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Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Opening
New Song! With a Catch...

A Pastel✽Palettes television special has been scheduled!
Everyone is excited, but...


Pastel✽Palettes' Office

Aya: Good morning...! ... Huh? I'm the last one here? Wait, am I late?!
Eve: Good morning, Aya-san! I just got here too!
Chisato: The agency staff member isn't here yet, so you're okay, Aya-chan.
Hina: Hey, hey, so I got a message earlier. Did you guys get one too~? What did it say?
Chisato: I'm pretty sure all it said was, "We have an important announcement."
Maya: I got the same one.
Aya: So no one knows...?
Chisato: Right, we haven't heard the news yet.
Aya: Th-this whole, gathering without knowing why... It feels kind of like the time when Pastel✽Palettes was formed.
Aya: Wh-what if it's something bad~?
Hina: Hmmm... I think it'll be A-OK~.
Maya: What makes you think that?
Hina: No reason really. I just have a feeling... I sense something boppin' in our future!
Chisato: That's right. It's always better to think positively. We should all learn from Hina-chan.
Eve: Ah, the staff member is here!
Others: Hello everyone. Sorry I'm late. I want to get to the announcement right away since it's important.
Others: Rejoice! You girls will have your very own two-hour special! Airing on TV!
Aya: Huh...? What~?! A special?! O-on TV?!
Maya: Since it's airing on TV, that means a lot of people are going to see it, right...? J-just imagining it makes me nervous...
Hina: So I was right, it is something boppin'♪ Ehehe, I gotta tell Sis about it!
Chisato: ...
Eve: Uhm, excuse me... How does this "special" thing work?
Aya: It basically means they're going to be airing something specifically about us! Kind of like they made us our very own TV show~ ♪
Eve: A P-Pastel✽Palettes TV show?! Th-that's wonderful...!
Others: Wait, there's more! In conjunction with the special, it's been decided that a new song will also be planned for release!
Aya: A new song too?! Wahhh~, I can't believe it! I must be dreaming~!
Hina: Ahaha. Aya-chan, your eyes are looking watery~ ♪
Aya: I-it's just...
Maya: Huhehe... I know how you feel Aya-san. I'm a bit moved myself...
Eve: Two things to make us happy at once... It's like killing two birds with one stone, right?
Aya: Th-that doesn't seem quite the same... But anyway, this is amazing!
Chisato: It sure is. Having a new song released during the television special is perfect timing.
Chisato: So what will this special be about?
Others: You will all be on a deserted island while you try to complete various types of missions.
Others: If you're able to complete every mission, the new song will be released as a reward.
Aya: Huh?! W-wait... So that means if we're unable to complete them all, then there won't be a new song?!
Maya: A survival game where failure is not an option...
Eve: A deserted island... Will we all make it back okay...?
Aya: That's too brutal! I-it's a TV show! I'm sure we'll all be just fine! More importantly, I'm worried about the new song~!
Hina: Surviving on a deserted island, huh? Sounds really fun ♪ So, this is where the boppin' vibes were coming from.
Chisato: When will we start recording this special?
Others: In three days! During that time, we will be making preparations to go to the island.
Aya: What?! That soon?!
Chisato: (I see... Sounds like this ship has sailed... There's no way we can refuse at this point.)
Others: Here are the materials regarding the program planning and scheduling. Alright, make it a good one, you guys!
Maya: There's not much time left before we leave. We have to start getting ready right away...
Hina: Hey, uhh, can we bring snacks too~?
Chisato: Hina-chan, this isn't a field trip.
Eve: ... Ah! I might have seen this in a historical drama before... Is this "banishment"?
Maya: Eve-san... Two completely different things.
Chisato: A deserted island... Sigh... I'm sure there are a lot of bugs there...
Aya: I'm excited that we have our own special, but I wonder if we'll be able to complete all of the missions...
Aya: ... No, the release of a new song is on the line here! This is no time for doubt! Alright, girls! Let's give it our best shot!
Others: Yeah~!!

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Chapter 1
Could We Hold on a Sec?

The girls have arrived at the deserted island.
As soon as the cameras start rolling, Maya decides to make a suggestion.


Deserted Island - Sandy Beach

Hina: Wow~, the water is so beautiful~!
Hina: And there's no one here, so it feels like a Pastel✽Palettes private beach. Ehehe, I'm totally boppin' now ♪
Chisato: It seems that the only thing the staff members have prepared for us is water... It's up to us to figure out the rest...
Chisato: (The rule is that the staff will provide as little support as possible... This is a lot more like the real thing than I expected.)
Maya: We are definitely on a southern island... With this humidity, it's like the air and the heat are sticking to my skin.
Maya: ... Uh, Aya-san? You've been really fidgety. Is something wrong?
Aya: Ah-ahaha... Well, one of the staff members came to collect our cell phones, right? It's kind of unsettling to not have something you're always carrying.
Chisato: They did say we can only bring one personal item each.
Eve: What did you bring, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I brought a soft blanket. For when we sit on a hard floor or when we take breaks... I thought it might be useful.
Hina: I brought a picture of my big sister! No matter where I am, as long as I have this, I can sleep like a baby ♪
Maya: A-ahaha... You really love Sayo-san, don't you?
Aya: So... We're on the deserted island, but now what should we do?
Maya: We're supposed to complete missions prepared by the staff, right?
Eve: Complete missions... Like trying to stop a sword with your hands, for example?
Aya: Huh?! Th-that's probably too dangerous, no? What if you fail...?!
Chisato: The missions probably won't be that crazy, but we should still be ready.
Aya: O-of course! There's no way we would do something like that...
Aya: Okay! Let's survive and return home in one piece!
Hina: And let's do everything we can to get that new song released! I know I'll be doing my very best!
Others: ...
Aya: ... Wh-what? What's wrong, you guys?
Chisato: ... Nothing. Aya-chan, you don't need to work so hard. You should... try not to overdo it, okay?
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan...? What's that supposed to mean?
Hina: Uhh... Well, Aya-chan... Uhm, you're just kinda, you know...
Aya: I-I know what?
Maya: Aya-san, if you need anything, definitely let me know! No matter what happens, I'll be sure to help you out!
Eve: Me too! If something happens, I can protect you with my wooden sword!
Hina: So you brought a wooden sword with you, Eve-chan? That's so cool!
Eve: I did! Because a sword is a warrior's very being!
Chisato: A wooden sword...? I mean, that is fitting for you, Eve-chan, but...
Chisato: Anyway, let's give Aya-chan all the support she needs. No letting her strain herself.
Others: Yeah!
Aya: G-guys... I'm happy you want to protect me, but... I-I'm not sure how I feel about this~!!
Chisato: ... Oh, all of the staff have gathered. It seems like we're about to start filming, but could you maybe explain in a little more detail what we'll actually be doing?
Others: We'll explain whatever you need to know as we go!
Chisato: (Th-that just seems irresponsible... I'm not so sure about this planning...)
Others: Alright... Action! The camera's rolling!
Others: Good afternoon, girls of Pastel✽Palettes! Let's jump right in with your first mission!
Maya: Could we hold on for a second? I was hoping you guys would let us make one quick round before the missions. I'd like to get a feel for the size of the island.
Aya: Does that mean we'll be entering the forest...? I-is that okay? What if something jumps out at us...?
Maya: Yeah, there might be some dangers along the way, but that gives us even more reason to look. I think it's important that we know where those dangerous areas are ahead of time.
Maya: It's even possible that this coast is the most dangerous place on the island.
Chisato: I see... So we can make the most out of each area, right?
Hina: I'm all for it. After all, taking a walk with you guys is sure to be fun ♪
Chisato: Alright, why don't we go with Maya-chan's plan and make a trip around the island?
Chisato: (... Hm? The staff members are being weird.)
Others: Hey... Is this okay? According to the script, the first mission is an investigation of the island...
Others: That's alright, we'll do some edits and make it work somehow. That Maya girl is impressive though, being able to think so calmly in a situation like this.
Chisato: (Looks like they already had that planned and Maya-chan beat them to the punch.)
Maya: Okay then, let's be sure to stay out of direct sunlight as we cross through the forest. Getting hit by such strong rays can really drain your energy.

Deserted Island - Forest

Maya: ... With that, we've circled the island once. There's doesn't seem to be any particularly dangerous areas, which is nice. Alright, why don't we start moving toward the center?
Aya: Mhm, okay! ...Huh? Look, guys! I see something!
Maya: Is that... a cabin? Let's search the inside. If it's safe, we can make that our base.
Hina: Okay, here goes! I'm first! Woo~!
Aya: Wah, Hina-chan! Don't go too far ahead! It's dangerous! W-wait~!!

Deserted Island - Cabin

Chisato: A little dusty, but doesn't seem dangerous. There are even chairs and a table still... I wonder if someone was living here.
Eve: Just like Maya-san said, it looks like we can make this our base!
Maya: Yep, that's right. Okay everyone, let's take a short break and decide what to do nex-
Others: Okay! Cut!!
Maya: Huh?
Others: (Wouldn't want her jumping the gun again...)
Others: The moment you've all been waiting for! Your very first mission!

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Chapter 2
Mission Start!

Their first mission begins! Everyone tries to convince Aya
that it would be better for her to take on the standby role, but...


Deserted Island - Cabin

Others: Alright, here's your first mission!
Aya: Huh?! We only just go to the cabin!
Others: Okay, I'll read it to you. The first mission is to gather food on your own!
Chisato: (They're really into this. The last time, Maya-chan took the words right out of their mouths, so I imagine they're feeling relieved.)
Eve: Gather food...? So like "starvation tactics"!
Chisato: Eve-chan, I don't think that's what people mean when they say that.
Chisato: More importantly... It's as I thought. Seems like we'll have to gather everything that's not water by ourselves.
Aya: Heh heh heh~, don't you worry, guys! If we're gathering food, the reference book I brought should come in handy!
Maya: Aya-san, can I take a look at that...? ... Whoa, this is amazing! It explains so clearly what you can and can't eat!
Eve: That's Aya-san for ya!
Hina: Yo, Aya-chan! Nice job~♪
Aya: Ehehe, I'm glad I could help!
Maya: Alright, why don't we decide on who will be taking this book with them to collect food?
Hina: Why aren't we all going? Wouldn't that be more fun?
Aya: Yeah! And we'll find a lot more food that way.
Maya: That may be true, but... we've all only just arrived here.
Maya: In other words, we're unfamiliar with this place... If we all go out under those circumstances and run into trouble, we'll be unable to complete our mission.
Maya: Which is why I think we should split up into a search team and a standby team before we do anything... I believe that would give us a higher survival rate.
Hina: Whoa~, that makes so much sense!
Aya: Trouble... Survival rate... M-mhm, makes sense to me too...
Eve: Maya-san... What happens if we get separated while we're looking for food...?
Hina: We can send a smoke signal, right? Not that I know how to make a fire!
Maya: If that happens, there are many different things you can do, like staying in one place and yelling for help. I'll teach you guys later.
Eve: Thank you!
Chisato: (Trouble...? I think everyone's completely forgotten that there's a film crew here...)
Aya: Okay, then let's split into teams and get looking already! Who should be on standby?
Hina: Hmm, let's see~... I think you should stay here, Aya-chan. Just a hunch.
Aya: What?! Why?! I can search!
Chisato: In that case, why don't I stay here with Aya-chan? It'd be really concerning if something happened to her.
Eve: Aya-san, we'll bring back tons of food! I hope you're excited!
Aya: Wh-why do I get the feeling that everyone's already decided that I'll be staying?
Maya: Everyone really cares about you, so we're worried. We just want you to sit back and believe in us, okay?
Aya: N-ngh... This is like when we were walking around the island... I'm not sure how I feel about this~!

Deserted Island - Forest

Hina: Hmhmhmm~♪ ...?! I just felt a boppin' vibe coming from over here! I can sense it... There's definitely food in this direction!
Eve: H-Hina-san! Don't go too far or we'll lose you!
Hina: It's fine, don't worry! ... Ah! This tree has a weird shape! Maya-chan~! How's this one?
Maya: Oh! That one's good. Just gotta take this, and... there.
Maya: It's a good thing we brought this knife. It's so easy to mark the trees with.
Eve: Maya-san, you've been putting marks on trees that stand out. Why is that?
Maya: Well, I thought if I did this, and we can't figure out where the cabin is, by looking at these marks, we'd be able to get a little closer to it...
Eve: Oh, I see! That's amazing, Maya-san! You're thinking so far ahead...
Hina: Mhm, mhm. She sure is~. Could it be? You're actually an experienced survivalist?
Maya: No no, no way! I don't have that kind of experience!
Maya: It's just that normally, if I'm going somewhere for the first time, I take note of unique landmarks so that I don't get lost on my way back. All I'm doing is putting that same idea into practice.
Eve: But I still think it's amazing that could apply that when you're on a deserted island!
Hina: ... Hm? What's that? Hey hey, look at that tree! Isn't there something round and boppin' over there?
Eve: ... Ah, there is! That's definitely a fruit!
Hina: Right?
Maya: Hold on a second! Let me check the reference book to see if it's edible!
Maya: ... Hmm, a round fruit with a reddish-pink color... right?
Maya: ... Oh~! Looks like we can eat it! And it's supposed to be tasty!
Eve: We did it! We just have to pick these fruits, and it's mission complete!
Hina: Yay~!
Eve: The other two are waiting for us! Let's bring them back a bunch!
Others: Yeah!

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Chapter 3
Which Way is South?!

The missions just keep on coming. On the surface,
everything seems to be going smoothly, but...


Deserted Island - Cabin

Hina: You guys, we're back~! We brought lots of food~!
Eve: Aya-san, Chisato-san, look! We have so many of this fruit! It looks tasty!
Chisato: Ahh... Welcome back. I'm glad you're all okay.
Aya: Mhm, me too...
Maya: Did something happen to you two? You look exhausted...
Chisato: We're okay. It's nothing.
Maya: R-really? If you say so...
Chisato: More importantly, did everything go as planned? You didn't get lost on your way back?
Eve: Actually, thanks to Maya-san, we had no problem at all!
Hina: Mhm! Maya-chan was our star player!
Maya: N-no need to exaggerate so much. It was no big deal...
Aya: Wahhh~, I wanna hear about it! Tell me! What did she do?
Chisato: I'm interested as well. However, I'm sure you're all very tired, seeing as you just got back. Why don't we eat while we talk?
Eve: Yeah! Let's eat! After all, they do say, "An army marches on its stomach"!
Maya: Ah-ahaha... This is kind of embarrassing...
Aya: All done! The fruits were great! Maya-chan, Hina-chan, Eve-chan, thank you so much!
Maya: No problem! We're glad we could help! I hope our next mission can go as moothly as the last one though...
Eve: Ah, here comes the staff member!
Others: Girls, congratulations on completing your first mission. Let's keep moving forward. Here's the next one.
Others: Your second mission is... to search for the Flower Field of Illusions!
Aya: Flower Field of Illusions? H-hmm... I wonder where that could be. This island is really big. I'm not sure we'll be able to find it.
Hina: Okay~!! Hint, please~!!
Others: Let's see... Okay, as a reward for clearing your first mission, I will give you one hint. If you're looking toward it from this room, you'd be facing south.
Maya: South...
Chisato: So first we have to figure out which direction is which.
Hina: I think south is that way! That's what my gut says!
Chisato: I trust your gut, but we should make sure to think about this carefully. If we make a mistake, it'd be a huge waste of time and we could end up running into trouble.
Maya: ... Let's start by going outside. We might be able to find a clue out there.

Deserted Island - Forest

Aya: Uhm, so the sun rises from the east, right? Oh, but we don't know what time it is, and it's right above us. There's no way to tell which direction it came from...
Eve: Maya-san! Do you have any ideas?
Maya: Before we started recording, I took a brief look at methods for figuring out which direction is which using a watch, but...
Chisato: You don't have the watch necessary for those methods...
Maya: Right, I didn't imagine they would take that too...
Hina: Hmm... It would have been so much easier if we just wrote 'south' or 'west' or something on the trees...
Maya: ... Hm? South... on the trees? Trees... South... Ah!
Aya: M-Maya-chan? Why are you sitting down...?
Maya: I just wanted to check the base of this tree...
Chisato: The base? I'm pretty sure the only thing there is moss, though...
Maya: Yep, that's exactly what I was looking for... Having a lot of moss growing at the base of a tree means that sunlight doesn't really reach the area, right?
Maya: And if there's no sun coming from that direction, that must mean that it's most likely to be north.
Maya: However, just a few patches here and there could be a coincidence. If you guys could help me search for moss, we could get a much clearer picture of which direction is which.
Others: ...
Maya: Y-you guys, is everything okay? Did I say something wrong...?
Aya: Th-that's amazing, Maya-chan!
Maya: Huh...?
Chisato: Yeah, it really is. I would have never thought of a method like that on my own.
Eve: Nothing less from the Pastel✽Palettes survival master! This is when we say "You're in a class of your own!" Right?
Maya: I-it's no big deal, really...
Hina: Alright, you heard the girl! Let's get to it already! Beginning the hunt for moss~!
Aya: We've pretty much checked all of the trees in this area!
Hina: So did you figure out which way is south?
Maya: Yes. Taking all of the moss you all found into consideration... south should be in this direction!
Chisato: (The staff members all seem uneasy. South must really be this way.)
Hina: You're so amazing, Maya-chan~. I'm pretty good at remembering all kinds of things, but I can't do something like read a map all~.
Chisato: She sure is. I'm glad you're here with us, Maya-chan ♪
Chisato: (Though, with things going so smoothly, this might not make for good TV... But we haven't broken any rules, so no need to worry too much ♪)

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Chapter 4
Not Allowed to Give Up!

The girls arrive at a suspension bridge.
Just when Aya seems down and out, a certain someone comes to the rescue!


Deserted Island - Suspension Bridge

Hina: We sure did a lot of climbing to get here... Wah, look! Look, you guys! There's a really long bridge!
Maya: Whoa~, it seems like the only way to get to the other side is to cross this bridge or go down and cross the river.
Aya: But going down means we'd have to climb back up, right? That might be a bit much...
Chisato: In that case, this bridge is the only way.
Eve: C-cross this... bridge... Gulp...
Maya: I see. Just looking at it, it's been made to be very sturdy, but each plank has a large gap between them. This is a really scary bridge to walk on...
Aya: Y-you can see the river if you look through the holes...! A-actually, maybe we should look for another way...
Maya: It does look kind of dangerous. Alright, then why don't we start lookin-
Others: Wait, hold on a second! That would be bad! We know, for sure, that the flower field is right across from here!
Chisato: What exactly would be bad...?
Others: Uh-uhm...L-let's start the next mission!
Aya: Next mission...? R-right here?! Also we're already in the middle of the mission to find the field...!
Others: Uhh, well... This is a special mission! This mission is for you all to cross the suspension bridge together!
Aya: I-I knew it...!!
Chisato: (Judging from their behavior, it looks like the staff members did an emergency rewrite to the missions. They must need something more exciting to broadcast.)
Hina: Wahhh~, it'll be fine! This looks like so much fun! Come on, Aya-chan! Hurry~!
Aya: W-wait, Hina-chan! Stop pulling my arm~!
Hina: Why~? Don't worry, let's just cross~!
Aya: I-I'm not mentally prepared yet...
Hina: No need for mental preparation ♪ All we're doing is crossing a bridge~. C'mon, c'mon, Aya-chan! Go~! Go~!
Aya: H-Hina-chan! Hold on! No~!!
Hina: Wow wow wow! This is awesome! Aya-chan, look! The river looks so small from up here!
Aya: ... S-sorry... You're gonna have to look for me...
Aya: ... Whoa! K-kya~!! I-it's swing~ing~ so~ much~!!
Hina: Ahahahaha~! You just jump a little bit and look how much this bridge rocks~♪
Aya: S-stop it~!! Hina-chan! Don't do that! No~ Stop~!!
Hina: Don't do it? Aw~, why not~?
Aya: ... Don't. Just don't... B-besides, the others are still... walking behind us...
Chisato: H-Hina-chan, please! Stop with the swinging...!
Eve: Mind over matter. Namu Amida Butsu... Mind over matter. Namu Amida Butsu...
Maya: Eve-san... Not only are you using that wrong, it's really bad luck...!
Hina: Hmm... Yeah~, I'm pretty sure it's more boppin' when the bridge is swinging, isn't it?
Aya: Eek~!! H-Hina-chan!!
Aya: This... is th-the end... for me... I don't think... I can move... anymore...
Aya: Ohh~ it's so scary... I-I'm sorry, you guys...
Maya: A-Aya-san...! Are you okay?
Aya: This mission... I just can't...
Maya: N-no...! Aya-san, you're not allowed to give up!
Aya: ... Huh?
Maya: Sorry, Eve-san. I'm gonna go ahead!
Aya: M-Maya...chan...?
Maya: Pull yourself together! You can't stop here!
Maya: Aya-san, think about how many difficult and seemingly impossible roads you've had to travel just to get to where you are now! You never gave up then, did you?
Maya: If you stop now, you'll be undoing everything you've done as an idol!
Maya: Hold on to my arm! If you can't do it alone, I'll be there to back you up. I won't let things end here for you! Not in a place like this!
Aya: M-Maya-chan... Y-yeah, you're right! Not giving up, no matter the situation, is who Aya Maruyama is! Thank you... I'll do my best!
Maya: Alright! Let's travel this road together!
Others: ... Sh-she's so intense.

10 Minutes Later

Aya: Huff... Huff... Huff... I-I did it... I crossed the bridge~!
Maya: Good job, Aya-san!
Aya: It's because of you Maya-chan! Thank you so much!
Eve: Your words made me feel brave too, Maya-chan, so I was able to cross the bridge as well!
Chisato: You had so much spirit.
Hina: Hey hey, Aya-chan. You got all red when Maya-chan came along. Why's that?
Aya: Huh?! R-really?! Maybe it's just because I thought she was so cool in that moment... My heart wouldn't stop beating...
Hina: Couldn't that... have been because of the bridge?
Maya: Ahaha... It all happened so quickly, so I don't really remember much... But it seems like I was able to help, so that's good.
Maya: The truth is that I don't actually like heights either... So I'm glad we were able to clear that mission.
Aya: What?! Really? I didn't get that sense at all~!
Maya: I-It's just... I was desperate to get across too!
Maya: Ugh, I was so scared~!! Hina-san, you were doing way too much swinging!!
Hina: Oh, was I~? Sorry, sorry~.
Aya: That's surprising thought, right? To think Maya-chan is afraid of heights.
Chisato: Just for the record, what is it you're afraid of, Aya-chan?
Aya: Uh-uhm... When we... actually have to perform...
Others: ... Ohh~...

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Chapter 5
Shouting from the Mountaintop

Now that the members of Pastel✽Palettes have made it to the
Flower Field in one piece, the last mission is ready to be announced.


Deserted Island - Flower Field

Aya: Huff... Huff... Huf... W-we finally made it!
Aya: ... Huh? You guys... Look... This view...
Eve: Wow... The flower petals are dancing... Kind of like kabuki theater! This is the flower field we had to find, right?
Hina: It really is~♪ Everywhere you look, flowers, flowers and more flowers! Things are totally boppidy boppin' now ♪
Chisato: Fufu, just looking at the wonderful scenery makes all of the exhaustion we felt up until now disappear, doesn't it ♪
Maya: Yep! I feel like I'm not tired at all anymore!
Aya: Could it be that... we worked so hard to get here that we're seeing the view as being even more amazing than it is?
Eve: I don't think so! I think it really is just that beautiful!
Others: Girls, good work! You all did a great job getting here! This is the mission finish line.
Chisato: This is the finish line? In other words, you mean...
Aya: Are you saying we cleared all of the missions?!
Others: Yes! Congratulations!
Aya: R-really?! Yay~!!
Eve: We did it! We all made it out in one piece! Chisato-san, Hina-san, Maya-san! Be happier! Rejoice!
Maya: ... Sigh... More so than being happy, I feel extremely relieved...
Hina: Aww, we're already done~? I wanted to do more adventuring~.
Chisato: More importantly, the missions we completed were gathering food, crossing a bridge and looking for a flower field...
Chisato: I feel like that's a pretty short list...
Others: Well, actually...

Aya: What?! So there were a lot more missions, but Maya-chan kept on completing them before you could announce them?!
Others: Right. We consulted an outdoors specialist to prepare the missions, but Maya-san continued beating us to the punch. Not to mention how naturally she did it. It blew our minds...
Maya: Oh, r-really...? Sorry, I feel kinda bad... I'm still just an amateur, so I don't really have a great sense of what you guys are thinking...
Others: No no, no need! At first, we were nervous that the special wouldn't be very successful, but your actions and ability to be decisive in the moment were outstanding!
Aya: I think so too! Maya-chan is really dependable! And you were so cool~♪
Maya: N-no... I certainly was not...
Eve: Wah! Such humility... Maya-san, your very soul is filled with the spirit of bushido!
Chisato: All of your decision making was very helpful, Maya-chan.
Hina: Mhm, mhm! It was like... you were more boppin' than usual!
Maya: Ah... w-was I? Ehehe, I'm happy I could help you all with something that's not band related.
Aya: ... Ah! Ahh~!! Oh yeah!
Maya: Wh-what's wrong, Aya-san?! Why are you yelling?
Aya: The new song! Our new song!
Maya: ... New song...? Ah! That's right!
Aya: The rule was that if we completed all of the missions on this island, our new song would be released! I completely forgot, with how stressful the missions were and all...
Aya: But now that they're completed...
Others: Indeed! Just as promised, we will be releasing your new song!
Aya: Y-yay~!!
Maya: Aya-san! Isn't that great?! We did it! And we can be happy about it together!
Eve: Th-this is amazing! I feel like I'm dreaming!
Hina: Ahaha ♪ This is so exciting! Right, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Fufu, looks like all of our hard work paid off.
Others: ... Well, I'd like to leave it at that, but~...
Aya: ... B-but what?!
Others: I'd like to share with you all your final special mission!
Aya: S-special mission?!
Maya: W-we weren't told anything about this!
Others: Right, that's because we just decided on it!
Eve: Huh, just now?!
Others: The mission is... let everyone know about your CD by shouting from the mountaintop!
Chisato: Shouting... from the mountaintop?
Others: Yes! We only need one person who will scream at the top of their lungs. Make sure you yell as loudly as possible, okay?
Maya: I just imagined someone yelling all by themselves... Seems pretty embarrassing. So if we're going to send one person...
Hina: At times like this, the answer is obvious... right?
Aya: ... Huh?! Why is everyone looking at me?!
Others: You can do it! We're counting on you! Please and thank you!
Aya: What~?!?! M-me~?!

Deserted Island - Mountaintop

Others: Alright, Aya Maruyama-san! We're rolling in 3, 2, 1...
Aya: P-Pastel✽Palettes' new CD, coming soon~!! Yay~!! I hope you're all looking forward to it~!!

Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols Event Story - Ending
A Laugh From the Past

The girls watch the TV special and look back on that day.
They can't help but wonder what the fans have to say...


Pastel✽Palettes' Office

Others: Pastel✽Palettes' new CD, coming soon~!! Yay~!! I hope you're all looking forward to it~!!
Others: And with that, the girls of Pastel✽Palettes were able to complete all of their missions and release their new song. Next up on our list of specials is...
Aya: ... That was so good~!
Eve: They caught a lot of good shots of you playing a big role, Maya-san!
Aya: Mhm, mhm ♪ ... Ah, that's right! I was thinking I would look online to see what everyone thought after seeing you on there, Maya-chan!
Maya: They weren't paying me any mind.
Chisato: I'm pretty sure they were. Like the person who wrote this: "My image of Maya has always been her saying 'huhehe', but she really comes through when she needs to."
Aya: Yeah, and this one: "You know, she was really serious during the special and didn't really say 'huhehe'. The cool expression she was making was really cute too!"
Hina: Hmhmm~♪ It looks like everyone has started to understand what makes Maya-chan charming.
Maya: I-it can't just be all about me... What are people writing about you guys?
Hina: Uhh... Ah, I found a post about Hina-san: "I thought it was fun to watch everyone freak out when Hina-chan was swinging the bridge back and forth."
Hina: Wahhh~! I was fun~!
Chisato: We were all actually scared though...
Aya: "I didn't even mean to, but I laughed when I saw Aya-chan yelling from the mountaintop lol"... I-I'm just gonna pretend I never saw that!
Eve: B-but your announcement was so full of life!
Chisato: I could tell Aya-chan was doing her best on that mountaintop, but I couldn't tell what she was saying at all. All I could do was laugh.
Aya: I-I'll keep doing my best...
Aya: "It was super cute when Eve-chan was standing tall with her wooden sword with that smile on her face!" Fufu, I get what they mean!
Eve: That means I was able to convey the spirit of bushido to everyone!
Aya: Next up is Chisato-chan! "It was interesting to watch Chisato-chan so casually brush off those intense missions."
Hina: Is that what she was doing?
Aya: But, just as we thought, most posts and impressions are about Maya-chan!
Eve: I think that was to be expected! Without Maya-san, we might not have even been able to complete the missions!
Chisato: Yeah, that's right.
Maya: ...
Eve: It was all thanks to you that we did so well! Thank you so much!
Eve: Now for a hug of appreciation ♪
Maya: Wah! Eve-san! You can't just hug me like that... It's embarrassing...
Chisato: That reminds me. You're supposed to get an offer to make a guest appearance on a game show.
Aya: That's amazing! Maya-chan, you did it!
Maya: Wh-what?! You mean me? Wh-what do I do...?
Eve: You're Maya-san! You'll be okay!
Chisato: That's right. Just be confident, and you'll be a hit.
Hina: And if you'll be appearing on TV. Pastel✽Palettes will become much more popular as well.
Maya: Pastel✽Palettes, too...?
Maya: That makes me happy... Since I'm able to help you all out in a way that's unrelated to playing the drums... H-huhehe...
Hina: Ah~! There it is! Maya-chan's "huhehe"! I feel like it's been forever since I've heard it!
Maya: S-sorry. I know I was told not to, but it just slipped...
Aya: What~? No need to worry about that! I think the cool Maya-chan and the cute Maya-chan that we always have around are both totally fine!
Chisato: Yeah. Without realizing, I've become comfortable with it.
Maya: Oh, r-really...? Huhehe, thanks.

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