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Poppin'Party's Strength Card Story - Episode

Delivering Passion


Rocking Star Festival - Venue

Saaya: Phew... Looks like the crowd's finally died down.
Arisa: That was seriously exhausting. We didn't even have a chance to take a breather...
Rimi: I almost became dizzy because of how much the line in front of the booth kept growing.
Arisa: But at least we get that well-deserved break now... Wait. Have you guys seen Kasumi and O-Tae?
Saaya: They went with Marina-san to get drinks. They said they'll grab some for us.
Arisa: Alright, let's relax until they come back then.
Saaya: Boy, I never expected so many people would want to shake my hand~.
Arisa: Don't you think the whole hand-shaking business was a bit much, though? It's not like we're celebrities.
Saaya: You seemed to be perfectly willing to shake the hands of every person who asked, even though you were blushing a ton.
Arisa: S-so what? They came all the way to see me, so I couldn't just send them away, you know...?
Arisa: And you guys were shaking hands too!
Saaya: Fufufu... I won't deny that. My hand kind of hurts from all the handshakes.
Rimi: Mine too~.
Saaya: I wish we could've shaken hands with the people who couldn't come.
Arisa: Yeah.
Saaya: Maybe they'll come to one of our live performances. Wouldn't that be great?
Rimi: That would be♪ Fufufu...
Arisa: Hey, look at what people are posting online.
Arisa: A lot of them are saying they want to come to the venue next time.
Saaya: Oh, wow!
Rimi: And this person says they're sad they couldn't come, but they still felt a connection with everyone!
Saaya: I'm so glad the owner said it was okay to livestream the festival.
Arisa: Agreed. We busted our backs trying to make sure the people who couldn't come would be able to feel the joy of a live performance...
Rimi: Mmhmm, we certainly did...
Saaya: The festival isn't over yet, though. We need to make it even more exciting.
Arisa: Yeah, we still haven't done enough to show them what the energy at a venue is like.
Saaya: Exactly! And I don't think the energy just comes from what happens on stage either!
Saaya: Even th3e excitement of the people at our booth and people sharing their thoughts about the live performances can create energy!
Saaya: And the energy from what happens outside the stage will surely make what happens on the stage even better.
Saaya: That's why I think we should do what we can until the very end to make everyone at this booth and the venue have a good time!
Arisa: ... There you go sounding like Kasumi again.
Rimi: Yes, that was exactly like her.
Saaya: Fufufu, I just want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the festival.
Saaya: After all... I'm a pretty greedy person♪
Rimi: ... Wow, look at the crowd!
Arisa: Ah... It's probably because a show just ended.
Saaya: Fufu, looks like it's going to get busy again.
Arisa: And it's down to us three until everyone returns... We've got some work to do.
Saaya: Yeah. Alright then...
Saaya: Hello~! Come check out our booth~!

Poppin'Party's Strength Card Story - Special Episode

Afternoon with the Greedy


Yamabuki Bakery

Marina: Ah, you're in charge of the bakery today, huh, Saaya-chan? Hi.
Saaya: Welcome to Yamabuki Bakery, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! We just finished baking a new batch of bread.
Marina: Mmm, it smells nice~. We haven't had lunch yet, so I can't wait to pick what to have~.
Saaya: Really? It's pretty late for lunch... It sounds like you've been busy with work.
Marina: We were doing a post-project review of the Rocking Star Festival together with people from the other live houses.
Marina: By the way, was your family able to watch the festival online? You did mention something about wanting to show them.
Saaya: Yes, they watched us performing on stage in real-time.
Marina: They did? Great~.
Saaya: Now I have even more cool sister points in the eyes of my brother and sister. They said I was amazing, fufufu...
Saaya: They've even been pretending to be me playing the drums.
Saaya: Ever since the festival, my mom and dad have also been humming our songs... I'm not sure how I should react.
Marina: Ahaha, I'd imagine. I wouldn't know what to do either if my family started doing that to me.
Saaya: Fufu... But I'm glad we got to stream the festival.
Saaya: It also let us get comments from people online, not just family.
Saaya: I'm really glad we got to share our music with all the people who have helped us along the way.
Marina: A lot of people were talking about it.
Marina: I'm glad we were able to deliver everyone's music to both the people who were there and the people who weren't.
Saaya: Me too...! But I'm still not satisfied.
Marina: Oh? Why is that?
Saaya: I think the festival was amazing. Everyone really liked it too.
Saaya: But when I saw hoe people reacted, I wanted to deliver our music to even more people.
Saaya: After all, I'm a pretty greedy person.
Marina: Fufu, there's nothing wrong with that. I'd say it's better to be greedy when it comes to your dreams.
Saaya: Yes, I hope I can make them a reality someday!
Marina: Good luck!... Wow, something smells nice...
Saaya: That would be our chocolate cornets. I think they're fresh out of the oven.
Marina: Oh boy, that makes it even harder to decide what to get~.
Marina: I know! Maybe you could give me your recommendations. I'll just get them all.
Saaya: Huh? All of them? You're a pretty greedy person yourself, Marina-san~. Fufufu.
Marina: Maybe you're rubbing off on me, fufufu.
Saaya: In that case, I'll take responsibility and make sure I recommend the best of the best! Please wait a moment.