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Perfect Form, Perfect Shot Card Story - Episode

What I Can Do for Her


Ako: Wow~, so that's why you're entering that piano competition!
Rinko: Yes... I was only able to decide... because I had everyone's help...
Ako: I see. That's great, Rin-rin! I'm so happy that you're trying out all those different clubs and stuff!
Rinko: Mhm...! It was all thanks to your advice... However...
Rinko: Even when I was visiting all those clubs... I still had help from others... Like Wakamiya-san and Hikawa-san...
Rinko: This is for me... so I should be... doing more myself...
Ako: Yep, and you'll do fine, Rin-rin! After all, you did make it this far. I'll be cheering you on!
Rinko: Thank you... Ako-chan.
Sayo: (Shirokane-san may have been forced into it, but it looks like the experience really was helpful to her. That's good to see.)
Sayo: (I wonder if there's anything I can do to help her be more proactive...)
Sayo: ...
Lisa: Sayo~? You look kinda down. Everything okay~?
Sayo: ... Oh, that's it. Imai-san, do you have a moment?
Lisa: Huh? I mean, we're done with practice, so yeah, I guess... What's up?
Sayo: No, we can't talk here... Can we maybe go somewhere else?
Lisa: Now I know something's up. Hmm~, how about a nearby restaurant?

Lisa: So? Did something happen? Is it about Hina?
Sayo: N-no! Hina and I are fine now... I actually wanted to talk to you about Shirokane-san...
Lisa: Rinko? What's going on with her?
Sayo: Well...

Lisa: I see. So you want to show your support for Rinko to help her become more proactive...
Sayo: Yes. I just want to give her a push in the right direction, so to speak...
Lisa: So more so than show your support... you actually want to lend her a hand.
Sayo: Yeah... That sounds right.
Lisa: Gotcha~. A Rinko that takes charge, huh?
Sayo: I see that she's trying so hard to change, so you know...
Lisa: Hmm... What to do, what to do... If you push her too hard, she might revert back to her old self instead...
Lisa: On the other hand, doing nothing might feel just as frustrating~.
Sayo: I-I thought if anyone would know what to do in a situation like this, it would be you...
Lisa: Ahaha! I do give off that mother-hen vibe, don't I~?
Sayo: You really helped me out with everything Hina and I were dealing with. I'm very grateful for all that you do. Thank you.
Lisa: C-cut it out~! I just worry about my friends, nothing special!
Sayo: Even so, it makes a huge difference to me.
Lisa: Ahaha, You don't need to get so serious about it, Sayo~. I was just looking out for... Ah!!
Sayo: Did you think of something?!
Lisa: Watching over her, that's it! I mean, if you just up and do something, it won't end up being for Rinko.
Sayo: Watch over her...? Sounds difficult.
Lisa: ... Actually, Yukina was the one who told me this..
Lisa: She said if someone isn't moving forward on their own, then they're not getting anything out of it. So instead, it's important that we watch over them so that they don't head down the wrong path.
Sayo: She said that, huh...? That does sound like something she'd say, doesn't it?
Lisa: I know, right? Ah, but just watching her is no good, you know. If she starts to head down the wrong path, that's when you have to lend a hand.
Lisa: At least, that's my experience! That's what looking out for someone means, so you can't forget about that part.
Sayo: Understood... I'll give it a try!
Lisa: You know something, Sayo. You sure have changed~.
Sayo: You... think so? No... You're probably right.
Lisa: I know I'm right. You've been working pretty hard yourself, after all.
Sayo: E-enough about me. Although I'll admit, it's a relief to hear that from you.
Lisa: What's going on? It's like you have complete faith in me... I didn't think you trusted me this much.
Sayo: Like I said before, I'm really grateful for all your help. I think it's only natural that I would have this much trust in you, don't you think?
Lisa: I-I see... Ahaha~, you're going to make me blush~ ♪
Lisa: By the way, what made you want to help Rinko out so much anyways?
Sayo: I-I just figured it would improve Shirokane-san's performances, that's all.
Lisa: Ahaha... Still not honest though, huh? I guess some things never change.
Sayo: I'm not trying to hide anything. That's just how... I really feel.

Perfect Form, Perfect Shot Card Story - Special Episode

Why I Joined


Marina: Ah, Sayo-chan!
Sayo: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Marina: Good afternoon to you too. Are you on your way home?
Sayo: Yes. That's quite a lot of stuff... Are you out shopping?
Marina: Yup, that's right. There's no way I could carry all this myself. BanG Dreamer-san here is a big help~!
Marina: Ah, that's right. I wanted to ask you something actually.
Sayo: Me? What is it?
Marina: Rinko-chan seems more cheerful than before. Did something happen?
Sayo: She did visit a lot of different clubs at school the other day. Surely that has something to do with it.
Marina: Oh really? What clubs did she check out?
Sayo: Tea ceremony, tennis, kendo, and archery.
Marina: Huh...? Isn't that a lot?
Sayo: I suppose... It may have also been partially due to my insistence that we go to all of those.
Sayo: Either way, it looks like it left a lasting impression on Shirokane-san.
Marina: I see~. Well that's good. I can't really picture Rinko-chan in any clubs though...
Sayo: I think she was searching for an opportunity, more so than a club.
Marina: Opportunity? What kind?
Sayo: I guess you could say... an opportunity to grow? She had said she wanted to change, after all.
Marina: Oh, okay... And so you lent her a hand, is that it?
Sayo: Sh-she's a member of my band, and she's also my classmate... I just wanted to help.
Sayo: When she was trying out archery and finally hit the target, I was so happy, as if I was the one who did it.
Sayo: Her expression as she shot that arrow was so... fearless. A wonderful sight.
Marina: Wow~! Now I wish I could have seen it! Speaking of archery, what made you decide to join that club?
Sayo: No specific reason. I tried out a lot of different clubs and picked the one that suited me the most. That just happened to be the Archery Club.
Sayo: ... If I had to give a reason, it'd be that it seemed like a sport Hina would never do.
Marina: I see. So that's why you joined...
Sayo: I didn't really think too much about it. I just joined...
Sayo: But now, I'm glad that I did. The teachings and ideas behind archery really suit me.
Marina: You could almost say it's part of what makes you who you are today... Maybe?
Sayo: I think so. Focusing on myself, and facing my own weaknesses...
Sayo: I want to take those ideas and apply them to my guitar playing as well. In order to do that, I must put forth my utmost effort every day.