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Poppin'on! is the first album of Poppin'Party and it was released on January 30, 2019.

It includes 17 selected songs from Poppin'Party's released singles to date. It also includes recorded acoustic versions of 5 songs.

The limited Blu-ray edition includes a 52-page booklet, "Poppin'Portrait", and a director's cut version of "Let's go to the caravan: BanG Dreamers Appreciation Caravan Journey".


Track Listing

Disc 1
1."Yes! BanG_Dream!"Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro5:09
2."STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~" (STAR BEAT!〜ホシノコドウ〜)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro5:20
3."Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni" (走り始めたばかりのキミに, On Your New Journey)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:20
4."Teardrops" (ティアドロップス)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuSuemasu Ryota3:38
5."Tokimeki Experience!" (ときめきエクスペリエンス!)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujima Hitoshi4:17
6."Kirakira datoka yume datoka ~Sing Girls~" (キラキラだとか夢だとか ~Sing Girls~, Sparkling Dreaming ~Sing Girls~)Nakamura KouFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:05
7."Watashi no Kokoro wa Choco Cornet" (私の心はチョココロネ, Choco Cornet Love)Oda AsukaFujita JunpeiFujita Junpei4:12
8."Mae e Susume!" (前へススメ!, Keep On Moving!)Nakamura KouFujita JunpeiFujita Junpei5:09
9."Yumemiru Sunflower" (夢みるSunflower, Sunflower Dreams)Nakamura KouFujita JunpeiFujita Junpei4:40
10."Teardrops ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~" (ティアドロップス ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro3:52
11."Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~" (走り始めたばかりのキミに ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujima Hitoshi4:55
Total length:50:37
Disc 2
1."Time Lapse"Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujita Junpei4:08
2."Hachigatsu no if" (八月のif, If In August)Nakamura KouFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:36
3."Christmas no Uta" (クリスマスのうた, Our Christmas Song)Nakamura KouKikuta DaisukeIwahashi Seima4:36
4."B.O.F"Nakamura KouDAIGOTakumi Masanori3:38
5."CiRCLING"Nakamura KouIwahashi SeimaIwahashi Seima4:21
6."Double Rainbow" (二重の虹(ダブル レインボウ), Nijuu no Niji)Nakamura KouKikuta DaisukeKikuta Daisuke4:05
7."Saikou (Saa Ikou!)" (最高(さあ行こう)!, Excellent (Hey, Let's Go!))Nakamura KouFujita JunpeiFujita Junpei3:49
8."Girl's Code" (ガールズコード)Nakamura KouFujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:25
9."Yes! BanG_Dream! ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~"Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujima Hitoshi5:08
10."Natsuzora SUN! SUN! SEVEN! ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~" (夏空 SUN! SUN! SEVEN! ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro5:00
11."STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~ ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~" (STAR BEAT!~ホシノコドウ~ ~Popipa Acoustic Ver.~)Nakamura KouAgematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro5:27
Total length:50:13
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【試聴動画】Poppin'Party 1st Album「Poppin'on!」Disc1公開!(1 30発売!!)


【試聴動画】Poppin'Party 1st Album「Poppin'on!」Disc2公開!(1 30発売!!)


【試聴動画】Poppin'Party 1st Album「Poppin'on!」アコースティックVer.5曲公開!(1 30発売!!)



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Chart Performances

  • On February 11, 2019, the album ranked 4th in Oricon's album weekly ranking.[1]
  • The album stayed in Oricon's weekly charts for 8 weeks.