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Poppin'Party, (abbreviated to PoPiPa/PPP) is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Toyama Kasumi on guitar and vocals, Hanazono Tae on lead guitar, Ushigome Rimi on bass, Yamabuki Saaya on drums, and Ichigaya Arisa on keyboard. They debuted with the song Yes! BanG_Dream!.


A girl band always searching for that sparkling, heart-pounding beat, based on Kasumi's (Gt. & Vo.) childhood observation of the stars shining in the night sky. The other four members are music-lover Tae (Gt.), shy but confident girl Rimi (Ba.), kind and family-oriented Saaya (Dr.), and constant contrarian Arisa (Key.). They have band practice in Arisa's basement, and what they lack in skill and experience, they more than make up for in gusto.


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In the anime, each member wore a similar outfit reminiscent of stylized uniforms featuring the girls theme color in both solid and plaid fabrics. This outfit is composed of a white top, two members having sleeves with a plaid cuff, and three without; instead having plaid lace straps worn under shoulder. At the neck is a plaid tie or bow-tie, and black suspender straps adorned with gold lined stars and bows. The straps connect to a brown belt with a star buckle, worn over fabric wrapped around the waist and a small, gold star chain. Kasumi and Saaya wear black shorts with a piece of plaid fabric hanging on the left hip, with Tae matching them but wearing dark blue shorts or miniskirt. Rimi and Arisa wear plaid skirts with a frilly petticoat. Each girl wears matching shoes of their theme color in a darker or lighter shade and accent by gold detailing, along with glittering black stockings or tube socks that have a gold star cut around the top. On their wrists are multiple black accessories, and each girl wears matching hair accessories or star earrings.

In the first anniversary, the girls switch to a more colorful and lively outfit. The top is cut beneath the breast with polka-dot pattern, stars, light blue stripes, colorful hot pink dots, and yellow dripping paint with a white collar that has stripes of azure and a flap of violet, purple, hot pink, orange, or blue fabric depending on the member. The suspender straps from the first outfit are kept but lack the bows, connecting to a colorful dot waistband. Each girl wears a different accessory beneath the shoulder, in the form of colorful dotted straps, yellow ruffled sleeves, or bracelets made from red, yellow, and blue rings. The bottoms are slightly different, coming in the form of a pair of shorts or skirt accent by spheres of blue and pink alternating with larger raspberry spheres. The skirt reminiscent of the top, trim with ruffles of lime and yellow, while the shorts are black with raspberry dripped paint instead of yellow and accent by fabric matching the skirt. Each member wears black shoes with yellow strings and socks, along with colorful spheres on the wrists and many colorful star and sphere hair accessories.



  1. BanG Dream! First☆LIVE Sprin’PARTY 2016!
  2. BanG Dream! Second☆LIVE Starrin’ PARTY 2016!
  3. BanG Dream! 3rd☆LIVE Sparklin’ PARTY 2017!
  4. BanG Dream! 4th☆LIVE Miracle PARTY 2017!
  5. Poppin'Party Fan Meeting 2017!
  6. BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE HAPPY HAPPY PARTY 2018! (Day 1)
  7. BanG Dream! 6th☆LIVE Let's Go! Poppin'Party! (Day 2)
  8. BanG Dream! 7th☆LIVE Jumpin' Music♪ (Day 3)
  10. Poppin'Party Fan Meeting Tour 2019!
  11. Special Live ~Summerly Tone♪~
  12. Autumn Live "Breakthrough!"
  13. Poppin'Party JOYFUL PARTY, FUN TIME![1]
  14. Astral Harmony
  15. NO GIRL NO CRY -Round 2-
  16. The Beginning (with Roselia)
  17. Kasumi and Tae's After-School Tour
  18. Hoppin'☆Poppin'☆Dreamin'!!
  20. Popipan! no Odekake in SUMMER
  21. Welcome to Poppin'Land
  22. Divide/Unite (with MyGO!!!!!)
  23. Poppin'Party LIVE 2024


  • Poppin'Party first started out in 2015 with just Aimi, Nishimoto Rimi and Itou Ayasa, before slowly adding members to become a full band. During this period they had five separate lives, before the numbering was restarted along with the project rebranding from "BanG_Dream!" to "BanG Dream!".
  • Poppin'Party was originally called as "Warehouse (くら) Party", or Kurapa in the light novel and its manga adaptation.
    • In the original storyline, "POPPING!" was a charm word taught by Saaya to Kasumi to encourage the latter.
    • In the current storyline, "Poppin'Party" was Arisa's band name idea.
  • One of the band names suggested by the members was Sing Jack in Shinjuku. Aimi had suggested Shinjuku Bang Bang Girls.[2]
    • Sing Jack is a play on words for Shinjuku.
    • With Shinjuku being considered as a holy ground, the members tried putting Shinjuku in their band name suggestions at first.
  • All of their songs, except for three (Watashi no Kokoro wa Choco Cornet, 1000-kai Urunda Sora and Introduction), were written by Nakamura Kou, who is the writer of the original BanG Dream story.[3]
  • Their group huddle shout is Popipa, Pipopa, Popipapapipopa! (ポピパ, ピポパ, ポピパパピポパ!).
  • Their family names (Toyama, Hanazono, Ushigome, Yamabuki, and Ichigaya) are all based on the names of areas in Shinjuku.
  • The hair colors of all 5 members are common hair colors that can be seen in the real world.[4]
    • This is a trait unique to Poppin'Party, as the other bands all feature at least one member with an unrealistic hair color or outright dyed hair (as in Ran's case).
  • In the game, Kasumi and Rimi both say they write Poppin'Party's songs.
  • They were the first to have a gacha that featured limited members (Bright Christmas Gacha).
  • Kasumi was the only member to have no experience with her instrument prior to Poppin'Party's formation.
  • Poppin'Party have, so far, collaborated and appeared in three different games: in Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD Unlimited, in Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight: Re LIVE and in PuraOre! Smile Princess.[5]
    • The second collaboration also referenced the fact that two of the characters (Kaoruko and Arisa) are both voiced by Itou Ayasa.
  • Poppin'Party is the first Bandori band to participate in a non-Bushiroad project by performing the opening song for Remake Our Life!.[6] It also features Aimi as a voice actress for one of the main characters, and Otsuka Sae as a voice actress for one of the side characters.
  • The first letter for Saaya, Tae, Arisa and Rimi's names forms the word "STAR".
  • Their double-A side single "Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni/Teardrops" marked the first time that an anime-based artist entered Japan iTunes Top 10 prior to their show being aired.

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