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Poppin' Colors! (Yamabuki Saaya) Card Story - Episode

Making Pajamas


Ichigaya Residence

Kasumi: Hmhmm~♪ Hmhmm, hmhmhmm~♪
Saaya: Hm? Looks like you're in a great mood today, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Ehehe~! And do you know why, Saaya?
Saaya: Of course! You're humming while you stare at our new outfits. You like them that much?
Kasumi: Yeah! They're so super duper cute~!
Saaya: I think so too!
Saaya: I guess you can say it matches the Poppin'Party vibe? The way it pops with excitement, maybe?
Kasumi: Yeah, yeah! Exactly! They've got that 'pop' going, and they got the 'pin' part too! Not to mention the 'party' feeling! Don't you agree?!
Saaya: I-I don't really get what you mean, but I'm definitely in love with them.
Saaya: I showed it off to my little brother and sister the other day without thinking. They were like, "I'm so jealous~," and "I wanna wear one too~!"
Kasumi: That makes sense! I mean, our outfits are just that cute! Of course everyone wants to wear them~
Kasumi: ... Ah! Let's make one for each of them! They'll be tiny, kid versions!
Saaya: Huh? Uhm, well... It works for me since I'm only wearing it on stage, but they'll probably think they can wear it anywhere.
Saaya: And it's too colorful, so if they decide they want to go to school like that, we might end up with a real problem on our hands...
Kasumi: O-oh yeah... Now that I think about it, that makes sense... It's not really good for everyday wear...
Kasumi: ... Ah, how about this?
Saaya: Hm? About what?
Kasumi: What if we made them pajamas using the same color scheme as our outfits?
Kasumi: You only ever wear pajamas in the house, so flashy colors are fine, right? What do you think?
Saaya: Pajamas, huh...? Yeah, that could work!
Kasumi: Alright! Then let's get making them right away! Ah, but I don't know what their sizes are...
Saaya: How about I bring a pair of their pajamas with me next time? You can make them based on that.
Kasumi: Okay! Then I'll get all the materials ready before then! Let's make some pajamas!
Saaya: ... Hm? Wait, Kasumi, aren't you bad at sewing?
Kasumi: Ngh...
Saaya: I remember when we made knapsacks in class, you had a really hard time. You almost broke the sewing machine too, right?
Kasumi: Nghhh...
Kasumi: ... B-but it'll be fine! If we ask the others to help, I'm sure we can make something awesome together!
Saaya: Yeah, that's true. But for you to go that far for those two... Sorry you have to do so much extra work...
Kasumi: No way! Think about it! Jun-jun and Saa-nan are pretty much members of Poppin'Party!
Saaya: I-I don't know about that...
Kasumi: Oh! And while we're at it, we should make some for Arisa's grandma too!
Saaya: Huh? Arisa's... grandma?!
Kasumi: Yeah! She's like a member of Poppin'Party too! She'll love it!
Saaya: I feel like Arisa's just going to get mad and say something like "What do you think you're doing making my grandma wear something like this?!"
Kasumi: No way! She'll love it too! I mean, the outfit is so cute! How could she possibly get mad?!
Saaya: A-are you sure...?
Kasumi: Alrighty, it's decided! Let's make some pajamas!

Poppin' Colors! (Yamabuki Saaya) Card Story - Special Episode

Souvenir Picture Plates



Saaya: Ah, good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san.
Saaya: ... Me? I'm just coming back from the photo studio downtown.
Saaya: ... Yeah, I had one I really liked, so I decided to get it printed.
Saaya: Yup! Well, you see, we actually just finished our new costumes!
Saaya: And when we tried them on, we decided to take a picture together holding our instruments! And that photo turned out really well!
Saaya: I just got so excited! I mean, it was a pretty good photo.
Saaya: And don't you think they turn out better when you get them printed at a studio as opposed to doing it yourself?
Saaya: This one's really special, so I knew I had to get it done professionally...
Saaya: If you ever have a photo you really like, you should definitely get it printed at a studio!
Saaya: ... Ah, that's right! Can you keep this a secret from the other Poppin'Party members?
Saaya: ... Uh-huh. I had these printed and framed in secret.
Saaya: I had five made, and I want to give them to everyone as a surprise...
Saaya: ... Oh, of course! No problem. I can show you mine right now.
Saaya: ... Check it out! Isn't this so cute?!
Saaya: I liked having it on my phone, but now that it's in a frame, I can decorate my room with it!
Saaya: And that makes it feel just a bit more special, doesn't it?
Saaya: ... Oh, I just remembered! I actually have a few more pictures I really like... Maybe I should get those framed too...
Saaya: Sorry, BanG Dreamer-san, but I have to go back to the photo studio...!
Saaya: I'll see you later!