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Poppin' Colors! (Ushigome Rimi) Card Story - Episode

Favorite Article of Clothing


Ichigaya Residence

Rimi: Phew~. I'll just put this down here.
Tae: Huh? Rimi, is that what I think it is?
Rimi: Ah, O-Tae-chan! Yup! This is our new outfit!
Tae: Have you been carrying that around this whole time?
Rimi: Y-yeah... I really, really like it, so I've been carrying it with me everywhere I go...
Tae: I see. Did you show it to anyone at home?
Rimi: Mhm, of course! I let my sister take a look.
Tae: Oh~. What did Yuri-san think?
Rimi: She said it was super cute and that the color scheme really matched Poppin'Party's image!
Tae: I agree. It's a very lively design. Very Poppin'Party.
Rimi: Yeah, and I love the star-shaped hairpins!
Tae: Well, when you think of Poppin'Party, stars immediately come to mind.
Rimi: And my sister said that we're the only ones who could make these outfits look good!
Tae: That's great, Rimi.
Rimi: Yeah! I'm glad I showed it to her~!
Rimi: Hearing her give it praise like that made me really happy. I've fallen even more in love with them~.
Tae: I totally understand. It feels good to be praised.
Rimi: Hm? Did someone say something to you too?
Tae: Yup. When I showed my outfit at home, they really like it!
Rimi: That's great! Who'd you show it to? Your dad? Your mom?
Tae: Nope. I showed it to... Oddie!
Rimi: ... Oddie...? You mean... your rabbit...?
Tae: Yeah! Little Oddie was staring at me while munching away, so I decided to show it off.
Tae: It had been all about food until then, but once I help up that outfit... No movement! Not an inch!
Rimi: O-oh, really...?
Tae: And then, those ears started twitching happily! Oddie loved it!
Rimi: I-I see... Th-that's good...
Tae: Yeah... I guess you can't help but feel good when you're complimented by someone dear to you.
Rimi: Someone dear?
Tae: Hm? Yeah, for you, it's Yuri-san. And for me, it's Oddie.
Tae: Someone who's always there to support us, no matter what. We have to work extra hard for them.
Rimi: Y-yeah! You're right!
Rimi: (I believe it when she says Oddie's really important to her, but...)
Rimi: (I'm not sure how I feel about having my sister compared to a rabbit...)
Tae: Something wrong, Rimi?
Rimi: N-nope! Nothing at all!

Poppin' Colors! (Ushigome Rimi) Card Story - Special Episode

A New Idea


Record Shop

Rimi: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. G-good afternoon.
Rimi: I'm here looking for inspiration to write some music. Hopefully I can find a good CD...
Rimi: Yes, a new song! An idea popped into my head after seeing the outfits we just made...
Rimi: I've never been inspired by clothes before, so I was a but shocked...
Rimi: Usually, I only think of phrases, and that's when I'm listening to music or doing things with Kasumi-chan and the others...
Rimi: Maybe it's because all I've been doing lately is looking at our new outfits.
Rimi: Ah, wait a minute. I have pictures. Here, take a look, BanG Dreamer-san.
Rimi: ... What do you think?
Rimi: You think so too?! I know, they're so cute!
Rimi: Yes! We made them together, so they're very special... I really like them.
Rimi: It feels like just wearing the outfit puts me in a good mood.
Rimi: I don't really wear these kinds of outfits normally, so... it makes me a little nervous. Ehehe~.
Rimi: It's also a color scheme I would have never worn if I hadn't joined Poppin'Party...
Rimi: I've always been really hesitant about wearing clothes like this, but... it's fun when we're all doing it together!
Rimi: It seems like... I'm always learning new things about myself when I'm with the others.
Rimi: I'm... so glad I met everyone in Poppin'Party.
Rimi: ... M-maybe I'll listen to something like hip-hop, too... Mhm, I might discover something new if I do that!
Rimi: Once I've finished my song, will you please listen to it? I'd love to hear your feedback.
Rimi: Alright, I'll see you at the studio then!