member who had experience with their instrument prior to the band's formation.
  • Originally, Pastel*Palettes was meant to only act as if they were playing their instruments live, as opposed to actually playing them. After an unfortunate incident and the possible termination of the group, the girls began to practice and actually play live to continue their dream of being top idols together.
  • All the members' colors are pastel colors themselves (Aya, Hina, Chisato, Maya, Eve).
  • In-universe, Pastel*Palettes have gotten so famous their songs are available in karaoke[1].

4★ Band

Stage Director T icon.png Assembling Sound T icon.png For Everyone T icon.png

Moment in the Sun T icon.png Special birthday! (Shirasagi Chisato) T icon.png

The One I Admire T icon.png Let the Party Begin! T icon.png Wrapped In The Sunrise T icon.png

A Night of Shooting Stars T icon.png Matching T-Shirts T icon.png Special birthday! (Hikawa Hina) T icon.png

First-Rate Hospitality T icon.png Happiness in Hand T icon.png Our Moment of Luxury T icon.png Intimate Umbrella T icon.png

Eureka! Treasure! T icon.png Mischievous Water Play T icon.png

Sleepover T icon.png Brimming with Light T icon.png On the Move T icon.png

Aya O' Lantern T icon.png There, Perfect! T icon.png

The One and Only Me T icon.png Tricky Devil T icon.png What is it, Tsugu-chan? T icon.png Little Gemini T icon.png

My Bushido! T icon.png Unbearable Fervor T icon.png Please, This Voice is T icon.png

A Brave Challenger T icon.png Ideals Versus Reality T icon.png Enjoy Yourself T icon.png The Preparations Are Perfect! T icon.png

My Confidante T icon.png Overwhelmed T icon.png Supporting Each Other T icon.png Into the Stage's Light T icon.png

Our Poster T icon.png Lightning Speed! T icon.png Laughing Together T icon.png

Join the Astronomy Club T icon.png Painful Parting T icon.png Hina-like Jackpot T icon.png

First-Time Mochi Maker T icon.png Still Got a Lot to Learn T icon.png Chandelier Road T icon.png

Serious Survivor T icon.png Let's Get Started! T icon.png Tempering Time☆ T icon.png

On the Path to Dreams T icon.png Lighten Your Heart T icon.png I've Got Kao-chan T icon.png Together With the Falling Cherry Blossoms T icon.png

An Idol that Inspires T icon.png Caressing the Water T icon.png With My Real Face T icon.png

Important Tanzaku T icon.png Boppidy Bop Boppin'♪ T icon.png Found The Sea Post☆ T icon.png The Path You Clear Through On Your Own T icon.png

Seaside Posing T icon.png My Dream Stage T icon.png

Anniversary Videos




【1st Anniversary Movie】 Part 3 ~ Pastel✽Palettes Version~




【2nd Anniversary Movie】 Part 3 ~ Pastel✽Palettes Version~


【3周年記念 振り返りムービー】第3弾〜Pastel*Palettes編〜

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