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Picnic Under Autumn Skies Card Story - Episode

Kanon's Souvenir


Tsurumaki Residence
Kanon: Sorry I'm late, everyone...!
Misaki: Kanon-san, hey. It's no sweat. We haven't started the meeting.
Kanon: Fue~, sorry... I thought it'd be nice to enjoy some cake together, but I somehow lost my way while heading to the station entrance...
Misaki: Wow, nice cake. You brought some for all of us?
Kokoro: Looks amazing, Kanon! Thank you! Guess we'll be having a little tea party first!
Hagumi: You sure did pick some super-yummy cake, Kano-chan-senpai!
Kaoru: The traditional confectionary store near the station entrance, yes? I just so happen to be fond of the ones at that particular establishment.
Kanon: Yeah, I like them too. Hehehe, I'm glad you enjoy it.
Kaoru: If we are to speak of cake, the precious morsels from our previous café excursion were certainly fleeting.
Misaki: That's one way of putting it. I had heard their latte art was famous and all, but their sweets were also well made.
Kanon: All of them looked so good that I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get~.
Hagumi: What? What're you all talking about?!
Kanon: Oh, I went to a café with Chisato-chan. A lot of things happened, and Misaki-chan and Kaoru-san ended up coming, too...
Kaoru: Trailing behind Chisato and Kanon as unseen guardians, our whereabouts were revealed by an amusing twist of fate. So goes the story of our outing.
Misaki: Yeah, that doesn't make a lick of sense.
Kokoro: Kanon and Chisato twisted something? And it was fated? I want to know more! And spare no detail!
Hagumi: I bet it was loads of fun, getting yanked around by fate! Right, Mii-kun?
Misaki: No, it's not literal. A "twist of fate" is just a figure of speech...
Kaoru: How glorious you are, fate, to contort our lives to your will... I yearn to know what mysteries you have in store for us in the days to come!
Misaki: Alright, can we just drop the whole "fate" bit already?!
Kanon: I can try to explain. So, I first heard from Misaki-chan about this new café that opened up recently, and...
Hagumi: Wow! That was a busy day you all had!
Hagumi: You said the event was for handmade stuff, right? If so, I wanna make some croquettes to sell there!
Kokoro: What a fun idea! I was just thinking that I also wanted to set up some kind of shop!
Kokoro: If we're going through the trouble, let's do it as a group! We've got croquettes covered. What else should we sell?
Misaki: It's an event for handmade crafts, unfortunately. If you were to sell croquettes, you'd have to set up a booth alongside the other food stands.
Kanon: I still can't believe how many shops there were! They even had one that sold big pieces of furniture. I was so surprised.
Kanon: And another one that had stationery... Oh, that reminds me.
Kanon: So, okay. I found a place that had really cute postcards with a bunch of animal designs on them. I ended up writing you all some messages...
Kokoro: You brought us all hand-written letters?! How wonderful! ... Oh! Mine is a cute kitty-cat card! Thank you so much, Kanon! I'll be sure to write you a reply!
Hagumi: I've got an adorable baby deer on mine~! Hehe! Kano-chan-senpai, I'll treasure it always! Thank you so much!
Kaoru: A giraffe is printed on mine... Fufu, it is true that the giraffe's long, slender figure resembles my own. Kanon, thank you. I shall return your feelings in kind.
Misaki: Let's see, my card is... Haha, of course it's a bear. Thank you very much.
Kanon: Hehehe, as if anything else would suit you better.
Kokoro: Here we are chatting about bears, but... Michelle is nowhere to be found! Where could she possibly be?!
Hagumi: Yeah, I haven't seen her at all today! Do you guys think she got the time wrong?!
Kaoru: An essential member of our troupe... To make serious decisions concerning our concert without our precious Michelle would truly be a slight upon her...
Misaki: Oh boy, here we go again~.
Kanon: ... Y-yeah, about that...! Michelle told me she had something else to do today! She said to just tell her what you all decided later!
Kokoro: She did? That's too bad! I really wanted to see her today!
Hagumi: Me, too! Me, too! I wanted to see her so badly! She's seriously missing out on this awesome cake...
Kaoru: Your sense of disappointment also dwells within me, friends. However, take note of your postcards. Kanon has drawn Michelle on each, in memory of our missing member.
Misaki: Hey, you're right. Haha, how cute.
Kanon: T-try to ignore how awful my art is...
Kaoru: It came out quite well if you ask me. If anything, your fleeting love for Michelle shines through...!
Misaki: It makes me happy that you did this. Thank you very much, Kanon-san.
Kanon: Hehehe, I'm glad that you like it.
Misaki: You know, I didn't imagine you as someone who'd be up for an outing, so I was initially worried when I heard you planning one, but... it sounds like you had a great time.
Kanon: Thanks, Misaki-chan... But it's almost definitely because Chisato-chan was with me.
Kanon: We ended up taking quite the detour, but being with her is what made it fun.
Kanon: Hey, why don't we all go together sometime? I remember the way to the café, so I can guide everyone there.
Misaki: Uh, maybe you should leave that to me...
Kanon: Huh? But why? Don't worry, I'll do it.

Picnic Under Autumn Skies Card Story - Special Episode

Memories of Fried Bread


Kanon: Ah...! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Marina: Kanon-chan! Good afternoon to you, too. Are you out shopping today?
Kanon: Yes. I thought I'd get some fried bread as a snack...
Marina: Fried bread! That sure would hit the spot.
Kanon: I really like them, too. Our school cafeteria sells them during lunch, and theirs are extremely good...
Kanon: The crispy crust on the outside with the fluffy inside... And they have a ton of different flavors to choose from.
Marina: Oh, they do? Like what?
Kanon: Aside from plain, they've also got flavors like cocoa powder... What's really great are the roasted-soybean ones.
Marina: Just hearing about them is making me want one! Maybe I'll pick up a few on the way home.
Kanon: Yes, please do!
Marina: Kanon-chan, is that a ring you have attached to your bag there? The design is really cute.
Kanon: Hehehe, thank you very much.
Kanon: I bought it the other day with Chisato-chan.
Kanon: Wearing it at school would get me in trouble, so I decided to change it a little and make it into a key chain instead.
Kanon: Actually, Chisato-chan has another one just like it, hehe.
Marina: That's not surprising, considering how close you two are!
Kanon: We had made plans to go to a café, but we got on the wrong train...
Kanon: In the end, though, we managed to get there. It's a good thing Chisato-chan was with me. I might've gotten lost and never found the place.
Marina: Haha, that's what we call being good friends.
Kanon: ... Did I ever tell you?! The reason why she and I became so close is actually because of fried bread.
Marina: That's what brought you two together? In what way?
Kanon: We had some together on the day she and I had our first real conversation.
Kanon: Despite having been classmates, we hadn't really spoken to each other before that...
Kanon: I was on print-out duty that day, and I crashed into Chisato-chan while trying to carry a huge stack of papers...
Kanon: Thinking she was an upperclassman, I totally freaked out... And then, she helped me carry the worksheets all the way to the faculty room.
Marina: Chisato-chan sure is kind.
Kanon: She really is. And as a way of saying thanks, I treated her to some fried bread during lunch.
Kanon: It was so good... There was something about the bread that day that made it taste special.
Marina: And so that particular snack is a very precious memory for the both of you.
Kanon: Yes, it's something I still remember to this day.
Kanon: You know, the other day... when she and I were talking about how we met... Chisato-chan thanked me. I wonder why she did that...?
Kanon: I mean, if anything, I should be thanking her for staying my friend this whole time...
Kanon: ... Uh-oh, I've done nothing but blabber on this whole time. I'm very sorry to have held you up like this.
Marina: Not at all! It was a lot of fun catching up with you!
Kanon: Hehe, I enjoyed it, too. Thank you very much.