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Pop-Up Jump Card Story - Episode

It's All Fun!



Himari: Sigh~, Ran's words were so cool~.
Ran: HUh? Where'd that come from?
Tomoe: You're talking about what she said before, right? You know, how our songs become Afterglow songs through our conversations!
Himari: Yeah, that! Those words really hit it right on the head!
Tsugumi: Right?! What a lovely way to put it.
Moca: That's what you get with Afterglow's spectacular lyricist~.
Ran: C-cut it out...
Himari: What we find fun about the band, huh~? What do I find fun about it?
Ran: Didn't you say everything was fun?
Himari: That's true, but if a bunch of people looking to start a band are gonna read it, I feel like I should've come up with something more specific.
Moca: What you said was fine by me~.
Ran: You should've answered the questions more seriously yourself.
Tsugumi: It's hard to be specific though, isn't it? I think it's all fun too~.
Tomoe: Yeah, that's true. Coming up with something concrete would just lead to a long list of examples.
Himari: Exactly! Practice is fun and so is discussing what we're gonna do for our next concert. Ah, eating lunch together and passing notes in class are fun too!
Tomoe: Uh, Himari... You're moving away from the music.
Himari: Huh...?
Tsugumi: I understand what you mean though. It's always fun when we're together, whether it's in the band or at school!
Himari: Yea! That's it! I knew you'd understand, Tsugu~!
Tomoe: Even when we fight, it just makes our friendship stronger. Then all the fun stuff feels even better!
Ran: I guess so.
Moca: You know~, we talk all the time, but doesn't it feel like we talk with our music too~?
Tsugumi: Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel connected to you guys in a different way than when we're just talking normally.
Himari: Huh...? You guys are all saying the same thing...!
Moca: I think it's fine that you said everything is fun, Hii-chan~.
Tomoe: Yup, that's your same as always, after all!
Tsugumi: Right? It's always a relief to have Himari-chan with us, the same as always.
Ran: Yup, because that's our same as always.
Himari: Come on, you guys! Those words are gonna lose their meaning if you say them too much!
The Other Four: Fufu.
Himari: Well, I guess it's fine. Everything's fun with you guys around!
Moca: Oho~, the serious Hii-chan is gone, and our happy Hii-chan has returned~. Whoosh~.
Ran: Well, having you around is what makes everything fun.
Himari: Hm? Did you say something?
Ran: Nothing important.
Himari: Mmm~, I feel much better now! I know! Why don't we all get crepes to celebrate a job well done?!
Tomoe: Yeah, that sounds great! Let's go!
Himari: Yay~! I worked really hard today, so I'm gonna get extra strawberries and whipped cream!

Pop-Up Jump Card Story - Special Episode

To Everyone Looking Up to Us♪


CiRCLE - Lobby

Himari: Thanks for your help today, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Ah, Himari-chan. Are you done with practice?
Himari: Yup! We were really focused today, so we made great progress!
Marina: I see~. You guys sure do work hard.
Himari: Ah, that reminds me! I saw the new home page and interview section!
Himari: Everything looks so clean and stylish! It's great!
Marina: Fufu, hearing that makes all that work worthwhile.
Himari: It's so weird seeing us on the website. It's also kind of exciting.
Himari: I read our interview and the interviews with the other bands as well!
Marina: Thank you! What did you think?
Himari: I learned a lot from the other bands' interviews! I had no idea some of those viewpoints even existed!
Himari: I think anybody looking to start a band will enjoy what we have to say.
Marina: I'm glad you like it. I couldn't have done it without your help.
Marina: I kept thinking back to my time with my band while I was interviewing you all.
Marina: Sitting around and talking about your own band felt so nostalgic to me.
Hmari: Wow~, I had no idea! I wish I could've seen an interview or video of your band~.
Himari: Ah, speaking of videos! My eyes really were a little red, weren't they~? How embarrassing~!
Marina: That's right. Ran-chan's words made you choke up, didn't they? You can't really tell. I promise!
Himari: Are you sure~? I feel like Moca and the others will notice for sure...
Marina: Still, I'm sure the new bands that see it will think Afterglow is a cool band.
Himari: Really? Ehehe, I hope so.
Himari: Afterglow has always been focused on making our own music.
Himari: So it was a surprise to realize that we're now seen as a role model for newer bands.
Marina: Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Well, that's what you get with such cool music! Who wouldn't look up to you guys?
Marina: Ah, hey, if someone came up to you and ask you to teach them about music, what would you do?
Himari: Oh~! I don't know, but I'd be so happy!
Himari: I'd want to teach them anything they don't understand. Actually, I get the feeling I'd get worried and try to help out a little too much.
Himari: I'm sure Ran would know just when to tell me to lay off, though~.
Marina: Fufu, yeah, I can see that.
Himari: Right~...? I do think it'd be nice to see a bunch of new bands though!
Himari: Ah, looks like everyone's left the studio. I better get going too.
Marina: Alright, be careful on your way back. Thanks for letting me know what you think of the site!
Himari: No problem! See you later, Marina-san BanG Dreamer-san!