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The agency moves to disband the group and the girls must rethink their dreams.
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Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 1
Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True

The members of Pastel✽Palettes are busier than ever.
What will happen when news of a new event comes their way?

Talent Agency
Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Good morning!
Teacher: Good morning, Maruyama-san.
Aya: Hello! ... Hm? Is it just me again today?
Teacher: Yamato-san will be here in an hour. We just can't seem to find a good time for you girls to rehearse together. Until then, you'll have to keep practicing individually whenever you're free.
Aya: G-got it!
Aya: (Sigh... I want to see everyone so badly~. Still, if they're working hard, I should be too!)
Others: Are you ready? Let's begin!
Aya: Okay~!

One Hour Later
Break Time

Maya: Good morning~! Sorry I'm late!
Aya: Maya-chan~!! It's so good to see you~!!
Maya: Whoa! Wh-what's gotten into you?!
Aya: It's just been a while since I've gotten to practice with anyone...
Maya: You're right. Not only are we getting a lot more work as a band, but lately we've started getting solo projects as well.
Aya: What did you have going on today, Maya-chan?
Maya: A promotion event for a music store. Sigh~... I was so anxious... Being alone makes everything five times more nerve-wrecking.
Aya: I'm sure you did great, Maya-chan! I'll have to work extra hard so I can get more independent work too...!
Maya: That's the spirit...! Although, I'm a little worried about rehearsals for our joint concert coming up, if we're being honest...
Aya: I know what you mean... We didn't even know about this event until recently.

Several Days Earlier
Talent Agency

Hina: An idol event?
Staff: Yes! We just got an offer for Pastel✽Palettes to perform. It's kind of short notice...
Aya: "Idol Festival♪"?! I know this event! Ayumi-san performed here before...!
Eve: You mean the same Ayumi-san you idolize so much, Aya-san?
Aya: Yup! She may have quit being an idol, but my dream is to become an even greater idol than Ayumi-san was!
Chisato: You even promised her you'd surpass her in person, didn't you? I'm sure you can do it... However...
Maya: Our schedule's already busy as it is... We'd probably have to practice in between all our other projects. Is that the idea?
Staff: Correct. Don't worry, we'll give you plenty of time to practice. However, you won't have as much time for group rehearsals...
Hina: Hm? It also says here that you want to promote our new single... Does that mean we're getting a new song?
Staff: Yes. An event this large could really work in our favor in terms of promotion... What do you girls think? Are you interested?
Chisato: I'm not sure... Especially considering the practice arrangement...
Hina: It's just one song, so no big deal, right? Just rehearsing the songs we already have is boring anyways.
Eve: Events like this don't happen every day. This is our chance to challenge ourselves! Let's give it everything we've got.
Hina: Exactly~. We should at least try. Right, Chisato-chan?!
Chisato: I-I suppose you're right... We might as well give it a shot, and see where it goes from there.

Aya: Well, we've already decided to participate, so we'll just have to push through, no matter what!
Maya: You're right. If Eve-san was here, she'd tell us "A warrior never goes back on their word."
Aya: Ahaha, yeah! Totally! Okay~! Talking to you has made me feel better! I'm going to do my best!
Maya: Yeah! And I'll be right there with you!
Aya: (This is my chance to stand on the same stage as that Ayumi-san did...! I knew it. If you work hard, dreams really do come true!)
Aya: (The rest of Pastel✽Palettes and I are going to put on the best show ever!)
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 2
Is Being Busy Good?

Everyone gathers for the first time in a while.
But their ideas about their job don't quite match...

Talent Agency
Rehearsal Studio

Hina: Good morning~! Oh, everyone's here~!
Eve: Hina-san~! Good morning!
Hina: Whoa! Ahaha, it's Eve-chan's super-sized, special hug~! How are you?!
Chisato: It's only been a few days, but it feels like it's been ages since we've seen each other.
Aya: I know! I'm so glad we were all able to make it for practice today.
Maya: Alright, everyone's here, so let's get started!

After Practice

Maya: Phew...! Looks like we have our existing songs down.
Chisato: Yes. Considering this is our first practice together in a while, I'd say we're doing just fine.
Chisato: The problem is the new song... With our schedules the way they are, I'm not sure we'll have time to perfect it as a group.
Eve: Are you worried, Chisato-san?
Chisato: Y-yes... Although I suppose there's no use fretting over something that doesn't exist. We'll just have to focus on our current line up.
Hina: Yeah! What's the point of worrying about stuff we don't have?! Ah, do you guys have anything planned after this?
Aya: Not particularly, no.
Chisato: I'm also done for today.
Hina: Yahoo~! Then let's go somewhere for tea and coffee! I miss talking to you guys. I've been so bored~.
Eve: That sounds fun! I want to talk with everyone too!

Hazawa Coffee

Maya: Oh~! You look so heroic here, Eve-san.
Eve: I can't believe I'm actually in my beloved Bushido Monthly! It's a dream come true~.
Aya: You look so happy in these pictures from your interview! I'm glad you had fun.
Chisato: What's this...? "Being in Pastel✽Palettes has helped me refine my bushido spirit."
Eve: Yes! If I hadn't joined Pastel✽Palettes, my bushido wouldn't be anywhere near the level it is today.
Hina: Ahaha. That's so Eve-chan! It's all about working on that spirit of yours!
Eve: Once I've perfected my bushido, I'd like to be in a historical drama!
Aya: Maya-chan, you and Hina-chan were on the cover of a music magazine, right? That's so cool~.
Maya: It's nothing special~... When the photographers came to take pictures of me practicing, they were surprised that I wear glasses.
Chisato: That makes sense. You're always wearing contacts on stage.
Maya: Yeah. I think this was the first time I've ever had my picture taken with glasses on. I actually felt kind of relaxed. Huhehe...
Aya: I've been practicing by myself a lot lately... Honestly, I've really missed you guys...
Aya: You're all doing so many interesting things though. I can't be sad about that!
Aya: After all, it's good to be busy. I have to work hard too.
Eve: That's true, but it's still very lonely...
Maya: Plus, it's nerve-wracking being by yourself, isn't it? I always wonder if I'm doing a good job as an idol.
Chisato: On the other hand, you might discover something that you wouldn't normally notice as part of a group. I'm sure you're anxious, but this is a great opportunity for growth.
Maya: That's true. Every job is a chance to learn something valuable. We have to try to take it all in.
Hina: Chisato-chan, don't you think doing stuff with Pastel✽Palettes is better though? Isn't it more fun with everyone around?
Chisato: It's not a matter of which is more fun. I'm just grateful that we're all getting lots of new opportunities.
Hina: Hm~, yeah, I don't get it. I just like being in Pastel✽Palettes. I don't really care about getting work.
Chisato: ... Oh? It looks like the talent agency is calling. You'll have to excuse me.
Aya: Chisato-chan sure is busy...
Hina: Hey, Aya-chan, you like being in Pastel✽Palettes, right?
Aya: Y-yeah, of course I do. But I would like to get more solo work too.
Hina: Hmm~...
Hina: Whatever, I guess that's fine. You and I are different people. Same goes for Chisato-chan.
Maya: Hina-san...

Chisato: yes, this is Chisato Shirasagi speaking... Yes...
Chisato: ... A movie offer...? For me...?
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 3
Aya's Dream

Chisato has received an offer for a movie, while Aya receives an offer of her own...

Talent Agency

Chisato: Good morning.
Staff: Good morning. Thank you for coming out on such short notice.
Chisato: Not at all. Now, can you tell me more about this movie offer...?
Staff: Of course. Here is the project outline. Take a look.
Chisato: This is...!
Staff: It seems they've seen your previous work and were impressed. They've specifically requested you by name. It's a supporting character role, but they play a major part in the story.´
Chisato: This filming schedule... It overlaps with a lot of our band practices for the idol event.
Staff: That's right... We need to consider your health here as well. Either one of these jobs will be difficult enough on their own.
Staff: We'll either need to have someone take your place at the event, or decrease the number of songs you'll be performing.
Chisato: ...
Staff: We believe this would be an amazing opportunity for you and your career. How about it, Chisato-san? Will you do it?
Chisato: ... May I have some time to think it over?
Staff: Of course. Please take your time.


Chisato: ... Sigh.
Chisato: (If I consider my personal career, I should absolutely take this job...)
Chisato: (But I couldn't give them an answer right away. There's still—)
Aya: Chisato-chan~!
Chisato: Aya-chan, it's good to see you. What are you doing here?
Aya: Nice to see you too! I'm here because I've got an interview and photoshoot today~.
Chisato: Oh? A solo project?
Aya: Yup, that's right. I got a call from the talent agency on my way home from the café the other day!
Aya: I thought up all sorts of possible questions and answers to prepare... I just hope I'll be able to actually say them.
Chisato: You'll be fine. I'm sure of it.
Aya: Chisato-chan... Is everything okay? You look kind of down.
Chisato: Huh? Do I?
Aya: That's right, you got a call from the talent agency at the café too. Did something happen?
Chisato: N-no. It wasn't anything major. Just a normal call. Well then, good luck, Aya-chan.
Aya: Yeah, thanks! See you later!
Chisato: (... For Aya-chan to notice something's wrong, I really must seem off. How careless of me.)

Talent Agency

Aya: Good morning! Thank you for having me today!
Photo Crew Member: Thank you for coming, Maruyama-san. Now then, shall we begin with the interview?
Aya: S-sure! Let's get started!

Photo Crew Member: ... Alright, that brings us to our next question. Going forward, what kind of idol would you like to become?
Aya: Uhm... Well... I-I'd like to continue working hard as a member of Pastel✽Palettes!
Photo Crew Member: I see. Is there anybody you look up to in general?
Aya: Yes! The whole reason I entered the idol world was because of my love for Marmalade's Ayumi-san. When Marmalade broke up, I made a promise to her...
Aya: I will become an even greater idol than Ayumi-san! That's my dream!
Photo Crew Member: I see. So you want to surpass Ayumi-san, correct? What do you think you need to do in order to achieve your goal?
Aya: What do I need to do... W-well, you see... Uhm...
Photo Crew Member: Is that, perhaps, your first goal? Finding out what you need to do?
Aya: Y-yes! That's it... I think! I want to work hard and someday become someone who can surpass her!
Photo Crew Member: Alright, that's a wrap! Thank you for your time. The photoshoot is next, so please move to the makeup station...

After the Photoshoot
Station Entrance

Aya: ... "I did something new at work today!" ... And send.
Aya: ... Sigh~...
Aya: (I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot, but... I didn't do so great at that interview. My answers were terrible.)
Aya: Looks like I've got a lot to think about once I get home~...
Aya: (How am I going to surpass Ayumi-san? I have to find the answer to that too!)
Aya: Alrighty~!
Aya: I've got this~!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 4
Shadows of Unrest

Everyone grows anxious about not being able to spend time together...

Photo Shoot

Maya: Alright, we'll be on our way then. Thank you again for having us!
Hina: Thank you~.
Maya: Great work today, Hina-san!
Hina: You too~. Sigh~. It's always so nice working with you, Maya-chan~.
Maya: Ahaha, really? But now that you mention it, we have been working with each other a lot, haven't we?
Maya: I suppose it's only natural that we'd spend more time together then...
Hina: Oh, yeah. Being by myself is always so boring, so having you there really helps me out~.
Eve: Hina-san~! Maya-san~!
Hina: Oh! Eve-chan! How are you? Are you finishing up too?
Eve: Yes! I'm on my way to rehearse for the idol event! Are you two coming?
Maya: Yup! Maybe all five of us will be there today?
Hina: Hm~, I don't know. I might head home actually.
Maya: I can understand that. There's no point in overworking yourself. Besides, you're the type who doesn't really need the practice in the first place.
Eve: Hina-san, you're really not coming...?
Maya: Hey now, don't be like that, Eve-san... Everyone's busy with their own work, we don't want them to overdo it.
Eve: I know, but... it still makes me feel lonely...
Hina: Uhm~, how do I put this? Recently practice has been so boring. I'd rather just go home instead.
Maya: Is it because we haven't been able to get everyone together?
Hina: Hmm~, maybe? I don't really know myself.
Eve: Then if we're all together, you'll have all sorts of fun! Isn't that right, Hina-san?!
Maya: Calm down, Eve-san... Ah, a message from Chisato-san... Looks like she can't make it today.
Eve: I see...
Hina: Alright, then I'm going home too. There's no way I'll have fun if I'm already feeling off~. See you guys later~.
Eve: Ah, Hina-san! ... Oh, this is terrible.
Maya: Cheer up, Eve-san! I'm headed to practice right now, and it looks like Aya-san is coming too!
Maya: Some days are just going to be like this. There's nothing we can do about it.
Eve: Maya-san... Thank you... I'm sorry...
Maya: Come on, let's head to the studio!

Talent Agency
Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Hi, Eve-chan, Maya-chan! Looks like it's the three of us today! Let's do our best!
Maya: Yeah!

Maya: ... Okay. This is a good place to stop. Why don't we take a break?
Aya: Phew~, great job, guys~... I get the feeling my intro is getting a little better.
Maya: You're right. It's gotten a lot better since we started! I think if you kept Chisato-san's bass in mind, you might have a better idea of when to start.
Aya: Okay, thanks. Your advice is always so helpful, Maya-chan~... I'll try to remember her part next time.
Maya: Yeah! Practice makes perfect after all! I'm sure you'll get it down.
Aya: Hey, so I had an interview and photoshoot the other day, and they asked me how I plan on surpassing Ayumi-san. At the time, I didn't know how to respond...
Aya: But now, I think I do. It really is all about effort.
Aya: As long as I keep working hard, I'll be able to do more and more things, just like now.
Eve: Oh... Aya-san~!!
Aya: Whoa! What's wrong, Eve-chan?
Eve: You're still you, Aya-san. I'm so relieved...
Aya: Huh? What?!
Eve: We haven't been able to see each other lately. I miss you all so much... And Chisato-san and Hina-san didn't come today either...
Eve: But even when we're apart, Aya-san, you're still doing your very, very best, just like always...
Eve: I saw you practicing just like you always do, and my emotions got the better of me.
Aya: ... I mean, you're all working so hard. I just figured I should be giving it my all too.
Aya: Besides, even if we get more solo work, we're still Pastel✽Palettes! I want to give the perfect performance together.
Maya: That's right... Yeah! Now you've got me motivated too.
Aya: Come on~! We've still got more practice to do. For the show~!
Eve & Maya: Yeah~!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 5
Can We Stop?

As they shoot a promotional video for their show,
the Pastel✽Palettes members get some unexpected news...

Several Days Later
Idol Festival♪
Promo Video Shoot
Dressing Room

Aya: Uhm, how about this...? "We'll have a new song too! I hope you like it!" Ah, wait, would that spoil it?
Aya: Maybe I should say we'll have lots of different songs instead? Hmm... I'll go ask the staff.
Aya: Uhm, excuse me! I have a question about what I want to say during the--
Staff A: ... Yes, that's right. Here's what we'll do after this...
Staff B: Alright... I'll make the necessary preparations...
Aya: (They look busy... And everyone else is still getting their photos taken... I'll just figure it out myself. This is part of working hard!)
Staff A: ... Maruyama-san! We're filming the group video now. Please come to the set!
Aya: What?! A-already?! Okay, coming~!

Filming Studio

Aya: Hello everyone~! Ready...?
All: We're Pastel✽Palettes!
Aya: We're excited to announce that Pastel✽Palettes will be performing at Idol Festival♪!
Chisato: And we couldn't have done it without your support ♪ Thank you very much.
Aya: Whether this will be your first time seeing us, or you're already a fan, we hope you'll enjoy the set list we've created!
Eve: I can't wait to see all of our beloved fans! We're going to have so much fun together! Aren't we, Maya-san?
Maya: Ah, yeah! By all means, come and join us~!
Hina: Ah, and of course, we're performing live. No pre-recorded music here~! Aya-chan's even going to sing!
Aya: Hey~!
All: Ahaha.
Aya: Uhm... Okay then, everyone! We'll see you at Idol Festival♪ Bye-bye~!
Others: And cut! Perfect! Well, that's a wrap. Thank you, girls, you did great!
All: Thank you!
Staff B: Once you've finished changing, could you all assemble here once more? We have something we'd like to tell you.
Eve: Okay! I wonder what they want to talk about.
Maya: No clue... Maybe it's about the idol show?
Chisato: ...

Staff A: Looks like everyone's here.
Hina: So, what's going on~? Are we doing another release event?
Staff A: ... You've all worked hard, both as Pastel✽Palettes members and on your own as individuals.
Staff A: Thanks to your efforts, Pastel✽Palettes' fame, as well as that of its members, has grown considerably. As staff, nothing could make us happier.
Maya: Uhm, is this why you called us here? To tell us that...?
Staff A: No... We've gathered you here for a separate reason. Taking into consideration your career prospects, we have decided to prioritize individual assignments over those for Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: What...?!
Staff A: Now that you've all made names for yourselves within the industry, we'll focus on solo projects to spread that fame even further.
Aya: H-hold on a second! What's going to happen to Pastel✽Palettes...?!
Staff A: W-well... We'd like you to think of Pastel✽Palettes as a place you can always come back to...
Hina: Does that mean we're going on hiatus?
Chisato: ...
Staff A: N-no! It's nothing like tha—
Eve: That's... No!! I don't want to take a break!
Aya: E-Eve-chan, calm down...!
Hina: Fine by me~. Who cares if we break up?
Aya: W-what are you saying?!
Hina: You guys have been so boring lately. Aya-chan, if this keeps up, Pastel✽Palettes will end. Are you okay with that?
Aya: W-well...!
Hina: I mean, it's like you guys don't even want to be in Pastel✽Palettes anymore.
Chisato: No one's saying that!
Hina: At this point, it's no wonder we're all going our separate ways. All you guys talk about is how solo projects are "good for us." Looks like you've already quit Pastel✽Palettes to me.
Hina: With the way things are going, I'd probably end up quitting anyway.
Aya: Hina-chan!!
Hina: And I really liked Pastel✽Palettes too~.
Maya: Hina-san! Let's talk about this later!
Maya: Once we've calmed down, we can decide what we want to do as a group. For now, we should individually—
Staff A: We apologize for bringing this up so suddenly. This is only possible because you all have solo projects of your own. That is how we came to this decision...
Hina: Well, I've already told you what I think. I'm going home. See you later.
Aya: (Now what...? A hiatus...? What are we supposed to do...?)
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 6
To Dream

The announcement to put band activities on hold has left the girls shaken.
Meanwhile, Chisato meets with a certain someone...

Hazawa Coffee

Chisato: ...

Hina: Fine by me~. Who cares if we break up?
Aya: Wh-what are you saying?!
Hina: You guys have been so boring lately. Aya-chan, if this keeps up, Pastel✽Palettes will end. Are you okay with that?

Chisato: Boring, huh...?
Chisato: (If I take this movie offer, I'll have a bright future. However...)

Eve: That's... No!! I don't want to take a break!

Chisato: (I think the reason I hesitated was...)
Chisato: To think I'd be filled with so much doubt. Feelings like that mean nothing in this industry... Sigh.
Kaoru: Ah~, Chisato! My apologies for keeping you waiting.
Chisato: You're late.
Kaoru: I was at band practice, you see. Our passion for music caused me to lose track of time.
Kaoru: Now then, why is it that you've called upon me today? You rarely ever invite me out to tea.
Chisato: No reason. I just thought it'd be nice to see you once in a while.
Kaoru: Whatever the case may be, the very thought of being reached out to by you is just...! Ah~, so fleeting...!
Chisato: ... Kaoru, you mentioned you had band practice before, correct? Well...
Chisato: What if your beloved Theatre Club's performance and your band's concert were on the same day? Which one would you choose?
Kaoru: A difficult question indeed. I would choose to do both.
Kaoru: Disappointing my little kittens or the members of Hello, Happy World! is something I simply cannot do.
Chisato: ... Sigh. I was a fool to think I could ask you something like that.
Kaoru: Fufu... I simply don't want to think of something as impossible before I try. I hope to always be chasing dreams.
Kaoru: To dream is to be human... Therefore, it is only human to dream. Ah, so fleeting!
Chisato: Honestly. Since when did you start acting like this? Like I've said before, you're not the Kaoru I know.
Kaoru: Is that so? I've always been this way... And you've always been as you currently are, Chisato.
Kaoru: Remember our youth? How you used to recount to me your wish to become a fairy tale princess? And you didn't speak of it as if it was a dream.
Kaoru: You always told me, "I will become a princess. And to do so, I must work hard." Then one day...
Kaoru: You fulfilled your goal and made your debut as the princess at our school art festival.
Chisato: I simply want to move forward one goal at a time. I refuse to cling to frivolous things like dreams. It just makes sense in this industry.
Kaoru: I think it's admirable how you continue to achieve those goals. Your strength speaks for itself. However...
Kaoru: Perhaps it is time you allow yourself to have a dream.
Chisato: A dream...
Kaoru: I can't wait to see what you come up with, Chisato.
Chisato: ... I swear. You say such pointless things, Kaoru.

Station Entrance

Chisato: Allow myself to have a dream, huh...?
Chisato: (Ever since I was little, I've always chosen the safest path. My hopes and dreams had nothing to do with it. My decisions were simply about success.)
Chisato: ... Is it really alright for someone like me to dream?
Chisato: (... I don't know. However...)
Chisato: ... Hello? I apologize for calling so late. It's Chisato Shirasagi. Yes, I've made up my mind regarding the movie offer.
Chisato: ... I'll do it.
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 7
That's Bushido!

A puzzled Aya finds Eve cleaning the studio and opens up to her about her fears...

Talent Agency

Aya: A hiatus, huh...?
Aya: (We took a similar break when we first formed our band, but we still kept practicing together...)
Aya: (And now we can't even do that...)
Aya: What should we do...?

Rehearsal Studio

Eve: Aya-san! Good morning!
Aya: Eve-chan! You're here... Is that a mop you're holding?
Eve: Yes! I was cleaning before our special training.
Eve: That way the studio will be ready for us, whenever we want to practice...
Aya: Eve-chan...
Eve: I noticed something while cleaning though. This studio is really big, isn't it?
Eve: All I did was mop the floor, but I'm already sweating.
Eve: I always thought it was so small... How strange.
Aya: You're right. It really does seem huge with just the two of us.
Eve: ... Once everyone's here again, I'm sure it'll feel cramped again. Right?
Aya: ...
Eve: Aya-san, please say something! Anything...
Aya: I wonder what will happen if we break up...
Eve: Huh...?
Aya: I've been thinking about it ever since the staff told us the plan. What would happen if we broke up? I just can't picture it.
Eve: ... We won't break up!
Eve: Pastel✽Palettes will never die!!
Aya: Eve-chan...
Eve: Why are you thinking of what will happen once we've broken up? Aya-san, do you want Pastel*Palettes to end?
Aya: T-that's not what I'm saying! I would never say that!
Aya: I want Pastel✽Palettes to last for a long, long time... But how are we going to make that happen? I keep thinking and thinking, but nothing's coming to mind...
Eve: In that case, we have to let everyone know how we feel! We have to do everything we can to keep Pastel✽Palettes from disappearing!!
Eve: Just thinking something isn't going to do anything. We have to let them know... That's the bushido way.
Aya: Bushido...?
Eve: When our fans were fighting, they were able to understand how we felt because we told them!
Eve: A-and... That's right! Ayumi-san! Aya-san, remember what Ayumi-san told you!
Aya: What she told me...? Ah!

Ayumi: Don't worry. I know you can do it, Aya-chan. Do you know why...?
Ayumi: Because you never get discouraged, and you never give up...
Aya: And I always smile! I promise I'll become an even greater idol than you!!

Eve: The Aya-san I know never gets discouraged and never gives up... Don't ever let that change!!
Eve: Stay true to yourself, and be the wonderful shining Aya-san I've grown to love...!
Aya: I see... Eve-chan, thank you. I remember now. I wanted to become an idol.
Aya: To stay true to myself and become a sparkling idol just like Ayumi-san... That's my dream.

Sharing Something with You
Eve: Aya-san...!
Aya: I want Pastel✽Palettes to keep going. I want to do it together, the five of us. No, we will do it together!
Eve: Ooo~, Aya-san... Thank goodness. I was worried I might end up all alone again...
Aya: Eve-chan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you... I wasn't being myself, was I? Thank you for setting me straight.
Eve: ... When I was a model, I was always working by myself. It was so lonely.
Eve: If I was having trouble with something, I had no one to confide in. And if something good happened, I couldn't share it with anyone.
Eve: With no one to feel the same way I did, I felt so alone.

Aya: Well, now you have us! Good or bad, we'll get through it. All five of us.
Aya: Eve-chan. Let's tell the others what we just talked about. We'll let them know we want to continue Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: Ngh... Waaah~! Aya-san~!!
Aya: Whoa! Getting a hug from you gave me all the energy I need!
Aya: Come on, let's clean this place up and get practicing!
Eve: Okay!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 8
Do You Love Pastel✽Palettes?

After Aya and Eve confirm their feelings regarding the band,
Hina and the others arrive...

Several Days Later
Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Eve: Aya-san, I've finished mopping!
Aya: And I'm done over here too! Alright, then let's get practici—
Maya: Good morning! Ah, It's Aya-san and Eve-san!
Eve: Maya-san! And Hina-san! Even Chisato-san's here!!
Chisato: ... Good morning.
Hina: Mornin'~.
Aya: Hina-chan, I'm so glad you came.
Hina: Yeah, well~, I don't really need the practice, and I still think you guys have been really boring lately...
Hina: Being by myself is even worse, though. There's no one to talk to while I'm working.
Maya: Which is why I invited her to practice today. Although, I'm still worried about what will happen to Pastel✽Palettes...
Maya: The idol event isn't going to wait for us to figure it out. We need to perfect that new song. Besides, that might help us figure out where to go from here too.
Eve: I'm so happy you all came today!
Aya: You see, Eve-chan and I have been cleaning the studio.
Eve: Yes! That way the studio would be ready for us whenever the five of us decided to rehearse together...
Maya: Eve-san...
Aya: Hina-chan, I'm sorry!
Hina: Huh? What for?
Aya: When the staff told us about the hiatus, I didn't know how to respond... No wonder you thought I'd already given up on Pastel✽Palettes.
Aya: Eve-chan said the same thing. I wasn't acting like myself, and now I know better. I'm sorry I snapped at you the other day.
Hina: Ahaha! Oh, so that's what you meant.
Aya: I want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes. I know we can't do much more than keep practicing and letting the staff know how we feel though...
Hina: Uh-huh, that's the spirit! Good to see the old Aya-chan's back~.
Aya: And it's all thanks to you and Eve-chan! I want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes... I'll work hard to become just like Ayumi-san.
Hina: That's your dream, right? I've never really understood dreams. I've never had one myself after all.
Hina: I doubt I'll ever be able to have one of my own, but I figured if I stayed in Pastel*Palettes, I just might find out what a dream is...
Chisato: ...
Eve: Uhm... Thank you for coming today, Chisato-san!
Chisato: O-of course... Uhm, actually... I—
Staff: Hello, everyone.
All: Hello!
Hina: What's up~?
Staff: Chisato-san, I'm here to discuss your schedule regarding the movie offer you accepted the other day.
Aya: What...?!
Maya: Chisato-san, you're going to be in a movie?
Chisato: Y-yes... However, I still plan on being in the idol show...
Staff: Actually, that's what I'm here to talk to you about...
Aya: W-wait a second! Are you trying to say that Chisato-chan might not be able to perform with us?
Staff: We have to take her health into consideration. If she pushes herself too hard and tries to do both, she might end up unable to do either...
Chisato: ...
Eve: I don't want to quit Pastel✽Palettes!!
Maya: E-Eve-san?
Eve: I don't want a break from Pastel✽Palettes either! I want the five of us to keep being together...!!
Aya: I-I feel the same way!! I-I understand that... arranging our schedules may be difficult, but... I want to stay in the band!!
Aya: I've learned so much from everyone here. They've helped me so many times... I love them.
Aya: So I want to stay together! Please!!
Staff: We understand that you've all gotten much closer since the band's formation. However... just because you love Pastel✽Palettes doesn't mean-
Eve: Chisato-san! You love Pastel✽Palettes too, don't you?
Chisato: Huh...?
Eve: That's why you're here today, isn't it? You came because you want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes, right?
Chisato: Well...
Chisato: ...
Aya: Chisato-chan...
Staff: Thank you for sharing, everyone. We now understand how you all feel. Chisato-san, here is your schedule. Please look over it when you have the time.
Chisato: ... Okay.
Aya: (Chisato-chan... Why aren't you saying anything...?!)
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 9
Chisato's Dream

Disappointed in herself for being unable to answer Eve's question,
Chisato heads to the studio...

Several Days Later
Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Aya: (Chisato-chan stopped coming to rehearsal after what happened. I'm sure filming is keeping her busy.)
Aya: (I'm sure she's practicing on her own. It is Chisato-chan after all... I wonder if she's okay though.)
Aya: (Why didn't she say she loves Pastel✽Palettes the other day...? What on earth is she thinking...?)

Movie Set

Chisato: ...
Chisato: (Why couldn't I respond back there?)
Chisato: (Was it because I didn't think my personal feelings would be enough to convince the staff? Or was it because I didn't see how sharing my feelings would help the matter?)
Chisato: Sigh...
Chisato: Just how boring of a person am I?
Film Crew Member: Shirasagi-san, that'll be all~! Thank you for all your hard work!
Chisato: Yes, thank you for today. I'll be leaving now.
Chisato: There's still time... I can make it.

Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Ah, Chisato-chan...! H-hello!
Chisato: Yes... Hello.
Aya: You were filming your movie today too, right? You must be tired! I can't believe you came to practice after that. That's so cool... You really are determined to do both!
Chisato: ...
Aya: ...
Chisato: Aren't you mad at me?
Aya: Huh...?
Chisato: I never said whether I love Pastel✽Palettes or not.
Aya: Well, I suppose it was a little shocking. I'm also worried about what you'll end up doing from now on.
Chisato: ... I want a dream.
Aya: A what?
Chisato: Up until now, I've only ever had realistic, obtainable goals. I've always avoided fanciful things like dreams.
Chisato: But now I've started wanting to dream... Thanks to Pastel✽Palettes.
Chisato: For me, staying in Pastel✽Palettes and continuing my acting career seems so impossible, much like a dream.
Aya: ...
Chisato: But even when I try to dream, logic and reason just keep getting in the way, and I end up frozen in place, unable to go forward.
Chisato: Back then, I kept trying to figure out how my feelings for Pastel✽Palettes would change anything... And in the end, I couldn't even answer the question.
Chisato: No matter how much I love Pastel✽Palettes, I just can't believe that will be enough to convince the staff to keep us together.
Aya: Chisato-chan...
Chisato: I always end up looking for the safest, most certain route. I'm a boring person who can't dream. So Aya-chan...
Chisato: Just how am I supposed to go about getting one?
Aya: A-anyone can dream! Even you, Chisato-chan!!
Chisato: Uhm...
Aya: And just the fact that you want one is a huge step for you, Chisato-chan!
Aya: So just keep it up! Then little by little, you'll start being able to dream!
Chisato: Uhh, Aya-chan...
Aya: ... Chisato-chan. Don't think about how it could never work for someone like you. Just do it!
Chisato: Uhm... That doesn't really answer my question...
Aya: What?! U-uhm... I... I'm sorry! I just don't want you to say it's impossible for you to move forward...
Aya: Sorry... It came out all wrong.
Chisato: Perhaps, my dream is to... have a dream?
Aya: Yeah, that's it. That's your greatest wish, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: ...!
Chisato: Ah... M-my apologies... I don't know why I'm crying... Fufu, I must be really tired...
Aya: I-I'm sorry... My answer came out wrong.
Chisato: No, it's fine. Thank you, Aya-chan... Can I ask you one more question?
Aya: Sure. What is it?
Chisato: How are you going to make your dream come true?
Aya: Lots of hard work! If you put your mind to it, your dreams will come true!
Chisato: Fu... Fufu...! That's right. That's just who you are, isn't it?
Aya: E-ehehe... You're the one who told me not to change that, Chisato-chan. You said I should keep being me.

On the Path to Dreams

Chisato: Thank you... Aya-chan... I'm sorry, but I'm a bit tired... Could I lay down for a little while...?
Aya: Sure. You worked hard today, Chisato-chan. Once you're ready, we can practice together.
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 10
As Dreams Gradate

The rest of Pastel✽Palettes joins up with Aya and Chisato to discuss dreams and goals.

One Hour Later...
Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Eve: Looks like everyone's here for training today! I'm so glad!
Maya: Eve-san, shhh! You'll wake Chisato-san.
Hina: Don't we need to wake her up if we want to practice though?
Chisato: Mmm...
Hina: Ah, she's awake. Good morning~, Chisato-chan! Feeling better~?
Chisato: E-everyone...! You could have woken me up once you were all here...
Aya: You seemed really tired, so we thought it'd be better to let you sleep. Are you okay?
Chisato: I'm fine. After all, you're all doing the same thing, balancing the band and solo projects. Thank you for your concern though.
Chisato: ... Still, I'm sorry you had to see me like this.
Hina: Well, you're here, so does that mean you want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes?
Chisato: Y-yes...
Aya: We'll just have to keep going at Chisato-chan's pace! If we put our minds to it, I'm sure our dreams will come true!
Chisato: Fufu. I'm not sure if that's relevant at all... But thank you.
Hina: Lately, I've been trying to figure out what exactly a dream is. I think maybe it has something to do with chasing the impossible. What do you guys think? Is that right?
Chisato: The impossible...
Aya: Hmm~... Are dreams really impossible though?
Aya: It was always my dream to become an idol, do concerts and release events.
Aya: And once I joined Pastel✽Palettes, all those dreams came true! So I don't think dreams are impossible.
Eve: I agree with Aya-san!
Eve: My dream is to become a samurai... And ever since I became a member of Pastel✽Palettes, I can feel myself becoming more and more like a samurai!
Maya: C-could you give us an example of how?
Eve: Being straight forward with my feelings, never going back on my word, conveying those emotions to those around me...
Eve: Being in Pastel✽Palettes and meeting all sorts of people has helped me put these valuable bushido lessons into practice!
Eve: If I had continued to model all by myself, I don't think my bushido training would be where it is today.
Aya: You've really become someone we can count on, Eve-chan.
Eve: Yes! Because I'm becoming more like a samurai!
Hina: I get it~... So dreams aren't necessarily impossible, huh?
Chisato: ... What's the difference between a dream and a goal?
Eve: They're probably the same thing!
Maya: If we consider the fact that either one can be achieved, I suppose you're right.
Eve: When I lived in Finland, becoming a samurai was just a dream to me. However...
Eve: I came to Japan and joined Pastel✽Palettes. There were plenty of tough times, but in those moments, I'd remember the bushido spirit and get past it!
Eve: So I think they're the same thing. Dreams gradate into goals!
Maya: Gradate into goals, huh...? I see, I see... So in other words...
Maya: Becoming a samurai used to be a dream to you, but as you continued your bushido training, becoming a samurai turned into a goal. Is that it?
Eve: Exactly! I knew you'd understand, Maya-san!
Hina: So it's some sort of gradation~...! I get it~! You know how I said before that being in Pastel✽Palettes might help me figure out what a dream is? Looks like that's really going to happen!
Hina: Ahaha. You guys really are interesting! Who would ever talk about the difference between goals and dreams so seriously?
Aya: Huh~?! You're the one who brought it up though!
Eve: Hina-san's always helping us realize new things. Dreams and goals are both really important!
Aya: So as we get closer to our dreams, they become our goals... Good for you, Chisato-chan.
Chisato: What do you mean?
Aya: You already had a dream of your own. You just never realized it.
Chisato: ...! I see. I suppose you're right.
Chisato: ... It turns out even I can dream.
Maya: Hmm~...
Hina: What's wrong, Maya-chan?
Maya: Ah, it's nothing. I'm just... not sure I've ever had a dream before...
Hina: Maybe you're like Chisato-chan, and you just haven't noticed it yet?
Maya: I'm not sure. I've just been so focused on the uphill battle of being an idol...
Maya: (My goals and dreams as an idol... Do I have anything like that?)
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 11
What Is an Idol?

As the others continue on with their dreams,
Maya, insecure about her role as an idol, ponders her own...

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 2-B

Aya: Let's see... "Surpass Ayumi-san!" That's my biggest dream. "Master the phrases I'm bad at!" ... That's a goal!
Sayo: Maruyama-san, our next period isn't in this room... What are you doing?
Aya: Ah, it's not? Thanks! Ehehe, this is my dream notebook!
Sayo: Your what?
Aya: I was jotting down all my dreams and goals.
Aya: Recently, I realized that if I work hard enough, my dreams will slowly turn into goals as I get closer to achieving them. So I thought I'd try writing them out to organize them.
Sayo: Self-reflection, huh? That's very admirable of you. As is making goals based on what you find.
Sayo: Perhaps this is why Hina was asking me what a dream is...
Aya: Huh? So Hina-chan's thinking about it too.
Sayo: She keeps asking me about it at home. I figured something must have happened...
Aya: Everyone in Pastel✽Palettes has been talking about dreams and goals lately. Hina-chan told us she doesn't really understand what a dream or a goal is since she can do anything.
Sayo: Sigh... I'm sorry, Maruyama-san. She doesn't mean anything by it...
Aya: No, it's totally fine! We all love that about Hina-chan. Still...
Aya: Is that really something she can't do...? I get the feeling that even Hina-chan can dream.
Sayo: That's a good question. Ever since that girl joined Pastel✽Palettes, she's been changing day by day. Maybe someday she'll find her own dream.
Aya: Yeah. That'd be great... Wait, you said we have class somewhere else next, right? We have to hurry! Let's run!
Sayo: Huh?! Maruyama-san, running in the halls is prohibited!

After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - School Gate

Maya: Sigh... Yawn~...
Maya: (Thinking about dreams kept me up really late. I'm so tired...)
Maya: (I think I've become more like an idol, but my confidence level hasn't changed at all...)
Maya: (Maybe that's why standing on stage still doesn't feel real to me.)
Maya: (Everyone else has already started working towards their dreams. If this keeps up, I'm going to end up getting in the way.)
Hina: Maya-chan~!!
Maya: Whoa! Hina-san. How are you?
Hina: Is something wrong? Even I can tell you're really tired.
Maya: Ahaha... I guess I'm a little confused about what an idol is.
Maya: As well as whether I can really call myself one.
Hina: And that's affecting you this much?
Maya: Yeah... Everyone else is finding their own goals and dreams as idols, but what about me...?
Hina: I mean, you don't need to figure that out now, do you?
Maya: B-but won't that just make me a burden on you all...?
Hina: No way! You're totally fine!
Hina: Hey, Maya-chan! Do you know why I love Pastel✽Palettes so much?
Maya: Uhm... Because there are a lot of people different from you in Pastel✽Palettes... Right?
Hina: With Pastel✽Palettes, I'm always learning things I didn't understand before!
Hina: I didn't really get what a dream was at first, but now I kind of do!
Maya: Ah...!
Hina: So even if you don't understand what your dream is now, if you stick with Pastel✽Palettes, you'll figure it out eventually, right?
Hina: I love everyone in Pastel✽Palettes because you guys are so interesting and strange!
Maya: Hina-san...
Hina: And the fact that I don't understand you all is what makes you interesting.
Maya: We're interesting because you don't understand us...?
Maya: ... I never thought I'd be getting advice from you like this, Hina-san.
Hina: Hey~! That's not very nice~!
Maya: S-sorry! But... I appreciate it. I may not know what it is now, but one day...
Maya: I want to find the answer with everyone in Pastel✽Palettes.
Hina: Perfect ♪ You're always teaching me stuff, Maya-chan. Consider this a thank you!

What an Idol Is

Maya: Oh~, Hina-san~!!
Hina: Ahaha!! Looks like someone's getting emotional!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 12
Better than the Best!

Having overcome their troubles, the girls of Pastel✽Palettes
prepare for their show with renewed vigor.

Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: Good morning, everyone.
Aya: Good morning, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: Everyone's already here. My apologies. I'll get ready right away.
Hina: Sounds good. How about we do a little review while we wait?
Maya: Great idea!
Eve: Yes! Now, from the top...
Chisato: (Everyone's focusing on practice instead of on me... I really appreciate that. That makes things easier.)
Chisato: (I suppose I wouldn't mind even if they did... I just don't want to use how busy or how tired I am as an excuse for anything. I'm sure everyone understands that.)
Chisato: (To think I'd be so happy getting back to our normal routine...)
Hina: Chisato-chan, you ready~?
Chisato: Yes, thank you for waiting. Let's put our individual parts into one.
Maya: Phew... We finally got to play our new song together. What did you guys think?
Aya: Ooo~, I'm sorry! My intro didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would. I need to pay more attention to Chisato-chan's sound...
Chisato: I think we both need to be more aware of one another. Perhaps we should try fine-tuning the parts where we need to be more in sync next.
Eve: I agree! Hina-san, will you practice with me?
Hina: Okay~!
Aya: Chisato-chan, I want to go over my intro again. Could we do it together?
Chisato: Of course.
Aya: Yay~! Thank you! Alright, let's start from two measures before...

Maya: Whoa! Look at the time. Why don't we take a break?
Eve: I was so happy the five of us are finally rehearsing together, I completely lost track of time.
Maya: I don't think that's the only thing at work here. Maybe you all haven't noticed yet, but the quality we expect from ourselves has gone up a lot from before.
Aya: H-has it really...?
Eve: This is an important concert for us, so maybe that desire to give our fans a performance better than our best is what's doing it!
Hina: Better than our best, huh? Ahaha, that's funny. I like it♪
Chisato: (The event isn't the reason we want to give an amazing performance. I'm sure it's because of how we all feel about Pastel✽Palettes...)
Aya: Oh yeah! Since we're all together again, why don't we take a picture?
Maya: Right now?!
Aya: We should post a picture of the five of us online! We'll tell our fans we're going to give them a show better than our best!
Chisato: Aya-chan, for once, that's a great idea. Let's do it.
Aya: F-for once?! Ooo~... Still, at least you agree, right?! Okay, here we go~♪ Everyone, gather round!
Eve: Maya-san, come closer!
Hina: Come on guys, squeeze in!
Aya: Ready...!
Chisato: ... Did you just take a picture?
Maya: I thought you'd say something like "cheese!" I wasn't paying attention...
Hina: Ahaha, who takes a picture on "ready"~?!
Aya: Huh~?! I'm sorry!
Eve: Aya-san, take another picture!
Chisato: Fufu... "Ready"! ... Fufu, fufufu!
Aya: Chisato-chan, quit laughing~!
Hina: Hey, you're blinking in this photo too, Aya-chan. You didn't even have your own timing down! Ahaha!
All Except Aya: Ahahaha!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 13
I Still Love Pastel✽Palettes

Chisato continues to balance filming with band practice,
and she lets the staff know her true feelings.

Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Okay, let's take one more shot then. How about we say "cheese" this time?
Staff: Great work today, everyone.
Aya: Ah... Hello!
Staff: Chisato-san, it's almost time for us to leave.
Eve: ...
Chisato: We still have two hours before my next assignment, no? Even if we factor in travel, I should still have an hour left to practice.
Staff: No, that would be way too hectic. Departing now would give you a chance to rest.
Chisato: ... It's fine. I'm not tired.
Staff: ... But if you overdo it now, it'll negatively affect you later... I'll be waiting outside, so please let me know once you're ready to leave.
Chisato: Later? How can I even think about what comes later if I don't give my all now...?!
Aya: U-uhm...
Chisato: ...
Chisato: This movie. Our concert. I want to do everything I can for both... Even after that, I want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: ...!
Chisato: The only reason I received such a large movie role was because of my experience with Pastel✽Palettes. If it weren't for my bandmates—
Staff: We can talk about this on the way there. Come now, Chisato-san.
Chisato: ...
Chisato: ... I'm not going anywhere.
Aya: Chisato-chan...!
Chisato: I... love Pastel✽Palettes.
Aya: ...!
Chisato: I understand that this type of work isn't something I can continue just because I happen to like it. Still... I enjoy being in this band!!
Chisato: No matter how hard things might be in the future... I want to stay in Pastel✽Palettes. I love this band and these members... I want to keep going, together...!
Chisato: Please!
The Other Four: ...
Chisato: I won't let this affect my filming schedule... I believe I've managed to do that up to this point. So, of course, I will continue to do so... Please!
Staff: ... Alright. This isn't something we can decide on the spot, though. We'll have to consider your performance at the idol event, as well as the state of everyone's individual projects before making our final decision.
All: ...!
Staff: I will be back in an hour then.
Hina: ... They're gone.
Chisato: ... Phew...
Aya: ...!!
Maya: A-Aya-san?!
Aya: I-I'm sorry! I'm just so happy Chisato-chan said she loves being in Pastel✽Palettes... Waaah...
Chisato: Don't cry. We've made it this far. Now we have to make sure the concert is a success. We'll have to work even harder.
Hina: ... Fufu! You're so interesting, Chisato-chan ♪
Chisato: Oh? Well, I'm glad you think so.
Chisato: (... My hands are still shaking. Moving forward is this scary, huh?)
Chisato: (Aya-chan made the decision to confront the staff about wanting to sing, and Eve-chan fought so that we could stay together. Both of them are so... strong.)
Chisato: (I need to get stronger too. For myself, and for Pastel✽Palettes.)

Walking Home
Station Entrance

Hina: What a great practice! See you guys later~.
Maya & Eve: See you later!
Aya: See ya!
Chisato: ... Aya-chan.
Aya: What's up?
Chisato: You said you wanted to be like Ayumi-san, an idol that inspires, correct...?
Aya: Y-yeah! Although I still have a long way to go...
Chisato: Actually, you might be closer to your goal than you think.
Aya: Huh?! N-no way, that's not—
Chisato: You've inspired me to dream, after all.
Chisato: ... Thank you, Aya-chan.

An Idol that Inspires

Aya: ...! W-wah... Waaah~...! Chisato-chan~!!
Chisato: (You do the dreaming, I'll create the paths... That could be a good way to push Pastel✽Palettes forward.)
Chisato: Aya-chan, we can do this... together.
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 14
A Definite Change

Their bond stronger than ever, the members of Pastel✽Palettes remember those precious to them...

Talent Agency - Meeting Room

Aya: We get our new costumes today~! I'm so excited!
Hina: Why are we getting new costumes if Pastel✽Palettes might not be around much longer?
Maya: Plans must have changed after they made the outfits and the song.
Chisato: Well, regardless of what their original plans were, it's nice to have new costumes for our show♪
Eve: Yes! I wonder what they'll be like. I can't wait to try them on♪
Staff: Sorry for the wait, girls! I've got your costumes right here, so we can proceed with the fitting~!
Aya: Wow...! These costumes are so cool~!
Eve: They really are...! And they seem a little different from the costumes we normally get!
Chisato: It's rare for us to wear shorts, isn't it? And the feeling of leather is new too.
Aya: Ah, that's right...! We have to think about comfort, don't we? This is a fitting after all.
Maya: I got so caught up, I forgot about that myself... Ahaha...
Hina: We've done something like this before, haven't we? How nostalgic~.
Aya: You're talking about when we first formed as a band, right?
Eve: Those costumes made for us back then... We still have them. We've been through a lot of tough times. We even had to take a hiatus... But here we are, still wearing them till this day!
Eve: That's why I want our show to be a success, so we can keep performing and wearing these costumes for a long time!
Chisato: Agreed. We should treasure these costumes... Excuse me, the side is loose. Could you bring it in here a little bit? Then...

Staff: ... That concludes our costume fitting. We will take your comments and make the appropriate adjustments. Thank you for your time.
All: Thank you!
Staff: Ah, and one more thing... If you have anyone you would like to invite to the idol event, please let me know.
Chisato: How many people can we invite this time?
Staff: We've arranged for a large number of tickets to be prepared for us, so please give us a full list of everyone who'd like to come. Of course... within reason.
Staff: As I mentioned before, this could be Pastel✽Palettes' last concert, so please feel free to invite anyone you'd like to be there.
Aya: Ah...
Eve: Our performance will be better than our best. That way, it won't end up being our last concert! Our friends will see us in our hour of triumph!
Chisato: Yes, that's right.

Walking Home

Hina: Hey, have you guys decided who you're going to invite?
Eve: I'm going to invite my parents, of course. Then I want to invite my classmates and Tsugumi-san! I'd love it if Hanne could come too... but she's too far away.
Maya: I think I'm going to invite Okusawa-san, Ako-san, and Kitazawa-san~. The way they helped me is something I'm really thankful for.
Aya: How about you, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: I'm going to ask Kanon to come. She's always saying she wants to come to our concerts.
Maya: What about Kaoru-san?
Chisato: Good question. I suppose if there's room for her.
Aya: They said we've got plenty of space, so it should be fine! Hina-chan, you're going to invite Sayo-chan, right?
Hina: Yup, that's the plan! Sis is always so busy, though. She's never been to any of our concerts~... Still, I'd love it if she could come this time.
Aya: I'm sure she will! We're in the same class. Should I mention it to her?
Hina: No, it's okay. I want to be the one to invite her! I'm gonna ask her right now. Let's hope she can come...!
Aya: Eve-chan, we should ask all of Afterglow to come, not just Tsugumi-chan! They've helped us out so much, even writing a song for us!
Eve: What a wonderful idea! I'd love for them to hear our version of "Y.O.L.O!!!!!"
Chisato: If we work hard, maybe Ran-chan will tell us it "wasn't so bad."
Aya: Yeah! I'll have to sing it like Ran-chan would and be super cool... We're in the final stretch, everyone!
Hina: ... Ah, my sister responded ♪ ... Wow! Yippee~!
Chisato: What'd she say, Hina-chan?
Hina: She can come! She can come to our concert!
Chisato: That's wonderful! Now you really have to give her a show to remember.
Hina: ... You know, if things were still like they used to be, I doubt she would be coming.

Hina's Request

Hina: I always wanted to get closer to my sister, but I think that would have been impossible for the old me. It was pretty much like making a wish.
Hina: When I joined Pastel✽Palettes, and Sis joined Roselia... We both changed. We both worked to make the impossible possible. And now...
Hina: She's coming to my concert! This is like what Eve-chan was talking about when she said goals and dreams are connected, right? Maybe I've had a dream or a goal or whatever all along ♪

Chisato: ... I always thought I was the one who changed the most since joining the band, but perhaps it's you, Hina-chan.
Hina: Really? Fufu, I think it's you for sure, Chisato-chan! ... Well, whatever. Let's give them a concert they won't forget!
Luminous Once More Event Story Chapter 15
Pastel✽Palettes' Dream

The day of the show has arrived.
Pastel✽Palettes steps out into the sparkling lights of the stage!

The Day of the Event
Dressing Room

Eve: How long until it's our turn?
Hina: I think we're after the next band? Wait, didn't you just ask that question five minutes ago~?
Eve: Ah... I did...
Chisato: Getting anxious, Eve-chan?
Eve: Yes... This concert is so much more important than anything we've done before... I can't help it.
Chisato: True... Even I'm nervous this time around.
Hina: We'll be fine~. Besides, worrying isn't gonna do us any good... Isn't that right, Aya-chan?!
Aya: ... Yeah. We want to stay together as Pastel✽Palettes after all.
Chisato: Aya-chan...
Aya: We'll be amazing. I'm sure of it...
Hina: See? Even Aya-chan thinks so.
Others: Pastel✽Palettes! You're up next. Start getting ready~!
Eve: It's time!
Aya: ... Everyone, let's give our best show ever.
The Other Four: Yeah! Okay! Yes!

Concert Stage

Aya: Hello, everyone~!! Ready?
All: We're Pastel✽Palettes!!
Aya: Let's get this party started! Our first song is "Y.O.L.O!!!!!"
Audience Member: Oh~! This is just the first song, and they're already pulling out all the stops!!
Audience Member: Man, Pastel✽Palettes is really on fire today!

Aya: Thank you, everyone!! That was our first song. What did you think~?
Aya: ... Thank you~!! We're so excited to be performing in such a big concert today.
Aya: Thank you all so much!!
Aya: ... Uhh...
Chisato: (Ah...)
Aya: I-I...! I hope you'll all continue to support Pastel✽Palettes in the future!!
Audience Member: Hm? What the heck was that about?
Audience Member: Maybe Aya-chan's nervous?
Hina: Pfft... Ahaha! That's it, that's our Aya-chan! Pastel✽Palettes isn't going anywhere folks, not for a long, long~ time! So stick around, okay?
Chisato: For those of you who are just becoming our fan now, and for those who have been with us from the beginning, we hope you stay with us forever and ever♪
Aya: ... And with that, we've come to our final song! We might not be where we want to be yet, but with each day... we aim to become even more radiant!
Aya: We hope you'll enjoy "Luminous Once More!"

Hina's Request T

Hina: (Everyone else is so different from me. That's what makes it so much fun! I love all of them! And right now... I'm having loads and loads of fun.)
Hina: (Everyone's feeling this too, right? Ahaha ♪ So this is what it's like to feel the same thing as someone else, huh...? Looks like they've taught me something yet again.)

On the Path to Dreams T

Chisato: (There's no doubt about it. The only way a boring person like me could change so much is thanks to everyone here...)
Chisato: (This band has brought color to my life. Right here, right now, this is my new starting line... That's what it feels like... Thank you.)

Sharing Something with You T

Eve: (I really do love everyone here! And that love is why I want to keep performing together, just like this, forever!)
Eve: (A warrior never goes back on their word! We will continue to be Pastel✽Palettes!! We are everlasting!!)

What an Idol Is T

Maya: (I still don't know what an idol is. Or what kind of idol I can be. However...)
Maya: (As long as we're together, I know I'll find the answer! This is where I was given the strength to chase after the unknown... And in return, I want to treasure it forever!)

An Idol that Inspires T

Aya: (At first, we were so divided, so conflicted... If I told the old me that one day we'd all have the same goal, the same feelings, the same road ahead of us, I wonder if she'd believe me.)
Aya: (...! Oh no, I think I'm gonna cry.)

Bandori Opening Screen Pasupare Band Story 2

Aya: (Our precious Pastel✽Palettes, we love you. And we love each other. As long as we feel this way, we'll keep on getting back up.)
Aya: (Isn't that right, you guys?!)

Dressing Room

Aya: Huff... Puff...
Chisato: ...
Staff: Great show, everyone! What an amazing performance! I've still got chills! You're right, we should absolutely focus on Pastel✽Pale—
Maya: ...
Eve: ... I'm...
Eve: I'm so mad at myself!! My performance during rehearsal was much better... Ooo... I'm so sorry... I know I can do better than that!
Aya: ... Ooo...! Me too... I'm mad too...! My MCing... My singing... It should have been-... Oh...!
Hina: Ahaha! Being in Pastel✽Palettes is just as interesting as I thought!! It's so fun seeing what we can't do! This means we're gonna get better, right?
Chisato: Fufu... I suppose so. Looks like we can't call giving the perfect performance our goal just yet...
Maya: Yes...! That's our dream...!
Aya: Our dream... Pastel✽Palettes' dream. Let's make it come true... No matter what!
Aya: For here on out, we aim for the top, together!

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