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Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Opening
A Rival...?

Chisato is asked to audition for a role, and it turns out she's not alone...


Talent Agency

Pastel*Palettes: An audition?
Staff: Correct. You've been offered an audition opportunity for a one-shot TV drama. Here is a list of what they'll be looking for, Chisato-san. Best of luck to you.
Chisato: Understood. I wonder what the show is about.
Aya: Ah, I've heard of this director!
Chisato: He is very famous in the television industry. The protagonist is a lawyer... so this must be a legal drama, then.
Hina: Ah, it says they're looking for someone to play the main character's little sister. That's a pretty important role.
Maya: Look here! It says it will be broadcast all throughout Japan! This sounds like a very big undertaking.
Eve: Could that be the script there on the table? It is rather thick~.
Hina: Oh, let me see~!
Eve: Good luck, Chisato-san! If anyone can play this part, it is you!
Chisato: Fufu, thank you very much. However, this audition is not something that can be passed easily.
Aya: It does seem like something you can accomplish though. I'll be cheering you on, too!
Staff: I'm afraid there won't be any time to worry about others, Aya-san. Here, this is your script. We want you to audition, as well.
Maya & Eve & Hina: Huh?!
Aya: What...? Me?!
Chisato: So does this mean that both Aya-chan and myself will be auditioning for the same role?
Staff: To put it simply, we want to secure this contract for our agency at all costs... and the best way to do that would be having both of you participate.
Aya: E-excuse me...! I know why you went with Chisato-chan, but why choose me?
Aya: This is just my opinion, but out of everyone here, I feel like I'm the least cut out for acting...
Hina: I don't know, I read through the script a little, and I think the role fits Aya-chan pretty well. See, check out this line here.
Hina: It says, "You'll be fine! I believe in you, Big Sis!" Doesn't that sound like something Aya-chan would say?
Eve: You're right. The tone and feel really suit Aya-san.
Chisato: Come to think of it, I have heard that this particular director tends to assign roles based on the actors' qualities.
Maya: Interesting. In other words, regardless of whether the director focuses on acting ability or personality, the agency is providing candidates for both approaches.
Staff: Yes, that is correct. And while we understand that not much time remains before the audition, please give it your all! We wish you both the best of luck.
Maya: ... That being said, only one person can receive the role. Hmmm...
Hina: Whatever happens, happens! Just take the offer and roll with it. I mean, the script does look pretty cool!
Eve: I agree! It does not matter who wins, as this will be an excellent opportunity for personal growth through clean competition!
Maya: Oh, well said, Eve-san~!
Aya: Thanks, you guys. I'm going to give it a try!
Chisato: Sounds good. Then we'll both take on this challenge together.
Eve: Aya-san, Chisato-san! You can do it! I will be cheering you on every step of the way!
Maya: As will I! And if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask!
Chisato: Is that so? Would you mind helping me train by acting out all of the other roles in the script, then?
Maya: Huh?! E-every role?! O-okay, let me make a copy, and...
Chisato: Fufufu. I was joking, Maya-chan. Forgive me.
Maya: A joke...! Y-you had me worried~!
Aya: Yeah, me too...!
Chisato: Oh, Aya-chan...
Chisato: Aya-chan. Let's both try our best and give it our all.
Aya: Of course! I mean, I'm a little nervous since this is my first time auditioning for a TV drama, but I'll give it my best shot!
Chisato: Don't worry, Aya-chan. I will be glad to offer any help that I can.
Hina: Wow, sounds like Chisato-chan's feeling pretty confident. She even has time to help you~.
Chisato: No, that is not the case at all. While it is true that I have more experience than Aya-chan, it would be foolish to assume that alone will allow me to pass the audition.
Chisato: Everyone is on the same level. That goes for myself and Aya-chan, as well.
Eve: I see... In other words, the path to securing an acting role is paved with hardship. A true test of bushido!
Chisato: Bushido... I am not sure about all that, but auditions are always quite nerve-racking, yes.
Chisato: However, Aya-chan and I are aiming for the same goal, so I believe it will also be a lot of fun.
Aya: You mean it?! I feel the same way! Knowing that we'll both be trying our best out there has me all pumped up!
Hina: Hahaha! Chisato-chan, Aya-chan, you both sound pretty hyped up!
Maya: Huhehe, I would say so.
Aya: Okay~! Let's nail this part, Chisato-chan~!

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Chapter 1
A Developing Image

After reading the script, Aya understands what role she's auditioning for, but she still has a lot of concerns...


After Rehearsal
Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Phew, finally finished reading it~. So she's the younger sister and her big sister is a lawyer~... This role sounds tough~.
Aya: I think the staff said there will be two rounds of auditions. The first round is giving a self-introduction and... Wait... what was it again?
Aya: I-I completely forgot... Chisato-chan would probably know, but I don't want to rely on her from the very start.
Aya: Nngh, but how should I be practicing for this anyway? Chisato-chan~...
Chisato: What is it, Aya-chan?
Aya: Ah! Huh?! I thought you'd already left!
Chisato: Not yet. I was reading over the script after rehearsal.
Chisato: Moreover, I thought that you may be having trouble getting started, so I came to check on you... and it seems I was correct.
Aya: Ooo... You got me...
Chisato: Fufu, there is no need to look so down. Why don't we go over everything together?
Aya: Thanks~. I really appreciate it...
Chisato: First, let's tackle the initial round of interviews. I believe the self-introduction and the highlighted casual dialogue are both to see how suited we are for the part.
Aya: Since these lines were selected in advance, I'm guessing it would be best to focus on practicing them.
Chisato: Well, the second round will have us acting out a randomly selected scene, so it would be better to practice the entire script. It will be a test of both our acting ability and adaptability.
Aya: Aaah... I'm feeling kind of nervous now...
Chisato: Don't worry. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you will feel.
Aya: I sure hope so~... Hey, Chisato-chan. What should I do for my self-introduction? Are there any standards?
Chisato: Not really, most people simply discuss their interests, talents, or acting experiences. If they ask you anything, simply answer the question honestly.
Chisato: Some actors try to give their introductions in the style of their roles, but the interviewers are professionals. They can see right through that.
Aya: Hmm, I see~. Okay, I'll stick to my true self and practice my introduction at home. Could I run it by you tomorrow?
Chisato: Of course you can. In that case, shall we rehearse these lines together and try to get a grasp of our assigned role?
Aya: Yeah, I'd love to~!
Aya: This drama is centered around the lawyer, right? I love how she tries to defend her client by following the case herself and tracking down the real culprit! It's so cool!
Chisato: We are auditioning for the role of her cheerful, hard-working younger sister. They live together, so the sister often helps out with the chores, but tends to make a mess of things.
Aya: I can definitely relate to that... That reminds me, Hina-chan did say I resemble the little sister, didn't she?
Chisato: Fufu, I would have to agree with her. Although it seems the little sister doesn't like to admit that she enjoys being praised by her older sibling. You're the kind who wouldn't hide it, yes?
Aya: Ah... I guess so. Still, she may not be open with her feelings, but you still get the sense that she loves her big sister. See, check out the scene where they argue on page twenty-five.
Chisato: You're right. After reading through the lines, you can feel the affection she has for her elder sister as she gives her advice.
Aya: It definitely feels like she has her own way of looking out for her big sister.
Chisato: I don't think that's all there is to it, though. It's possible that she also looks up to her lawyer sister.
Chisato: The fact that the elder sister's place is so messy despite her being a professional could mean that she sees home as a place to relax. Doesn't it seem like the little sister knows this?
Chisato: What's more... Because of the age gap, I imagine they did not have much opportunity to play together when they were younger. It's as if they're subconsciously making up for lost time.
Aya: Wow! I can't believe you picked up on all of that...! I didn't even come close to your level of thinking, Chisato-chan.
Chisato: Actors have a habit of examining different aspects of their roles. That being said, anything you theorize may end up being different from the director's interpretation.
Chisato: Your impression may also change depending on the performance of your scene partner.
Aya: Wow, it's interesting that things can change on a dime like that~! I guess a role isn't created by any one person alone.
Chisato: Well, each director has their own style, so I cannot speak for everyone.
Aya: Hey, Chisato-chan. I noticed something while you were talking. Can I run it by you?
Chisato: Yes, by all means.
Aya: The little sister always sees her big sister off at the doorstep, right? It's almost as if her line, "See you soon," also acts as a way to wish her sister good luck.
Chisato: True. Every day, she leaves to tackle such a difficult job alone. I would agree there's a sense of support there.
Aya: I knew it! In that case, it's almost like the little sister is saying she'll be there in spirit, and that her sister won't have to do it alone~.
Chisato: So you think there's another emotion hidden in the emotion of the line.
Aya: Y-yeah... or am I way off...?
Chisato: (To think she would explore the supportive nuance of the line even further... Although, it does feel like there's more to the line than meets the eye...)
Chisato: No, I believe you are correct. By delivering the line in that manner, it could make the younger sister more appealing.
Aya: Really?! Awesome~!
Chisato: (Aya-chan may have come to that conclusion because she herself is such a hard worker. She has such an interesting way of thinking.)
Chisato: Now that we have an idea of the role we're aiming for, let's begin rehearsing the lines together.
Aya: Sure! Sounds good to me!
Chisato: But before we do... Wait just a moment, Aya-chan.
Aya: Chisato-chan...?

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Chapter 2
Taking Your Hands in Mine

Hina and the others appear from behind the door. They've come to check on Aya and Chisato.


Rehearsal Studio

Aya: Chisato-chan...? Why are you looking at the door...?
Chisato: Why don't the three of you stop hiding and come out? Maya-chan, Eve-chan, Hina-chan.
Aya: Huh?!
Hina: See, I told you~. Our cover was totally blown.
Eve: How did she notice us~? We crept forth like the most stealthy of ninja.
Maya: H-how long did you know we were there, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I suppose it was when we began discussing the details of our role.
Maya: S-so from the very start...!
Aya: I thought you guys had gone home already. You should've just said something.
Hina: We came back because Maya-chan was worried~. I tried to tell them that you two would be fine, but you know.
Maya: Huhehe... My apologies...
Eve: We had hoped to not interfere with your rehearsal. Please forgive us for hiding.
Chisato: No, I apologize for making you worry. Would you like to stay and listen to us practice our lines?
Maya: Huh? Are you sure you don't mind? We wouldn't want to get in the way...
Aya: You wouldn't be! I'd love to have you listen and give your feedback!
Chisato: Exactly. Your opinions may provide insight on how to better expand upon our role. Your assistance would be much appreciated.
Eve: It would be my pleasure! I will do anything I can to help!
Hina: Me too, me too~! I was just thinking of how fun this sounded! This is the script, right? Now let me see~.
Maya: Ah, please control yourself, Hina-san~!
Aya: Hehehe! It's okay, Maya-chan. Chisato-chan and I were just talking about going over the lines together anyway.
Aya: Could you stick around too?
Maya: Absolutely! I would love to hear you in action!
Chisato: Fufu. It has been a while since I have had a script rehearsal this lively.
Aya: Oh yeah, you typically do this on your own. The last time we talked about acting stuff together was back when they filmed the Pastel*Palettes movie, right?
Chisato: Yes, I believe so. That was quite the ordeal, especially since you kept forgetting your lines, Aya-chan...
Aya: D-don't remind me~!
Chisato: Fufu. That movie in and of itself made for a good experience. Having everyone together really does make things more entertaining.
Hina: Fufu, looks like Chisato-chan is enjoying herself!
Chisato: Oh? Do you think so...?
Eve: Yes! Seeing you smile like that makes me happy as well!
Maya: Spending time together like this certainly is a lot of fun!
Aya: For sure! Alright, we'd better get practicing! Right, Chisato-chan?!
Chisato: Fufu, indeed. Very well, let's begin with the entrance scene on page six.
Day of the First Round Auditions
Audition Venue - Hallway

Chisato: It's almost time. Are you ready, Aya-chan?
Aya: Y-y-y-y-yeah! N-n-n-n-no problem!
Chisato: Aya-chan, I swear... In that case...
Chisato: Listen, Aya-chan. We are enemies from here on out. If you do not accept this role as your own, then you stand no chance of winning.
Aya: Huh~?!
Chisato: ... Is what I would normally advise in this situation... However, we came this far by working together. So let's both focus on passing the audition.
Aya: Jeez, Chisato-chan~! You had me going there~!
Chisato: Fufu, that's because you're even more rattled than usual. I was trying to help you relax a little.
Aya: Well, you scared me so much that now I'm even more jittery~.
Chisato: Oh my, did it have the opposite effect...? Okay then, have a look around. Everyone else is just as nervous as you are.
Chisato: And I am certain that the interviewers are very excited to see what sort of performances they will be presented with today.
Chisato: So, why don't we show them our best and try to enjoy the audition?
Aya: I see... Yeah, you're right. I'm not the only one who feels this way. I mean, I get nervous before our shows, and those are tons of fun once we're up on stage!
Aya: Thanks, Chisato-chan. I feel a little better now!
Chisato: Concerts and acting auditions are not exactly the same... but I am glad that I was able to cheer you up.
Chisato: Well, my seat is over there, so I'll be going now.
Aya: Ah, wait a second! Here, this is for you if you want it.
Chisato: A charm? A yellow flower... Is this perhaps a sunflower?
Aya: Bingo! Did you know? The lawyer character's badge is in the shape of a sunflower. So I thought it would help us get into character. I have one for myself too~.
Chisato: Fufu, so that's why you chose a sunflower. Thank you. Although, the role we're applying for is not the lawyer...
Aya: Huh...? Ah, you're right...
Aya: Oh no, now I've done it! Sorry, Chisato-chan! Jeez, I always do stuff like this!
Chisato: Fufufu! I figured you hadn't noticed. Goodness, Aya-chan... Stop making me laugh... Fufu!
Aya: Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Oh dear, I'm sorry for laughing at a time like this. I will treasure this charm.
Aya: Okay!
Chisato: (I had intended to calm Aya-chan's nerves, but she ended up calming mine instead.)
Chisato: (Thank you, Aya-chan. I promise to do my best as well!)

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Chapter 3
Intense Supplementary Lessons

The girls feel like celebrating in the rehearsal studio. Did they pass the first round of auditions...


3 Days Later
Rehearsal Studio

Eve: Chisato-san!
Maya: Aya-san!
Hina: Congrats on passing your auditions~!
Aya: Whoa~! Thanks, you guys!
Chisato: Come now, no need to make a big deal out of it. We still have another round of auditions to go through.
Eve: Yes, but this is still cause for celebration! I am so happy for you both!
Hina: You've got me feeling totally boppin' too♪ Nice work, Chisato-chan, Aya-chan!
Aya: Hehehe, it's all thanks to the help and support you gave us!
Aya: Everyone gave me advice on the content and appeal of my self-introduction, so I felt confident when the big day came. I didn't slip up even once!
Aya: What's more, going over the assigned material with you guys so many times helped me stay calm during the real thing.
Eve: That is amazing, Aya-san! What a stunning success!
Maya: You're on a roll, Aya-san! Now you just have to keep that pace going into your next audition! Um, what happens in the second round again?
Chisato: In the second round, we must act out a randomly selected scene. The younger sister doesn't appear often, so we must clearly demonstrate the message and purpose of our scene.
Chisato: The television staff will be judging us on acting ability, so it may be a little difficult since you are not accustomed to that environment yet, Aya-chan.
Hina: ...? Chisato-chan, why are you so worried about Aya-chan when you're participating too?
Chisato: Huh...? Ah, you're right...
Maya: Chisato-san is always acting with our best interests in mind, so perhaps she's just used to worrying about us.
Aya: Huh?! Chisato-chan, focus on yourself for now! You don't have to worry about me... At least not that much!
Hina: Hahaha, she still wants some help.
Chisato: To think someone else would have to point out my own habit. How embarrassing. In any case, I promise I'm not straining myself for the sake of others. The thought came to me naturally.
Chisato: Whether it be concerts, events, or other matters, Pastel*Palettes has always come together to train for the same goal, have we not? It must be a result of that.
Maya: That's true. No matter what kind of job we face, I always envision us pressing forward as one.
Eve: I love that it feels like we are undertaking these auditions as a team!
Maya: Ah, I know what you mean! It's almost as if we're helping from behind-the-scenes.
Hina: Ah, that's exactly it! In that case, we'd better help them out even more!
Maya: Hm? What do you mean?
Hina: Fufufu~♪ I've got the perfect thing in mind! Aya-chan, Chisato-chan, grab your scripts~!
1 Hour Later

Hina: Okay, break time~!
Aya: Phew, I'm beat~! My head is spinning a little...
Chisato: I was a little worried when Hina-chan said she had something in mind, but it is surprisingly effective... if not a tad difficult.
Maya: Eve-san and I select the lines, and you two act them out while Hina-san judges your performance. The real auditions are sure to be similar, so it makes sense to do things this way.
Maya: Although it seems like Hina-san is having more fun watching you two perform than doing any actual helping...
Eve: I am once again reminded of Chisato-san's superb acting skills! Her expressions and mannerisms while in character are nothing like her true self!
Aya: Yeah, that surprised me too! She completely changed in an instant!
Chisato: Thank you, that's a relief to hear. That being said, all of your advice has been extremely helpful.
Hina: Come to think of it, you totally switched things up after we gave you advice on the part in middle of the script where the one little sister is hiding her feelings!
Hina: You know, I wouldn't hold back if that were me~. I'd want my sister to hear everything I have to say♪
Maya: Hina-san, this should be less about comparing yourself to their character and more about observing their performances~.
Hina: That's what I'm doing~. Chisato-chan's acting was so natural that I couldn't help thinking that.
Hina: Oh yeah, Aya-chan's performance improved a lot too! At first, she'd panic while looking for her lines and read them like some kind of robot.
Aya: Right, I kept telling myself that there's no reason to be nervous, but then I would freak out anyway. Chisato-chan's advice helped me out, though.
Aya: Do you remember what she said? "Aya-chan, you read your lines as if every single word must be preserved. You don't need to follow the script exactly, as long as you stay true to the character."
Eve: I see! So instead of simply reciting the lines, you should deliver their message in your own words! How enlightening!
Aya: Right? Thanks to that, I think I'm finally able to imagine myself talking to the other characters.
Chisato: I am glad it was helpful. Although, another thing to keep in mind is that a good delivery is not limited to words alone.
Aya: Ah, hold on. I think I know what you're talking about!
Aya: It's like, um, how I wave my hands or use eye contact to express my feelings while singing!
Maya: I see! You do tend to do that onstage. Do you have any special signals or signs you like to give to the audience?
Aya: Hmmm, let's see. I sometimes give our fans a little wink if our eyes happen to meet!
Aya: It's my way of telling them that they're important to me, that I appreciate their support, and that I'm always cheering them on. Seeing them smile always makes me want to smile back~.
Hina: Whoa~, I'm gonna try that out next time~!
Chisato: If you can convey such an emotional message while also focusing on singing, I believe you'll be able to do the same with acting in no time.
Aya: Really? Hearing that from you makes me think so too!
Hina: Oh! That's the spirit, Aya-chan~! Are you ready to give it another shot now that you're all rested up?
Aya: Yeah! By all means!
Chisato: I'm ready as well.
Eve: Leave the supporting to us!
Maya: I'll give the best advice I can~!

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Chapter 4
Cheers from the Heart

Two days until the second round of auditions. As Eve and the others discuss the next day's practice, girls grow excited.


After Rehearsal
Walking Home

Maya: There are only two days left before the second round of auditions, and it looks like we will have some spare time after tomorrow's rehearsals.
Eve: Wonderful! The more we train, the more your acting seems to improve!
Hina: Ah, why don't we pretend that tomorrow's practice is the real deal?! Make sure to say your audition number when you step inside!
Maya: Hahaha, do we really need to go that far~?
Aya: I think that would be a big help! I'll probably be so nervous that I forget my own number...
Hina: Hahaha, I don't doubt it~. Come to think of it, Aya-chan, I remember you being so nervous that you stuck out your right arm and leg at the same time. We'd better teach you how to walk too!
Aya: Huh? Walking?! I don't need that much practice!
Maya & Eve & Hina: Hahaha!
Chisato: Fufu. Everyone seems to be in high spirits, even after all that training.
Chisato: Although I appreciate all your help, I know you must have your own jobs and schoolwork to focus on as well. Make sure you don't overdo it.
Aya: Ah, you're right...! We had you guys help out even though our regular rehearsals were already done!
Eve: Fufu, it is alright! I never feel like I am pushing myself too hard when it comes to Pastel*Palettes.
Eve: I am here because I want to help you in achieving your goals!
Maya: I feel the same way as Eve-san. I'm just glad that we're able to help, even just a little bit.
Hina: Chisato-chan, you know you can rely on us more, right? You're always thinking of us, so let us think of you for a change!
Chisato: Huh...?
Hina: You can pamper Aya-chan too, but she's always getting spoiled, so don't overdo it, okay?
Aya: Hey! Why are you singling me out?!
Chisato: Everyone... Thank you.
Chisato: Very well, I will take you up on that offer, fufu.
Eve: Please do! Ask us for anything!
Day of the Second Round Auditions

Hina: Aaand cut!
Aya: Thanks for your help, guys!
Eve: Aya-san, Chisato-san, you have to head to the auditions after this, correct? Can you still make it in time?
Chisato: Yes, we should be fine. It may be best to leave soon, though.
Maya: Sigh... The big day is finally here. Even I'm feeling nervous~.
Hina: That's because we've been practicing together this whole time~.
Chisato: Thank you so much, everyone. You provided us with plenty of training, so now all we need to do is get the emotions of the role across to the director.
Chisato: We'll give them the best performances they've ever seen. Isn't that right, Aya-chan?
Aya: Right! I'll walk in and give it everything I've got!
Maya: Aya-san, Chisato-san... Um, please hold out your hands. I want to send my feelings to you!
Maya: Squeeze~! There, you have my full support!
Chisato: Fufu. Thank you, Maya-chan.
Eve: Chisato-san, Aya-san, I would also like to squeeze you~!
Aya: Hahaha, you're going to hug us to death, Eve-chan~!
Hina: Alright, turn around, guys. I'll pump you full of everything you've learned from our training! ... Hah!
Chisato & Aya: Ah!
Hina: Hehehe! See you soon, you two!
Chisato & Aya: We will!
Aya: Hey, Chisato-chan, did you feel that? They were wishing us luck!
Chisato: Huh...?
Aya: They didn't say it out loud, but their feelings came through crystal clear and really cheered me up! It's just like you said during our rehearsals!
Chisato: I am glad it was helpful. Although, another thing to keep in mind is that a good delivery is not limited to words alone.
Aya: That's just like how they held our hands, hugged us, and gave us big pats on the back! Even Hina-chan's send off sounded like she was telling us to do our best.
Chisato: Ah... You're right. All those actions certainly felt like they were wishing us luck.
Chisato: Fufu, it looks like the others gave us some great hints for our performance.

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Chapter 5
Good Luck

Chisato and Aya gather for the audition. They give it their all with a smile on their faces.


Audition Venue - Hallway

Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan... Are there really only five people here, including us...?
Chisato: Yes, it would seem so. They're also all actors that I have seen before.
Aya: Ah, you're right! I've seen that girl over there on TV before! Oh no~!
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, do you remember what I said during the initial round of auditions?
Aya: Uh-huh! Um, hang on... We should give it our all and have fun with the auditions, right?
Chisato: Yes, that's right. No matter who the opposition may be, no matter how impossible things may seem, the most important thing is to have a good time.
Chisato: And in my opinion, no one here can do that better than you can, Aya-chan.
Aya: You mean, no one is better at trying hard and having fun than me?
Chisato: Precisely. Besides, we have these adorable charms.
Aya: Ah, the sunflower charms! You brought yours!
Chisato: Of course! Even though we're not auditioning for the lawyer, fufu!
Aya: Awww, Chisato-chan...!
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, let's focus on having fun!
Aya: You got it!
Chisato: (Aya-chan is third in line, and I am last... Her audition should be ending relatively soon.)
Chisato: (The fact that I'm worrying about someone else when my turn is coming up must be a sign that she's rubbing off on me, fufu.)
Chisato: (In any case, I cannot think of any reason to worry, so I'm feeling fairly confident.)
Chisato: (I don't even feel pressured by my friends' well wishes. Instead, it feels like they're pushing me towards success.)
Chisato: (Who knew that their support could fill me with such warmth...)
Aya: Thank you very much!
Chisato: (Aya-chan... It looks like she's finished.)
Aya: ...
Chisato: (Aya-chan...?)
Aya: ...!
Chisato: (Is she telling me to do my best...?)
Chisato: (Fufu... "Of course I will!")
Aya: ...!
Judge: Next up, Chisato Shirasagi.
Chisato: Present! Thank you for having me.
Audition Venue - Main Room
Chisato: I am participant number five, Chisato Shirasagi. Nice to meet you.
Judge: Let's get right to it. Please start from page thirty-four, beginning with the scene where the young sister sees the elder sister off at the front door.
Chisato: (That scene...!)
Judge: Please let us know when you're ready.
Chisato: Understood.
Chisato: (This is the part where Aya-chan and I discussed our interpretations of the role...)
Chisato: (She said that a farewell at the front door was the character's way of wishing her sister luck and reminding her that she will always be there for her.)
Chisato: (... Ah.)
Chisato: (Aya-chan...?)
Aya: ...!
Chisato: (Is she telling me to do my best...?)
Chisato: (There she is again, even at a time like this... Fufu.)
Chisato: (In that case...!)
Chisato: Okay, I am ready. Allow me to begin!

Play act! Challenge*Audition Event Story - Ending
Two Actors

Pastel * Palettes gathers to see the results of the audition. Who got the part...?


A Few Days Later
Talent Agency

Hina: Congratulations, Chisato-chan~! I knew you could do it!
Eve: There were a lot of very famous actors there as well, right? You truly are amazing!
Maya: We were all on pins and needles waiting for the results~.
Chisato: Thank you. I couldn't have done it without all of your help.
Eve: And let us not forget the other victor here!
Hina: We can't talk about the auditions and leave her out of the picture!
Maya: Congratulations, Aya-san~!
Chisato: Congratulations, Aya-chan.
Aya: Hehehe, thanks~!
Hina: Man, I can't believe they picked you for the role of the friend of Chisato-chan's character! You sure are popular~!
Maya: You were chosen for a role that you didn't even audition for. A result of all your hard work, no doubt!
Chisato: The staff said the director took a liking to Aya-chan's performance. Apparently, it was her unabashed emotions and the fact that she seemed to enjoy acting that sealed the deal.
Aya: Wow, they said all those nice things about me? Oh man, that means I need to step up my game and really focus from here on out...!
Eve: Fufu, Aya-san is ready for action!
Hina: Chisato-chan is the type of actor who can switch things up for a role, but I get the feeling Aya-chan will just get stuck being her same old self~.
Eve: It is so wonderful that you were both chosen to appear in the show! I cannot wait to see it for myself!
Maya: Me neither~! We should all watch it together!
Aya: Ah, I'd be down for that!
Chisato: Fufu, you are all getting ahead of yourselves. Filming hasn't even begun.
Chisato: ... Ah, speaking of which, it is about time we left. Shall we go, Aya-chan? I would like to arrive early for our first face-to-face meeting.
Aya: G-good idea! This is our first time meeting everyone... Oh no, now I'm getting nervous...
Hina: You get nervous at our concerts, and you were nervous during the auditions. Is there a time when you're not nervous, Aya-chan?
Aya: D-don't say that~!
Chisato: Don't worry, I will be right there with you. We'll go around and greet everyone together.
Aya: Ah~, Chisato-chan, you're like my knight in shining armor~.
Maya: Huhehe... Aya-san is the same as ever~.
Eve: Yes! As is Chisato-san!
Aya: Alright, we're heading out, guys!
Chisato: We will see you all later.
Maya & Eve & Hina: See you soon!

Aya: Sigh~... I still can't believe this is happening. I'm going to appear in a TV drama.
Chisato: Fufu, I understand the feeling. Still, we need to buckle down and perform well enough to satisfy even those who failed the auditions.
Aya: Yeah, you're right. I'll do everything I can to show the staff they made the right decision when they picked me!
Aya: ... Hey, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Yes?
Aya: You seemed so cool and calm during the role selection announcements, but was any part of you worried at all?
Chisato: Of course I was... I had to clench my fists to hide the fact that I was shaking down to my fingertips.
Chisato: I put my all into passing those auditions, so I suppose I also wanted to appear confident.
Chisato: But this time around, I had our bandmates' support throughout our rehearsals and auditions, so I was able to face this audition like any other... This victory is thanks to them.
Chisato: Passing this particular audition has brought me more joy than any from the past.
Aya: Wow, I had no idea. But you know, seeing you happy makes me happy too!
Chisato: Is that so? Actually, you gave me a lot of encouragement back then.
Aya: Huh...? Really? When? I feel like you and the others are the ones who encouraged me...
Chisato: Well, that also happened, but... You see, the scene for my second audition was the one where the younger sister sees off her older sister.
Chisato: Aya-chan, you gave me a wink to wish me luck before my turn, didn't you? That was the hint I needed to use my eyes to give a better performance.
Aya: That's a relief! So my message got through to you, then!
Chisato: Fufu, that's what I mean when I say you gave me a lot of strength. Thank you, Aya-chan. And thank you for the sunflower charm, as well♪
Aya: Come on, I didn't do anything special! You're the one who taught me so much and encouraged me to keep going!
Chisato: Well... I can't argue with that.
Aya: Awww, Chisato-chan~!
Chisato & Aya: Fufufufu!
Aya: ... Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we grab some snacks after meeting everyone?
Aya: I found a cute sweets shop by the station! It will be our reward for doing so well!
Chisato: Goodness, Aya-chan. More snacks?
Aya: I-is that a... no...?
Chisato: I suppose... an occasional treat wouldn't hurt~.
Aya: Yay!
Chisato: After we properly greet our new coworkers, of course. There is no sense in indulging ourselves if we can't do our jobs correctly, right?
Aya: Right! Let's give it our all, Chisato-chan! I hope you'll continue to be there for me!
Chisato: And I hope for the same. I'm in your hands, Aya-chan♪

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