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Poppin' & Happy Card Story - Episode

A Snapshot of Work Moca


Ran: ... I try to write down the words and feelings that come to mind throughout the day.
Lisa: I see☆ Yeah, you would end up forgetting anything good you came up with if you didn't take notes.
Lisa: Maybe I should buy myself a little notepad~.
Ran: That'd be fine, but I think you could do it on your phone as well. And you could send it to yourself too.
Lisa: Wow, well isn't that handy!
Lisa: Hm~♪ You know, listening to you talk about this has made me all excited to write!
Ran: I'm glad I could help.
Moca: Have we reached a break in the conversation~? Okay~, I'm gonna go pluck some flowers~.
Lisa: Ahaha, 'pluck'? Moca sure loves to choose words that have gone out of fashion.
Lisa: She's such a character☆ Is she like that at school too?
Ran: Yeah, she's always messing around, just like that. What about at work?
Lisa: Hm~, well~... When we're talking, she's like that, but when she's actually interacting with customers or doing something with the display, she does it with extreme care.
Lisa: Like when she's restocking the plastic bags, or how she always notices things here and there ☆
Ran: Wow... I wouldn't expect that. She actually does what she has to do.
Lisa: Ahaha, does it seem like she wouldn't?
Ran: ... Just a bit. What else does she do?
Lisa: What else...? Let's see~. She's also very careful when she's stocking shelves ♪
Lisa: And when there's time, she makes sure the angles are aligned.
Ran: So whenever the cup ramens are all nicely lined up...?
Lisa: Pretty sure that's Moca's handiwork♪ Supposedly, people have a tendency to go for certain logos ☆
Lisa: And according to her, anyone with even a slight bias will more likely want to buy one.
Ran: Fufu, so weird.
Lisa: Interesting, right~? But you know, after she finishes lining them up, the number of people who buy them actually increases, so it might be true!
Lisa: Oh, and you know what else?! The way she decides on the amount of time she cooks the hot foods for is in a class of its own!
Ran: Wouldn't something like that already be decided by the manual?
Lisa: Well, yes. It is~. However, she's always saying how some things are tastier if they're cooked for longer or for shorter times!
Lisa: And I don't know if it's because of that obsession, but when Moca's on the job, everything tastes so good. It's mindblowing~.
Ran: Huh, I wonder how she knows the specific timing for something like that...
Lisa: She was saying that it depends on color and scent, but I wonder myself.
Lisa: I mean, it might just be special Moca senses.
Ran: Special Moca senses...? I think I know what you mean.
Ran: That's kinda weird though. Knowing that Moca actually takes her job seriously.
Lisa: In that case, why don't I tell you something weird that she does?
Lisa: Sometimes, she can completely butcher saying 'welcome' to the customer. Stuff like that ♪
Ran: That sounds a lot like Moca. I can just imagine it now.
Lisa: Ahaha, great ☆
Moca: Moca-chan has returned~... Huh? What, what? You guys seem like you're having fun~. What are you talking about~?
Lisa: Hmm~, you're not allowed to know♪ Right, Ran?
Ran: That's right.
Moca: What~? Ran, you're so stingy~. You too, Lisa-san~. Stingy, stingy~.
Lisa: Ahahahaha ♪

Poppin' & Happy Card Story - Special Episode

My Own Writing Method


Ran: ... BanG Dreamer-san, what are you doing wandering around here?
Ran: No seats? Yeah, it is pretty crowded. The seat in front of me is free. Why don't you sit here?
Ran: ... It's not something you need to thank me for. I'd rather have you sitting here than someone I don't know. That's all.
Ran: Today? I still have time until rehearsal starts, so I'm just taking a short break.
Ran: Moca is still at work. Everyone else has stuff they're taking care of.
Ran: This...? D-Don't look at it. It's nothing. Just a notepad.
Ran: Hey... Y-You're looking! Oh, it was when you sat down? Sigh... I shouldn't have told you that you could sit here.
Ran: ... Yeah, it's a phrase that seems like it would make for good lyrics. It popped into my head so I took a note.
Ran: The other day, Lisa-san was asking me about how I write my lyrics. That kinda... had an effect on me.
Ran: We were sitting just like this, across from each other. Lisa-san was making a really serious face, and I felt like I had to give her perfect answers.
Ran: So I started by sharing my way of thinking with her. Really, the only way of writing them that I know about is my own way... Though, I'm not sure if it really helped...
Ran: ... I hadn't talked to anyone about it up until that point, so... it was kinda embarrassing.
Ran: But I think by talking to Lisa-san, I was able to understand my thought process a bit more.
Ran: I value the things that my current self is able to write. And I thought... that might be the same as saying I value the present.
Ran: There are things you come to understand because you put them into words and share them with someone.
Ran: ... However, I realized once again... how embarrassing it is to talk about myself.
Ran: Ah, just got a message from Moca... Mhm, they're already at the studio.
Ran: Alright, BanG Dreamer-san. I have to head to practice.
Ran: ... Thanks for listening. See ya.