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Pastel Maid Card Story - Episode

Master's Words of Appreciation


Hazawa Coffee
On a Break
Eve: Ohh... I've done it now...
Eve: During my shift, I messed up three orders and broke four plates...
Eve: At this rate, I-
Tsugumi: Hm? Eve-chan, you're on a break too?
Eve: Ah, Tsugumi-san... Hey.
Tsugumi: Hey, uhm... You seem kinda down. Are you okay?
Eve: Actually... I made a lot of mistakes today...
Tsugumi: Ah...
Tsugumi: (Yeah, she did make quite a number of mistakes today... That's why she's feeling sad.)
Tsugumi: Eve-chan, being able to reflect on your mistakes is important, but you shouldn't let them bother you too much.
Tsugumi: Everyone has their off days, and sometimes, even I mess up orders and drop a few plates...
Eve: You do?
Tsugumi: Mhm! When that happens, you should double-check orders, try not to carry too many plates at once...
Tsugumi: And just pay extra attention to the things you're doing wrong, and you should be okay!
Eve: I-I see...! That's really helpful to know!
Eve: It's definitely important to be able to think of ways to avoid more mistakes instead of just feeling bad, right...?!
Tsugumi: Yeah, yeah!
Eve: I'm sure even samurai didn't worry about making a mistake here and there!
Tsugumi: That's the spirit!
Eve: Thank you very much! I'll be even more careful during the second half of my shift so I don't make the same mistakes!
Tsugumi: Yeah, let's do our best!

Hazawa Coffee
During Shift
Tsugumi: Welcome to Haza- Wah~!! There are so many customers...!
Eve: It's okay, Tsugumi-san! Leave it to me!
Tsugumi: E-Eve-chan!
Eve: Welcome, this way to table three, please! What can I get for you? ... Right away.
Eve: Tsugumi-san, two coffee sets!
Tsugumi: Okay!
Eve: Three cake sets for table two!
Tsugumi: Is table six available?!
Eve: I just finished cleaning so it's open now!

Tsugumi: Phew... Eve-chan, with you being able to think on your feet, we actually got through that. Thanks for your help!
Eve: Don't thank me. It was because of your advice that I was able to stay calm and provide good service to the customers!
Eve: You were sympathetic and were nice enough to listen to my problem! Not just anyone could do that!
Eve: I'm really, really grateful for that!
Tsugumi: Eve-chan...
Tsugumi: (I always thought wanting to help someone in need was natural, but... I see. That might be one more thing that I'm able to do...!)
Eve: To me... you're the master of this shop, Tsugumi-san!
Tsugumi: Th-That's really over the top! Besides, you're always helping me out too.
Eve: Really? Did I actually do something...?
Tsugumi: You're always spreading cheerfulness with your smile. It lifts me up too~. I'm sure the customers feel the same!
Eve: Wow...! To be able to receive such words of appreciation from my master... I'm touched!
Tsugumi: I-I told you already, stop with the "master" thing. It's embarrassing~!!

Pastel Maid Card Story - Special Episode

A Cookie for Ruffians


Eve: Hmhmm~ ♪
Eve: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! What a coincidence, seeing you here!
Eve: You're... on your way to work, right?!
Eve: Me? I'm headed to Hazawa Coffee for my part-time job.
Eve: Speaking of Hazawa Coffee, they had a cooking class recently.
Eve: Supposedly it was a great success with lots of customers!
Eve: No, I didn't take the class. If it hadn't been the same day as Pastel ✽ Palettes rehearsal, I would have wanted to go, but... Too bad, huh...?
Eve: But judging from how many customers went, they might be able to do it again.
Eve: When they do, I want to take part in it!
Eve: After seeing the iced cookies Tsugumi-san and the others made, I came up with an idea myself!
Eve: You want to know... what my idea is?
Eve: I'm glad you asked! My idea is to make shuriken cookies!
Eve: If you're hungry, you can eat them, and if you run into a suspicious ruffian, you can use them as throwing stars!
Eve: Ah, but... it'd be a real shame to have to throw them, so hopefully you don't run into too many...
Eve: Though, I'd like to get the chance to say, "You darn ruffian!" ... Like how they do in historical dramas...
Eve: Huh? That seems like the kind of cookie I'd make? Fufu, thank you.
Eve: Alright, in the event I make them, you'll have to try them, okay ♪