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Poppin' Colors! (Ichigaya Arisa) Card Story - Episode



Ichigaya Residence

Arisa: If I take red, yellow and blue, I can make it like a rainbow... Hmm, I feel like that's too gaudy...
Arisa: But our new outfits are pretty flashy, so it's fine if the wrist band is too, right...? No, I think a slightly more mellow color scheme would be better...
Rimi: Whoa, that wristband is really cute.
Arisa: Y-you really think so? Personally, I think it's a little gaudy...
Rimi: No! Not at all! It works perfectly with our new outfits!
Arisa: ... I really have no idea. I'm no good with this kind of stuff...
Arisa: Hm? By the way, what are you doing, Rimi?
Rimi: Ah, actually... I wanted you to take a look at this for me...
Arisa: Is that a sketch for the hair accessory? Wow, It looks great.
Rimi: Ehehe, thanks. I thought a star motif would work well with our new look, so that's what I went with.
Arisa: Oh~. That's great! I can't wait to wear it together with the outfit.
Rimi: Thank you! But... drawing stars is a lot harder than I thought. Is this okay?
Arisa: Let me see... Hmm... I think the shape's a little off...
Rimi: I-I thought so... I used a compass and a protractor, but I still can't get it right...
Arisa: Here, let me borrow that for a second...
Rimi: Huh? You'll draw it for me?
Arisa: Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Rimi: Okay! Thank you so much!

Arisa: Uhh, to draw a star, first you draw a pentagon... Then draw lines from each corner...
Arisa: There, all done. This is what you wanted, right?
Rimi: W-wow! Amazing! That's a beautiful star! Of course you could do something like this, Arisa-chan! Thank you!
Arisa: I-it's nothing. We learned it in math class back in middle school, didn't we? Besides, if we have crooked stars as accessories, it'll look bad.
Rimi: ... Arisa-chan, you're so awesome. You really can do anything!
Arisa: A-all I did was draw a star! It's not that impressive!
Rimi: Yes it is~! I mean, your wristband design looks great, and you can draw stars just like that... That's so amazing!
Arisa: Cut it out, already...!
Rimi: Okay, so I should make stars like this, right?
Arisa: Wh-Whoa, wait a minute! The points of this star are still pretty sharp. Don't you think it'd be better to go with something a little more round?
Rimi: Huh? So, round the corners...? Ah, that actually could be perfect for Poppin'Party!
Arisa: Right?! I thought so too!
Rimi: Let's do it then! Alright, so if I put the compass on the pointy part-
Arisa: No no no, put the needle here, and then... There! Doesn't that look good?
Rimi: W-Wow! Arisa-chan, you're so awesome!
Arisa: I-I told you already! There's nothing awesome about it...!
Rimi: (She may be fussy sometimes, but Arisa-chan really loves Poppin'Party, doesn't she?)
Arisa: Wh-What are you smiling about, Rimi?
Rimi: Fufu. Nothing. Nothing at all.
Arisa: ...?! Oh, come on! What is it?!

Poppin' Colors! (Ichigaya Arisa) Card Story - Special Episode

A Newly-Made Keyboard?


Edogawa Music

Arisa: Y-Yes! G-Good afternoon!
Arisa: ... Oh, it's Marina-san and BanG Dreamer... Don't scare me like that~.
Marina: Arisa-chan, it's not often we see you here.
Arisa: R-really? I like to look at instruments every once in a while too, you know...
Arisa: Now that we have new outfits, I thought I'd have a fresh start by getting a new keyboard too...
Arisa: Well, that's why I'm here, but... keyboards are pretty expensive, aren't they?
Arisa: If I don't save up more of my allowance, there's no way I can afford it...
Arisa: And even doing that, it'll be a while before I've saved up enough...
Marina: Ah, some shops let you trade in your current instrument to put toward the price of a new one, though. If you do that, it might be easier to buy it...
Arisa: Huh? In other words, I'd have to get rid of the keyboard I'm using now, right?
Arisa: N-no way~, I don't know if I could do that~... I've used that keyboard since we started Poppin'Party...
Arisa: I've just gotten used to it, I guess...
Arisa: I don't know if I'd feel comfortable just getting rid of it...
Marina: Fufu. I thought you might say that.
Marina: After all, it's like your partner, right?
Arisa: M-my p-partner? N-no, it's not that big of a deal!
Arisa: It's just easier to use, that's all!
Arisa: I-I'm not the type to get attached to an instrument, for crying out loud...
Arisa: ... What are you smiling about, BanG Dreamer?! Seriously, I'm not!