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Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Opening
Arisa's Conditions

The downtown area is filled with Halloween decorations. Can Kasumi contain her enthusiasm...?


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Arisa: Sorry. My student council duties took forever. Were you waiting long?
Kasumi: No, not really. I was just thinking about our new song anyway.
Arisa: Huh? Where's Saaya and the others?
Kasumi: They said they were going ahead to set up decorations downtown.
Arisa: Huh? Decorations?
Kasumi: Downtown is getting a Halloween makeover today! They said they were gonna go and help out. I think they got a phone call from Saaya's dad.
Arisa: Ah, I see. So Rimi and O-Tae went with her? Does that mean we're gonna meet up with them downtown?
Kasumi: Yeah, I think so. I can't wait to see how it looks~.
Kasumi: Wow~. It's that time of year already~. Halloween always makes me feel so excited~♪
Arisa: Here we go...
Kasumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Arisa: Nothing.
Kasumi: You know how people dress up on Halloween? I love those kinds of costumes~. Don't you wanna try and dress up like that, just once?
Arisa: Hm~, not really.
Kasumi: Speaking of which, there are Halloween parades too, aren't there? ... How do you think it feels to be in that kind of thing? I wonder if it's fun~.
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi... Stop looking at me like that, would you?
Arisa: There's no way I'm gonna do something like that.
Kasumi: What? I haven't even said anything yet!
Arisa: But you were about to say, "I wanna go," right?
Kasumi: Yeah, but...
Arisa: See!
Kasumi: But I didn't say it yet! You're saying no when I haven't asked you anything! That's weird!
Arisa: Anyway, we have a concert next month. Shouldn't we be focusing on that?
Kasumi: Well, yeah~... But if we don't go, we won't have another chance until next year. Next year!


Come on, I told you to get ready to leave. Right now, we have to practice for next month's concert!
Kasumi: Arisa~...


Saaya: Put a jack-o'-lantern here... Yeah! I think we're done.
Rimi: Wow~, It looks so good~. Now the area feels much more lively~.
Tae: Fufufu, Halloween decorations are magical, I get kind of excited just looking at them!
Saaya: You're right, they're making me feel a bit excited too, fufufu. I bet Kasumi will be so happy when she sees all this.
Rimi: She will! I can picture Kasumi-chan's face now.
Tae: Oh? That's Kasumi and Arisa over there. ... Huh? Kasumi doesn't look happy at all.
Saaya: You're right, I wonder what's wrong. Kasumi~! Arisa~! Over here~!
Kasumi: Hey~, Saaya. Listen to this~. You know what Arisa said~?
Arisa: Hey, why're you saying it like that?! You're making me sound like the bad guy!
Saaya: Okay, okay, guys! First, instead of standing around, why don't we go back to my place and talk about it?

Yamabuki Residence - Saaya's Room

Arisa: I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't like crowded places like that. You at least know that, right?
Kasumi: Yeah~, I know. That's why I couldn't just come out and ask~.
Arisa: And besides, you haven't even finished the new song for our concert next month.
Kasumi: I know, I'm gonna work on it soon~.
Arisa: Saaya, say something~. She's being such a brat...
Saaya: Me? I... I think I'd also like to go, so I agree with Kasumi, I guess?
Arisa: What?!
Saaya: Well, you know how I was helping with the Halloween decorations? It kind of got me in the mood for it...
Kasumi: Right, right! I knew it, Saaya! You know exactly how I feel~! What about you, Rimi-rin?!
Rimi: S-sorry, Arisa-chan... I think I might also want to go...
Arisa: S-Seriously...? Even you, Rimi?!
Tae: If we do go, this one sounds good. "Halloween Parade for Parents, Children, and Friends." I think we can sign up for it on our phones.
Arisa: O-Tae, you sound like you're already planning to go!
Kasumi: Yeah~, see! That's what I was saying!! I told you everyone would wanna go.
Arisa: You know... You guys are really too soft on Kasumi...
Saaya: No, we're not. I just think I'd like to give it a go since we have the chance. It'll make for some good memories too.
Arisa: I-I feel kind of betrayed... ... Ugh, fine. But I have conditions!
Arisa: We leave before it gets dark! And if we have homework, we do that first! If you don't agree to these, there's no way I'm going!
Kasumi: Arisa... Thank you~! We can definitely do that! I promise I'll follow your conditions!
Saaya: Arisa agreeing to something like this... You really have changed~.
Arisa: Whatever! Anyway, you better do what I said! Because I haven't forgotten about what happened at last year's fireworks festival! You didn't even do your homework that time!
Kasumi: Ah... That's... over and done with.
Arisa: Says who?!
Kasumi: A-anyway! I can't wait to spend the Halloween Parade with you all!
All Except Arisa: Woo!
Arisa: ... Ugh~.

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Chapter 1
What Should We Go As?

Poppin'Party contemplate their costumes for the Halloween Parade.


The Next Day - After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Saaya: So, how's it going? Has everyone decided what kind of costume they're gonna wear?
Kasumi: Hm~, I can't decide~. They all look like so much fun. Now I wanna try them all.
Rimi: I had a little look on my phone, but there are so many options. This is going to be hard...
Tae: This zombie one looks like when they use special-effects makeup in the movies. It's so good.
Saaya: I think that one is a bit above our level~. It would be really cool if we could make it look that real though.
Arisa: Yeah, we also don't have that much time or money. I mean, we still have to prepare for next month's concert.
Saaya: By the way, Arisa, do you have any ideas for costumes?
Arisa: I-I don't. I told you, anything is fine... I'll leave it to you guys.
Kasumi: In that case, what about this fluffy one~? They sell stuff like this at the party-goods store! Arisa, won't you do this one with me? We can match!
Arisa: Isn't that just one of "those"? You know, those costumes that look cute but have nothing to do with Halloween?
Kasumi: Oh~, when you put it that way, I guess it is. Then, how about this Dracula one?
Arisa: Hm~, it doesn't feel right~. With that one, it's like you're basically just wearing a tuxedo...
Saaya: Arisa... You're more into this than I thought.
Arisa: I'm not into it!
Arisa: Besides, Halloween isn't just a dress-up event you know.
Kasumi: I know that. It's one of those customs, right? Where everyone... dresses like monsters?
Arisa: That kind of sounded like a bad quiz-show answer.
Rimi: Okay, so they say that Halloween was originally an event where people would summon the spirits of their ancestors.
Rimi: But evil spirits and demons would come out too, so people would dress up as monsters and pretend to be friends with them. That prevented them from doing anything bad.
Saaya: Oh~, I see. So that's what it was all about. Of course you'd have all the answers, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: There's a lot of horror films centered around Halloween. I guess I just learned about it from watching them.
Rimi: Would you... like to watch one together sometime?
Kasumi: Uh... yeah. I really want to... watch them.
Arisa: It's super obvious you're just trying to grin and bear it.
Kasumi: N-no, I'm not doing that~.
Rimi: I'm sorry, Kasumi-chan. I was just kidding. Don't worry.
Saaya: Fufufu. Well, let's talk about that another time. Right now, why don't we decide on our costumes?
Rimi: Actually, I thought it might come in handy for reference, so I brought this along.
Kasumi: Huh? What did you bring? I wanna see~!
Rimi: It's just this...
Saaya: "The Complete Collection of Ghosts and Monsters of the World"...? These illustrations are quite realistic and intense, aren't they...?
Arisa: If we use this for reference, they're not gonna be very cute costumes...
Rimi: Y-you're right! Let's forget about this...
Arisa: No, that's not what I meant!
Kasumi: I wanna see it! I haven't decided what I wanna be at all, so it'd be so much easier with a picture book like that!
Tae: Let's all look at it together!
Kasumi: Ah! What was that one just now? Its clothes were kind of cute.
Rimi: Ah, this one? This is a jiangshi. It's a creature from Chinese folklore. I suppose you could say they're similar to zombies.
Kasumi: Something like this could be good! It's cuter than a zombie too!
Tae: What's this one? The one with lots of snakes on its head.
Rimi: Ah, that one is...
30 Minutes Later

Kasumi: Ahhh~! That was fun! There are so many different kinds of monsters~. But I still like the first one we saw the best, the jiangshi.
Saaya: It had a cute outfit, so it will probably suit you, Kasumi. I think I'll be a witch or a vampire~... Which one should I pick?
Rimi: Have you decided on something, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Hm~, Not yet... I'm gonna think about it more on my own. But what did you pick, Rimi?
Rimi: I'm... not sure yet. I don't get the chance to wear costumes very often, so I kind of want to think about it more carefully. What about you, O-Tae-chan?
Tae: Hm~... Could you show me the book again?
Rimi: Of course! Here, take a look...
Tae: Um~... Make this one like that... Ah, right. If I pick this one, it would look like this. In that case~... Yeah, I've got it!
Tae: I will be a rabbit.
Arisa: Why even ask for the book?!

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Chapter 2
A Poppin'Party Halloween

The five members, dressed in their individual costumes, arrive at the parade venue.


Halloween Day
Halloween Event Area
Kasumi: Wow~, this is amazing! Look at how many people are here~!
Arisa: And everyone is in costume too... What a strange sight.
Saaya: You say it's strange, Arisa, but you're dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood right now.
Rimi: Arisa-chan, you look sooo cute in that costume♪
Arisa: Y-Yeah, I heard you already~. You kept saying that before we got on the train.
Tae: For someone who didn't really want to do this in the first place, I think you might've put the most effort into your costume, Arisa.
Arisa: W-well! If I was the only one who didn't put any effort in, I would've looked out of place. And also I-
Saaya: It's okay, it's okay. We understand, we really do.
Arisa: U-understand what?!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, your jiangshi costume is also really cute! Especially that paper talisman!
Kasumi: Right?! It's because I tried my best to draw it from the pictures in the book! It's all thanks to you, Rimi-rin~.
Saaya: Ah, hey guys. I think we can sign up over there. Should we go and line up?
Saaya: Alright, we're all signed up. I got maps of the parade route for everyone. Here you go~
Kasumi: Hey, hey, look! That's a movie character over there, right?! You know, what's it called?! That movie! The sci-fi one!
Saaya: Oh, it is! What a great costume~. Doesn't it look like they just stepped off the screen?
Arisa: I guess since it's a "Halloween Parade for Parents, Children, and Friends," there are quite a few kids here.
Rimi: Wow, that girl! She's so adorable! She's dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and her mother is the Queen of Hearts, right? They look like they're having so much fun~.
Tae: Hm? Did they dress up their pet too? What is that...? A rabbit? A dog...?
Arisa: It's that rabbit, right? The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It looks like they put rabbit ears on a poodle? Interesting~.
Kasumi: Ah, that's what it is!
Saaya: If you look closely, the leash looks like a pocket watch. Fufufu, everyone's costumes are so detailed~.
Kasumi: I know! I'm gonna go ask them for a photo!
Tae: Ah, wait! I'll go with you!
Saaya: Kasumi~! Don't go off too far~!
Saaya: Fufufu, Kasumi looks like she's really enjoying herself. Aren't you glad we came, Arisa?
Arisa: Huh? Why're you asking me?
Rimi: Kasumi-chan worked so hard to finish all of her homework for today, and you even kept an eye on her just in case, Arisa-chan. I'm so glad we could all come here together!
Arisa: Yeah, but she hasn't finished the other thing: the lyrics for our new song. They're nowhere near done. Will they even be ready in time for the concert next month?
Rimi: I'm sure it will be fine!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan's lyrics are inspired by things that sparkle and make her heart pound, right? So I think coming to a place like this and having lots of fun will inspire some good lyrics!.
Saaya: I agree. There's no need to worry, Arisa.
Arisa: I-I'm not that worried. ...Ah, Kasumi's coming back.
Rimi: Look. She's holding that dog from before!
Kasumi: I'm back~! Guys, look at this cutie~! I got permission to hold our little rabbit imposter!
Arisa: Wait, Kasumi?! Did that permission include bringing their pet over here?
Kasumi: They told me we could all take a photo together. So let's do it! Guys, come over here!
Rimi: Awww~, this is the first time I've seen a dog wearing rabbit ears. So adorable~.
Kasumi: Saaya, why don't you come closer and pet the doggy?
Saaya: I think I'll stay over here... Animals don't really like me, remember...?
Kasumi: It'll be fine! Just for a few seconds.
Saaya: Y-You think? Okay, I guess if it's not for too long...
Poodle: *whine*
Saaya: Whoa... Are you snuggling up to me...?
Saaya: Guys, look! An animal actually came to me!
Kasumi: See~, I told you! It's your witch magic, Saaya♪
Saaya: Fufufu, maybe! Oh! Then let's quickly take a photo before my magic wears off!
Kasumi: Okay! Everyone, get ready~! Alright, now say it with me. Who are we?!
Kasumi: We are~...
All: Poppin'Party!

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Chapter 3
Off Towards the Parade

No one can hold back their excitement for the parade. What will they find as they walk around...?


Halloween Event Area

Kasumi: The parade has finally begun! Trick or treat!
Arisa: Hold on, there are way too many people here! It wasn't this crowded earlier, was it?
Saaya: A lot of people came out to see the parade, so I guess it does seem that way! Fufufu♪
Rimi: Wah, sorry! O-Tae-chan! I stepped on your foot!
Tae: It's fine! I've already bumped into Arisa like a hundred times now.
Arisa: Oh, that was you, O-Tae?!
Kasumi: So, I know we're just walking around the city in costumes, but I'm having a blast!
Saaya: I know exactly what you mean~! It just feels so unusual. It's exciting.
Rimi: And everything looks so different from usual too!
Kasumi: Hey, Rimi-rin! Why don't we shout together?!
Rimi: What? Shout? W-why?!
Kasumi: I just feel like shouting! When I say "go," let's shout "Happy Halloween!" I'm gonna count us in~! Ready, steady-
Saaya: Wait a minute. I wanna do it too!
Kasumi: Yeah~, Saaya, join us! Let's do it! Wait, O-Tae and Arisa, you should do it with us too!
Arisa: Huh? U-us too?!
Kasumi: Okay, for real this time~! Ready, steady, go!
All: Happy Halloween!
All: Ahahahaha!
Rimi: That felt really good~!
Saaya: Ah~, this is the best! It's the one time of year you can yell in the middle of the city! Fufufu.
Arisa: Saaya is getting really into this whole thing... I guess that's the power of the unusual. It's kind of freaky...
Kasumi: Wow! Hey, guys! The lady in front of me just gave me some candy! Thank you so much!
Arisa: Oh, I heard that the people in this parade give out candy among themselves, and they get some from people in the streets too.
Kasumi: Oh~, I see! If I'd known that, I would've brought more candy~.
Arisa: I also heard that there are judges walking in the parade, rating everyone's costumes.
Kasumi: What?! I didn't know that.
Arisa: Well, it was written on the website, you know? You should've at least read that.
Tae: You read it multiple times, right, Arisa?
Arisa: I just read it o-once!
Saaya: That's right, and isn't there a stage at the end of the parade where you do something to appeal to the judges?
Kasumi: Really?! What?! What are we gonna do?! We have to come up with a plan before we get there! We have to win!
Arisa: No way! Look at the quality of the costumes around us! And that family that took a photo with us before was super high quality!
Rimi: Maybe this year we could just see how it goes, and next year we could try to win.
Kasumi: You're right! Let's definitely win next year then!
Tae: You know, there sure are a lot of people who bring their pets, aren't there? I should've brought Oddie along.
Saaya: That's what I was thinking. Sana and Jun would probably love to come too.
Tae: Now that I think about it, when I left home, Oddie looked like he wanted to come with me.
Arisa: Huh? What would you even dress Oddie in?
Tae: Hm~. Well, I'm dressed as a rabbit, so Oddie could be... me?
Arisa: You really live in your own world, O-Tae.
Kasumi: Then let's do that next year! We can invite our families to the parade!
Rimi: Yes, I agree! I'm not sure if my older sister would come, but I'll ask her anyway!
Tae: What about you, Arisa? Your grandma?
Arisa: No, no, no...
Saaya: Fufufu, that'd be great~! I wanna see what your grandma would dress up as!
Arisa: Cut it out! There's no way she'd come!
Kasumi: I wonder what kind of costume would suit her.
Tae: She could be a bonsai tree.
Kasumi: That's a good one! And Arisa could stand behind her with a watering can!
Rimi: What about the one we saw before? The Queen of Hearts.
Saaya: Fufufu, that could work too! Then Arisa would be Alice, right?
Tae: Ah, it'd be "Arisa in Wonderland."
Arisa: Again with that? Didn't you make that joke last year?! And stop talking about my grandma!
Arisa: I'm only saying this once, but you guys better not mention this to her. If she finds out, she might actually go along with it and try to come...
Kasumi: Ahahaha♪ I would probably invite Aa-chan~. I think it would be really fun if she came with us.
Kasumi: Ah~... But Aa-chan might go with Ako and Lock instead~. She doesn't hang out with me very much lately~.
Saaya: Isn't that just proof that Asuka-chan's enjoying herself over at Haneoka? I think that's a good thing, don't you?
Kasumi: I guess... Yeah, you're right! Thanks, Saaya!
Kasumi: ... Huh? Whaaat?!
Saaya: Huh? What's wrong, Kasumi? Why are you yelling...?
Kasumi: I think... I think that's...!
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi! Wait up!

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Chapter 4
Lively Group of Senpai

Kasumi stumbles upon Asuka and Rokka, bringing more energy to the evening.


Halloween Event Area
Arisa: K-Kasumi~! Where're you going?!
Kasumi: Look, over there! Over there!
Saaya: What's going on? Did you see a real ghost or something?
Kasumi: Not a ghost! Look!
Asuka: H-hey, Sis... Not so loudly. You're embarrassing me.
Rimi: Whoa, Asuka-chan! Hey, Asuka-chan is here!
Tae: Ah, LOCK is here too.
Rokka: H-hello. It's a pleasure to see you again.
Kasumi: LOCK~! I missed you~! How've you been?!
Rokka: I-I've been good, thank you! I'm glad to see that everyone in Poppin'Party is doing well, as always.
Kasumi: We were just talking about you two! So this is what people mean by "speak of the devil"!
Saaya: What're you two doing today? Did you just happen to come by?
Asuka: Well, we came to watch the parade, but I never imagined that you would all be in it...
Kasumi: Hey! You should walk with us! I'm telling you, it's so much fun~!
Rokka: Walk with P-Poppin'Party?! No, no, no, no, I really can't! I think... we better not.
Kasumi: What, why? It's really awesome! Everything looks so different when you're in costume!
Asuka: Yeah, we can tell it's fun just from watching. But we're in our uniforms. It'd be embarrassing to walk with you like this.
Arisa: That's true. You'd need guts to walk the parade in normal clothes.
Asuka: Wow, Arisa-san, are you dressed as Little Red Riding Hood...? You've put quite a lot of effort into your costume~...
Arisa: Ugh, I forgot about that... Anyway, it's not like that, I just...
Kasumi: Hey, hey, LOCK! Can you guess what I am?
Rokka: Perhaps you are... a jiangshi?
Kasumi: Wow, you got it, LOCK! I didn't even give you any hints! That's amazing~!
Rokka: E-eeek~. K-Kasumi-senpai, please don't hug me! Jiangshi are quite well-known!
Saaya: Hey, since everyone is here, why don't we all take a photo together?
Kasumi: Yeah, good idea! Hey, Aa-chan! LOCK! At least take a photo with us!
Asuka: Alright~, I suppose we can~, fufufu.
Rokka: A photo... with Poppin'Party... in costumes... W-What do I do...?!
Rimi: LOCK-chan, are you going to take one with us?
Rokka: Y-Yes...
Saaya: Okay, then let's stand somewhere we won't be in the way. Um, I guess I'll take it from here... Ah, LOCK, could you get a little closer?
Kasumi: Squeeze in, guys. You too, Aa-chan!
Asuka: Sis... Your face is too close...
Tae: What's wrong, LOCK? You look kind of stiff.
Rokka: I-I'm sorry. I'm just feeling very nervous...
Arisa: Hey, O-Tae. Your bunny ears are in the way. They're blocking my face.
Tae: Ah, sorry. Arisa, you should go to the front then.
Arisa: Huh?! I am not going to be in the front!
Saaya: Okay, I'm gonna take it now~! Kasumi, you do the call!
Kasumi: We are~...
All: Poppin'Party!
Kasumi: Next up, Rimi-rin and LOCK! I'll take one of you two together! After that, O-Tae can take one of me and LOCK!
Tae: Okay, got it.
Asuka: Sigh, they're still going...
Saaya: Alright, I'll send you the photos later. I think we got some good ones.
Asuka: Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing them. But...
Arisa: Huh? But what?
Asuka: The call before. LOCK and I aren't in Poppin'Party, so... ahaha...
Saaya: Ah, you're right! I didn't even think about that! Fufufu.
Asuka: Thank you for always looking after my sister.
Asuka: She's been looking forward to today's Halloween Parade for quite some time, and she told me about it every day, so even I got a little interested...
Arisa: So that's why you came with LOCK?
Asuka: Yes, something like that. We were actually just going to watch secretly from the sidelines, but she spotted us.
Saaya: If that's the case, let's all participate together next year. I wanna bring my little brother and sister too anyway.
Asuka: Yes, I'll think about it. Thank you! Anyhow, we'd better be off... Rokka, let's go!
Kasumi: What~? Aa-chan, you're leaving already~? Come on, let's walk in the parade together~.
Asukas: Sis. I brought some candy for you. Here.
Asuka: Your jiangshi costume really suits you. Anyway, we're leaving now.
Kasumi: Thanks~!
Rokka: Kasumi-senpai! Thank you so much for today! G-Goodbye!
Kasumi: Aa-chan~, LOCK~. Let's hang out again soon~.
Arisa: It's actually incredible. You really can't tell who the older sister is.
Saaya: You think so? Kasumi seems like a really great big sister to me.
Arisa: Interesting. You really think so~?
Saaya: Trust me, I know so. Fufufu.

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Chapter 5
The Power of the Unusual

Though the parade is over, Poppin'Party is reluctant to leave... until Arisa remembers something.


Halloween Event Area
Kasumi: Hey, Arisa. Where are we on the map right now? Were we around this part when we ran into Aa-chan and LOCK before?
Arisa: Um... Ah, we're around this area, aren't we? Look, there's the bridge, so we must be.
Rimi: According to the map, the parade finishes across this bridge. Aw~, it's going to be over soon.
Kasumi: No, I don't want it to end~. I wanna walk more~.
Tae: Then how about we walk home like this?
Kasumi: Oh, O-Tae! That's a great idea!
Arisa: That's impossible. We came here by train, remember?
Kasumi: Yeah, but~... I still wanna walk more~.
Saaya: I wonder why walking around in costume is so much fun. Don't you think it's kind of strange?
Rimi: It really is. I was even able to talk to people I don't know, and I took so many photos. Look, I'll show you.
Arisa: Whoa, you took this many?! Huh? You even took a photo with a foreigner? When was that?
Kasumi: A little earlier. We went together~, didn't we, Rimi-rin? Actually, Rimi-rin was the one that asked them.
Saaya: Nice one, Rimi-rin. That takes courage.
Rimi: I worked up the nerve to approach them, but they actually spoke like a native... I was quite relieved but also a little disappointed. It was a complicated feeling.
Saaya: Hehehe... But you tried your best, Rimi-rin! That's what counts.
Rimi: Thanks, Saaya-chan. Maybe this is what you meant by 'the power of the unusual'?
Kasumi: See, Arisa~. Aren't you glad you came to the parade after all~? You can't find an unusual atmosphere like this just anywhere you know~.
Arisa: You keep saying everything is 'unusual', but we've basically been talking about the same things we usually do.
Rimi: When you put it like that, I suppose we have been. But I do feel like we've laughed even more than usual.
Kasumi: Me too! That's also gotta be the power of the unusual!
Tae: Ah, by the way, I wonder how the costume contest went. They said there were judges in the parade rating people's costumes, right?
Kasumi: Ah, yeah! They said something like that! I know we probably won't win, but... we could at least be the runners-up...
Arisa: No, no, that definitely won't happen! ... Oh... Ahhh!
Saaya: W-What's wrong, Arisa? What happened?
Arisa: W-we completely forgot...The last part of the parade...!
Arisa: Where we have to appeal to the judges on the stage!
All: Ahhh!
Saaya: That's right, someone brought it up before...
Arisa: So, what're we gonna do?! A performance or something? I mean, it'd make sense! We haven't talked about this at all!
Rimi: We're almost over the bridge.
Arisa: Whoa, isn't that the stage over there?! I didn't expect it to look so much like the real deal...!
Rimi: There's quite a lot of people watching too.
Arisa: This is bad. This is really bad. We have to decide now!
Rimi: What about magic? Kasumi-chan, you did some at the New Year's talent show, didn't you? We could try that...
Kasumi: What~?! But I haven't prepared any tricks!
Tae: If only we had some instruments, then we could just perform.
Kasumi: What should we do~? Saaya~? Do you have any ideas?
Saaya: You guys... You're panicking too much.
Arisa: Huh? Saaya...?
Saaya: Aren't you all forgetting the most important thing? Today is an 'unusual' day!
Arisa: What do you mean by that?
Saaya: You said you felt like we laughed a lot more today, even though we were just talking about the same stuff we always do, right?
Saaya: So shouldn't we just do what we always do on the stage too?
Kasumi: What we... always do?
Saaya: Look, we've already done it many times today. Fufufu♪
Arisa: Is the power of the unusual... changing Saaya...?

Event Stage

Kasumi: We are~...
All: Poppin'Party!
Kasumi: Ah, that's right! We're performing at CiRCLE next month. Please come along and watch us~! Happy Halloween!

Poppin' Halloween Parade♪ Event Story - Ending
Halloween Never Ends!

The girls recount their adventures this Halloween.
With candy in tow, the next stop is...


After the Event
Station Entrance
Kasumi: And did you see?! There was a person whose costume made their eyes look like they were popping out!
Saaya: Yeah! I saw that one! I turned around and they were right behind me. It gave me such a fright!
Rimi: Fufufu. That one was more special-effects makeup than a costume! That person must be so skilled~.
Tae: We didn't win the costume contest this year, but let's definitely win it next year!
Kasumi: Yeah, we have to!
Arisa: You know that's impossible, right?! How can you even say that after seeing the quality of everyone's costumes?!
Kasumi: Did you guys see the team that won? They were a really big group.
Rimi: When they danced on the stage, they were perfectly in sync with each other. It felt like we were watching something really amazing, didn't it?
Saaya: Yeah... It was pretty intense.
Kasumi: That means... we have to get even more people to join us next year!
Kasumi: We can get Jun-jun and Sanan, Oddie, Yuri-senpai... Oh, and Aa-chan and LOCK!
Tae: Kasumi, you forgot Arisa's grandma.
Kasumi: Ah, yeah!
Arisa: Leave my grandma out of this!
All: Ahahaha.
Rimi: I wonder if they liked our performance.
Arisa: All we did was call out our band name, so I don't think that really counts as a performance. Well, it was improvised anyway. What more could we expect?
Kasumi: But I think they liked it quite a bit. And afterward, a lot of people asked me about our show next month.
Saaya: What would you do if they all came to next month's show still in costume? Hehehe♪
Kasumi: That would be funny! We should dress up too!
Rimi: Ohhh~, that sounds like fun!
Arisa: Don't you have something else to think about first, Kasumi? Like the lyrics for our new song?!
Kasumi: I know, I know! I have a lot of ideas in my head now! If we didn't come to the parade, I probably wouldn't have had any at all!
Tae: I'm ready to hear what you came up with~.
Kasumi: Hehe~♪ Our new song... You better all be looking forward to it.
Rimi: Of course. I'm absolutely looking forward to it!
Arisa: Huh? Kasumi, did you just drop something?
Kasumi: What? Ah, this? It's candy. I got so much that it won't all fit in my bag.
Saaya: I got quite a lot too~. If we put all our candy together, we'd probably have a considerable amount. I wonder if we can eat it all...
Arisa: ...Ah, you know where we need to go then?
Saaya: Hm? Where?
Saaya: Jun~! Sana~! Come over here~! I have something for you both~!
Rimi: Now I get it~. Yeah, we can't possibly eat this much candy all by ourselves.
Kasumi: Jun-jun and Sanan will be so happy when they see all the treats we brought them!
Tae: Good job, Arisa! What an achievement!
Arisa: Huh~? What are you on about?
Kasumi: Nice one, Arisa!
Arisa: S-Stop making fun of me!
Rimi: Arisa-chan... Your face is bright red!
Arisa: It's just the sun! The sun is hitting my face!
Saaya: Thanks to you, I can give my brother and sister a nice surprise. Thanks a lot, Arisa.
Arisa: I didn't do it on purpose! It was probably just...
Arisa: The power of the unusual?
Saaya: Fufufu♪ ... Makes sense to me. It is Halloween, after all!
Kasumi: Ah, Saaya! Jun-jun and Sanan are coming!
Saaya: Jun~! Sana~! Happy Halloween!
All: Happy Halloween!

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